What Does Speedhunters Mean To You?
Speedhunters Assemble!

We’re very curious to know what Speedhunters means to you. Yes, you.

I’m sure there are just as many answers as readers, but to help define what we’ve become, I thought I’d interrogate a group that I feel are a great representation of my own opinion of what Speedhunters means to the world.

Standing before me is a melting pot of cultures, experiences, lifestyles, interests, ages and even automotive pursuits. All it takes is the smell of fuel, the rattle of tools, or a raspy exhaust note and our differences fade into insignificance.

WeAreSpeedhunters_Everingham_WTAC2018_ (8)

As an extension of that very same global community, Speedhunters unites people, too. It’s something we take for granted on a regular basis because we’re just so used to none of the bullshit mainstream media use to divide the public mattering here.

WeAreSpeedhunters_Everingham_WTAC2018_ (39)

Regardless of how they portray us as evil ‘hoons’ hell-bent on destroying the fabric of society, the good within our little world far out-weighs the bad. Truth be told, the wider world could be a better place if it were more like our sub-culture.

That’s a rant for another day, though.

In an effort to demonstrate the positive aspects of car culture, I’d been busy behind the scenes assembling our first ever Australian collection of cars and owners to represent you, our global community, at WTAC’s StylizeD display.

Invitations were extended to a handful of owners which I felt best represented what I believe Speedhunters should be. Quality of character was just as important as what’s parked in their respective garages.

Each driver embodies many of the positive qualities that make this scene great, and hopefully will inspire others. They’re passionate, kind, and not afraid to build something purely for themselves. Amongst them, there’s no ego, there’s no ‘wrong way’ to build, and there’s no judgment.

WeAreSpeedhunters_Everingham_WTAC2018_ (44)

We won’t focus too heavily on the cars, most have already made an appearance, and those that haven’t will be appearing sooner or later.

WeAreSpeedhunters_Everingham_WTAC2018_ (58)

While Blake was busy with his guest judging role, I was busy finding out what Speedhunters means to our Sydney crew.

Defining Speedhunters

So, the question is asked: what does Speedhunters mean to you?

That’s no rhetorical question, either. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

WeAreSpeedhunters_Everingham_WTAC2018_ (38)

It’s a question I’ve spent a lot of time pondering recently, perhaps as a by-product of our ten year anniversary. But instead of simply telling you what I think, I’d rather listen to what it means to you, our readers.

In fact, it’s the same question I posed to the gentlemen who’d agreed to represent us all. So, let’s get the ball rolling; this is what Speedhunters means to them.

Kevin San
WeAreSpeedhunters_Everingham_WTAC2018_ (23)

1971 Nissan Skyline HardTop 2000GT

“To me, Speedhunters is about the stories and the people behind the pictures.  There’s plenty of pictures on the internet of any event nowadays, but Speedhunters opens a door behind-the-scenes, it brings me into the workshops, the pit garages, and the communities.”

WeAreSpeedhunters_Everingham_WTAC2018_ (20)
Bruno Bejlus
WeAreSpeedhunters_Everingham_WTAC2018_ (13)

2002 Widebody Nissan Silvia S15

“My first encounter wasn’t online. I will always remember the first time I saw the SPEEDHUNTERS logo as a windscreen decal spread across an insane Japanese car. I’d later learn that SPEEDHUNTERS was much more than its own style. I’ve been using the website for daily inspiration ever since. The SPEEDHUNTERS look is that perfect balance between tasteful yet aggressive mods. My S15 Silvia is my interpretation of that balance.”

WeAreSpeedhunters_Everingham_WTAC2018_ (4)
Roland Lu
WeAreSpeedhunters_Everingham_WTAC2018_ (29)

1999 Honda NSX

Speedhunters epitomizes my passion for automobiles. I love the journey of building cars, with its ups and downs, it’s the rollercoaster ride! But the best part is meeting like minded people and forging friendships along the way.”

Brad Warner
WeAreSpeedhunters_Everingham_WTAC2018_ (26)

1974 Datsun 240k/ C110 Skyline

“Speedhunters to me is a worldwide group of like-minded car nuts that can appreciate the work that goes into a car no matter the make, model or style.

