One Night In Melbourne
A Different City, A Different Scene

Despite being just one of 7.6 billion people currently inhabiting our tiny, floating rock, we all come with the individual nuances that make us ‘special.’

The more I immerse myself in car culture away from home, the more I realize the same throw-away cliché applies to cities too. I’d recently found myself with a night devoid of plans in Melbourne, the closest capital city to Sydney, both geographically, and socially. Separated by only a nine hour drive, or a short one hour flight if you’re traveling lightly.

Matthew_Everingham_Visits_Melbourne_Speedhunters_ (93)

Despite Melbourne’s relative proximity, I’d never really had a chance to check out its street scene first-hand. If I’m interstate, I’m usually busy. A few years ago I might have been satisfied discounting the scene in Melbourne to be identical to Sydney.

But this isn’t a few years ago, this is now. As I alluded to in the opener, every city I’ve visited comes equipped with its own rulebook. A self-incubated mixture of cultures, philosophies and styles. Not too dissimilar to regional accents and dialects if we wanted to throw in an analogy for good measure.

Matthew_Everingham_Visits_Melbourne_Speedhunters_ (61)

But would the differences be noticeable between two cities with so many other similarities and so much in common? Or will they be subtle enough to blend in with more of the same of what I’m used to?

Matthew_Everingham_Visits_Melbourne_Speedhunters_ (5)

Curiosity bested me. It was time to find out. I put out the call for a last minute cruise with the help of a local Melbournian friend, Bez Black. You might recall the kickass video we worked on together during our last night in Tokyo.

Matthew_Everingham_Visits_Melbourne_Speedhunters_ (12)
Matthew_Everingham_Visits_Melbourne_Speedhunters_ (30)

Neither of us was sure of what to expect given the extreme last minute nature of the call, but we ended up with what I’d like to think is a pretty good sample of what Sydney’s twin-sister has to offer.

Matthew_Everingham_Visits_Melbourne_Speedhunters_ (36)
One Night Stand

Really, I’m not that kind of guy. But Melbourne, you seem so damn familiar. You’re not like all the other cities I visit, I swear. I feel like I already know you. Let’s find out if I do.

Matthew_Everingham_Visits_Melbourne_Speedhunters_ (94)

Not long after arriving back at my hotel, I found myself riding shotgun in Bez’s satin black BMW X5M. The deep, satisfying burble of its 4.8-litre V8 engine through a custom exhaust was an effective pre-emptive measure against the long string of ‘Soccer Mum’ jokes I’d be saving up for the trip.

Our first stop was a brief one, but one that’s a great teaser of things to look forward to. Somewhere along the freshly disassembled Formula One track at Albert Park, we briefly met up with a group of exotic and supercar owners. They already had plans but were keen to give Speedhunters a quick taste of ‘their Melbourne.’ With so many amazing open roads nearby, I have no doubt we’ll be crossing paths again in the future.

Matthew_Everingham_Visits_Melbourne_Speedhunters_ (100)

Within half an hour, an eclectic mix of performance vehicles made their way to our meeting spot. The first thing I noticed as a Sydney-sider, was the randomness of the crowd.

Usually, but not exclusively, a lot of Sydney crews are built around a particular model or performance niche. Tonight though, a veritable smorgasbord of cars rolled in together. Wide-body JDM imports parked alongside Aussie muscle cars, both modern and classical. Blown engines rolled in next to almost stock-blocks. Everyone seemed to appreciate the car parked next to theirs as much as their own.

Matthew_Everingham_Visits_Melbourne_Speedhunters_ (42)

Three things seemed to unite the rag-tag crowd that Bez and I had wrangled up. We all love building cars, we all love driving, and thirdly, we all love pizza.

Matthew_Everingham_Visits_Melbourne_Speedhunters_ (91)

A three-step masterplan hatched: We’d all get into the cars that we (except me) had built.

Matthew_Everingham_Visits_Melbourne_Speedhunters_ (78)
Matthew_Everingham_Visits_Melbourne_Speedhunters_ (49)
Matthew_Everingham_Visits_Melbourne_Speedhunters_ (21)

We’d all drive across the beautiful city of Melbourne. A town that seems to have just a few more of its driving freedoms left. Freedoms that include a handful of spirited roads still in-play, unlike their less fortunate Sydney cousins.

