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Speedhunters offers measurable commercial advertising opportunities. These bespoke marketing packages ensure the delivery of an effective and focused campaign. Our editorial and advertising teams will work with your brand to develop tailored creative solutions that will maximise reach, engagement, and audience conversation. Get in touch with us to find out how your company can become a part of the Speedhunters community.


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Mohammad Yeganeh

Hi thank you


I want to play


Dai menya machina


Greetings from AZ Locksmith,

AZ Locksmith is a London based company, which provides security and locksmith services. We are interested to order editorial article on your website. The content of the article must be relevant to your website and also interesting for you and your readers, so you should not worry about that.
We would like to have one link back to our website in the article. It would be great if you provide your requirements and the price for this service.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


Can someone please forward me a media kit with a publishing schedule?

Also, if you can send a copy of the magazine to our AOR to the address here:

Galia Gostanian
3SA Media
18340 Yorba Linda Boulevard
Suite 107 - 120
Yorba Linda, CA 92886

My best,



I am a professional blogger outreach service provider. I have several clients and their running orders.

I want a guest post with a do-follow link to my client's website. Please let me know your charges & TAT.

Furthermore; to fulfill my client's requirements I am finding websites as per their desire qualities. I would like to have your website list if you have more; where you can provide me guest post.

Now I will be waiting for your positive reply.


Corey McClintock


My names Corey I am in charge of marketing here at Injen Technology and I am Looking for more info on advertising and be coming a featured brand on your site.

Thanks for your time!



I would like to discuss an opportunity for video advertising.

Please email me a good time to talk.




Could you please tell me the cost of a sponsored/guest post for myself and my clients (many car-related companies)?



Hey, I am interested in advertising my business at your site. Can you please tell me the procedure.
Sharif Uddin



We at Above BAR Inc. are very excited about the opportunity to advertise with you and would like to request further information on what you have to offer.

Thank you,
Above BAR Inc.



I hope this email finds you in good spirits. My name is Steve and I am reaching out to you today in hopes of placing a sponsored ad on your website

I was recommended to your site while searching relevant sites for our current campaign, and I must say, your reputation exudes you. Your content was intriguing and packed full of valuable information. It is easy to see why you are such a respected member of the blogging community. I feel like you and our client, would make a perfect fit.

Upon sharing your site with some of our clients, they were equally as eager about a possible partnership with you. We believe your readers would greatly benefit from what my client has to offer.

If you are interested I would love to talk with you further so we can go over all the details and your requirements for sponsored ads. We would provide all content, but respect your professional input on all pieces. It would be ideal if I could find someone long-term to work with my client.

I look forward to your reply!

Steve Barker
Content Marketing Chief


Good day! I have a start-up business in Asia and I am interested for your advertising and marketing packages. I would like to know more kindly send me a media kit and with publishing schedules if necessary. Thanks!


Hello, Advertising Manager,

Surfboard has a number of direct to advertiser campaigns running now and throughout the rest of the year, and we'd be interested in discussing an advertising buy with

Specifically, we are looking to run our in-read content player. The rates and budgets we can offer are on the higher end, and we'd ideally like to get a conversation going this week so that we can potentially get an IO going ASAP. Can you or a member of your sales team let me know if we can schedule a call this week or next?

Happy Friday!

Sherri Cole
Publisher Account Executive
Skype: sherri.l.cole
811 Wilshire Blvd, 17th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90017


Dear Sirs,

I'm contacting you on behalff of primads(dot)com with the target of establishing an deal.

If you are interested on getting a good offer for your traffic, don't hesitate on replying to this email.
I’m really interested in work with you.

Thanks for your time.
Best regards,

Maria Rocha
International Sales Media Buyer
Clever Advertising Group, Lda 
Mobile: 00351933428901
Skype: mariajr93


Hello, do you currently offer guest posts? If so, what are the rates? Thank you


Hey guys, its the end of 2017. It time your site was using HTTPS. For ALLOT good reasons. Even if you aren't doing anything complicated...



