Slide N’ Shine At Texas Motor Speedway

A few months ago, I was loading up my camera bag for some drifting and drag racing at a small local track. Like the drivers who had prepped their cars for the night, I was eager to head out with some friends and enjoy an evening of motorsport. But two days before the event, the track was shut down.

This wasn’t the first time Urban Racing had to find a new venue since its start in 2018. It’s seen a handful of locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in its quest to take racing off the streets and build a safe home for drivers who want to find their limits. Its new home was familiar though. Action was back on track at Texas Motor Speedway where it had hosted drift events earlier in its history.

SH-SlideNShine 06 para 2-3
SH-SlideNShine 12 para 3-4
SH-SlideNShine 08 para 2-3

Slide N’ Shine: The Finale was the second event back at the track. Much like the previous Slide N’ Shine, pro and grassroots drivers had a chance to push the limits on a high-speed drift course, or try their hand on a smaller scale track, or even in a rental drift car with a coach in the passenger seat.

SH-SlideNShine 17 para 4-5
SH-SlideNShine 21 para 4-5 extra

If the track isn’t exactly your style, a burnout pit was added this time around. I feel like the photos can tell this part of the story better than any words can.

SH-SlideNShine 24 para 6-7

As the name implies, with the ‘slide’ comes the ‘shine’, and a show inside the facility makes for a perfect place to park up, grab a bite with friends, and let your machine sing in a rev battle – all with no chance of the police coming to shut down the meet.

SH-SlideNShine 25 para 6-7
SH-SlideNShine 27 para 6-7
SH-SlideNShine 31 para 6-7

A few cars found themselves in front of my lens there too, most notably a turbo Honda K-series-powered NSX behind a row of Toyota Supras, and a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ that I was lucky enough to get a few shots of before the crowd swarmed around it.

SH-SlideNShine 34 para 7-8
SH-SlideNShine 33 para 7-8

With this event capping off the season, Urban Racing is already focusing attention to next year. More sponsors, more vendors and more people, all with the goal of fostering a culture and building a community around the track for high-octane fun in a time when it is needed most.

Brian Barisa
Instagram: brianhasacanon

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I don't know the exact circumstances around the event so with that said, the pictures are ok, but not great. And would like to have seen more from an event like this. Don't know if a filter was used or some unique lens but the style is a little too Instagramy for me. Just being honest.


put the star filter away good lord


love the lens effect, looks dreamy!


Pictures are superb!
Love the creativity of exploring photography as a medium in creating art photographing art. Not just a form of documentation.

Cars are ok too, I suppose


Love the photos