Not Afraid To Shock: Liberty Walk 458
The JDM approach

When I was last out at Liberty Walk a couple months ago shooting its Ferrari F50 and BMW M3, I asked Kato-san about his upcoming Ferrari 458 project. He seemed extremely excited about it, taking me out to his garage and showing me a pair of brand new Italias that would eventually – after the first prototype built for the SEMA Show – be getting the same treatment. When it comes to making a statement, this is a man that doesn’t hesitate an ounce; he sets his mind to something and within a very short period of time the finished result is in the public eye for all to see.


And that’s exactly how the 458 project came to light. After Miura-san at TRA Kyoto had completed the very first LB☆WORKS wide body kit, it was shipped off to LT Motorwerks in El Monte, California, where the build was carried out.


Kato-san and his crew followed, and along with the LTMW guys, have dedicated many sleepless nights converting the stock 458 into something no one has ever attempted with the platform.


Call it a JDM approach to Italian exotica. It’s the equivalent of double middle finger salute to all the purists out there who cringe at the mere thought of a Ferrari being fettled in any way, shape or form.


But it’s the way in which LB☆WORKS cars shock that has made them so well known.


With Larry having immortalized the car just a few hours ago, we had to share his images with you as quickly as humanly possible. Ladies and gentleman, I present you the car that’s about to melt the interwebs.


So what to make of it all? The 458 as a base was definitely a difficult car to work with. Ferrari pushed the boundaries of styling when it came to penning its new best-selling, mid-engined car, and even attempting to mess with those almost-organic lines seems like pure madness.


But if there’s one person out there that knows how to integrate an additional wallop of badass-ism into a car, it’s Miura-san. His work with the Rocket Bunny FR-S last year was almost unprecedented. It literally made the hachiroku more popular than it already was, and well and truly put TRA Kyoto on the map.


Kato-san observed, and in his head a series of ideas followed. Ideas that shortly after materialized into the LB☆WORKS Murcielago, the LB☆WORKS Aventador and eventually the LB☆WORKS M3.


Following a somewhat simple recipe of ‘wider is better’ and ‘lower is cooler’, the aero package that transforms the 458 is based around the rawness…


… of screwed-on overfenders that have been styled to blend in with the Ferrari’s wheel arch lines, but purposely stick out like a sore thumb. In a good way of course. You can see Miura-san integrating the tucked-in fender portion behind the wheel – a detail that he developed with the BenSopra 380RS at the beginning of the year.

Cut those fenders

The restyled front bumper enhances the mustache-like grille, introducing a much bigger central opening and a pair of brake cooling ducts, all mated to a protruding lip spoiler that’s held in place…


… with three adjusters. Very DTM.


Here’s a better angle that shows off the widening effect…


… which, of course, called for some slightly painful cutting and grinding of the stock fenders.


No, no, don’t cringe – Kato-san couldn’t care less. In fact, he’s going to do the exact same thing to his very own personal 458 in Japan when the time comes. Except that car is a road-legal 458 Challenge with carbon fiber fenders.


The rear gets the same big-radius overfenders slapped on top and mated to a little bumper finisher that extends those widened lines onto the bumper.


It somehow all flows – those organic lines of the 458 I mentioned earlier, joined by another level of aggression. From this angle it almost looks like there are three layers stacked on top of each other…


… creating the car’s massive hipline.

Master-touch: the ducktail

And then we get to the biggest JDM touch of all: the ducktail spoiler. On a Ferrari. Good Lord – yes!


The almost-vertical carbon spoiler is smoothly integrated into the Italia’s rump with a center cut-out allowing the LED brake light to show through.


As you can see, it’s beautifully contoured around the bottom section of the engine cover too.


The LB☆WORKS treatment is completed with a rear diffuser and a set of SVT side skirts that tie each and every piece in together. But bold looks aren’t worth anything if they aren’t accompanied by an appropriate dose of stance, right? The stock Ferrari dampers have been fitted with special Liberty Walk springs that allow the 458 to sit lower than any 458 has sat before.


Filling up the pumped wheel arches are a set of satin black Rotiform LVS wheels. The three-piece rims were made especially for the LB☆WORKS project, with careful thought to offset allowing a tight tuck under the fender lips. Measuring up at 20×9-inch +/-0 in the front and 20×12-inch -33 at the back, there’s a huge footprint on the road. In the shot above you can also see the custom painted and machined CSD calipers that replace the factory Brembo equivalents, but use the same carbon ceramic rotors.


The LB☆WORKS 458 will be on display at the Nitto stand over the course of next week’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas. There it will showcase the manufacturer’s Invo tire, which it runs in 245/35ZR20 and 295/30ZR20 sizing front and rear respectively.

A V8 concerto

Performance-wise, the high-revving, flat-plane crankshaft-equipped V8 still develops its stock 570hp, but it’s been made to really howl thanks to upgraded ARMYTRIX center pipes…


… and an Innotech Performance Exhaust (iPE) rear section.


There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that this car will be a showstopper at this year’s SEMA show.


A quick peek into the interior reveals a stock cabin with comfortable, yet supportive, leather-clad buckets…


… and a driver-machine interface…


… with each of the controls at your fingertips.


The Liberty Walk 458 is yet another testament to the way that Kato likes to do things. He isn’t in it to try and sell a million bodykits, and he knows full well that there won’t be many 458 owners out there prepared to have their fenders cut up so that FRP flares can be screwed on. But just like his past projects, he follows his heart with a style that has quickly defined him and his company.


Call it a pure expression of his vision, brilliantly executed through Miura’s eye for design and cutting-edge manufacturing process.


This car represents everything that is right about the JDM tuning scene right now. And while there are bound to be a lot of haters, it’s hard not to take a bow and thank Kato-san for coming out with these crazy projects year-in and year-out. Now scroll back up and have another look at all those images!



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Welcome to Awesome Town, population - Liberty Walk.


Them crazy Japanese.... Love it!


Haters? There seriously cannot be any haters for stuff looking this good.


speedhunters_dino Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!! (Larry too)


JSequoia Haha, Thank you for the support!


Gotta hand it to the Japanese when it comes to making mad and wild exotics to be made even wilder. Maximum respect to Miura-san for churning out yet another awesome widebodykit.


Dear Larry, many thanks for these beautifull pics! Could you please enable the exif informations? I think you are the only author on Speedhunters to disable it :/ (it is always interesting to know your technics).
I use Exif viewer module with firefox.


@Charles Don't get hung up on EXIF buddy. If you knew what settings he used, it would only apply to that exact moment in time and if you were stood beside him and knew exactly what he wanted from each shot.  Instead, learn to look at each image and try to figure out things yourself, you'll learn a ton more :)


I bet they utterly ruined the cars performance - details like stock dampers with shorter springs send shivers down my spine and this ducktail will probably decrease the top speed by several km/h. ...
But it still looks badass! ;)


I'm simply refusing to believe this is real.