Dion Stavropoulos
WeAreSpeedhunters_Everingham_WTAC2018_ (53)

 1998 Mitsubishi Evolution V

“Speedhunters is my Bible. Seeing other people’s passions and creativity leaves me on such a high. New builds always get me feeling inspired, and pushes me to keep on improving my projects, and those that I’m trusted to help out on.”

Peter Landan
WeAreSpeedhunters_Everingham_WTAC2018_ (14)

1971 Nissan Skyline C10 2000GT Hakosuka & 1974 Nissan Skyline C110 GT Kenmeri.

What does Speedhunters mean to me? A lot of things. Great photos and articles on cars and events around the world. It’s a way to keep in touch with what other car nuts are doing. It’s also been a great hub for connecting with car buddies. Being a part of such a great display at WTAC under the Speedhunters banner was the icing on the cake.”

WeAreSpeedhunters_Everingham_WTAC2018_ (15)
Michael Willoughby
WeAreSpeedhunters_Everingham_WTAC2018_ (31)

1972 Datsun 1200 B210 Wagon

“I didn’t know a lot about it or what you guys did until I stumbled across you the morning after the Fitted Festival. But since then I’ve met some pretty cool dudes. Speedhunters has opened my eyes to a whole new level car scene. I’m super thankful for the incredible people that Speedhunters has connected me with. The way you guys capture car images that tell entire stories is art.”

Over To You
WeAreSpeedhunters_Everingham_WTAC2018_ (2)

What about me? Has my transition from story reader to story writer altered my definition of what Speedhunters represents? No, not really.

If anything it’s only further strengthened how I’ve always viewed the platform. I’ll be adding my thoughts with you ladies and gentlemen in the comments section below.

WeAreSpeedhunters_Everingham_WTAC2018_ (70)

The story doesn’t end here. I’m handing over the reigns to all of you. It’s time for you to tell the world what this project means to you. The best thing about open-ended questions like this is that as long as you’re honest, there are no wrong answers.

See you in the comments.

Matthew Everingham
Instagram: matthew_everingham



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It means glossy pictures and technical depth akin to a 6 year old explaining how his hot wheels works.

Matthew Everingham

Mmmm, high gloss.


Digging that s15.


Photography. All the answers were right on, except what made you guys an epicenter was the quality, storytelling, depth, growth, and gamut of coverage of your photography. It instantly teaches that culture you saw in periphery, instantly puzzles together how people out there are building a particular model, and instantly gives me gig-eating inspiration and urge to live my own culture, my own story.
It was always THOSE photos. The special ones... and it didn’t matter what was shot, just how it was shot. I have stanced lowriders with 4-cylinder engines from this site and it was just the FEEL it gave me of a culture that really wanted to middle finger the idea of what cars have become while enjoying the drive. Speedhunters was to date the only site that can do that and that is worthwhile - it’s a fountain of golden inspiration.

Matthew Everingham

That's reassuring, our goal is to be a fountain and not a drain.


Speedhunter = my daily cup of coffee

Matthew Everingham

Me too, extra shot.


So true. Never miss a day!


Speedhunters is more than just about pictures of cars. It’s about the story behind the car, the blood, sweat and tears that went into the car. And the smiling faces after the hard work is done. Speedhunters gives a more meaningful perspective on all things car culture. That’s what separates this website and more importantly, the community from the rest.

Thanks Speedhunters!

Matthew Everingham

You're welcome!


Speedhunters to me is a place where anyone, both professionals and hobbyists, and even amateurs new to the car scene, can come and look at other builds for inspiration and to show off their skills. Every morning, I check Speedhunters for any new articles, and to see what people have cooked up on the road and on the track, and it just amazes me how talented and skillful some of these builders are, some building their rides within the confines of their own garage. I plan on buying a facelifted UCF20 LS400 and building it my way, and I hope one day I could make it onto the Speedhunters page, whether it is just a quick spotlight, a full feature, or an #iamthespeedhunter feature.

