Wild, Wilder, Wildest: Holyhall’s Group 5-Inspired Ford Capri

The 1970s and early 1980s were a wild time for touring car racing. The Group 5 category had few restrictions, spawning some iconic ‘Super Silhouette’ race cars based loosely on production models. Extra-wide box flares were the flavor of the day.

In the years since Group 5, countless replicas have been built for the road and track. This Ford Capri build, spearheaded by Johannes Döll from the German YouTube channel Holyhall, is one such creation.

Speedhunters_Steve_Edward_DSC01203 (3)

Inspired by the Group 5 Zakspeed Ford Capri, Holyhall’s car has gone from being a rust bucket to a tube-framed, super-wide silhouette-style work of automotive art, complete with modern touches throughout.

Speedhunters_Steve_Edward_DSC01231 (1)

The first thing that strikes you about the Holyhall Capri is its sheer width. Using the factory windshield as a reference point, you can see where the original MkIII Capri ends and where the Zakspeed-inspired wide bodywork starts. The front glass is one of only a few original Ford parts still intact.


The aftermarket body panels used in the build are faithful UK-made replicas of those used on the original Zakspeed Group 5 car, designed to fit a production Capri. To properly recreate the race car’s front-end look though, a section of the fenders had to be cut off so the headlights could be pushed outwards. Now, the outer lamps sit half outside the hood line, while air intakes in place of the inner lamps help to cool the brakes – a feature seen in some Group 5 Capris.


The story with the rear end gets even wilder. To set the car apart from other Group 5 Capri replicas, the fiberglass rear fenders were lengthened beyond the trunk, effectively creating a longtail. Furthermore, a custom wing based on the original Group 5 design was fabricated to extend right out to the rear fenders.

Speedhunters_Steve_Edward_DSC01218 (2)

The Zakspeed Ford Capri was an aerodynamic pioneer during the Group 5 era; it was one of the first touring cars to use a rear diffuser to reduce underbody air pressure. For the Holyhall Capri, an aluminum diffuser completes the longtail.


However, that’s not the standout feature of the rear end. Check out the full-width custom light bar, which replaces the original Capri taillights to bring a futuristic aesthetic to the overall design. It totally works.


The Capri sits on custom center-lock Rotiform Motorsport wheels, 17-inch at the front and 20-inch at the rear. The staggered setup stays true to the original race car, but is enlarged in diameter on both axles. Yokohama Advan slicks feature at all four corners.


Although Group 5 cars bore a visual resemblance to their roadgoing counterparts, the race cars featured such extensive chassis alterations that they can’t be compared. In creating this replica, the build team referenced images of the original Zakspeed Capri to reverse-engineer the required modifications. Custom tube framing replaces most of the Capri’s original unibody chassis, with only the bonnet, roof, doors, window frames, trunk lid and partial pillars remaining. According to Group 5 ‘Special Production Cars’ regulations, these are the parts that must be retained.


A complete E90 BMW 3 Series rear subframe assembly is mounted in the back of the tube chassis. The suspension, however, is of a custom push-rod design with the H&R coilovers visible through the rear screen. The rear end is lifted by about 40 millimeters, mimicking the stance of the original race car.

The other E90 suspension components used throughout the build – both in the rear and front – have been overhauled, with all linkages replaced with adjustable equivalents from BMW specialist 55Parts.


It was a shame that I couldn’t capture what resides under the skin during the To Hell event where I shot the car, because this is where the custom chassis and suspension work is most visible. Powering the Capri is a naturally aspirated Chevrolet LS1 from a C5 Corvette, mated to a BMW 6-speed manual gearbox via a PMC Motorsport adapter. The 350hp GM V8 provides the Capri with presence, performance and reliability without extensive modifications required to fit it.


The interior is full custom, the first thing that catches your eye being the raw aluminum drag-spec seats. Aluminum dominates the interior and is used for the custom floor, door cards, dashboard, and side panels.


