Revisiting The Feature Cars Of January

February has arrived, but before we get too deep into another month of global car culture, it’s time to take a quick look back at the feature cars of January 2016 and for you to pick your favourite/s.

Revisit the stories using the links below the images, and then let us know which car (or cars) gets your vote in the comments section at the bottom of the page. In the order they appeared on the site, let’s take a look…

CarsOfJan2016_Terror-Garage-Speedster-6457 2

RAUH-Welt Redefined: The Terror Garage RWB Speedster

CarsOfJan2016_Larry_Chen_Speedhunters_Dinan_M2_29 2

Shifting Into Warp Speed: The Dinan M235i

CarsOfJan2016_SA-LanEvo6TME-15 2

A Worthy Hunt: S&A Auto-Create’s Monster Evo

CarsOfJan2016_El-Classico-50-Mercury-02 2

Built In Japan: A Mercury Eight Named Oxblood

CarsOfJan2016_Datsun-Bros-14-copy 2

Flying With Japan’s Baddest Bluebird

CarsOfJan2016_Larry_Chen_Speedhunters_Bulletproof_Z4_36 2

Almost Beyond Recognition: The Bulletproof Z4

CarsOfJan2016_2016-Nissan-PS13-AS-by-Paddy-McGrath-27 2

The Ex-BN Sports PS13, Reborn In Ireland

CarsOfJan2016_Speedhunters_Larry_Chen_Bulletproof_GTR_081 2

Kamikaze-R USA: The World’s Most Capable GT-R?

CarsOfJan2016_Speedhunters_Larry_Chen_Clarion_2002_04 2

The Clarion BMW 2002: Great Made Much Greater

CarsOfJan2016_-Toyota-Corolla-KE70-Jason-McInerney-by-Paddy-McGrath-11 3

From The Ground Up: Building The Perfect KE70

CarsOfJan2016_Z-Car-Garage-71-copy 2

A Love Letter To The Datsun Roadster

CarsOfJan2016_Louis_Yio_Speedhunters_1972_Corolla_01 2

What Is A Dream Car? The Joy Of Corolla


The Italian Dream

The Speedhunters



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Clarion BMW and Terror Garage 911, please!


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<h2>Kamikaze-R USA: The World’s Most Capable GT-R?</h2>
<span class="date">January 21, 2016</span>
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Huayra of course


RWB Speedster
S&A Auto Create's EVO
 Kamikaze GTR
 Bulletproof Z4


1 - A Love Letter To The Datsun Roadster
2 - Flying With Japan’s Baddest Bluebird
3 - The Clarion BMW 2002: Great Made Much Greater
4 - What Is A Dream Car? The Joy Of Corolla
5 - A Worthy Hunt: S&A Auto-Create’s Monster Evo


Tommi Mäkinen all the way!


That Evo tops my list!


The TE27 tops my list, followed by the Bulletproof Z4 and RWB (both for being creative builds).


bullet proof z4!


That 510 snapped me right up the moment I laid eyes on it. Honorable mention is the Fairlady Roadster. Datsun doing it best.


It could get really tough to choose your personal favourite car especially when you view the collection range by an automaker that consistently produces works of art at each of its releases. Nevertheless, there will eventually be the particular one that always catches your attention either due to its physical beauty or super performance.


the car was very good 
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