Matthew Everingham

Keep us in the loop Terry, We're always looking for unique interpretations and builds that make their own rules.


What does Speedhunters man to me? When I first stumbled across it, it seemed like the cars from need for speed brought to life but as it's evolved and matured it seems to have turned into something else entirely. People looking in may think its just kids playing with big toys but its much more than that. Over the last couple of years it seems to have grown to encompass every style of build I knew and a lot more that were new to me. I'm liking how its not just stanced cars or drift cars, but anything and everything. Its not just about whos got the most rare wheels or most powerful engine now, its the story behind them, for example the pick up featured the other day read more as biography of the owners time with it, than a feature on the car which was refreshing. I look forward to not knowing what will be featured next, though I would like to see more features on cars still in the build

Matthew Everingham

Thanks for the solid feedback! It's always good to hear what you guys are craving more/less of.
Reading what you've put down, I'm pretty sure you'll be enjoying the direction we're heading. :)


Speedhunters, what is it to me? An open window into those crazy ideas we have when chatting with friends or thinking to ourselves. You know the ones..."I wonder what a sub 10 second Rolls Royce would be like" outside of that it's everything from all angles, I can only say thank you to all you guys showing me all the ace content and new events world wide, I have a massive bucket list now that doesn't just include the typical nurburgring drive. I just wish some of the big hitters stayed around so I didn't have to add more links to my already way over full favourites list , Lindbergh, chen, yes you!

Matthew Everingham

Speedhunters was also a major player in my own massive international bucket list. I know them feels!
Thanks for the kind words.


For me Speedhunters is a chance to see an interesting car and find out why John B hates it

Matthew Everingham

I'm a little sad that John B hasn't commented yet. :( Ok, I'm a LOT sad.


Yeah, I actually wonder what Speedhunters means to him. It's like a Vegan who always has lunch at a steakhouse


El Jannah runs, rental car burnouts, abusing short tempered midget photographers...

Matthew Everingham

I love you too, Sir Buckets!


My enthusiasm for cars manifested itself in habitual visits to speed hunters; I do not have a project car lol. It's my daily dose, I visit every day, and it's probably my favorite site.

Matthew Everingham

Mine too! :p


Speedhunters is to me a gateway to see how car culture and the community are progressing around our planet. Cool build stories, amazing pictures that catch the vibe of meetings, but also stories about odd, hidden shops that you're highly unlikely to encounter yourself. Learning about different parts of societies, and sharing the same feeling when reading about project setbacks ... and better yet, that amazing feeling when you overcome those setbacks. Most of all, when I've lost motivation Speedhunters always gets me exited again and I'm either grabbing wrench or searching online for another part. Feeding the habit :) Thanks a lot Speedhunters for bringing all this goodness into our lives. Stay awesome!

Matthew Everingham

Thank you. Stay Awesome, Marco!

Daniel P Huneault

Been on the site religiously every day for about 10? years now, I love everything about it, the car cultures around the world, The insane builds and the beautiful photography with the contributions of many photographers/writers from around the world with their perspective on my favorite hobby. What I can say is one of the main reasons I keep coming back is the lack of any advertising on your website (other than for your own products which I've bought some throughout the years) and the simplicity of your website, something most websites seem to forget/lack nowadays. The way your going you will have a loyal fan for life!

Matthew Everingham

Cheers, Dan!


Ever since I discovered Speedhunters many years ago, it became my go-to car related website literally every day. I would, and still do go on Speedhunters every day and see what new articles are released.

Speedhunters is like air to me personally, showcasing the car culture around the world, the car features mixed with some amazing scenery, the behind the scenes of every amazing build that it's been featured so far on the website, through the lenses of some of the best photographers out there.

I'm glad you exist. Keep up the good work!

Matthew Everingham

Thanks Seb, we'll try! ;)




Speedhunters is the automotive media outlet that covers every imaginable style from around the world without any prejudice. No matter which day or week I consult your pages, there is always something interesting and sometimes even a huge, and most welcome, surprise.