The CNC-machined short shifter from HSpeed looks utterly beautiful.


Beyond the sheer work that’s gone into the car, I admire Holyhall’s construction method. No corners were cut, with the build process resembling what it would take to build a bespoke touring car, much like the Group 5 Zakspeed Capri this replica pays homage to.


Everything from the tube-frame chassis to fitting and reshaping the fiberglass body, and exterior paint was all done in-house at Holyhall, with outside help only being called upon for specialized tasks.

I was amazed at what I saw in front of me at the To Hell show, but watching the build process on YouTube while writing this piece gave me another level of appreciation for what Johannes Döll and Holyhall have created.

Steve Edward
Instagram: stevedwrd

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All these pics but nothing under the hood?
Love this build. Have seen it at Tief Im Wald Heritage. Such a wild take on a well loved classic. Yet enough modern elements to spice it up.


Apparently runs a Chevy V8 making 350hp - pretty damn weak for a build of this calibre.


Carl you seem to have forgotten about something called weight. In theory if you had 1hp and had a vehicle that only weighed 1lb you could run a quarter mile in about 6 seconds (that's what I recall from my physics assignment in college at least).

"350hp isn't anything." says the enthusiast who doesn't understand vehicle dynamics. Which is most of you unfortunately.


Well considering it is heavier then the real Zakspeed which produced roughly 650 bhp,then 350bhp ain’t that much wouldn’t you think?


Jesus. Everything has to be explained in 2024. It's a tribute car so not it doesn't have to do anything because it doesn't compete. The Zackspeed car only matters because it won. If this is just a rough template and it's aim is to lap and show off it's doing the job just fine.

You guys get caught up in numbers. In reality for the average guy a 2000lb car with 350bhp is a monster. Way beyond what 99% of the guys in this comment section can handle without driving aids etc etc. I'm a pro coach. Have you ever driven a car with that PWR? It's not crazy but its definitely beyond most people's experience especially if the tires are good and it hooks up which that PWR will if its suspension is correct.

You guys get way to caught up in BS spec sheets that you have likely never experienced. Yes it is less than the original. But for most people that is way beyond what they are capable of controlling. So this being a TRIBUTE car it is a lot. What's the highest PWR car you've actually raced? Not driven. Raced in competition.

This is the problem. A lot of you guys commenting have no idea what 350bhp in a real car even feels like but you compare it to these halo racers you DEFINITELY have never driven. My highest PWR is about 3.7:1 with slicks. It hooked up and took off. Not that crazy but to discount that is hilarious.

Justin Jadunath

When I first caught a glimpse of this on Instagram I was immediately hooked. This is such a gorgeous, landmark build. every detail, every curve, damn near EVERYTHING is as perfect as can be. Props to Holyhall on creating such an absolutely AMAZING build!


Does it understeer or oversteer on the limit? How do you know it’s an awesome build if it’s not driven hard? What if it just pushes through every turn. Is it still an awesome build?

Steffen Hansen

If it drives like a broken shopping trolley, this is still an awesome build in every way. I wish I had half the skill to put into my measly Miata.

fake name #3204

I get what you mean. When we don’t have experience that is usually how we think. Miatas are fun cars. I like the NB and ND the most but raced a first gen one time with 500bhp and 305mm slicks. Super fun car. You don’t need to do a lot to a Miata to have fun and make something enjoyable. What year is yours?

Steffen Hansen

NB - coincidentally ;) And I don’t care that it’s not the fastest or the most expensive parts. I’ve done every mod bar 1* myself, from bushings tomrollbar install and a stripped to bare necessities loom -> It’s still street legal.

* rules and regulations, so installing a supercharger yourself and getting it inspected and approved here in Denmark is nigh on impossible- and stupidly expensive.

fake name #3204

Nice! That’s very admirable and more than a lot of people ever do. The most complex thing I think I’ve done now was modifying and matching my 2 stroke racing engine. It’s really rewarding to say you did it yourself and you learn tons more. My NB was built to a Cstock SCCA spec so not much. The 500hp NA6 was not built by me but the owner went over all the design with me so I was able to learn through him.