Matthew_Everingham_Visits_Melbourne_Speedhunters_ (83)
Matthew_Everingham_Visits_Melbourne_Speedhunters_ (84)

A drive that may or may not have included a detour or two to showcase a few of the cities last remaining ‘fun roads.’

Matthew_Everingham_Visits_Melbourne_Speedhunters_ (70)

Finally, we’d all consume more pizza than was required. We were not the only crew to have such a plan, crashing an old-school Aussie muscle meet at the locally famous Pizza Société.

Matthew_Everingham_Visits_Melbourne_Speedhunters_ (47)

Our Melbourne experience was brief, but it served as an excellent introduction to a brand new city; a city with an amazingly vibrant car culture.

Matthew_Everingham_Visits_Melbourne_Speedhunters_ (92)

Melbourne, you’re worth more than a one night experience. I can’t wait to see you again. Is next weekend too soon? Can we meet at Motorex?

Matthew Everingham
Instagram: matthew_everingham

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It's the Australian Motoring Legends facebook page in real life.



Matthew Everingham

Reunion cruise.


Burn Canberra, you non Capital

"Melbourne, the closest capital city to Sydney, both geographically, and socially"

Matthew Everingham

Who, besides politicians and bureaucrats takes Canberra seriously? How can a capital city be an entire state/territory too?
Perhaps I should have said "Melbourne, the closest REAL capital city to Sydney, both geographically, and socially"


Matthew, do you forget where Summernats is held???


Lots of people take Canberra seriously, one of the best things about it is that it's not full of Sydney people ;)

Great car scene here too.


Don't make me drive down there.

Matthew Everingham

Hey man, I love visiting Canberra, and would happy to check out the local scene.


Where's the videos of them racing in Mexico?


Solid tour of Melb hitting Docklands, Albert Park and Yarra Boulevard. If only you could see what HWY was ;) haha

Matthew Everingham

I'm intrigued. Is this an offer or a challenge?

Brisbane Aussie

I'm glad they didn't come to Brsbane and discover our import car scene in this city is basically a fake parts and poorly modified vehicle hell.


Any more pictures of that White Holden?!


I'm really surprised no cop sticker bomber your convoy with defect notices during the shoot, since you get in more trouble for having your wheel 1mm over the guard than for selling meth in Australia


Don't forget this is Melbourne not Sydney ;)


I'm just surprised the Melbourne Hipsters were able to put down their fair trade organic Lattes or take a night off from their pansexual transgender interpretive jazz ballet classes to come out for the night with you and Bez.

That being said I guess an Mardi Gras hero from Sydney like yourself coming to town was always bound to arouse a bit of interest :)

Matthew Everingham

Dude, I'm from Sydney. All of that stuff probably happened, but I'm so desensitized that I didn't even notice.


Hahaha are you a toad snuggler or something?


Be careful parking on the overpass at Yarra Boulevard guys, I copped an $85 fine for two minutes of my time in that exact spot! at midnight too mind you!


police came and no fines received just asked us to kindly move off the bridge

Matthew Everingham

A Paddy wagon (No, not your wagon Paddy) drove past and moved us all along after a while, but no fines were issued. Lucky!


This is some of the most gorgeous photography I've ever seen. I will probably draw something from this. Very, very good job. Keep it up!


Surly draw that GTR

Matthew Everingham

Thanks Nick. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


Annandale Road, Keilor Park.
I make a couple of passes anytime I’m near the airport.


Come up to Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast. Just as different as Melbourne is to Sydney

Matthew Everingham

It's on the agenda for later in the year when it warms up again.


I always have such mad respect for Aussie car people. If any of what I see and hear on the news of what they have to deal with the police cracking on them is true, then they definitely must be a true dedicated bunch.
Mad love From Detroit boys ( and girls)



E70 X5M's have a 4.4L twin turbo V8, the S63. Nice write-up though. *thumbs up*

Kris Heriyana

is it me or the scene and ambience is very much just like Need for Speed :)


That is NOT an X5M.

For reference:

Matthew Everingham

Learn something every day. Thanks, NL!


WOW what an Amazing write up Great stuff Mathew


Sneaky evo 5 in third shot. :D didnt even know i was in a shoot.
Very good article guys.