@Charles Larry uses his eyes as sensors, so effectively the lens and camera body are just a hole to his brain. In all seriousness, what Paddy says is quite correct. It can often be confusing when you try and apply somebody elses settings... Just play with things and you'll work it out :)


maxproof I know, it'll be a nightmare to drive anywhere, I couldn't get anywhere near where I live in it. Why would you do such a thing? ;)
Oh yeah #becausebadass!!! :)


JakWhite Believe brother, we have seen the future and it's radical.


ScottRobinson1 There are 458s which will handle better than this one, but add all of them together, divide by the amount of corners at the Nurburgring and times by the width of the rear wheels and you'll find the maths makes this the best *
*That's science by the way... Probably.


@Al Clark Who'd have thought it eh? ;)


Speedhunters_Bryn OMG he is not human!


koko san Speedhunters_Bryn  
"Yer a wizard, Larry!"


You all know damn straight wether its better than stock or not, you would not be complaining if you owned it. quit the hate, appreciate


that thing is just sick , in a very positiv way, most of those will never be used as they should, so why not making sth radical and beautifull(in contrast to the org. styling) like this out of it. great pictures btw


Great article great pictures.That will turn heads at SEMA for sure. It kinda looks like Lamborghini now.


As a MASSIVE Italian car fan, I have to say I approve of this wholeheartedly. BELLISSIMO!


I'm a motorsport purist born and bred, and... for some reason I still like this damn thing. What's up with that?!


sexiest fenders ever!


koko san Woah - I can see that! It should have a prancing bull logo on it. lol


On paper, this shouldn't work, but it just does. The arches, the choice of colour, the wheels and that ducktail spoiler all just work so well together. Oh, and brilliant shots too - nice one Larry!


perisoft I know, kind of hurts yeah? But pain is good!


SuzyWallace One of those cars that you see and think 'yes!'... Yet would never imagine yourself. Inspiring stuff.

Seeking Perfection

This is one of the sickest rides I have ever seen by LB Works. I like every single detail apart from the front splitter. If I ever had a 458, I would not cut the fenders, but I still appreciate how awesome this kit looks. Great job. I wonder how Liberty Walk has not designed a bodykit for the Gallardo which is a common platform for tuning amongst the wealthy people.

Seeking Perfection

Speedhunters_Bryn Brilliant answer as always. Inspiring stuff indeed. #trollingeditorinchief

turbo BEAMS ae86

Hated the e92, loved this one.  Create Peace.


No hi-res copies?

Seeking Perfection

*** meaning a widebody for Gallardo.


YengYang Just click the pictures for HiRes or switch to Presentation Mode.

Seeking Perfection

YengYang Do what Paddy said. Alternatively, go to the bottom of each picture and three options will pop up. Select DOWNLOAD WALLPAPER. If by copies you mean hard copies like posters, I am sure that Bryn or Rod will hook you up. #nomoneynoposterforyouson


How did he make the 458 even sexier? Brain melting...


This kit is amazing, having seen a 458 not so long ago, the flares and the ducktail spoiler make it look even more dramatic, if i could only afford one. . .


Awesome. I mean its complete blasphemy, but its still awesome. The guy has serious balls I'll give him that. I have to wonder what's going on with the finish on those wheels though? In the close up shot they look a bit ropey :/.


I love it , dont get me wrong i think its cool looking all guns blazing, its amazing ..However to me it looks like the rocket bunny kit from the Hachiroku has been bolted on to it. To me it looks like they are trying to milk their design and prolong its shelf life in order to make them as much money as possible , a bit like the Apple brand is doing with their phones. Its a marketing strategy which i hate. So nothing cutting-edge or innovative has been created here, lets be realistic its just a glorified Ferrari with a body kit on it to look "cool" . Id rather read about the "engineered to slide hilux" project because that to me shows ingenuity and clever thinking and how one man could create something of that scale. So i say leave the  FRP dogma  to the jap boys to play with and show us more of those crazy "1 man in a garage built" type of projects, much more entertaining. 


As an Italian design student and car design enthusiast I should think this is all wrong.
All the work made by Pininfarina and Ferrari, all thrown through the window at once.
Design is a really long, hard and painful process, years and years to come with a definition of a form that follows a series of impressions and inspirations.
In modifying that form it is really difficult for a person who is a stranger when it comes to car design process, to get things right.
But somehow this does, this does look like if some racing workshop in Italy had to build a Challenge Stradale version of a 458, and had to put rivets on the fenders cause there's no time for refinement in a performance build.
People have this heavenly vision that Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati are some kind of jewelers, but when it comes to racing, which is the core of it all, it all is set and done in a dirty workshop, with saws and solders and metal and rivets and duct tape, wheter you are called Ferrari or not.
So I think, in this respect, this build is the definition of what a 458 racer for the street should be.


Absolutely un real. Speedhunters car of the year anyone?


Looks pretty nice but I'm not totally sure if I'm ok with tire sidewall rubbing with the fender flare. It shows that the tire fitment is slightly too radical. I think that with a tuned Ferrari everything should "fit".


This 458 looks so bad ass! I've just been sitting here for the last hour staring at this crazy creation. Great photos Larry. -Mind-blown.


This thing is sick! imagine it drift? O_O and i have a question, why isnt it street legal?


I'll say it, I don't like it. This is the same standard treatment we see on a lot of Japanese cars now, bolt on flares and a ducktail. The stock car is curvaceous and some people would call it sexy, but it doesn't really do anything for me. So I'm hardly upset over the "destruction" of a Ferrari. I don't see any new ideas or innovation, just applying the same old trends that they do to a 240SX or any other inexpensive car (or a GTR for that matter) to a much more capable and expensive exotic.
It isn't even shocking, rather, the complete opposite. This is exactly what I expect from these guys.  The same old ideas on any car, no matter the price or style of the car, and expecting me to be amazed and "love it or hate it". Instead, I just don't care. Their money, their tastes, and it's hardly like they are destroying a classic.


Oh man there they go and do it again!  Insanity!  Soooooo raw!  That color combo is wonderful as well.


how is a duck-tail jdm? Porsche did it in the 70's.


Porsche did whale tail not duck tail... Big difference!


You won't get butthurt about it, yet your comment reeks of butthurt. And yes what they do is rather predictable these days, but so what! when you got a good thing going why stop!


Call it what you want... The japenese duck tail looks nothing like what porsche does or has done...


