The Cruel Irony Of Singer’s DLS
Design Imagined

It’s pretty hard to steal the show at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Such is the magnitude and importance of this annual pilgrimage that every single major manufacturer and brand within the industry strives to do that one thing that will get people talking.

But by God have Singer had a good crack at it this year.

No doubt you’ll have already seen the images that have been retweeted and regrammed a million times, and read the praise that countless motoring pundits have lauded over this astonishingly advanced and engineered air-cooled 964 911. You’ll be glad to hear then, that the Singer Dynamics and Lightweight Study, or DLS for short, which has been conceived in conjunction with the very clever people at Williams Advanced Engineering, is every bit as gorgeous in the metal and carbon fibre as it appears in those glossy press images.

Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-0658

I feel I can speak on behalf of the majority of the Speedhunters team when I say we’ve long been huge fans of Singer’s incredible 911 restorations. The California-based specialist has a proven track record in tastefully and faithfully reimagining Porsche’s beloved 911, by installing modern technology and advanced features into these appreciating classics.

Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-0677

While Singer make it very clear that this is not a Singer 911 and is very much a Porsche creation with the Singer touch, for all intents and purposes when Singer get their hands on a 911 it’s a completely different machine by the time it emerges out the other side.

Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-9686

The DLS takes the Singer philosophy and cranks it up to 11. In truth, Singer has done what Singer is best at: elegant design, modernised features and lavish finishes. It’s somehow made one of the classiest Porsche designs even more classy, without detracting from Benjamin Dimson’s original design.

Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-9721
Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-9707

It’s William’s involvement here that makes the DLS so special. The two companies worked alongside legendary Porsche engineer Hans Mezger to develop the DLS’s 500hp, 9,000rpm-capable 4.0-litre flat-six motor. Inside that glistening and perfectly-finished engine you’ll find dual overhead cams and titanium valves, a redesigned lubrication system, and a revised fuelling system.

Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-9700

Air intakes are elegantly and seamlessly built into the rear quarter windows, force-feeding air down carbon fibre funnels and through lightweight throttle bodies into the motor. The smaller 6-speed gearbox has been designed to all the engine to sit further forward in the chassis, offering improved weight distribution.

Every single component has been at the receiving end of more engineering resources, knowledge and backing than any other air-cooled Porsche we’ve seen before.

Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-9694
Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-9689

It doesn’t stop there either. The exterior has received some notable changes, but this is more than a bodykit. It was developed in carbon fibre using computational fluid dynamics – much like is used in Formula 1 – for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. A new front splitter guides air through the cooling system whilst removing front lift, while the roof channel and rear spoiler add downward pressure over the driven wheels.

I could go on… 18-inch forged magnesium BBS centre-lock wheels, Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes, remote adjustable damping, advanced Bosch ABS system, traction control, ESP, user-controllable driving modes, redesigned suspension components, and more high end, lightweight and tactile interior components than you can imagine.

Quite simply, it’s the perfect 911.

Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-9705

With the demand for classic Porsches, be them standard or restomodded, so high at present, Singer’s DLS takes this fascination to a new level. There is a crux, however: the US$1.8 million price tag ensures that the DLS is likely to remain in the hands of very few. It’s a level of exclusivity that upstages any kind of waiting list or cost for any new Porsche. It’s restomodding taken to the extreme, and a degree of engineering that we’re not likely to see anyone else come close to.

Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-0693

While Singer are keen on showing the public what the DLS can do, and have one running up the hill at Goodwood this weekend, in reality no DLS sold is likely to ever see the road. Ironically, it excels in a market that’s made possible purely because of the popularity of its ilk, and without widespread demand for the very car it’s based on, the DLS would never exist.

Jordan Butters
Instagram: jordanbutters

Cutting Room Floor
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Just a guy who likes cars

This is just a thing of beauty


I love what Singer have done but I am not exactly a fan of the interior. it is beautiful nonetheless but it is too much detail for me. for the interior, I would prefer what RUF have done to the new CTR.


The DLS takes the Singer philosophy and cranks it up to 11.

Oh it's way past fucking 11.


We all need more companies like Singer. And I need more money to throw at them.
And maybe they could open a spin-off company so they can build "cheaper" restomods without compromising the Singer exclusivity?


This is what Singer originally was. I remember that back in 2013 one of their cars was something like $300k. Then the waiting list got long, and prices went up. The list keeps getting longer and the prices keep getting higher. The options have also become more lavish, and the performance bigger. I don't blame them for any part of it. Heck, I am glad that they did because it created a halo effect for the rest of the Porsche resto-mod shops.

Matthew Adkins

I wish the NSX could get "The Singer Treatment" if you will. Actually, I could think of a dozen or more cars that would make me happy to see in such form.


Damn. A Singer NA1 NSX – that's got me drooling!

Jordan Butters

Like a Singer Saver menu?

Speed Huntress

This is perfect.

Dovydas Grigas

The wheels look incredible. Not a big fan of the front bumper though.


I'm lukewarm about the front bumper, but I love the elegant carbon splitter. I especially like the little detail where the splitter comes up to meet the bumper at the wheel arch, with the reveal gap and the radius on the front edge. Those are the subtle things that really make a car stand out, and this car is full of them.


"everything is important"...except font selection. that door sill plate looks like the "live laugh love" sign above your ex's bed.


facts!!I was thinking the same thing. my ex wife had the dumb poster and wall plaques everywhere

Jordan Butters



"Look at this lovely car. It makes me sad."
lol okay

Jordan Butters

It’s a metaphor for the fragile, fleeting and finite nature of life. Pretty deep.


