A Very Merry Porsche Christmas

I’m not the biggest fan of winter when it comes to the automotive world here in the UK.

Other than a few rare occasions (like Pistonheads’ December Sunday Service event), the car scene disappears behind closed doors, resting and preparing for what’s to come in the New Year. The Porsche Club GB decided to go against the grain and throw an end-of-year celebration for all the family.

After previous sellout years in 2018 and 2019, ‘A Porsche Christmas at Bicester’ returned to the Bicester Heritage site with an eclectic mix of vehicles from all different generations of Porsche. Combine that with a festive theme and it was destined to be a great day out, albeit a very cold one.


On arrival, I was met with the sight of endless rows of strategically organised Porsches, all sat upon a glistening morning frost.

It took almost an hour before I had found my way to the main show area, mostly due to the fact I was stopped in my tracks several times as I admired the various different models and their unique specifications.


A personal favourite was this red Cayman GT4 with contrasting gold accents. It really stood out again the frosty backdrop.


After finally making my way to the main show area, I was reminded this isn’t just a car show; the event perfectly embodies the festive spirit. From reindeer to seasonal market stalls and even a rather tall Grinch, the organisers had put together a display for not only petrolheads, but also their families and friends.

This translated over the vehicles themselves, as upon entrance to the hanger attendees were greeted by a gift-wrapped 992 Cabriolet GTS filled with presents.


It didn’t stop there either, as sat right next to it was a 911 SC sporting a fresh pine tree on its roof.


Amongst the many vendors selling seasonal-themed gifts and treats lay a selection of incredible examples from the many eras of Porsche. There were Turbos, Targas and RS models, just to name a few.


I was particularly taken aback by this Jäegermeister-liveried Carrera RSR. For me, it perfectly replicated a legendary era for Porsche racing.

After spending way too much time browsing and purchasing the treats available inside, my phone rang: ‘Just to let you know, it’s snowing outside,’ a friend told me.


If the day hadn’t already perfectly showcased the essence of the festive season, then the falling snow was just that finishing touch. As it was only a light shower, I decided it was worth making the most of.

Upon heading outside, I instantly realised several hundred more cars had arrived and were on display.


As my love of motorsport comes above everything else, I was immediately drawn to another RSR, this time wearing the iconic Vaillant livery.


Another hour or so flew by as I strolled around the cars on display. From 964s and 993s to Cayennes and Boxsters, there was genuinely something on show for everyone.


This includes the stunning 917K recreation from ICON Engineering. I feel they have perfectly paid homage to one of the most significant sports racing cars of all time, especially with the addition of the Gulf livery.


A final walk around the courtyard area made me really appreciate not only the Porsche Club GB for putting on such a great event, but also the enthusiasts who had travelled from far and wide to be a part of such a great end-of-year festive display.

For me though, it’s now back to hibernation.

Bradley Ingleton
Instagram: _imageb

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Is that yellow 964 a genuine Mid Night club member?


Is there still a genuine Mid Night Club?


They don't exist anymore but Mid Night club stickers aren't for posers. Or maybe the owner was a member - please enlighten me here.


The 992 GTS Cabriolet's decor is very apt. Looks like a car that Santa Claus would use to deliver presents to kids should his reindeers be ill on Christmas Eve. Lol!


Wow! Porsches everywhere! My kind of show! Was the girl "walking" a cartibou?!! Those horns look really dangerous! Older Porsches have SO MUCH character. Just like the shapes better than these newer ones. Plus Porsches are made in Germany. Snow is no issue. Try that with finicky Italian cars.


Looking at all the pristine cars I thought I might still be dreaming, wondering how it could snow there and yet the cars were clean, then I saw it, the blue Porsche, it had dirt on it.The UK and it’s heritage sites, tracks, always so interesting.



You and I know doggone well these guys have an entire trunkfull of detail/cleaning products! My car stays clean in winter even though I don't drive it. Plus it stays under a cover. And it didn't cost hslf of what these cars cost, even though I've restored the entire car, including have the floir cut out and replaced. Cool meet though.


Oh yeah, I just wasn’t thinking about that way, just that one sat there with dirt on it. Lol


Drooling, but where are all the 924, 944, 928 and 968's? Too cold for them?


Great piece man, loved the photos too.

Porsche have become awfully good at making their product ownership feel like a community/group thing, and events like this solidify that idea even more. Makes me want a 911 even more.


Now I want to be part of the Porsche community lol