I love this car. If i had the money to own a Ferrari 458, this is how i would make it stand out from the rest. Absolutely stunning


Jezza k If reasoned discussion in a negative fashion reeks of butthurt, then I guess the shoe fits. There are by and large two camps on this site, the show haters and the show hater-haters, the people get way too touchy about things and vehemently defend a car as if god himself touched it with his noodly appendage. 
What reeks of it, may I ask? The "I don't care"? The "I'm dissapointed"? "Doesn't do anything for me"? It's like you can't ever say anything negative without someone coming in and over reacting. I'm tired of people telling me I either love it or hate it. That and "oozes presence" are applied to half the cars on this site. It's like you can't even have a discussion anymore.


Option13 Jezza k Option 13, you make some good observations there and we always encourage open debate about features. It's one of the many luxuries we enjoy at Speedhunters. Less than 24hrs ago these pictures and words didn't exist, so to be discussing them now can only be a positive thing. True there is a design theme running through their projects, but I for one love the finished result. Ferrari or not, even though it's been chosen to shock. Which ultimately is the aim right? It's a promo tool for them after all. If I had a 458, would I do this? No, probably not. But when I do I'll get to choose. Don't be disappointed in peoples support for this particular car, just enjoy the diversity of taste we get to enjoy :)


Expensive car, check, 
same fenders from the last "build", check,
SH mega-jdm-tyte hype, check.
What a truly unique offering from LB Works, again.


looks cool but not functional...... really they are using the same tire size stock...... its the same size.... really you make a wide body kit with expensive wheels and dont go wider?  slap some meat on it.... looks cool but not functional and they are called lb performance, no gains except exhuast


Jezza k 
You're hurt, it's similar to what Porsche introduced.


I've been coming back all morning and afternoon just to look at it. It's absolutely and utterly f*cking beautiful. Obviously aesthetics are subjective and I can totally see why people wouldn't like it, but Christ above, it's a special looking car. 
My only beef, and I say this with respect is that if something is going to look like that, then it needs to have the performance to back it up. At the very least, it has to be substantially better than a stock 458. 
So, the question I ask is this. Who is going to introduce Kato-san to Mr. John Hennessey?


Jezza k Its was stolen from the Devil Z S30 aka Akuma Zeto in Wangan midnight lol, stop trolling and just enjoy the article


Jezza k Porsche did it as an oem, and the shape of a porsche is nothing like any other car, but i am willing to admit i was wrong if you can find me proof of another car that did it before the Porsche.
The point im trying to make is that styling cues have lately been thrown around as being JDM or USDM when people need to start realizing that none of it matters where it came from. what is more interesting is the people who are creating it. why does everyone always have to get so racial with cars??


PaddyMcGrath Jezza k why thank you sir, such a lovely looking rump and i love the colour!


Let's be real, this thing is hot!


talk about making a statement, geezus!


Option86 Very, beyond belief.


PaddyMcGrath lol good point, but after having been scared by a 458, sideways, at 100 mph, I'd be perfectly happy with the 570 it has lol.  You could always get 458 Speciale and use that as a base :)


Speedhunters_Bryn  maybe if anyone with a differing opinion wasn't called a "hater" we would live in a happier world?


Speedhunters_Bryn Option13 Jezza k It's the same thing as criticising a manufacturer for running a recognisable styling language on all its cars, the same-ish grille on all the line up. Everyone does it, so do tuners. I really don't see the problem here. Sure it's the same recipe but it's custom tailored to each car, there is nothing universal about it except for the idea of making the car wide


ILoveDrifting19 Who said it isn't street legal?


kanadanmajava It's close but I don't think it rubs. Plus even if it did, a little rub never hurt anyone. My tyres have been rubbing for 13 years lol, doesn't bother me much haha


Brad Johnson this or the 380SX...which one will it be? :)




@apextaggr i wouldn't own it, and if someone gave it to me i would sell it and build my own vehicles, automotive taste is a personal opinion and i am not a fan. i do not and i repeat i do not hate the level of work an passion that has been put into such an automobile. i understand how much work that goes into this, i know how to do the majority of it, albeit it with different software and hardware most likely. but in terms of if it turns my crank or not, sorry something keeps throwing me off about the rear fenders


FrancescoDiGiuseppe Very well put Giuseppe, a good point. Now maybe Ferrari Corse will take notice and update their Challenge cars or GT3s with kits from LW & TRA :)


@Seeking Perfection I think that may be one to follow with ...


Speedhunters_Bryn perisoft The motorsport look is undeniable. That's why you like it. It's rough but smooth at the same time, it just bloody works!  :)


SuzyWallace koko san Ferruccio is grinning in his grave :D


Speedhunters_Bryn JakWhite lol


Speedhunters_Bryn maxproof needs to be bagged. Maybe the guys at Air Lift Performance can help


speedhunters_dino FrancescoDiGiuseppe "but when it comes to racing, which is the core of it all, it all is set and done in a dirty workshop, with saws and solders and metal and rivets and duct tape, wheter you are called Ferrari or not."
umm :
so manthley missed the memo? from a racer talking to a designer, a race program at the professional level is well thought out and planned quite often years in advance. bolt on fenders are huge hindrances in the areo department. i would have rather seen the fender flares smoothed in personally


JSequoia speedhunters_dino No, thank you:)


777 You must be a blast at parties...


This might be the greatest thing since vagina! If you disagree, well, then I guess you love penis.


My jaw won't close that is absolutely gorgeous!


It's eye-catching and sinister, no doubt. I can't help but wonder if the factory adjustable aero (flaps in lower fascia, rear wing and diffuser) are as effective. I would bet that a stock 458 would be faster around a circuit, but that's not what people throw their money at Liberty Walk for, is it?


I have to admit, I've never been a huge fan of the current Ferrari design language; the awkward treatment of headlights to the super villian grins, something was always slightly off for me. With this 458 though, Miura-San has given my opinion a complete 180 degree change, I love it. It's aggressive but slightly reserved with perfect cut lines between panels and well thought out body line treatment.
Another great article lads.
On another note, does anyone know what lug bolts they are?


speedhunters_dino kanadanmajava 
They'll bed themselves in after a while, trust me. The tyres will just wear the fenders until they don't rub anymore :)


speedhunters_dino FrancescoDiGiuseppe A whole grid of these puppies? Gulp...


Speedhunters_Bryn speedhunters_dino FrancescoDiGiuseppe 
It's already taking styling cues from the Ferrari 458 GT3.


I really enjoyed the read but it was difficult to see the body curves and sharp edges. Ill just have to turn up the brightness up all the way.


Grand213 Sorry, but if this was shot in full sunlight it would be so much harder to define the lines. The contrasting in light helps with this car.


how to ruin a porsche 101:send it to rwb
now ferrari owners can ruin their ferrari(or lamborghini)  just like their german counterparts,just send it to lb works..


DirtyE30 Not at all. The ride height is crazy. It's simply the lowest static Ferrari.


