IDOLZ: A Celebration Of Stance & Style In Hungary

While there is no shortage of  stance/modified car events held in my home country of Hungary, last month the local scene was treated to one of the best yet: IDOLZ.

The event not only attracted some of the very best Hungarian builds but also brought in visitors – and cars – from abroad, inspiring all that attended.


As you’d expect with a name like IDOLZ, the event was headlined by a few hero cars. These included the Mapet-Tuning C3 Corvette envisioned by Khyzyl Saleem, the carbon-enriched RWB Porsche 964 ‘Kimera’ owned by Alex from The Notorious Fam, and last but not least, RS Hardcore Germany’s savage 1,500hp Porsche GT3 RS.


A location can make or break an event, and in this case, it was definitely the former. There’s something so cool about seeing modified cars in a classic setting. IDOLZ took that concept and ran with it.


Festetics Castle in Dég near Lake Balaton is Hungary’s earliest neoclassical residence. If the main building itself wasn’t spectacular enough, the park-like grounds are home to the largest English garden in the country. The juxtaposition between new and old was stunning.


The event was run over two days, with the first day (Saturday) reserved for exhibitors and media only. This made shooting a breeze. The next day it was opened up to the general public, with a great vibe.


As a bonus, I also had an opportunity to participate in an early-morning private photoshoot with the Corvette and 964.


What sets Hungary’s modified car scene apart from most other countries is that custom modifications are prohibited here. Anyone can build a car, but getting it legal for road use is something else altogether. Furthermore, Hungarian laws around car modifications are strictly enforced by the police. Unsurprisingly, this was one of the main topics of discussion over the weekend.


I have to congratulate the team behind IDOLZ for putting on an amazing event. After eight years of smaller meets they took the plunge and went all in, and it totally paid off. What was achieved is something never before accomplished by anyone in our small country.

Tamás Molnár
Facebook: Stance&Slide Media

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Were most of these vehicles trailered or did the owners manage to get them legalized?


Most cars came on their own wheels; here at home( Hungary ), every car owner who has built their own car risks losing their papers at times like this .


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