Western Australia’s Close-Knit Japanese Car Community

‘Perth is a cornucopia of JDM goodness, and we want the world to know.’

That is the simple motto behind Japanese Car Spotting WA (Western Australia) and events like their recent JCSWA Easter Meet.

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That’s how I came to join some friends on Easter Monday at the Ocean Reef Boat Harbour Parking Station in Joondalup for a small beachside get-together. Driving through the dunes, with a brand-new breakwater framing the carpark, the lone photographer poised at the entrance was the only hint of what lay ahead.

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As a quick geography lesson, Perth is one of the most isolated capital cities in the world distance-wise, second only to Honolulu, Hawaii. Perth’s closest metropolis is Adelaide in South Australia, approximately 2,100km (1,305mi) away.

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But despite its remoteness, Perth has a bustling car scene, with a wide variety of Japanese cars – both locally delivered new and imported used – contained within it.

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That automotive diversity was a key element that stood out to me at this relaxed meet.

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Perth’s isolation has helped to cultivate a car community with a common sense of connection and close-knit elements in between. Events like this one provide an opportunity to catch up with friends and meet new people.

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The beauty and soul of a meet lie in the interactions, and unlike many other meets, at the JCSWA Easter Meet there were no barriers to entry, no judgment on cars brought – just an equal appreciation of the artful Japanese machinery assembled on a stunning late afternoon in autumn.

Jack Major
Instagram: majorlymedia

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love the vibe of Perth, if I was ever going to leave Adelaide but stay in Aus it's where I'd go :)

James Tiberius Kirk

Dude’s parents named him “JACK MAJOR”.

I wanna be adopted…and renamed. PLEASE!


Is that an FTO?? Not something you see every day. Actually really light cars by todays standards at ~2500lbs. Wonder why those are more popular. Good looking too.


Picture being on a crowded metro train in Melbourne. The heat? Sweltering. The aromas? Odiferous.
The wife and I understand the Aussie accent - just enough to be dangerous.

A thickly-accented voice recording announces: "bla bla train Sandringham, bla passengers bla swap trains bla bla Green line, bla bla train is Glenroy" yet not knowing which 'bla' train we were actually on. That's where the trouble began.

Nice to see the Toyota Glanza on image #12. The first one I saw stateside is here in Southern California in the personal collection of a guy named Tim...you can probably guess who I'm talking about :twisted: These cars pack a punch but not easy for a tall person to sit in.

The gentleman in Picture #2 seems to be wearing a T-shirt espousing themes from the ancient Greek work "Theogony" by Hesiod. Enter the Void. Actually really inspiring to see that kind of enthusiasm for the Classics. Just another one of the reasons I love "Down Under".

Thank you Speedhunters for this article and thank you Australia.


Are you sure that wasn't the smell from the nuts you had speed taped to your chin?


you went to perths lamest jdm meet. you should go on the anti -lag car group cruise


Thats a dope location


Perth has the best car community, thanks for taking the time to shine a light on it