OMGitsMarcus Amazing.


speedhunters_dino PaddyMcGrath This thing has like 5 centimeters of static ground clearance. Are you two nuts?


kanadanmajava It did not rub at all. However it did scrape over anything higher than a cigarette butt.


FrancescoDiGiuseppe They did one thing right. They got you to come here to leave a comment. They wanted buzz, and they created it for sure.


Does that worn-off Nitto-lettering suggest that the fenders rub on the wheels?


flyingjolly They don't rub. At least anymore.


teamsleepnine Hate much?


What is the infatuation with screwing on ill-proportioned bodywork to cars like this??!!
It's not about "hate" or distaste for this kind of thing - and it certainly isn't about being a "purist". This has been done too much now. It's tiring and fast becoming devoid of imagination. It's parity now. 
If a designer truly has a unique idea born out of imaginative design than by all means - produce it. But this? Really.
PS - What's up with all the stickers?


I absolutely love it 99.9% but... part of their design language is from the front you can see the front tires above the splitter height since the fender flares flow back into the fender without extending down to the splitter level. Why do I not like this? It is a huge aerodynamic mistake and never done in successful motorsports. You want to shroud the front of the tires completely, it creates low pressure in the wheel well which aids downforce and brake cooling. Now you might say "it's not a race car" but the super cool bolt on flares etc. are all exactly BMW CSL/Porsche RSR chic so this "mistake" in it's design language jumps out at you. Just extent the flares down then 100% :)


@JB please, don't give negative criticism, take your individual taste somewhere else, this is Japanese car culture aesthetic. if that is not your fancy. then don't speak your opinion


Thanks for replying and giving the facts/insight.


PaulGerrard That's really interesting - thanks for that!


cant... stop... staring...


iisaac My thoughts exactly....
Looks even better than the photoshop images that broke my neck a few months ago.


iisaac My thoughts exactly....
Looks even better than the photoshop images that broke my neck a few months ago.


iisaac My thoughts exactly....
Looks even better than the photoshop images that broke my neck a few months ago.


Fg2_FrAn indeed... its so visually addictive.


I'm not 100% on the car, certain angles make certain parts look good, but other angles make the same parts look wrong. take the final 2 images, the penultimate image makes the rear arch extensions look good, but the final image makes them look wrong, same with the front, just the other way round.
personally, it's not something I'd do as I'd always look at it and see the bad bits, but i love the idea of a wider, more aggressive looking 458. great in concept, not quite there in reality...

Also, plastering 'Liberty Walk' all over it ruins it too...


@JB It's part of the over-all look that has made Kato-San and his cars so popular. It's not because he couldn't be arsed to mold a bolt-on kit like you're implying, if you're not into it - cool, but it's certainly not tiring or devoid of imagination, nor is it parity!


as a fan of anything automotive, this is so obviously awesome, but i'd be really interested to hear the opinions of ferrari insiders or management, would they hate it simply because it;s messing with one of their creations or would they appreciate the craftsmanship and the pushing of the 'attack' part of ferrari style towards maximum ?


Wow you should fix all the euro cars look


So much to love about the page I'm looking at right now. Awesome work LB. Great write up Dino & Larry.


I love all the comments asking about all the stickers on the car. They must have missed the first part of the article where it was stated that the first prototype kit was being used for the SEMA show.


Fuck, this photography is insane! I know literally nothing about photography and don't usually even notice stuff like this, but the lighting and angles and the way you've captured the lines of the car are magical! Real good work Larry


RBJKT Thanks Rob:)


I like what they are trying to do here, and I loved the 3 previous cars (2 lambos and the M3). But I just don't think it works as well on this car. The other cars were amazing and looked great from every angle. Where as on this car it just does not pull it off in the same way. And don't get me wrong it by no means looks bad, but it just doesn't seem right.


JoeWhaler Thanks for the support. I am glad you guys are enjoying the full screen mode.


RagingGraphics I am sure they don't like it. Then again any press is good press yes?


AdamBasing I am sure they will be taking the decals off after the SEMA show.


"Unbelievable! Fucking sick!" That's all I can say.


Jezza k 60's fastback mustang ducktail anyone? 50s Ferrari LeMans cars? Ducktails have been around long before Porsche and TRA Kyoto.


SuzyWallace PaulGerrard its the one item I noticed too.


Btw awesome pics. I saved each one.


Wait, so people can only comment if they post a positive response? Who made that rule? Anyone can speak their mind, and it's good that they do. Whether they post a positive or a negative comment it adds to the discussion. No one has to agree, but differences in taste or comments makes the discussion better. If everyone is saying the same thing then what's the point of any of us commenting. In that scenario, this site just becomes a yes man.


this is insane, i never wanted a ferrari. untill now this will be my backyard project in 25 years when i can afford it. amazing photos larry some of your best work great lighting.


Larry Chen kanadanmajava I can't say that my car ('89 Polo) doesn't have any tire contact issues either but I was just guessing that Ferrari owner might have different tolerances with these things. I wouldn't mind those...

 The tire contact seems to be minimal as tires probably touch fender flares only only in some extreme situations and those might even happen in slow speeds. If you didn't notice any then it should be a big problem.
Btw. Those are pretty pictures. Nice work with the camera.


More than I can afford, pal.


@Mike speedhunters_dino FrancescoDiGiuseppe Larry Chen
Hold on a second. My point was not what you mentioned, cause I never ever pronounced the word functionality. I actually am kind of a hybrid between a product designer, in a "styling" meaning of that, and an engineer: I got the chance to spend three months in a racing car factory here in Italy as an internship, so I'm with you, I know rivets are no good for aero, as well as a vertical spoiler doesn't help much in a car that has deliberately no active aero at the tail (cause the floor makes all the necessary downforce without affecting straight line speed).
My point was a different thing.
This is a statement, not for purpose, not for racing, not because it has to work.
This is a statement to say "We don't care if it's a Datsun or a 458, this is how things are done in a dusty and messy workshop in Japan, and we know that in Italy, in England, in USA, race cars are born in the same way, there is no pedigree, no luxury and no fanciness: just cut the bloody thing off, make it wider, open vents, slam it to the ground".
In small racing factories, when you build a "prototipo", it is like this.
It's the mood, the mentality behind the car: there is no CFD, no engineering, but there is the same exact "aura" you can find behind a widened 911 RSR or McLaren F1.
I said it is a "racer for the street" for that reason, not because it is an "upgraded" 458, but because it is a statement, as Larry said, "to create a buzz".
It's with things like these that the boundaries are broken to find new inspirations and new meanings.
And bear with me, this comes from someone who thinks that something that works is already beautiful by itself, not from a "scene guy" as they call them.


sean klingelhoefer Smoke 'em


I really like this and think that it works even better than on the lambos. The lambos have such wide and over the top styling to begin with that it makes for more of a total transformation on this ferrari. Great pics.


