Sunday Best: Cars & Copters UK

Since 2022, Ciro Ciampi from Petrolheadonism and Nigel Colclough from Flitwick Helicopters have hosted an annual event in the United Kingdom.

As the name suggests, Cars & Copters UK brings cars and helicopters together for a spectacle similar to those seen in the US. Taking things a step further is an exclusive venue befitting of the machinery on display.

SH Petrolheadonism Cars and Copters-7
SH Petrolheadonism Cars and Copters-41

Importantly, all money raised at Cars & Copters UK goes to charitable institutions. For 2024, the recipients were the mental health non-profit organisation, Mind BLMK, and the St Andrew’s Healthcare charity.

SH Petrolheadonism Cars and Copters-46

Forty helicopters and 110 cars – mostly of the supercar variety – descended on a private residence in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire this past weekend.

SH Petrolheadonism Cars and Copters-19
SH Petrolheadonism Cars and Copters-48

From the moment I arrived at the event, I knew it was one I would remember for many years to come. Basking in the sun centre stage was an exclusive and exquisite Koenigsegg Jesko.

SH Petrolheadonism Cars and Copters-12

Joining the hypercar ensemble was this imposing Bugatti Chiron. You can see the inspiration from the Type 57 Atlantic seeping through the flowing bodywork, from the iconic backbone splitting the rear window, and the organic sweep from the A-pillar to the doors where air is channelled towards the behemoth quad-turbo W16.

SH Petrolheadonism Cars and Copters-5

After taking in the magnificent array of hypercars, the rally car selection drew me in for a closer look. The first of two cars that stood out from the pack was this Ford Escort RS Cosworth, which looked fit to tackle any special stage challenge you could throw at it.

SH Petrolheadonism Cars and Copters-2

The second car was a legendary Ford Focus RS. For any rally fan, this model instantly takes your mind to the late, great Colin McRae.

SH Petrolheadonism Cars and Copters-36

The show curation was on point, too, with many cars parked next to helicopters with complementary colouring. Case in point, this gorgeous Fiat 500 Abarth.

SH Petrolheadonism Cars and Copters-39

This black Lotus Emira was positioned near a helicopter in black and gold, calling back to the famous John Player Special colours.

SH Petrolheadonism Cars and Copters-32
SH Petrolheadonism Cars and Copters-47

Towards the end of the day, one pilot showcased his skills by making his helicopter dance around the Jesko, which instantly drew an audience. That’s not something you see every day.

SH Petrolheadonism Cars and Copters-18
SH Petrolheadonism Cars and Copters-38
SH Petrolheadonism Cars and Copters-13

Car events with great causes at their heart don’t come around often enough. But given the popularity of Cars & Copters UK, I think this one will be around for a while. And I’m sure it will only get bigger and better as time goes on.

Samuel Cherry
Instagram: samgcherry

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Not a fan of super cars but this photography is so good I looked at every shot. Looks like a fun event! Would hope the pilot had serious skills flying that close to a house on wheels


Damn!!!! I'll take the burgundy Porsche 964!! Wow!!


if your wondering, this is what the wealth do with the money they save depressing your wages.
that $350000 ferrari sitting in the garage is some poor workers house. these guys have millions$ of cars. start asking why them not you. and no hard work didnt get them their money. looking forward to the bootlicker replies


Excellent point Carl. Something tells me you understand about the New World Order and maybe the writings of the “elite.”

Many of these people wish to take resources from the us and many countries with compromised political officials are trying to outright ban cars for civilians.

Many boot lickers in these comment sections who won’t understand what you’re saying at all but it’s a good point to remember. This is why I don’t care about super cars and why so many people criticize me for it.

At the end of the day this is nothing more than financial flexing to show status / money. But if you dare to say that the Neanderthals lose their minds. I can’t wait to see replies to our comments HAHA.


If you're not prepared to start a successful company and take the associated stress, flack, financial risk, etc. then best keep you're blinkered thoughts to yourself, until such time as they have any context. How do you know how the owners of the machines that were present made the money to afford them? If you think you're entitled to some for free, I'd recomend asking in more polite fashion. Now run away and enjoy your crisp sandwich.


It would be so fun to punch someone in the mouth for saying "run away and enjoy your crisp sandwich." I'd laugh my ass off to see how these people behave in a room full of other men who can snap their necks.


It's amazing how many people like Mark don't know anything about history. Hard work? Is that what happened when Nathan Rothschild learned of Napoleans defeat during a battle with Lord Wellington in 1815 and then had one of his spies lie to the British crown so the country's economy would plummet?

And once it plummeted Nathan Rothschild bought up the entire country for pennies on the pound. Of course, when the real news came back that they had won the economy went through the roof making Rothschild the ruler of almost everything in England. That money and deception has carried through all the way to 2024 with the ruling elite now trying to make rules about cars.

I laugh so hard the more I talk to the general public and realize how brain dead people are. Hell, all we have to do is look at how little the average "enthusiast" knows about aerodynamics and simple statements like "work harder" are easy to understand. These are what people say who are not intelligent. Blanket statements.


Thank you for your insightful history lesson on what has nothing to do with the original post, cars and (likely) most of their owners. I'm not a fan either of the way wealth has filtered down through society until today however, there's f-all I can do about the Rothschilds for example. I'd still admire a fine piece of engineering (Lotus & any other for that matter), regardless of who owns it. That's what this website is about (slight clue in the name perhaps...?). You're a fine one to talk about blanket statements lol! Contrary to the prejudiced comments above, I'll leave it here with a few Facts as opposed to assumptions:- a] you know zero about me or my education. b] you also don't know what cars I drive, or the last 25 years of 'hard work' that have made them possible by running a regular business that provides services to everday people. c] I'm not from a wealthy background, and started with nothing. Ya bell end.


