Saying Goodbye to Project ZN6… & Hello To Its Big Brother
What A Journey We’ve Had

In case the title didn’t give it away, I sold my FR-S.

Looking through these photos, it’s pretty overwhelming to see how far the car came in just a few short years. As I tell the story of saying ‘so long’ to Project ZN6, I thought it would also be cool to breeze through the build.


The ZN6 started life as an Airaid SEMA Show car. As Airaid’s resident product designer, I lobbied heavily for us to not only design an intake system, but also build a car for our SEMA booth in 2012. Brian Stupski, whose stellar sketch work has been featured right here on Speedhunters, kindly helped with the design. He knocked out this killer rendering of an FR-S not built in your typical tuner style, but rather aimed at an enthusiast who also enjoys adventurous activities. The paint scheme was actually inspired by the carbon Niner mountain bike on the roof.


With Airaid’s blessing we procured the first Satin White Pearl Scion FR-S in the state, and immediately tore in. Before long we had a two-stage, nitrous-sniffing FA20 with a carbon fiber version of the new intake we had designed. The carbon fiber intake tube still sits on my shelf as a trophy.


Part of the deal with Airaid was that I would get first dibs when the car was sold. One short year later and it was mine. I didn’t hesitate to create a second iteration to serve as my daily driver.


Parts were swapped and the wrap was removed so I could cruise around town incognito.


Then, just as I thought I was done morphing the FR-S to my liking, I got an email asking if I would be the second person in the world to run the exclusive Speedhunters KM4SH wide body kit. Who was the first, you ask?

Formula D Long Beach Magnus Walker 2014 Rod Chong-2606

Kei Miura himself had KM4SH #0001 back in Japan. Here he gave his blessing to KM4SH #0002 at Formula D Long Beach.


Larry immortalized the car on track, and once again I made the drive from California back to Arizona.


I had installed an Innovate supercharger on the car, but the power level became routine before long. Utilizing our in-house chassis dyno at Airaid, I had Delicious Tuning tune the car with their new Flex Fuel kit and breathed new life into my project.


The last major mod I did was to install a full Air Lift suspension kit, not so much to lay the car out as to take advantage of a stellar, yet low, ride.


Four set of wheels and two suspensions later, I was getting the hang of alignment settings and wheel offsets for this chassis.


I took the car to a local show alongside my friend Keith Ross, who recently parted with his Volvo project too.

Watching It Go

Some people use the phrase ‘do unto others…’ but I believe in ‘sell your car the way you would want to buy it.’ I recently purchased a Lexus GX470 for our family and the owner gave me all the records plus a box full of related parts and goodies. Of course, I did the same for the new owner of my FR-S. Inside the box was never-used spare keys with dealerships tags, a used oil sample, extra supercharger oil and a spare oil filter.


He was thrilled when I busted out dyno sheets and used oil analyses to prove that this was a healthy engine. I also still had the window sticker plus manuals for all the parts on the car.


The oil was due to be changed, so I went ahead and took care of it before his 1500 mile journey back home. Oh, I forgot to mention, the new owner lives in another state. I won’t lie, I’m kind of glad I won’t have to see one of the best cars I’ve ever owned driving around town at the hands of another.

We had a pre-purchase inspection done at local tuner Dynocomp, and along with many photos and videos, the buyer flew in trusting that the car would be as advertised. This worked out perfectly for me, because the car I would be buying was built at Dynocomp. I was able to have both inspections done at once, which even included verifying power and engine condition on the dyno.


I picked the buyer up at the airport and we headed straight to my house for a test drive. After a few minutes he was overwhelmingly sure he wanted the car. We shook hands and I unbolted my license plate.


He loaded his gear in the trunk, as I’ve done for so many road trips, and headed off.


As we watched Project ZN6 drive away I clicked off one last photo. Including the Scion Tuner Challenge build, this was actually the second FR-S I’ve built only to watch it drive away!

A Suitable Replacement

Perhaps you’re wondering why I would sell my FR-S just when I had it perfectly dialed in. Well, to be honest, it was part boredom and part a desire to have a more utilitarian vehicle.


