The Top 10 ‘Other’ Stories Of 2018

I’d like to think that what sets Speedhunters apart from other online automotive portals is the sheer variety of stories covered.

While we strive to bring you important and relevant news in a timely matter when it drops, we’re not in the habit of regurgitating every press release that lands in our inbox. More often than not, being a Speedhunter means going out there and being involved with the car community directly, and making your own stories happen. This particular roundup is a great example of that.

These are simply the top 10 ‘other’ stories published this year (our top events and feature cars will follow shortly), encompassing shop visits, special features, behind the scenes, editorial opinions, general Speedhunters life stories and so forth – basically anything that isn’t a car or event feature. What’s telling about this particular list is that the most popular stories are often the ones that aren’t planned, it seems – many of these are daily diaries during Speedhunting adventures, while others are off-the-cuff opinion pieces or more in-depth insights into personal experiences. There’s a broad spectrum here, and it’s great to see so much variety represented.

#10. An Ode To A Master: The RWB Museum


RWB is as close to a household name as any aftermarket Japanese tuner has gotten, so of course there’s a RAUH-Welt Begriff museum now. Dino paid a visit to the shrine of Nakai-san in Malaysia earlier this year, and what a space it is.


It’s far more than a museum, too, and formed the backdrop for one of Nakai-san’s builds during Dino’s visit. As ever, RWB proved controversial in the comments section, and as heated as it got, no opinion is a wrong opinion here.

#9. Hunting Unreality: One Night In Tokyo


Resident Aussie hunter of speed Matthew Everingham took you on a neon-light hyperreal journey through Tokyo at night in this very cool story that shocked the senses.


Lambo exhausts for hand-warmers, neon-lit real-life Mario Kart and high-speed Wangan pursuits all factored in the midnight adventure. Sleep is for the weak…

#8. Evil Empire’s Wildest Build Yet


Russia’s dominant drift team, Evil Empire, is a fascinatingly dark and mysterious outfit, but one that I can always recall creating some of the most bizarre and outlandish creations ever to slide sideways.


This IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER submission gave us a rare look behind the scenes as EE created their most extreme build to date – the Flanker-F is EE’s first hypercar, and it was certainly an eye-opener.

#7. The Cruel Irony Of Singer’s DLS


No sooner had the news of the utterly stunning new Singer DLS hit the interwebs than I found myself standing in front of a pristine white example on a podium at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed.


The level of engineering and design that has gone into this machine is breathtaking, but will we ever see one on the road? With a $1.8million price tag, I dare say not.

#6. How I Bought California’s First Street Legal GT-R


One of Speedhunters’ newest contributors, Naveed Yousufzai, just so happens to own the first street-legal R32 GT-R imported into California. It also just so happens to be the perfectly-styled GT-R in my eyes, too. Join me in great disdain for Naveed, won’t you…


I jest – this story is a great read, and gives an insight into the number and scale of the hoops that have to be jumped through simply to register a street-legal GT-R in the Golden State. Was it worth it? Just look at the thing and you tell me…

#5. The Porsche Museum In Pictures


There are but a handful of automotive museums around the world that we’d consider out favourites: The Petersen in L.A, the BMW Museum in Munich and the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart are amongst the top picks.


This time, Paddy visited the latter during a stopover in Germany. There was no deep or meaningful narrative or story needed here, just a man with a camera sharing his vision of this very cool space.

#4. Khyzyl Saleem’s Japan Series


The one and only ‘Kizzle’ continuously introduces our jaws to the floor with his ultra-realistic yet far fetched automotive renders, so we decided to showcase his latest Japan series.


Pushing the boundaries between reality and science-fiction, Khyzyl’s mind somehow continuously manages to churn out creations that are extreme enough to captivate you, but not so far fetched as to seem impossible. Incredible stuff, and well worth a revisit.

#3.  Everything Is Better In Japan


Paddy delivered this short but sweet daily diary in the midst of his first trip to Japan, during what could be considered a rather jam-packed day chasing down speed.


Fire-breathing Lamborghinis, slammed JDM drift machines and more Wangan action than you can shake a shaky thing at. I remember being really quite jealous.

#2. 24 Hours In Tokyo


Okay, we get it – we like going to Japan, you like it when we go to Japan. No less than four Japan-based stories feature in this list, and three of them simply showcase ‘everyday’ happenings in the land of JDM.


This particular story came from straight from the mouth of Paddy, still giddy from his first and long-awaited trip to the land of the rising sun. He took pictures of literally everything, some of it related to cars, and it provided all of us with a fascinating insight into this incredible place.

#1. BMW Welt: The Ultimate Morning In Munich


The devil makes work for idle hands, and we’d dread to think of what Speedhunters Commercial Director Ben Chandler gets up to when he’s bored. So rather than let that happen, Community Manager Mark Riccioni dragged him onto a plane and turned a seriously boring rest day in Romania into a very cool rest day in Munich – visiting the BMW Museum no less.


Mark’s love for rare and running-cost intensive BMWs is well documented, so before you could say ‘Count Dracula’, the duo were touching down in Munich and had – somehow – convinced BMW to open up the museum exclusively for them. Nice work lads.

If you caught all of these first time around, then grab a cookie and revisit your favourites. If some of them slipped past you, however, then now’s the perfect time to sit back and enjoy.

Jordan Butters
Instagram: jordanbutters