Great job capturing this car in what was no doubt a super busy environment!

As for the car I don't really have anything to say that hasn't been said, it's ridiculous in all the right ways.


Sent too quickly. It’s a beautiful automobile but as Jordan says, with that sort of price tag, it becomes a piece of art rather than an automobile, which makes it miss the point


Except price. Not sure I’d throw that sort of money at it.


True but even the standard Singer was far out of my range so I just drool from the sidelines




Lol 1.8 million


For me, as a aged mechanic , you look at the beginnings, the grassroots start and the hard work and passion brought the process to what you now see.
This is what great minds together accomplish .
I a absolutely amazed at the level of intelligence that exists in the engineering of the Singer and at Williams.
I hope all interested young people use this as a tool for very exciting career opportunities.
take a drink ... the more you look ... the more you see.


Wow, pretty amazing stuff there for sure...and unfortunately, a pricetag to match.
Hard to get TOO excited about a Mona Lisa-type piece that no one will ever truly own, and definitely never use as it theoretically was intended upon creation...


The seats and door cards are too over-styled for my taste, but otherwise this might just be my new unobtainable dream car.

Walter Duensing

I would be very interested to see Singer work it’s magic on other 80’s and 90’s Porsches. I may be a biased 944 fan, but I could imagine there would be demand for an “entry level” Singer. Maybe a 944 S2 with Singer treatment? It’s along the lines of what Porsche was thinking when it rolled out the 924 and the sales numbers on the 944 speak for themselves.


I’d love to see a Singer 944!


It’s very exquisite. A Pagani 911 in a way. And I love this approach to cars. But the price tag is Zonda and Huayra money. I wonder how many people would consider a Singer 911 over a Zonda 760RS. Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful thing. A shame that the writer doesn’t believe it’ll be driven. It should be.


If it's for sale i'll bet it was sold long before it was ever finished, there are plenty of people with enough money to write a check for "The nicest 911 ever."

Jordan Butters

There's more than one. Singer are calling it a 'design study', but its very much available to order.


First, WONDERFUL photos I still can't get enough of this car in person even after all the social media coverage.

in reality no DLS sold is likely to ever see the road.

Plenty of folks thought this about the "standard" (is that even possible to say!) Singer re-imagined 911s, yet many of them are used daily, tracked, and even rallied! Despite their $400k price tag.

Jordan Butters

I hope you're right, but with the price over 4x as high, I'm not so sure.


I'm going to catch some flack for this, but I don't like it. Even if I was super rich I wouldn't buy one. It just doesn't do anything for me. It doesn't look like a million dollar car at all. It's just a really really nice 911 imo. A lot like a nice watch. Very nice, but not my thing.

Jordan Butters

I spoke to a few people who said the same thing, each to their own of course.


This car is beautiful and flawless, but a million eight?


Now that's the real deal not crap like RWB make.

Rich E Wavy Kariuki

You're talking about two completely different price-points and comparing a tasty bodykit to a highly detailed restoration, design and development of an entire vehicle...I'm not sure why???


Yeah the two really aren't related aside from the Porsche badge. You wouldn't consider a Singer OR an RWB, they're two completely different things.


So, if "everything is important" why cant they center the lettering on the Oil cap?!!?!?!? This whole car is spectacular but that offset lettering is really messing with my OCD... Please tell me im not the only one?

Jordan Butters

You mean the 710 cap? They've stuck it on upside down!


why are the wheel designed so that they aren't open to let air flow out.


If I hit the Powerball, I'm going to buy so many Porsches it will be ridiculous. But the first one I'll order will be one of these. And if I hit the Powerball, mine will be street driven. Maybe not every day, hell maybe not every month, but it will see the road.


There should be a day, say every decade, where Porsche and other marquee car brands let poor people buy their cars for the price of a normal car.... because I need this car and others like it before I die.


"Everything is important" except that godawful font, apparently!

Impeccable build otherwise.

Paul M Skelly Jr.

Absolutely gorgeous, I can just imagine running a few hot laps with the tires and fluids at the right temps.

Dino Dalle Carbonare



Jordan you are right in all aspects. Yes this a beautiful car from every angle and an amazing piece of engineering and a masterpiece of reimagining a classic....but it's priced to be unattainable by the real enthusiasts that would actually want to drive it. Cars like this are meant to be driven, but at that price, it's a show pony.


For me the problem with SInger is that a lot of the charm of older 911s comes from the age and use of the thing, basically the patina. Although this is great eye candy, it in my opinion it lacks the character and soul that a properly used vehicle does, especially since you know these will mostly sit in garages and every now and then be used to pick up milk from the store.


I think you have to not think of Singer 911s as classic Porsches – they're no longer that, but something entirely different. They're luxury sports cars that have been restomodded to a very high standard.


"lets take a utilitarian, drive-able classic and turn it into a statue for the ultra rich to stare at" - Human Ken Doll


I wish i could like drive one :D/ but idk if ill ever be able to afford one. maybe if i get to the level. Still nice to see an old porsche modernized.


Now I see a perfect restomod of the 911 here.


My dream is to one day build a singer-style resto-modded RX-7. Builds like this are great inspiration!


This is how a Porsche should be modified not that horrible RWB stuff. I bet you won’t catch Singer gluing arches on after cutting the Wing with a reciprocating saw

As for them not being used, that’s not true either. There’s a Singer local to me that I see quite often. Guy also owns a 918 and a Carrera GT.


Beauty and brute in perfect harmony. The engine is so neat and handsome.
And when I heard the sound of the red DLS running up the hill. OMG! Is that thing really runs a flat-6? Haha