When I say utilitarian, I don’t mean an SUV or truck though. It’s just that I could never take my family in the FR-S, and the small size was starting to get to me. The back seat of a Subaru WRX would be a huge plus in my life.


I drove several cars before I knew I would be able to replace Project ZN6. A slew of Subarus, including hatches, sedans, WRX and STI variants, and both previous and current body styles, a couple of Focus STs, an Acura TSX wagon and more. I kept running into one problem though: they were all slower than my FR-S.

What to do then?


As much as I’ve always believed in modding a car yourself – you just don’t know what the previous owner might have been up to – I conceded to test drive a few that had been tweaked.


That was when I was convinced: modded WRXs had the power and taut handling I had grown to love in my FR-S.

There was an inherent flaw though. You can crank up the power on a WRX pretty easily, but of course it’s an inverse relationship to reliability. This meant I had to find one that had been nicely modded but also cared for.


I drove some STIs and really liked the 6-speed and SI-Drive (Intelligent mode is perfect for the wife), but they were also right at the top of my price range.


The odds were against me to find the right car at the right price-point, but a random text to a Craigslist ad that lacked detail landed me with this one, a 2012 STI that’s built just right.


I knew the car was worked on by Dynocomp, but I had no idea the extent of the modifications made. It could have just been an exhaust and a tune for all I knew.


It was only when the owner popped the hood that I realized I had found a needle in a haystack.


All the good parts seemed to be there, everything I would upgrade anyways in the name of reliable power. Then he started talking about a Cosworth blueprinted block with forged internals.


I still didn’t think I would buy this car, it was just way too modded for me to trust. I had to go for a test drive though, and the power was quite addictive.


The turbo had been replaced with a Blouch Dominator 2.5, perfect for making 24 pounds of boost without much lag at all. You can drive it around town under 3,500rpm and it’s completely tame, but when you let the turbo spool it will push you into your seat.


The engine was completely built, yet it was kind of a sleeper. It had the biggest top-mount intercooler available, and still wore stock wheels. I went home and researched each and every part on the build sheet. I called Dynocomp and asked about the history of the car. I even emailed Cosworth and Delicious Tuning seeking their opinions.


The consensus? Buy it!


I quickly came to realize that if I was going to play the Subie game I had two choices. 1) Start with a stock car, then add parts to make more power and decrease reliability. 2) Buy the built STI that already had all the breakables replaced.


In addition to the engine work, the car already has KW V3 coilovers and Whiteline swaybars, which I would have purchased anyways. So what’s left to do then?


First, I need to decide what to do about the wing. While I like that it shouts STI, I’m not so sure I want to be shouting at all. Perhaps a nice duck-tail spoiler will make its way onto the trunk. Let’s hear your opinions in the comments!


Of course I’ll need a set of wheels too, and would love to hear your ideas in the comments. Then I’ll get the ride height and alignment sorted to optimize the balance of road manners, aesthetics and tire wear. I’d like to play with the valving on the KWs as well, because rebound feels a bit lazy at the moment.

Stay tuned for more on Project… ? Okay, I’ll think of a name in the meantime. For now I’m calling it my giant FR-S replacement, because it does that just fine.

Keith Charvonia
Instagram: SpeedhuntersKeith



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Still flat-4 , still awesome !
Can't wait to see progress on it !


Every time I see one of these now I can't help but think about what will happen when the RS is available.


Nice car! Personally I'd keep the spoiler on it, but they do tend to be cop magnets, so I can see why you'd want to get rid of it.


Call him "STu", an STi for yoU.  haha  Anyway, awesome find, can't wait to see it make progress. I say ditch the wing. Get a nice subtle one and some wide wheels AND wide tires. 275/35/18!


Duck tail a WRX.... maybe, but Duck tail an STI, so wrong on so many levels. I wouldn't buy an STI in the first place, not my thing. However I appreciate how good the STI is and how the STI is supposed to look. Keep the spoiler, maybe wrap it in Carbon (or better replace it with a Carbon copy) or something to tone it down but don't remove it :)

Muhammad Haqy Aunoora

I think you should keep the wing and for the wheels I think the ones that will fit the look is Gram Lights 57Getter, Volk TE37 SL, or Rotiform DUS but I think the Gram Light will look super cool with the styling of the WRX


Ducktail is a good idea or maybe some wind supports for that tarmac rally look


Keep the Spoiler , as for the wheels OZ Superleggera  in dark grey or black


And here she is!