Ferrari, take note. More attitude needed


I just had a crisis. Its only the 1st of the month and I'm pretty damn sure this will be the winner of the best car of november poll. Dont bother featuring any other cars this month lol.




I hate myself for loving this car.
Sure there's niggles about a bit of fitment issue with the front fender, and sure there are stickers (well that's just marketing 101), but frankly I could care less.


Why does this have everyone so excited? It looks like a 458 gt3 minus the gills & a spoiler instead of a wing. Still its interesting to look at ,even if its not effective.


Absolutely perfect!  The 458 always had something just a little wonky about it,  like a model with a bent nose, or the perfect smile with a chipped tooth.  It's great, but just not quite right.  This design has cured all those "issues" for the 458 and best of all, it looks like it was still designed by Pininfarina. Well done Kato-san/Miura-san!


I just wanted to say that any concerns with handling, rubbing, scraping, or anything performance-wise was taken care of in advance. I have never met or read of a serious Japanese tuner that didn't know what he/she was doing. Plus, This car wasn't meant for the crappy roads you drive on a daily basis.


Option86 i can imagine that most of the roads aren't that bad in japan... beside this is a sema car. it will probably never be driven on public roads except pre planned ones for vids and photo shoots. i just love the way the liberty walk cars look. i know they cant be practical..but this is sema!?!!!


AceAndrew2 i never liked the stock 458 either but seeing it stanced and fender'd out like this looks soo mean!


d_rav Exactly. I've seen enough videos of Japanese roads to know that the 458 is fine driving in Japan. No problem. And, yes, it's SEMA! haha


Absolutely amazing. I'm lost for words.


Love it or loathe it, this guy has huge balls for doing this.

Touring in Stance

Well I think the 458 GT3 you mentioned belongs to a racing team, which deserves some widened body and power manage, while the reason why people are excited is that an owner of a Ferrari 458 will risk the danger of "ruining the car" and sacrifice the price of it.


Hideous. WHy give the cheap rockey bunny treatment to a six figure vehicle. Bolt ons are for certain types of cars - and this isnt one of them. 
They Should have used a proper coachbuilder and works the metal to produce the flared wide body look, coachbuillding is an art form - this is just crass.

delete the spoiler

Car looks DAMN GOOD but that spoiler is UGLY as shit on that car.


I love my Ferrari's to be pure but you fools are crazy not to like this thing. This car is full of win from every angle. Very few tuners have done a Ferrari correctly and this is for sure one of them.


I've never found ferraris that interesting, but this one actually looks quite cool!


Money.  So much of it.


Larry Chen RagingGraphics yep, they would have to dislike it despite it's positive effect ! .. then again, maybe they would secretly like it..


MartinBrandan that's fia spoiler smarty pants!!


What does  "Japanese car culture aesthetic." have to do with the way one looks at a particular design. Toyota 2000 - love it! Old Skylines - love them! Bolt on parts inconsiderate of overall design intent or vernacular = less than imaginative. I don't care if its US, Russian, Italian, German, or Zimbabwe - design! "Shock value" is too easy. Hell , paint the car in pink and put some bunny ears on it. That would be shocking as well but absolutely devoid of any reason or motive other than to elicit some cheap and borrowed interest.

As an aside - I take it in your world critique and question is not allowed? Only those who agree with your particular sense of style, design, and subjectivity can voice an opinion?


You're asking why do some people like some things while others do not? That's an interesting question?


Did anyone else pick up on the fact that the writing on the doors is Lyrics from John Lennon's "Imagine"?


I have the strangest boner right now.


I'd really love to see this and an OEM 458 Italia duke it out through Time Attack racing. Love the aggressive look to it.


Just want to make it clear that they are not upgraded callipers , merely the standard ones that have been painted in a brighter yellow and had the face machined clean


GristleLickr I'm with you guy.  Don't get me wrong, here in 2013 that car is sick as shit.  Next year, it'll still be pretty cool.  But in 2018, 2019?  Its going to be more dated than if the car had been left alone.  I hope that was a salvage car.


I'm a huge fan of Miura's kits, and this one just bumped the BenSopra GTR off the top pedestal as far as his creations go.  
Putting one of his kits on your car is a HUGE commitment that is indicative of a mindset toward cars that I find refreshing.  It  says you don't care about the resale value.  That you don't intend to preserve the car to pass on to the next owner.  You are going to enjoy your car NOW.  I assure you, the guy (or gal, who knows?) that owns this car is one of the few Ferrari owners who doesn't limit how many miles they put on it in a year.  I like that.  We need more car guys (and gals, lets not forget) like this in the world.

However, his formula behind these kits (bolt on flares, drop to the ground, ducktail) only has so much shelf life.  It also heavily dates the car.  His career trajectory kinda reminds me of VeilSide.


Butthurt is huge with this one. The ride is rad, deal with it.


@truhidden You won't have to wait nearly that long.  The resale value of this car is going to be quite affordable, relatively speaking.


Tell you what - if I had an F-car, I'd put as many miles on it as I damn well could. I'd be like, honey, you need anything from the store? Tampons? It's a half hour from here so I can be back in ten minutes!


Best looking ferrari is a japanese ferrari ;) Just like the porsche (RWB).


Shelby did it in '60s on mustangs. USDM?


Simply P This^ 
It remind me of the James Glickenhaus quote.  “Not putting miles on your Ferrari is like not having sex with your
girlfriend so she’ll be more desirable to her next boyfriend.”


teamsleepnine MartinBrandan I meant to show that the GT3 458 has bolt on fenders, and that this kit is meant to emulate that sort of aggressiveness and "crassness" if you will. The spoiler has nothing to do with it~


At first I didn't like it, but then after looking at it carefully and thinking about it, this is essentially a street 458 with a GT3/GT2 kit on, making it a street version of it, in the loosest sense.
So with that being said, and taking this viewpoint, I really like this one.


OMGitsMarcus So mature. That's right, disagreeing with your opinion means you're gay. Or a straight or bi woman. Either of which must be a negative...