I have been traveling the world and taking pictures of cars for more than 20 years now (http://www.drivebysnapshots.com) and met nice, funny, knowledgeable and enthousiastic car people wherever I went. I always thought it was sad that there is no common platform to connect all these people from around the world... and then all of a sudden Speedhunters appeared out of nowhere. Ever since the first day it is my go-to automotive media outlet and never stops to amaze me. The quality of the pictures and the behind the scenes stories are what I truly love about this site.

Speedhunters also changed the way I interact with people when meeting them. More often than not, mentioning Speedhunters breaks the ice and everybody smiles. Proves once more that you don't necessarily need to speak the same language to understand each other. Every(!) country I have traveled to since, was an eye-opener as to how far Speedhunters actually reaches.

Connecting and uniting people from around the world via our common hobby is what SH is about. Peace.

Best regards, Sebastian

PS: I'll travel to Laos and Thailand for the next two weeks. Let's see if there are any chance encounters with fellow speedhunters. :-)

Matthew Everingham

We're humbled to be your broken ice. :)


Speedhunters is community, passion, and respect for the build, and the person behind it.


something I aspire to be on the front page of someday.


and eventually help contribute too.

TLDR: A cool place that really covers car culture like no mainstream media outlet does, its so diverse.


Speedhunters is not always about cars
Speedhunters is about family

Matthew Everingham



SPEEDHUNTERS is who I hang out with every day. Usually multiple times. An escape from reality and into the world's of car Nirvana and paradise. Like when infamous garages are toured in Japan, or seeing the behind the scenes stuff. I saw Larry and Paddy in real life. Standing next to each other at the same time. I felt like I was seeing celebrities. But beyond that it's also like seeing an old friend. Years I've spent seeing the pictures and reading the words. SPEEDHUNTERS is an amazing, beautiful entity. I love what's been done and what's more to come.

Matthew Everingham

Nicely said, Mike R.


Speedhunters is my life motivation.
I came across speedhunters on my last year of high school. I have been a car fan since I remember, watching F1 with my dad every Sunday morning has always been a thing. I had a couple different ideas when I graduated high school but cars were always on my mind so after 2 years of trying to figure out what I would do for the rest of my life I started mechanic school. Once I finished mechanic school I found a job as a fabricator apprentice and that's what I'm doing now. I can't build a car at this moment because I have no funds to do so but speedhunters should get ready cause I will give them lot's of material to cover in the future.

Ps. If anybody out there reading the comments section needs a hand in the LA area I am more than willing to help. Let me know and I will be there. I won't ask for anything in return, meeting people and picking up experience is rewarding enough

Best to all of you car lovers.

Matthew Everingham

We'll be ready! ;)

Quinlyn Bernstein

I agree with most of what was said in the article, but my response is a little more dorky, I found out about it through your appearances in numerous Need for speed games. I figured if this website was in such good games , it must be worth checking out, and to this day I read it every day. I love everything from the community, the extensive work and creativity that is out into every build, the fact that hard working people like Matt go out and document it for out pleasure, Speedhunters is my life. It is not only a great community of like minded people, by every thing from a source of education and joy to a place of sorrow (Mazda 's new rotary being an economy engine, I forgot who wrote it, sorry) I wouldn't be who I am without Soeedhunters, I love every single one of you.

Matthew Everingham

Thank you, mate!


Speedhunters means a lot of things to me.

On the one hand, Speedhunters is simply an epic website to go for automotive inspiration and to read about what drives other car nuts around the world. On another hand, it's inspiration for my own automotive photography and a place that constantly fuels my passion to shoot as much car stuff as I can get to. On a deeper level, Speedhunters is a celebration of car culture. Petrolheads are always bashed by mainstream media for being anti-social lowlifes, so it's nice that we've had this haven, this oasis, for the last 10 years where we can indulge our passion for cars.

I often find myself reading about a car, or a car meet/scene, that I hadn't previously been interested in. Speedhunters does a very good job at humanising different sub-cultures within the global car community. You get a real sense of community reading the articles on Speedhunters, and I think that's what I love most about Speedhunters.

Speedhunters brings people together; different cultures, different political ideologies, different lifestyles, different interests, brought together because of our shared love of 'the automobile'. It is my dream to one day become a Speedhunter.