I'm finding I won't be of much help in the wing department, those boxy shapes really give the STIs the perfect aesthetic for the car, but I do see the point you're going for - with subtlety. A ducktail would certainly do the trick, my personal compromise would follow up a wider stance and flare treatment, but this is also meant for taking the family about (rear door would also be a big obstacle), and you mentioned your wife would be using it as well.

As far as wheels, barring a defaulting TE37 answer, I would suggest a classic gold BBS STI rim, or something similar.

Either way, can't wait to see what you do, Keith!


Ducktail. They look nice on this body style. I made a wing for it this model of STI, but I have not been able to finish the testing. I sent you an email.


I'd go for a tiny rear spoiler like the E46 M3. Wheels... I like the look of Meister Rs on a scoob.
Very interested to see what you do with it :)


Keith, I'd love to drop by the shop sometime. I'm over on 23rd and the 101!


Ducktail and hoodscoop? That will look kind of unbalanced.
Regarding the wheels: do some color, just ask your family which one and if they can't decide one. Do different colors on each side. 
That also fixes the "wing being to much in your face"-thing ;)


BMueller IF ducktail get rid of the headscoop. Headscoop is tacky anyway.


MatsNorway BMueller But the hoodscoop is functional, so getting rid of the rear spoiler would mean getting a FMIC setup. I like that connection


Get a ducktail spoiler and add a small roof spoiler too to make the rear more cohesive.

As for wheels, I'd go for a set of deep dish Work Meister S1s with a chrome barrel and black centres (similar to the setup on some RWB Porsches). Vinyl wrap/plastidip some of the other exterior trim in black, such as the chrome window trim and maybe even the wing-mirrors, as that'll tie in the theme.


MatsNorway BMueller I kinda need the hood scoop since it feeds the top mount intercooler!


no roof spoiler..look like child in backwards cap


Made this on NFS on my phone, I know it's over the top but gives an idea of Work Meister wheels and a ducktail spoiler on a white WRX STI.


What a whole bunch of work for a simple exercise of buying a car. I do like the idea of providing the buyer with records of service oil samples and bits and pieces and such, I've always provided service history and sheets from past warrants of fitness (similar to UK's MOT) and I've got an inspection done by the AA but I've never been in the financial position to get a work shop to put the car on a dyno, pull apart the engine, and provide photos and videos for the buyer. I can imagine if I did that it would cost $1,000 at least.


Ducktail sounds pretty rad. I'd say get those fancy new BBS's, but Project Droptop has already got 'em.


John Key NZ A PPI is pretty standard practice for an out of stat, sight unseen purchase. We never took the engine apart though!


@turbo BEAMS ae86 LOL


Fifteen52 Evo's in the front, Tarmacs in the back. Give it a bit of Rally flavor


Should've got a Final Edition Evo or an Evo for that matter


Keep the wing. As a fellow sti owner I've also battled with this dilema. Talking to other subie owners just confirmed that removing the wing will make you look like just another wrx. Yes, some wrx owners are out there with the sti trunk/wing but they have to explain why when they're asked about it.


LukeEVOVIII Solidarity. Yes. I concur.


LukeEVOVIII I desagree. :P


Remove the wing, install spoiler.


MatsNorway BMueller Will you pay for a new intercooler?


DavidFRogers I wouldnt keep something thats ugly because some people think its "supposed to look that way".


@Flat4 None of that matters. What matters is is the car fast and does it look good.


I vote keep the wing, and Forgeline GA1R, or WedsSport TC105N, wheels.


I think some Advan TCIII or GT's would look nice.  With wheels and your desired ride height I think the wing will look more in place.

beelow from iwsti_com

I think


Speedhunters new wheels I hope.