Rotiforms, lowering springs, cat-back exhaust, rebranded calipers with OEM rotors (for advertising purposes), bolt-on fenders , Nitto Invo "comfort" tires (so much worse than the OEM Michelin Super Sports) and I'm supposed to be blown away or "love it or hate" as so eloquently put in this polarizing article. There is NOTHING unique about this car when BRZs and 240s are being modded in the same cheap "corner cutting" manner, I mean how cookie-cutter can you get. Yet all these JDM fanbois that have this need to claim they're "different" and "innovators" are jerking themselves off to this car. Let's get one thing straight you "wannabe JDM OG hipsters", Japan didn't invent shit. DOHC, turbocharged, direct-injection, rotary and fuel-injected engines (the latter two invented by Germans) have been around for ~100+ years. Hell Japan has yet to produce a naturally-aspirated engine that surpasses the COMPACT pushrod V8/V10 (LS7 is 440lbs, SRT V10 is 475lbs, 2JZ & RB26 weigh ~600lbs, VR38 weighs ~620lbs, same as the Shelby supercharged 5.8l with 660/630) in power to weight ratio, bang for the buck, low cylinder pressures, or fuel economy (won't happen with the STI/R35 gearing these torque-less high strung engines need to get them moving. Remember "the candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long", just let the transmission do the work, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Oh and one last thing, the "ducktail" is not JDM AT ALL as suggested by Speedhunters (another attempt at seeming hipster with the typical rhetoric "oh we've been doing that since" BS!!). Porsche started that with the 73 Carrera RS, get your shit straight and stop kidding yourselves. I may own a domestic (C6Z) though I still hang with the import and Subaru crowd I grew up with but goddamn even they don't kid themselves the way these "JDM OGs" do. I'm glad there is none of this function vs form BS in the domestic world, it's put up or shut up and hit the track, whether it's the drag strip, road course, or auto-x event, and the domestic show/classic car guys don't kid themselves or make false claims. Believe me when I say I can appreciate the owner's desire with his car, it is his choice to do as he pleases with his ride and I highly respect that. It's these condescending wannabe "JDM OG" hipsters, fanbois, and "scene kids" that drool over anything with bags and Rotiforms that portray this car (in a polarizing manner) as an all-conquering representation of the best to come out of the "JDM scene" that I'm aiming my message at, or as Speedhunters would say, my two giant middle fingers.


almost a perfectly executed car but the rear fenders just don't look as good as the front fenders. the rears need to follow the lines of the body better by raising the top of them and pulling the front of the fender forward to give it a less extreme angle so it flows better. other wise a great car


DOHC_LOL Japan will never build a "compact pushrod v8" because they believe pushrods are outdated. Also comparing aluminium v8's with cast iron straight-6ses isn't really fair is it? :p


James1010 Simply P I'd take celebrities out in it for a coffee run to the local Tim Hortons :)


JoshuaWhitcombe Yes, I believe it's on all the Libery Walk cars(or I've seen it before anyway)


It's just a car.  Why are you so angry?


DOHC_LOL "et all these JDM fanbois that have this need to claim they're "different" and "innovators" are jerking themselves off to this car."
so fucking true!!!bullseye!!!!


Love it, so what if some people dislike it? It's only a 458, there's thousands of them all going to be kept near stock, so let's have fun with some, fit some crazy body kits and slam it. And yes it is an advertising car, hence everything is turned up to 12 with the colours and branding.
It just looks bloody fantastic.


@zz ohhh lord...why the effort? can buy the gt3/gt2 kit from michelotto,they the one responsible for the ferrari gt2/gt3 cars.....there's a guy somewhere in local ferrari forum bought the 360 gt bumper


DOHC_LOL ... so i guess that means you like it?


i agree but somehow i dont like it zackspeed333


Very well said.While I ponder terms such as "tuning culture" and the JDM vernacular ripe with its flat-biller hipster flare-loving fans I am notihng if not entertained with how easily they ascribe the word "tuner" to a guy with a box of sheet metal screws, some plastic, and a box of decals. Please don't think that "Whateverhisnameis-san" will leave any lasting "mark" on automotive history written by the likes of Shnitzer, Alpina, AMG, etc... RWB started a fad whose 15mins of fame is slowly winding down.These are only "cars" but the feelings they elicit and interest they peek - good or bad - is legitimate. If you love cars you'll listen to the critique every bit as much as the praise. Am I a "hater"? No, I just love cars.


Amazing pictures, great car (even though I still don't like the riveted flares and prefer a clean look). However, the close-up of the wheels look like they have a HORRIBLE finish to them. This should definitely tarnish the Rotiform name if they can't get a proper finish for a project of this stature.


The only gripe I have with Liberty Walk cars is that they have 'performance' written on them.  The cars may look badass but it's always to the detriment of performance so why plaster 'performance' over it, why try and call it something it's not? Maybe that's why people hate their cars so much.


Gotta say I do like what he's done but it looks like someone gave an average joe who has gone through his fair share of Nissans enough dough to play with a Ferrari.
REAL creative. I'm blown away.


@JB *nothing


teamsleepnine well..umm..isn't that the same thing what I'm trying to say? What you're saying is no different from what I've said really.


@JB *Pique


I've been preaching this for years!!!! but they're still manipulating the young crowd in making them believe the hype.....time will come when this young crowd will finally bloom and move onto something concrete with ACTUAL facts.


DOHC_LOL It's a post on Speedhunters. It's about scene points, sponsorship and impressive photos for the kids. Investigation, good journalism, common sense? They have no place here.


Just one word to say WAOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


wheatgod DOHC_LOL pretty sure "Japanese Tuning Culture" normal involves some for of tuning? Sticking a body kit on and a loud exhaust is more cosmetic modification. Which is a shame. If there was some form of tuning going on then this could be really awesome. I guess it takes balls to cut up a Ferraris bodywork...pity they didn't have enough to breathe on the engine too.


d_rav DOHC_LOL  
It's ass ugly. Period.


wheatgod I guess what DOHC_LOL and I are both trying to say it, that sticking a body kit on, no matter how extreme, isn't really tuning.
If the strength of your argument is that because there is no dictionary definition  "Japanese Tuning Culture" then you believe we are both wrong then that's what you think.
But what's gone on here is not tuning. Nothing has been tuned. They just stuck a huge expensive bodykit on a hugely expensive car.
I don't think there's anything groundbreaking about that irrespective of who does it, how deep their pockets are or how much sponsor arse they kiss.
But that's my opinion. You don't have to share it, you don't have to like it, you don't even need to try and change it. And if you're determined to argue against it, at least argue, constructively.


wheatgod DOHC_LOL again...what?


JDMizedbig_chris1981 Why are you guys even here?  There's a shitload of websites on the internet that I think suck *cough -motormavens- cough -canibeat- cough*, and you know what?  I don't even VISIT them, let alone take the time out my day to comment on them.  
Fact of the matter is, you douchebags LOVE this site.  You guys both appear to be unhappy souls who crave whatever attention someone will give them, good or bad.  It's one thing to not like the car, that's perfectly fine.  The problem I have is that you idiots want to dismiss the opinions of everyone who disagrees with you.  
You suck.