There’s so much to learn. The more you acquire the more you realize you don’t know haha.

Justin Jadunath

Are you being for real right now? I've not driven it, have you?
Bruh -_-. You seriously came on here to rain on this ol' man's joy at a beautiful build? One that I have admired since it a frame and some panels?
I mean, you MUST know that one person's idea of a beautiful build may not be the same for others. Speedhunters has showcased so many cars that I didn't like, yet I didn't take to the keyboard, and harsh out people.
Be better.

And don't @ me about this, either. Good grief.


What a beta reply. Such a beta reply. Wow. I’m actually astounded. Jesus. Super beta. How dare i criticize a finished product. How dare i. Lmfao. Wow. What a puss reply. Lmao.

Justin Jadunath

AHhhahahahahahaahahahhahaa BETA aaaahhhhahahahahahahahahhhhahahahaha!

I hope you have the day you deserve.


I had a Swedish girl I used to talk to call me up and tell me she is done talking and wants a hotel room with me after some drama. A beautiful Iranian model also called me to let me know she is in town next week and one of my clients who is linked to a billionaire just called me let me know we have a potential budget to go racing next year. I pay no rent. I have no food bills. Ordering parts for my race car and having a beer. Yeah, I'd say I've been having a great day. Just learned how to play some Motley Crue on guitar. Hows your day going lmfao.

fake name #3204

Funny...I took a look at the pipes and their diameter and the fact that there were 2 of them and i said to myself "i bet its a v6 or a v8 but since its a capri inspired build i bet its a v8...LS or a ford obviously." Wouldn't ya know...I look through the video and it's a v8. Guys like nate really like to put others down, but im 2/2 in guessing engines powering these builds solely based on the pipes and how many there are. Which according to nate you can't do. so either im a genius or hes not as smart as he says. funny either way. common sense doesnt seem to be very common here.


lol, it doesn’t take a genius to guess that a fender exhaust on each side of the car is some sort of v type engine. If you are unable to remember, I actually said you couldn’t tell engine size by an exhaust tip, you claimed you could. I’d love to hear the calculations you use on the exhaust tips in these photos to deduce engine displacement and modifications?

fake name #3204

I said you could tell an engines configuration and if you have information based on pipe size you can definitely ball park displacement. Just like brake mean effective pressure.

Unfortunately the thread got chopped off due to the time constraint. You said you’ve probably tuned more cars than I’ve driven and I said I’ve driven about 300-400 in competition and I’d love to see photos of what you’ve built in your career.

Math is real. You can learn a lot and surmise a lot based on very little information if you’re intelligent. You sound experienced. What is your background?


Nate never actually proves things he says. Gets called out to race: won’t email, show up, and bet money. Says he has swapped hundreds of engines and we don’t want to “dig the hole” but when asked to produce photos? Nothing. Clearly a kid or someone pretending. I showed photos of the engine I just finished. He just runs his mouth. Total retard. Good luck getting him to show you anything. Just runs his mouth like a phag


And actually I know him so well I know he will reply to this but not show any photos or address any of the points just brought up about his authenticity. Watch. He’s just going to run his mouth more about karts and bullsh—


Such a sick build! I just wish the article and especially the pictures would give it justice! I get the #iamthespeedhunter thing but someone should still look over them and refuse them sometimes..


Hey, I appreciate the feedback. Looking back, I'm not fully satisfied with a few of the shots I had of the Capri, and I wish I had done better to capture the car. Perhaps it's partly due to the poor lighting, but a lot of it is also on my part. I do hope this car will get another deep dive feature, as I believe there's plenty still left out & the extend of this build is pretty insane.

I'm still striving to do my best especially for the stuff that gets published here. Cheers man!