Neck pillow?! gotta have a neck pillow. My GF keeps hers on my passenger seat. :)

...That's her HANS for my driving.


Id keep the wing and sell the car. No, really...


Putslicksonit What would you buy?


90nissanS13@my350z Ha!


@beelow from iwsti_com Subtle, I like it.


KeithCharvonia   So if you want a duck tail spoiler and your last car had a rocket bunny kit on it you might want to go with vollkomen's kit. I'm really loving their wrx sti hatch kit but the sedan kit is really nice too. check them out if you get the chance.


KeithCharvonia fair enough, I'm not trying to denigrate all the safety checks, just the high economic cost of doing so. But then again if you're buying a high performance car which saw a lot of "performance" use (or a car costing a large amount) you want to make sure everything is fine.


Why not Project Scooby haha! Awesome Subaru though, really impressed by the Cosworth bits and the other bits and bobs that were replaced. For me would be RAYS wheels, though I don't really know which variant would suit this car best.

Can't wait for more updates Keith!


Wedsport SA15R look killer on the STi, other than that I'd ditch the wing and go wingless. Bottomline kit from Chargespeed and call it a day.


Duck bill spoiler and roof spoiler both in carbon, mild overfenders, baby blue advan concave rims and a 2 inch drop. Call it a day and then sell it to me. U0001f601


Duck tail + TE37 in MAG Blue (BL) + More low.
How about Project Just Cos(worth)? 'Just' as in righteous,exemplary, principled etc...

Also, Is that a home alignment kit/tool? Who makes it and what are your thoughts on it?


This thread convinced me to buy a trunk so that I can finish up this WRX/STI ducktail.


Wildcardfox Suh-weet!! Love the integrated emblem!.


@beelow from iwsti_com

That mural is pretty dope, too.


vroomtothetomb Wildcardfox thanks... Yah putting a space for an emblem to be mounted in the ducktail caused me tons of headaches when I was shaping it, but it goods with it. There's more pics in this thread


Wildcardfox  vroomtothetomb
Jeeez that cobra valve cover is just silly!

I remember a speedhunters article where you and some other guy were dropping so much knowledge on composites it made my head hurt haha. You guys know your stuff.


Wildcardfox  vroomtothetomb

<iframe src="//" width="480" height="276" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="">via GIPHY</a></p>


17s, 32 in tires, lift it, B.A. Off road vehicle!


vroomtothetomb Wildcardfox ^that's AWESOME! hahaha


vroomtothetomb Wildcardfox yah the valve cover turned out good. I'm making a new version. It's all for a race team, so hopefully it can pass all of the testing and be on a race car. I'd be really happy to see that. 

I've done a few of those lengthy drop composite knowledge posts on here lol. Funny because carbon was something that I did for fun that I just got really good at, and when there are posts on carbon fiber, it is always fun to share information that most people don't know, and sometimes talk to people who are also in the industry. 

but thanks man. means a lot.


I think Compomotive TH1882's or Fifteen52 Turbomas with fans on the front.


keep the win, lower it to Tarmac Rally ride height then fit trimmed mudflaps.


@Tag L 100%


Bronze or gold multi spoke rally lookin wheels, put it on air, add the spiky carbon roof spoiler thing, modify factory deck spoiler to have an adjustable horizontal bit in carbon.
Maybe a light pod on the hood, or big ole burners in the air dam.


KeithCharvonia Putslicksonit Prius!


full voltex aero please. would be great


Enkei's have the most bang for the buck. White RPF1's?  I like the wing and would keep it.


SSR GTV03 in black, WRX rear lip spoiler...  needs a front lip though...


Avoid wrx style trunks/lip spoilers/duck bill spoilers. You'll look like just another wrx driving down the road. Either keep oem wing, voltex wing or something similar. From certain angles, the wrx looks like just another sedan like a camry. Terrible. Be proud of your sti and keep that wing. Once your driving around and see other sti's on the road with the wing you'll realize it looks good and be glad you kept yours. As for wheels price obviously is an issue but rpf1 in black or dark bronze would work. Advan gt in same colors or volk te37 in same colors. Volk g27 in black would be a good choice too.