We're interested in advertising on blogs, like

Could you let me know what advertising options you offer? We’re specifically interested in sponsored posts.

Thanks for your time.
Karl Adams


Hello. I recently looked at auto blogs and found your blog. I found a lot of useful and interesting. Now I write a lot of articles on this topic and would like to share with you my work.

If you are interested in my proposal, I can send your content for approval.

Thank you for attention! I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Sincerely, Andrew.


Dear speedhunters, can someone contact me, I want to work with you regarding advertisement opportunity and understand your rates and conditions.

Thank you



Hello Editor,

I trust you are well!

My name is Ronak Patel and I am managing director of Dhrup IT Solutions Pvt Ltd. On behalf of our marketing partner Motocross Advice, I am taking an opportunity to share a content on your site. As I can see the content on your site is strong stick and can get more user engagement.

I am very optimistic to share a content on your website, therefore, I would like to suggest the topic which is mentioned as under:

Title: 7 Points to remember about Dirt Bike Gear in the Year 2018

Please let me know your thoughts on this.

Awaiting your response sometime soon.

Thanks & Regards,
Ronak Patel.



My name is Randy and while I have a really limited marketing budget, I was wondering if there was anything we could do to help promote a benefit car show that we host every year, whether it be this year or next year's show.

Our benefit show donates 100% of the funds gathered from the event to the Child Crisis Center of El Paso, which protects children from abuse and neglect by providing shelter, advocacy, and family support services.


Hello - can we please get in touch to discuss an advertising opportunity for Yokohama Tires? Thanks!



I hope you are doing good!

It was great time reading few of the articles on your site must say nice read!

I was wondering if you do allow sponsored posts on your site?

If so, please could you let me know price per post with do-follow link?



Hello. I recently looked at auto blogs and found your blog. I found a lot of useful and interesting. Now I write a lot of articles on this topic and would like to share with you my work.

If you are interested in my proposal, I can send your content for approval.

Thank you for attention! I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Sincerely, Diego.


Hey, ill be at Idaho Rally this weekend ill be taking shots as is... where could i send you some to consider?


It's been a number of years since I spoke with anyone about advertising opportunities with Speedhunters, and quite honestly, most of the guard has changed since that time. I'd like to speak with someone about that again soon if at all possible. My desk contact # is 270-745-9560 and my cell is 270-392-9992. Look forward to our conversation.


I was wondering who I could talk to about sharing my story, my journey with the current car, and the backstory I honestly KNOW you will want to hear!! Please take the time to contact me, I love reading these articles and i just came home from my final and 6th tour and would appreciate the chance to share this story...thank you



Let me introduce myself first.
My name is Élio and I´m International Media Buyer from Popmytraffic - Clever Group, experts in Online Advertising with Sports Betting Brands.

After a careful search, your website caught my attention and I think this could be a great match for both.
We work with some of the best Sport betting brands and I'm interested in buying advertising space on your website.
Our ads can have multiple formats (you choose the best suitable)
We can work with a CPM model or even fixed price, we simplify providing the code and the API to follow the impressions, but also and more importantly, we always make pre-payments.

Am I catching your interest?
I´d be delighted to discuss this further and make you an offer.

Best Regards

Elio Soares
International Sales



Hope you don't mind me reaching out directly. I wanted to discuss purchasing your video, display, native and CTV inventory.

We have brands and agencies plugged into our VHX platform and in need of additional inventory to satisfy demand.

Let me know if you have some time to hop on a quick call.


John Neil Anderson

Hi there,

Please send us a media kit for your sponsored content program, or if you accept guests post please let us know your requirements.

John Neil Anderson



My name is Austin and purchase media on behalf of Lexus. We have some enthusiast focused campaigns coming up in 2019 and would like to learn more about SpeedHunters and your advertising offerings. Do you have a media kit you can share?