IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER has allowed Speedhunters to reach corners of the earth that it otherwise would not have.

The programme which allows you, the reader, to share your automotive experiences has brought us all on journeys to see cars or events that we never even knew existed.

We have always welcomed readers to contact us with examples of their work and believe that the best Speedhunter is always the person closest to the culture itself, right there on the street or local parking lot. For 2018, we’re aiming to streamline and simplify the IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER submission process, to make it easier than ever before to share your stories with us.

Previously, IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER focused on photography, and while that remains a key part of the program, we are also interested in seeing what you can create from a video point of view. Where we previously only considered the best photography, the same will now also be true of video submissions. The emphasis remains on quality visuals, above all else.

While this is not a competition or a job interview, and is voluntary, we have successfully recruited contributors to Speedhunters from IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER in the past. However, it should be seen as an opportunity to share a story that nobody else has told to the vast Speedhunters audience, first and foremost.


So, what do we want from you? Start by e-mailing with the following:

• Five (5) of the best images or screengrabs from the story you want to tell, sized 1920x1280px
• A short paragraph which explains this story and why it’s significant.

That’s it. No more, no less.

What we do not want are fully prepared stories, as there’s no guarantee your submission will be accepted, and we don’t want you to spend that time for nothing. Unfortunately, that’s the reality that we all face as Speedhunters where only the best content can be published. Please do not send us huge files, ZIPs, WeTransfer or Dropbox links without prior solicitation. Also, don’t not ask us to give you a shout out on social media and please do not ask us how to learn to photograph cars. We’ve already covered that one.

If your submission is successful, we will contact you in order to work with you to develop the story and prepare it for publication. It really is that simple.

The only question that matters now is: what story will you tell?



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How long will "IamTheSpeedHunter" be running for?


As long as Speedhunters exists.

Graeme dailydose

@paddy i have sent a submission not sure if it was seen or not is it possible for some feedback if it was ok or maybe some pointers?


Paddy sorry to dredge up old pics but in your link "we've already covered that one" is the image of the green Volvo the same one in videos by Eetzi who also shot Bamse's Volvo? Thanks


I've no idea about those videos, can you link them? Maybe e-mail me and I can get back to you quicker.


Big thanks for your work and also for those who make this hole thing come true !!!


YES!! I've missed these so much. Can't wait to see whats to come. This is like my 'readers rides' section of magazine. I love the normal content but I want to see what other guys are going too :)


As long as you can grammar fix my story. I have lots of stories to tell


Man...I just need to follow you around and we got this ;)


Awesome news ! Just sent an email


Fully guilty of everything you said not to do, whoops


Great news! I'd love to be given an opportunity to contribute. I've sent in an email about one particular car but I have many I believe are speed hunters worthy!


Hi guys must say i do love iamthespeedhunters posts as it shows the insane potential out there and i will too submit this year and can only cross my fingers. And also to all the readers and speedhunter lovers submit if it doesn't get chosen pfft try again and explore more ways to capture that perfect shot. Here's to a successful iamthespeedhunter 2018 to all who want to give it a go!!

Stefan Daniël Kotzé

So happy this has finally made a return!


Excellent! Was concerned the "return" would be a drastic change. Appreciate the clear guidelines for submission!

Hope to submit some more Canadian content in the near future!


I've always wanted to do stuff like this but there are no cars really worth submitting in my area and I don't have anything that would be worth taking photos with. So I'll continue reading the articles and be amazed at the cars you guys find.


This is great! I already have an idea in my mind for what I could do, just need to get things to finished and ready. Shouldn't be too hard, I was going to film it anyway...


Thank you all for the submissions so far, we've had some great content come through already which we're working on publishing in the coming weeks.

A reminder, however, to please read and take note of the guidelines above. So far we've had numerous ZIP files sent, one person who attached over 100 photographs directly to the mail and another who sent a completely blank e-mail. We're want to make life as easy as possible for all involved, so remember to keep it simple :)


Nice! I‘ll set up an email with everything in a few weeks. But the limitation of 5 pictures for my choosen event is really challenging. I will do my best.

Greetings from Germany

Aarón Pérez Torres

Yes! I was waiting for the option of apply films! One Question, Instead of screengrabs, can I send pics that are 6000x4000 ?

Aarón Pérez Torres

Nevermind, I'll resize them. hahahaha

Oliver Selzer | speedmatters photography

Great! I much appreciate this is going to be back.

Is it possible to send multiple e-mails/stories or do you take just a single one from every person? I'm asking because I struggle on deciding between two stories ... ;) Cheers and keep it up!


Will you let us know if we don’t get accepted?


Hello Paddy !
I would love to share photos with you, i will start finding nice builds from France ! France isn't the best place for personal projects, but sometimes it surprises me to find awesome or rare cars near my home. We don't have 3000hp Supra MK4 or quad turbo Silvia S14 but in the old land you can find remains of the past, jealously kept away from the world by old or passionate people. There is, for exemple, a Ford GT40 sleeping in a garage in Corsica...
I think i will send you those photos, I never saw french cars on Speedhunters !