The Time-Attacking EcoBoost Mustang

As you’ve seen from my 2015 Super Lap Battle spotlights so far, I’ve picked a rather diverse spread of cars to share in detail with you guys.

There’s been a Subaru Impreza from the ’90s, a K-swapped Honda Civic, and a Lexus RC F; now we have a Ford Mustang – one of a few domestic machines competing this year.

GTA-Super-Lap-Battle-2015-8 copy

There might be some bias as I drive a 2015 EcoBoost Mustang myself, but I was very happy to see the guys from HPS Performance Products out there with their own development car. As I talked to them about their build, I found out that it’s actually quite similar to my own in terms of modifications.

GTA-Super-Lap-Battle-2015-12 copy

The turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine under the hood has been treated to some basic induction and exhaust upgrades with the stock turbo still providing boost.

GTA-Super-Lap-Battle-2015-25 copy

The Mustang remains on factory dampers with the addition of Swift springs for the meantime, but I’m told a fully adjustable coilover setup is in the plans as they continue to dial-in the machine.

GTA-Super-Lap-Battle-2015-9 copy

The brakes have been upgraded with parts from StopTech and lightweight 19-inch Forgestar CF10 wheels keep unsprung weight down. The tires are Yokohama Advan Neovas for a perfect balance between street and track capability.

GTA-Super-Lap-Battle-2015-11 copy

While my car is still factory-spec on the inside, the HPS guys have added a pair of Sparco racing bucket seats and also fitted a much-smaller-than-stock Sparco racing steering wheel.

GTA-Super-Lap-Battle-2015-10 copy

I quite liked the car’s exterior styling – especially the Street Scene spoiler out back. In fact, I might have to look into getting one of these for my own car… What do you think?

GTA-Super-Lap-Battle-2015-14 copy

With the Mustang’s weight and modest list of modifications, Super Lap Battle at Buttonwillow Raceway was more of a test session than a record-breaking attempt, but the Ford still turned in a best lap time of 2:00.938. I’ll certainly be watching with interest as the HPS team continues to evolve the car.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia_media



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Oh my God. That spoiler is perfect!

That'll be the first upgrade when I get the car this spring.


As soon as I can get over that sound coming from a Mustang, if I ever do, then I might just like this car.


did they give you weight and power numbers?


I think yes...


How did its best lap time compare to the other cars? (Yes I'm that lazy/drunk this late in the evening to re-read the other articles).


Ode like to see what rocket bunny could do with these.


A part of me would rather have this than a fr-s.


Ddah56 No.

.... even though it will happen eventually


I would normally say no, but I quite like the new style they're taking with their Pandem box-style flares. I think that style would fit the new Mustang quite well.


Get the spoiler!


Thats a ok spoiler but think how ridiculously nice a big gt wing would be


That Spoiler is perfect!

hash the toyota man

its funny how a couple years ago i was all for lip spoilers on rx7s, evos and mk4 supras (all cars really), and now i am in love with their giant factory wings. This spoiler looks great, but did you ever consider the gt350r wing ?


This is the best looking S550 (outside the 350R) I've seen so far.

Sandbagged and Tag

Agreed!! It would look awesome on the silver mustang, how about in a contrasting colour like flat black?

Sandbagged and Tag

SWEET spoiler, id do a z06 look and go with a black contrasting colour


More and more I'm starting to want a new mustang.


Ddah56 Rocket Bunny Mabe not But i quite sure that LibertyWalk Would make it


The spoiler flows very nicely with the rest of the car


BigTmoneyD I like GT wings, but might be a little a much for a daily driver haha.


Ddah56 RTR stage 5 kit uses that style of fender flares.


All in jest. The lip is radtastical. Anyways, wings are only cool on fwd cars.


Ddah56 rocket bunny is going too far


I see alot of track turbo 4's but havn't seen any 5.0 track S550s yet is there a reason for that?


Mike Garrett BigTmoneyD I do think they're pretty sexy perched on that fat azzzzzz but no other stang.


That spoiler was actually the first thing I noticed. Not that I am a Mustang authority but that is the nicest spoiler I recall seeing on a new Mustang.


Man now i want a Ecoboost mustang even MORE!!!


the car was very good 
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