@Flat4 Keep the spoiler! Enkei RPF1! This is proper!


Chri5 Duncan White RPF1 and keep the wing!


Keep it a Q-car, I guess.


Haha that last line made me laugh.


After reading that I can see your point. Its a shame when stuff like that happens. All of us are consistently shown all of these cool mods and products with the hopes that maybe someday we too can share the same look/performance but when you depend on a shop to help you or do the work for you and they do nothing more than steal your money and time it makes it hard to attain your goal and you quickly start to feel discouraged. The article you posted mentions something that resonated with me and that was that when we look at car meeting like offset kings, sema and other car shows, we are never given the back story of the build and what kinda crap the person or people had to go through to get their car looking so nice. Also, we are all made to believe that these tuning shops are reliable. Eventually the truth comes out and the crooked shops go out of business. I just feel bad for all of the people that had to get screwed over in the process.


Enkeis do look great on these cars.


There's a small front lip on the car already. To hide the road rash. :(


I'm by sure I want to take this car as far as the FR-S, but a simple set of wheel arches to fit bigger wheels has definitely crossed my mind.


Nice! I like that line of thinking, thanks for the idea.
The alignment tool is from SPC Performance and is extremely handy for testing alignment setting before you pay for a shop to do a final alignment. This way I can go in and tell them exactly how much camber I want so the wheels fit just right.


There are a couple options but here's one.
Specialty Products Company 91000 FasTrax Camber/Caster Gauge for Wheels from 13" to 18"


Keep the spoiler, it's there for a reason, also install fog lamps, and add bronze BBS RE wheels from the S204.


Go for Cosmis Racing Wheels IMO!



Thanks!! Can't wait to see what you do.


Go with
-good old rpf1
-Rotiforms w/ SH hookup
-check out SSR catalog
-rotas (jk)

In AZ do you have to strip off all the goodies to smog Keith? In CA I'd have to go 99% back to stock....even I'd the mods don't elevate the sniffer data. 
:(  Was a pain to remove my turboback and flash back to stock on my GD for only 2 hours


jbfromsiliconvalley AZ in no where near as restrictive as Commiefornia ;)


In AZ we don't have strict visual inspections and they just plug in to the OBD to check for CEL and monitors. That's once the car is five years old so I'm not too worried about it.


Nessens? OZ Rally? Fifteen52?


Wheels?  Prodrive...why.? its a Subaru :D
Spoiler ? small and nice ducktail is good for a sleeper car.


Wing stays!!!


Work Meister S1 looks good for the visual. And the ducktail idea? I would like to see that in STI. Just my opinion, thou.

beelow from iwsti_com

thanks sir :)
it's the ome tS spoiler.
hope we can see updates of your car in the future :)!

beelow from iwsti_com

thanks sir!
it's the oem tS spoiler.
i sold this particular trunk/spoiler combo because the car progressed and it doesn't fit the style anymore.
looking into APR and voltex for the future.

hope we can see updates of your car in the future!


Keep your wing ,put some work rims --> profit


A nifty roof spoiler would be best


And another boxer engine! Sort of keeping it in the family.
For the spoiler, I would say stick with it. It flows nicely with the rest of the bodywork, where an ducktail looks seperated from the rest. And to finish it off, install a nice set of wheels. And choose whatever you want, almost every wheelcombo looks nice on an STi from my experience on the internet. A bit of color instead of grey or black would be awesome though.


sad to see the fr-s go, but you sure got something nice in exchange!

if only there were wing extensions just like what the st205's homologation models had :)  i'm for keeping the stock wing.


Keep the wing, space the wheels out and either Rotiform or BBS for wheels


White STi owner checking in... interested in seeing what you do with it.  I have a Bride/Cusco Zeta III + C XL for sale if you're interested with only 5 passenger butt hours logged! :D


this is the answer, Subaru did the hard work for you, by spending countless hours in a wind tunnel working out what was the best wing for you:)


zephoto Awesome! Didn't realize we had the same car. :)


Jochem Yep, I knew the STi wouldn't be too far removed from everything I loved about the FR-S.