Speedhunters is where mindless self-indulgence and one-upmanship stopped, bored, to look at some shiny things and found something much greater. Something they couldn't describe with sarcasm, and didn't want to marginalize that way. Having spent a decade or two on the forums, swapping one-liners and inside jokes, they found themselves strangely more comfortable here. Speedhunters is where they'd return to let their guards down, and where they'd eventually learn to be eventually learn to be fascinated again.

Speedhunters is where they learned that they were only limited by their imaginations. And sometimes their wallets.

I visit every day so I can keep dreaming. After returning a couple thousand times, I've learned to rejoice in having never seen it all.

Matthew Everingham

Well said, my man!


Speedhunters for me is a refuge to know my car addicted ways . Im the only one in my family who is nuts about cars so speedhunters showed me im not alone in this pursuit to burn copious amounts of fuel and relish in the tyre smoke . I appreciate all your guys work and i hope you keep helping the growth of car culture much love and respect to all who love everything that is cars


Speedhunters to me is the ninth planet of universe and i am the happiest inhabitant living the best life on it.

P.S. Avid and religious reader since 2016, never have missed any article. Cant think my life without Speedhunters.


Having worked for many years on a modified car magazine (a precursor to Speedhunters in many ways, but now defunct!) I always believed the magazine should essentially be a mirror. It was a format that reflected what enthusiasts were really up to. It gave them a chance to be in the spotlight for a moment, for their hard work and passion to be exposed. And for the readers it was intended to be a source of inspiration, to show them things they didn't believe were possible and to help them on the journey with their own cars. All done while trying to keep editorial ego to a minimum, respect for the readers at maximum... and a subtle (or not) middle finger to those who didn't understand or looked down their noses at modified cars and the people who built them. I think Speedhunters does most of that really well... it's like the website Max Power magazine should have become. So it kind of means a lot to me because Speedhunters keeps that torch burning for enthusiasts as a place to go to be inspired and to share their creations with. It's the mirror for the tuning world in 2018.


Put simply and as Dion said in the article, it's my bible.

Daily inspiration for any car enthusiast, regardless of their preferred style. The perfect mix of all 'scenes'. To me, there are no 'scenes', just pure car nuts who have slightly different views and opinions, and who express them in different ways with their cars.

Perfect photography and great storytelling is what makes Speedhunters. Please keep it up, one day maybe I'll have a build worthy!


Where else could you get this type of coverage. The cars, pictures, and the commentary.I look forward to coming here. I look at this site more than once a day. Thanks for some great work.


For me Speedhunters is inspiration. And drooling over awesome cars other folks get to drive, sigh...


I like the ever-changing depth of car information your page covers. Whether it's hot rods, Cars and Coffee or the Japanese car culture, I enjoy reading it on a regular basis. I am a motorsports artist (and a 1/43 diecast collector) so I enjoy looking to your pics for inspiration, especially 70's Group Five racing and motorsport history. Maybe you could do an ongoing piece of some of the lost racing circuits - the old Spa, Rouen or the Reims Circuit in France.


I discovered Speedhunters for the first time when reading an issue of (the original) Retro Cars magazine, circa 2003-5. A photo of a vibrantly coloured lowrider, something quite unique to a UK reader and just the name itself; Speed. Hunters. To my amazement, i found that some of the writers & photographers (Paddy & Bryn) that contributed to Retro Cars were also apart of Speedhunters team. Since then it has been a weekly, often daily extension to my youthful captivation of cars that has taken me into adulthood. Like most, it is first of all the photographs that pull me in, then the at times often but not always well crafted and written articles too. I love Jordan's real world ramblings that accompany many of his pieces, that perhaps are only best understood by a UK resident. Paddy's articles are always a hit with me too.
Speedhunters offers me a snapshot into other cultures that I have not been lucky enough to experience first hand. USA, Japan, and in more recent years Australia and other countries that I have failed to mention. As a UK resident Dino's coverage of Japan still continues to captivate me. I may never be wealthy enough to own what seems to be a growing focus of superb cars with massive budgets and i do miss some of the authenticity that the original Speedhunters first brought to the masses. The grassroots. The small marques, not just the executive ones. It's the small man or woman, with the small budget, but big heart that I love the most, not the cars, builds or events that stretch into the tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. Although, somewhat hypocritically the Goodwood Revival is one the best events of the year. Seeing nearly priceless antiques being thrashed to death, literally.
There will however, always be those moments when you load up the homepage and my jaw hits the floor. It's for that reason I keep coming back.