Japan can believe whatever they want, it is their choice to be "appear" exclusively different. I was being generous in mentioning the 2JZ because it is one of two JDM engines (the other being the Rotary) that can actually compete with the LS pushrod V8 (ford's DOHC 5.0l is larger and weighs 444lbs, 4lbs heavier than the 7.0l LS7) once anything and everything is on the table (boost, nitrous, race gas, etc.) as I saw at WCF imports vs domestics at MIR yesterday. Japan has no naturally-aspirated engines to speak of (Europe can to some extent) that can even remotely achieve the OVERALL package the "base" LS3 or even the heavier Ford 5.0l, nevermind the NEW LT1 "base" engine offer, nevermind the SRT V10 and the LS7 (or it's upcoming replacement with DI, VVT, and DOD). The ONLY engine that manages the HP and weight numbers is the Lexus LFA 4.8l V10 which is "supposed" to weigh just under what their conventional 3.5l V6 weighs at 163kgs (360 lbs). Whether that includes accessories and the flywheel I don't know but nevertheless it will still achieve one hell of a power to weight ratio, especially compared to the heavy 523lb 5.0l V10 in the E60 M5. Of course, like the M5, it also unfortunately doesn't deliver the whole package which also includes performance/dollar, fuel efficiency, and expected service life. Trust me when I say I want to see Honda build a street version of the HSV-10 with that magnificent V10 they built, rather than that NSX "hybrid", but they just won't. Or perhaps that V10 or even just a V8 in the upcoming NSX. Could you imagine, an oversquare Honda V10 or V8 with a flat-plane crankshaft? The NSX would be a 458 killer with an exhaust note that would just sound glorious. But they won't, hell the NSX won't even be RWD (don't even get me started on AWD or the R35 GTR). So now I ask you, considering the LFA V10 is dead, how is the pushrod V8/10 dead when they continue to win manufacturer's titles in ALMS, Rolex sports car series, etc. (C6R, the old AND New Viper, Prototype classes) as well as countless wins at the 24 hours of Le Man racing with the likes of Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, and Aston Martin? Hell the fact that even Nissan uses a VK series based V8 in the GTR for Super GT (formerly JGTC) says a lot and is further concrete proof that the proven formula for a winning sports car has always been and will continiue to be naturally-aspirated power driven by the rear wheels. Just for shits and giggles take a look at the top 10 lap times at Laguna Seca, this country's most technical track, and tell me the pushrod engine is outdated (not in WW2 and modern piston-engine aircraft that's for sure, power/weight, fuel efficiency, and reliability is their holy grail). These laps were all performed by the great Randy Pobst with the same procedure (warmup lap, hot lap, followed by two cool down laps). They're also great to watch on Youtube as he provides a lot of feedback.


Sure you're arguing, you're just arguing semantics and subjective matter, albeit in a passive aggresive manner. As for me, I'm merely stating facts. What I can't stand are hypocrites that front and kid themselves which is why these JDM fanbois that get butt-hurt when someone sets the record straight in their attempt to claim "oh we started this" and "we were doing that before" and "the most JDM touch of all, the ducktail", I mean what a crock of shit. Your right on one thing though, and it's that this is the way it is, it's all about "scene points" if you ask me. I mean how low can the standard get? The "checklist" now seems to simply consist of Rocket-bunny kit and/or vinyl wrap, Rotiforms and bags. Oh well I ain't "bout' this life" anyway, I just happened to have one of my best friends message this article on Facebook after me and a couple of my friends at a local weekly car meet were having one of our very entertaining (full of trolling and baiting lol) passionate, but thorough import/domestics debates (WCF at MIR was this past weekend). The way the car scene is headed, I guess this just means less "scene kids" attending and more seat time and sessions available at the track for us real car guys.


Wow that escalated quickly. I'm done with feeding the troll. I don't like the car and I think the write up is nonsense.


Hey my mistake big_chris1981 that last comment was for wheatgod.  It looked like I directed that at you on my phone but yeah I'm also done this feeding this female troll (as one would think based of the passive aggresive undercurrent).


@Guest Exactly!


@Octopus This^^^^


wheatgod says the man who is chastising another man on the internet for what amounts to an opinion. 
sincerly Captain Obvious


D1RGE Jezza k please pictures of the Ferrari LeMans cars!!!! like i said, Porsche was the only one that I knew of that i could gaurentee.
67 mustang fast back for reference:


D1RGE mentioned something about LeMans Ferraris, so maybe IDM??


I totally appreciate your reply and your reasoning behind your comments. i get what your saying that your referring to more of the grass roots areas. but even in grass roots areas not all race cars are bred in dusty messy work shops. ive been in some amateur racing operations where you could eat off of the floor, and while they might not have access to wind-tunnels or even CFD (which is becoming more accessible now a days) they still calculate and plan out modifications even body and areo of the sort. remember in the beginning areo was a bunch of guesses with nothing but lap times to prove there is a difference.
my point is that there is no more race car in this 458 than what Ferrari themselves designed from the factory and in fact the front fenders actually cover an important areo feature. 
as a car to make a statement this 458 definitely has. but lets not mistake a statement marketing piece from what any racing car driver would call their "office"

id like to reiterate, this car is a statement to itself, it is a wonderful marketing piece and alot of planning and hard work that has gone into this. i whole heartedly respect the level or work and craftsmen-ship that has gone into this ride. i can see where some of the pieces may have a race "inspired" feel to them and that is the look they wanted to go for. 
my argument was that even amateurs and weekend warriors use sound science and don't always have dirty dusty garages they work in. some may be, but more often than not those are not the winning ones. winning in racing requires a lot of strategy and luck and money.. but mostly strategy


Wildcardfox  sure, everyone can voice there opinion. good or bad. the car is a great piece of craftsmanship non the less, you either like it or not and you have the choice to voice if you do, or not. but why put so much effort into disagreeing? aren't we all as car lovers here to have some common ground somewhere with how good a car is? if the more narrow and or negative the opinion of how the car should be based on how that persons particular taste, then the discussion becomes nothing. just a bunch of random peoples opinions. if you like it, please tell us WHY. If you DONT, then prove (with evidence of BETTER work or quality) then please do also. i don't make car parts.. i love what liberty walk does. and @JB, like i said, any opinion can be voice of any taste or views. but i don't see you showing us anything better, show us something?


@Octopus Well it may not be performance enhancing aero/parts, but it's still A LOT faster than my rx8.


DOHC_LOL  The push-rod engine is the most non efficient engine ever produced.  Funny thing is at one point most Nascar qualifying engines had Honda rods and pistons lol.  I for one am sick of seeing LS engines in everything just because its the cheapest thing out there. If you want to talk V8's then what about the Hyabusa derived one. At half the size it makes 500hp and quite a bit of torque. The best part its efficient and revs to the moon.


WIll the trolls and troll feeders exit stage left. Pretty please? I'm trying to enjoy the article.


