JDM Wonderland: A Journey Through V-Spec Performance

In Melbourne, Australia there’s a veritable treasure trove of rare and desirable Japanese performance cars.

The collection’s curator, Allen Cheng, knows his way around JDM vehicles. As the founder of V-Spec Performance, a prominent tuner and vehicle trader in the Australian state of Victoria, Allen has built a successful business bringing enthusiast dreams to life, and along the way hasn’t forgotten to tick off his wish list of dream JDM machines.


I wasn’t sure what to expect when V-Spec’s doors were opened to me, but to say I was blown away would be a huge understatement.


Allen’s ever-evolving collection, meticulously assembled over many years, stands as a testament to his love for JDM culture. And each vehicle tells a story.


The first car I encountered was one I grew up driving in the virtual world. As far as tuned Honda S2000s go, it’s hard to beat an Amuse GT1.


In the early-1990s, HKS purchased several Nissan BNR32 Skyline GT-Rs with the idea of turning them into something extraordinary – the Zero-R. Ten examples were rumoured to have been built – or at least planned to be built – but ultimately, a requirement to crash test the model saw HKS abandon the project.


Of the four Zero-Rs actually known to exist, one car was sold to the Sultan of Brunai, leaving three. Then, in the mid-2000s, those cars were further modified by HKS and, using a workaround, made road-legal in Japan. Allen picked this one up at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon’s BH Auction.


Kazuhiko ‘Smoky’ Nagata and his tuning company Top Secret need no introduction on Speedhunters. For decades, Smoky’s high-speed driving exploits – and huge burnouts – have shocked and excited, so there was no way Allen’s collection would be complete without a build from the legendary Chiba-based tuner.


The golden R35 GT-R would be special enough on its own, but there are so many iconic Japanese performance cars at V-Spec that it was hard to know where to look. Alongside it sat not one, but two Nissan 400Rs. Only 40 of these were ever made!


Amidst these legendary machines is another beast that demands attention – this 400R-esque AR1 (Nismo Red) R33 GT-R. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and boasting V-Spec’s bespoke intake system, it’s a stunning machine.

Venturing into the workshop, I saw a new FL5 Honda Civic Type R undergoing a V-Spec demo car transformation. From the Amuse R1 Titan titanium exhaust to the Eventuri intake, every detail spoke to a new level of performance.


In Allen’s office the walls are adorned with everything from wheels to meticulously detailed car models. Among the latter was a scale replica of a Midnight Purple R34 GT-R Z-tune, mirroring Allen’s cherished 1:1 example.


When I visited, Allen’s stunning Z-tune was in storage, but my friend NK managed to photograph it at another time.


As a JDM enthusiast from China, I often long for iconic Japanese performance cars that aren’t readily available or even accessible in my home country. So to see so many of them in one place at V-Spec Performance was a dream come true for me.

Bruno Han
Instagram: panin1x


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Another rich guy showing off his toys..yawn


I still cannot believe that one guy (or group of guys) can hold soooo much cars and even not touch them...
it's cannot be fitted in my mind - tho i'm ok with black holes size in the universe but - "2 of 400R" proudly sitting in the dust away from the road alongside with Midnight Purple R34, c'mon!


It is sad that these beautiful machines are not driven, but barely appreciated when "in storage". Its almost hoarder behaviour.


People get upset when these fantastic cars just sit around in garages but, seriously, can you imagine the replacement insurance cost on an R32 Zero-R when there are only 4 known to exist? It's enough to keep you up at night. Great photos!

Nicholas Revitt-Mills

Bit weird to see 2 of 4 comments mentioning these "gathering dust" and "not being used" when most of these (including the Zero R and 400Rs) are regularly seen out in traffic on weekends around here in Melbourne. Blokes should probably work on actually having some facts in front of them before they go spraying negativity.


Let me first say I am a male. I tried "RHD" (shifting with the Left hand) tension built up in my left wrist and felt like my whole arm was falling asleep. I was driving in the beautiful island of Scotland at the time, so I parked immediately and began to stretch my left arm as needed. My wife calmed my nerves with an instant bone broth powder packet from her purse. Fast forward to 2013, I try driving RHD again, this time on the Tail of the Dragon in an Elise owned by my man Willio.. Hit my 5-to-2 "superdownshift" perfectly with no clutch, but sure enough, the strange left wrist feeling again. I think for left-handed people the kinds of cars pictured in this article are great, but they have ceased to interest me any further

Bonin Profeggut

If you're arm was cramping from driving RHD there is no way in hell you would survive a proper racing car driven hard on a race track. No wonder you have to put down circuit driving. Sounds like you are physically incapable of doing it!

No one calls going from 5th to 2nd a "superdownshift." That is you making up fun things in your brain to sound more educated than you are. Shifting without the clutch means jack f*** all on the street. You really do make things up in your mind and have become a legend in your own head. It's legitimately incredible how delusional you are.

Go get some more bone broth, take your walker back to living room, and shut da fuuuq up. No one cares about any of the things you have to say.


Gave me second hand embarrassment from reading that sob story


You sound like a pussay


I have worked and live on all 5 continents and therefore drove left hand drive as well as right hand drive cars. Many were stick shift. Doesn't matter with which hand one has to shift gear


The collection at Vspec is crazy and has to be one of the wildest in terms of rare Japanese cars, especially with Skylines.

Been very lucky to have them so close to me and to see these cars on multiple occasions.


It’s good to see these cars out and about on occasion in Melbourne. Certainly not gathering dust.


I don't know if it was his but I could of sworn I saw a silver z tune in keilor...

Id love to know how this guy made hid money because it wasn't from his shop.. He was loaded before he opened it up.

Lots of haters but his collection is unreal.
Not sure if he got rid of his mugen rr civic.


investment-grade ;)

Andrei Damien Lim

Is it possible to just walk in there and look at the cars?