SH is a window for dreams, things that only a guy can imagine ( in a non serious car enthusiast country like my Mexico) and done on every wild way possible , another and another impressive and out of the box cringe and bastard build . Be featured on SH is a dream on some car enthusiast lives. SH try to share the emotion, work and soul from builders all around the world.


what a scone


daily inspiration for both cars and photography.
it's also an insight into what the photographer's taste is in the vehicles at the events.
Reading a story from Matthew and another from Dino, Jordan or Larry (i miss him already) will have completely different content even if they shot the same event. i love it.
keep it up with the staff rides too, those build threads separate you from the rest and again add a personality to the website


The team at Speedhunters allow me to travel the globe. To read and see what the car culture is in different parts of the world. It also keeps me tuned in to what type of shops, racing, and meets happen in my favorite part of the world: Japan.
Thanks for all the awesome content you are all dedicated to bringing your readers!


to sum it all up. Speedhunters is what jump started me into Cars. Literally all day long I can think of builds and drool over them in my mind.


Speedhunters to me? For me it's multiple things really. Firstly it's the global culture that gets highlighted. Since I'm still a student with two cars, of which one is a project that just can't get off the ground because of lack of money and time, I don't really have the budget to travel all around the world and get a taste of all kinds of different car culture. It's still a dream of mine to visit Japan and take a sniff off the local car culture.

Secondly it's the cars and the stories behind it. There are so many great stories that inspire me to get working on my own car, to turn it into something that I can look back to, that will bring a smile to my face no matter what time of the day it is.


Speedhunters is like the car guy in the family I don't have. From Mustangs to Celicas to Ferraris; real, virtual, or miniscale, modded, classic, or outright insane Speedhunters has it all. At least i know I will get variety when I check out the cars on here. (beware purists, haha)


"Be your own mold, and break it"

thats what SPEEDHUNTERS means to me.


Too often it is STANCEHUNTERS.


To me, Speedhunters has always been about the photography. I'm not a big fan of stanced cars or old Volvo's with 1000hp V8's under the hood, but the photography always makes me come back. I miss the days when you guys did the big enduro-races like the Nurburgring and Spa 24 Hours. Larry's race reports were nothing short of epic, with the "Art of Darkness" article sitting one a solid number one spot. Speedhunters taught me to look from a different perspective on these events as a photographer. It is so important to give the viewer the complete experience of a race, not just close-ups of the cars on the track. Thanks for helping me grow as a photographer, it's very much appreciated :-)


It means a bunch of photographers circle jerking each other about how photography is a super difficult art form. I get that there's technique, I get that it takes a while to develop talent, but let's not kid ourselves and pretend shooting photos is some super hard job. It isn't. I come here for the photos, but a lot of the writing leaves a lot to be desired, you can tell that some of the contributors here are just rich kids with no idea how to build anything.

But there are really pretty pictures here, so I keep coming back.


>Inspiration: took SH as a model for my car blog. >Pictures and stories behind car stuff. Damn, all of my desktop backgrounds came from Speedhunters. >Car culture. >Learning. >Never was a bike guy, but started to get intrested about motorcycles (custom/cafe racers/scramblers). Maybe you should bring us some moto stuff to (in my opinion), think SH readers are opened to it.


I don't know much about cars. I like to look at them and I appreciate how much work car people put into them. My opinion of Speedhunters is similar to Kevin's. I enjoy reading about the behind and screens, the thought process of the owners when working on their cars and their journey. That's what makes Speedhunters my favorite car read.

And the style of photography is amazing! So many of my photo inspections are from this site.