I went on a hunt to see if I could find some Compmotive Rally wheels for my Evo X, but they only make the TH in 17" or smaller, and it wouldn't fit over the big Brembos.

Personally, given the relationship that Speedhunters has with Rays, It would be hard to not take the CE28 or TE37. They are just so well made, and way to expensive for us common-folk to afford. :P


Honestly don't think you can go wrong with TE37s or CE28s especially on a subie and in terms of the wing its a WRX STI it would be a travesty not to put a big f*** off wing on it.


All I ask is that you please, please, PLEASE not go with yet another predictable wheel choice of Volk TE37s or Work Meisters. I am sick to death of seeing these wheels on every single JDM car. Yes, the are classy and high-quality. But they are so common anymore that they aren't exciting and are guaranteed to make your ride blend into the background.

Do something completely off the beaten path! Get a set of Rotiform RBQ, USF, SPF, or MLW. Avoid the standard Bronze Subaru rims. Be Unique!


RotaryNissan Couldn't agree more. I want to find a unique wheel that isn't on 500 other WRXs, but at the same time I don't want it to be too off the wall.


RotaryNissan Wow, thanks for all the ideas!


Kirk_B This is true. I ran ZE40s on my FR-S and would like to try something new though.


Heathrussell Ooooh that's a beautiful piece right there.


nugundam93 Out of 110 comments, I think you're the only one to comment on the FR-S. LOL


Couldn't agree more with the whole Meister ordeal. I lost track of the amount of WRXs I saw with them in this past summer alone. I personally wouldn't go with anything too flashy, just to keep true to the "Under the radar" spirit, but definitely get something that gives people suspicions about what's hiding under the hood and what it's capable of. As for the ducktail spoiler, I couldn't agree more, I think it would look great. Whatever you end up going with though, I can already say that this is a build I can respect. Subie game strong already!U0001f44d


Just drop it flush on the oem wheels with a nice new set of rubber


Hmm...regarding the wing, in my opinion, you could keep it like this, or simply take it out without replacing it. For the wheels, I'd say some other model from the subaru range, or maybe some OZ superleggera in silver finish. And please don't drop it :)) if you want, maybe give it a little bit wider track.

What kind of power and torque values does it greet it's driver with?


About the rims topic - Maybe a super cool idea would be for SPEEDHUNTERS to make their own design! Why not? Its such a distintive brand that maybe deserve to be first in doing this. Have a word with Nakai-san, or Magnus Walker.


Nice find! I've been in the same boat regarding utilitarianism. By boat, I mean Mini Cooper S. And by utilitarianism I mean sold said Mini for an Evo X to accommodate my year-old son:)


Great purchase Keith, Congrats! I know exactly the search you've been going through as I've got two kids and are looking at a similar list of cars. My budget is a bit smaller so I'm looking at a MY11 WRX hatch with the same kind of idea. I was also looking at a Focus XR5 but the AWD platform is hard to pass up on the WRX.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it.


KeithCharvonia nugundam93!  it's one of the best-looking fr-s out there :)


Dude, go different with it, and get some 17" or 18" SSR Reverse mesh wheels. I don't think I've ever seen that on a Subaru.


Try the BBS FI-R or Rotiform spf, but also, you can never go wrong with CE28


Keith, what about semi rare set of 3 piece jdm wheels? Like buy blitz 03 or weds of some flavor, build them to sit just inside your oem arches, and rather than stance it, meat tires and adjust the coils just a shade lower. Keep it classy and purposeful. But do it with some flare from the homeland. For within a few hundred dollars price wise of the ce28's etc.


luv the ride but please don't get rid of the spoiler like every hella flush killa.


The classic Scoob standby Enkei RPF1's are always an option. I might also be tempted by some BBS RS-GT's.

The wing has to go. It just looks too...cartoony. A trunk lip/roof lip combo might be a different option from the ducktail?


ohhhh cant wait to see what you've got in store for this!!
Ducktail would look nice! Also i think it'll be nice to see some 57Xtremes, Rs05RR...or Xd9's with some dish OR some ADV:1 wheels...!!


Keep the spoiler!


Intercooler from Australia


the car was very good 
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