Simply P JDMized big_chris1981 Do some search on the net and see who runs Motormavens.....LOL, and how close SH and canibeat  are....LOL
Same folks, same mindset :)


wheatgod JDMized you do apparently :)


Please feel free to read my reply to "westhave" and then tell me the pushrod V8/V10 is outdated. Both DOHC and OHV only convert ~25% of available air into useable torque. The only design more efficient is diesel power. Horsepower/displacement is ricer rhetoric that is of relavence on street cars or even sanctioned motorsports for that matter, especially it appears you've thrown size, weight, fuel effiecency (super tight gearing to make up for the lack of torque and narrow powerband), and endurance for HPDE (hotter IATs with boost and reduced valvetrain durability ie more lift lift, more revs, faster piston speeds in stroker engines, more lateral piston movements, and less oil control with a wide ring-gap that comes with a stroker and/or boosted engine). Hell my C6Z gets twice the fuel mileage on the highway then I got in my old stage 2 STI in the city.


Come to think of it I got less highway MPGs on the highway in the STI than what I now average in the Z. Ahhh the luxury of super wide ratios and a numerically low final-drive ratio that a wide powerband and healthy mid-range provide.
* stroker and/or boosted engines) out the window.


Simply P JDMized big_chris1981 Because there is some stuff that I do like...and again, I'm free to comment. I agreed with someone else's point of view and now I should leave? Right.
I'm not dismissing anything, I'm saying I disagree.
As I said, I don't think this car is "tuned", but hey, maybe that's just my view as a European, rather than an American?
Over here "Tuning" tends to be what people say has been done to the cars at Gatebil, engine work, suspension work, chassis and brake work. Sticking a bodykit on and doing other cosmetic stuff is more "modifying". You could maybe call this semantics, but I'd argue there's a difference.
Either way, the aggressive posts in response from some of the other users here are way out of line.
Grow up gentlemen.


DOHC_LOLwhilst over here in Europe, lots of us are running around in sub 2 litre motors  -
Big fun to be had in a 1600cc vw polo gti. :)
As good as your arguments are, I think they're probably wasted on some of the other people in this thread.
As one of my old bosses used to say: "Never try and teach a pig to dance, you'll waste your time and anger the pig".


I like this lower wider mentality. The 458 is beautiful! But this 458 is like something out of MadMax or something. I really digg that style! One day i will own a ride with a TRA Bodykit ^^ WIde Fenders and a Ducktail Spoiler rock!


I think I have fallen in love... <3


wheatgod How is saying you don't like something "trollish"? You really are dumb. You just abuse anyone that disagrees with you. As I said, grow up.


Anyone know the price tag?


buffbunny more than u own.


denmaartes How do you know that when you don't even know the damn price? Lol


buffbunny denmaartes It's 5.2 million yen or something as far as i have read online..


Somewhere in Italy, a Ferrari aerodynamicist is crying.


This is just plain striking to me! Give props to Liberty Walk. Turning an automotive peice of art into something that just instantly catches your eyes, and not being afraid to shock people in the process. Just the execution on making this build work, makes it more striking to me. I would love to see what this car is like on the track. Just WOW!


Probably much worse than stock as there is almost no bump travel left not to mention they tossed out the best non R-compound street tire in the world, the Michelin Pilot Super Sport", for the harder and inferior Nitto Invo , a show/touring car tire. The NT05 would've been more capable, but still inferior to the Michelins ultimate grip and precision despite being rated to last 50% longer with that new "black magic" compound that they confidently back with a 30k mile warranty (15k for rear tires if running a staggered setup). All in the name of being "JDM tight yo" lol I don't find anything that is simply slammed on Rotiforms, with a cat-back, REBRANDED oem calipers, GERMAN ducktail (I'm an American of Peruvian descent so no bias here, just setting the record straight) as a "shocking" execution.


I don't remember any other post on Speedhunters with this many comments. So much hate and love at the same time.


Beautiful work. Beautiful photography. i like the color especially, very deep — I'm going to paint all my vehicles this color ;-0


This is a mean 458! Pure streetfighter style, with a lick of GT for good measure. I need a bigger Christmas tree to put this under!


Is this thing even street legal?


A 1969 Chevy Impala two door drop top convertible with a 455 big block engine and a super charger pushin over 500 horses  that car will eat that thing alive lol that Ferrari wont even stand a chance lol hahahahahahahaha


Larry Chen A 1969 Chevy Impala two door drop top convertible with a 455 big block engine and a super charger pushin over 500 horses will crush that ferrari  lol that Ferrari wont even stand a chance lol hahahahahahahaha


CollinMckinney  id like to see that car go up against  A 1969 Chevy Impala two door drop top convertible with a 455 big block engine and a super charger pushin over 500 horses will crush that ferrari  lol that Ferrari wont even stand a chance lol hahahahahahahaha


DOHC_LOL   id like to see that car go up against  A 1969 Chevy Impala two door drop top convertible with a 455 big block engine and a super charger pushin over 500 horses will crush that ferrari  lol that Ferrari wont even stand a chance lol hahahahahahahaha


Jmayhem   id like to see that car go up against  A 1969 Chevy Impala two door drop top convertible with a 455 big block engine and a super charger pushin over 500 horses will crush that ferrari  lol that Ferrari wont even stand a chance lol hahahahahahahaha


datsunsss   id like to see that car go up against  A 1969 Chevy Impala two door drop top convertible with a 455 big block engine and a super charger pushin over 500 horses will crush that ferrari  lol that Ferrari wont even stand a chance lol hahahahahahahaha


datsunsss   id like to see that car go up against  A 1969 Chevy Impala two door drop top convertible with a 455 big block engine and a super charger pushin over 500 horses will crush that ferrari  lol that Ferrari wont even stand a chance lol hahahahahahahaha


Awesome car!


DA KING DRIFTERCollinMckinney How is a mid-engine Ferrari with 562 hp -stock- going to get crushed by a heavier, less aerodynamic, front-engine Chevy with only 500 hp? I suppose if the 458 is driven at 80 mph, the Impala will easily overtake it doing 90 mph...


A nice new project going. Specs?


Was wondering when is this car brand coming to NFS World online game??????
Been waiting forever for this Ferrari to be added to the game...Guess you need a play station to get one.
the newer Rivals has one..but come on lets get this car in NFS World i like buying over priced cars and
Going broke with the current cars i own in the game.


You realize the stock factory 458 is lighter more powerful and better handling than a 69 Impala with 500whp? It would demolish then execute an impala on the track and the drag strip


The fenders make the car look cheap, if you are going to make a widebody make it right. Sorry looks tacky may as well call it a Honda


@E92m  Then build one yourself. He didn't make it for you.


I would like the fenders to be blended into the body without the rivets, similar to what Supervettes LLC does on their wide body kits. If you didn't know what a Corvette is supposed to look like you would think it came from the manufacturer like that.
With that that said I agree it looks cheap from that prospective, but overall I'm a fan of LB Works! Keep doing your thing...


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