The biggest lie you’ve been sold is that there is nothing you can do about the elite. There is a a lot you can do and you are the one in power. God bless.


Now this is the Gentleman's Club of Cars
Sure it is a pricey event however I do appreciate beauty and art


Is that Preece's car I spy?
Preece my brother, I get asked on a daily basis when you're coming back out here...

Interesting to see the new Lotus. To understand what Lotus screwed up, you have to understand the average Lotus owner mentality and you have to know Lotus executives personally. I check both those boxes .

Lotus' top team leads (I'm talking the so-called "engineers" BOSSES boss) are heavily trained in psychology, art history, cryptozoology, intrapersonal skill's etc these British chappies are far more subtle than well trained Italian, American or Japanese OEM's people. These "BLOKES" are able to read airflow around a car like Mozart reads sheet music; in short Lotus is constantly beating other cars in aerodynamics and its impossible for them to stop. Problem is cash flow and the economic situation "across the pond" leading to some thought-provoking compromises on their products, case in point, the Lotus featured in pic #29...Nothing a few choice mods cant fix of course...

Lamborghini Rupert

Preece never heard of ya mate just stop


Verdict? Sharing this websight with you was a mistake.

You have never really understood exactly what exquisite, exciting, beautiful (you get the idea) cars even ARE - or what the criteria for them truly requires. I also suspect that, juding by your TASTELESS and boring collection, you don't really CARE!

Rupert you of all "people" TERM USED LOOSELY should not be running your mouth on Internet when you're a guest in this country TO THIS DAY.

The way you drive would have been laughable if it wasn't so damn dangerous. You're lucky you didn't crash my car, sheer dumb luck is all that stopped you from driving off the cliff side multiple times. I'm not discounting your posted times, but there's a weather phenomenon known as the tailwind which can increase your speed 15%-20%, common knowledge among vehicle CONSTRUCTORS. Perhaps that's what happened and I don't care to discuss that further. Just know you have been banned from my socials and I would expect only an IDIOT would continue to post on this websight WITHOUT even having a featured vehicle here.

As for the other pitiful replies in here, it seems someone on my IGNORE LIST is talking? Must be the wind?
Throws shaka sign. See you on the next WAVE


Fun times Frank. 12 years ago you ran your mouth to me. Threatened me and my friends physically and financially. I hope this taught you a lesson. This was fun for me. Fun fun fun.


Frank at this point id say you have thoroughly been exposed as the joke you are and anyone here probably has Rupert’s back over yours in these comment sections.

Shut up. Have Toni make you a bone broth packet and piss off. You’re a disgusting human being and everyone is legitimately tired of your sh**


Rupert, you’re a legend for these comments. Thank you very much for exposing this guy!!!

Lamborghini Rupert

The tape incident is wrongly portrayed
was just bog standard aluminium welding tape any garage will have it
we had it on a car driving from Florida up for pebble beach (not in the event just for a lark)
Certain areas of the car kick up stones so looking to minimise stone chips from the trip
when stopping for dinner a group of fellows Including Mr. Frank which intercepted us- thank you social media - inquire regarding the welding tape
we joke this was for some mysterious aéro properties but F rudely interrupted and began to preach and pontificate
went on our way never thought much of it until sorry Frank thought you were joking along with us then had someone asking about it few weeks back. It's for stone chips end of story. and not too friendly on your clearcoat so don't do it on your grail cars
cheers all


Rupert that is a hilarious story about the tape lmao. I’d actually love to contact you to see if we know some of the same people but I don’t want to name drop here. Apologize for saying anything negative about you in previous posts. You definitely come across as a level headed and informed guy with a sense of humor.

Not sure what franks deal is with all this stuff. I’ve met a few people like him in the past and it’s always a bizarre experience. Low intelligence with massive ego is a deadly combination and he seems to have a surplus of both. Really hate to go after a guy like him but he’s done a lot of foul sh** to some good people and run his mouth way too many years for this stuff to not be pulled into the light.

One of my mentors was very very successful in high level open wheel racing beating many factory teams operating from his parents garage while working a day job.

He is in the hall of fame for innovations in aerodynamics etc and laughed so hard when I told him Franks speed tape story.

What’s bizarre is even when you try to correct Frank with like…actual data from tracks etc he just sneers and thinks he’s better than others. Terrible student of the sport. The kind of guy we kick out of coaching programs tbh. No surprise how many times he has wrecked either.

Honestly wish he was just a chill dude without ego who would go to the track bc I bet the RS211 with a good driver behind it would actually have been capable of doing damage to a LOT of other cars. Too bad we never got to see that happen!

turbo beams ae86

Lotus employees are trained in cryptozoology, really? autocorrect fail?


Frank is literally Joe Biden.


You're really an insufferable khunt aren't you Frank? Name dropping everyone who doesn't even know you or like you. Then publicly distance themselves from you after you claim they are your canyon buddies. You threaten people with lawyers over showing your driving ability for what they are. You're a really sad man and a very pathetic example of a driver. It would be great fun to race you and s*** on you on camera but you will never taken that offer because you know exactly what would happen. All you do in your old age and all you've done with cars is pay other people to build you stuff and chat a bunch of nonsense on the internet. You're a fking sad man and you'd be very fun to fk up on the track.


I remember when Tupac gave me a rim job in that lotus. He said, "you're going to start hearing a lot of stuff about me that isn't true, but know that my love for your brown eye is very true." Great times.


Why do all your friends have such strange names


The average Lotus owner is pretty much autistic.


Pure gold.


Requesting a quick rundown on the following persons,
Jay, is this indicating Jay Leno?

Only familiar with Willio obviously