Automotive Nirvana At Club de Ultrace 2024

The word ‘pilgrimage’ is one with strong religious connotations. It’s associated with journeys which align with one’s faith or beliefs. A quest to find divinity. Some argue that the word ‘pilgrimage’ shouldn’t be used for non-religious purposes. Year after year, modified car enthusiasts from all across Europe – and beyond – take part in a sacred journey to Wrocław, Poland for one weekend of automotive indulgence.

Which form of automotive indulgence? Ultrace.

Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-25
Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-18

While Ultrace has been running since 2010 in one form or another, 2024 was the show’s first outing under the mildly-tweaked ‘Club de Ultrace’ banner, and my first time attending. Judging by the following Adrian Kapica and his crew have grown in the past 14 years, they could change their name to anything and the event would continue to grow in popularity.

Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-44

I’ll make it clear from the off – Ultrace is the most impressive car show I have ever attended.

Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-251
Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-21

I’ve never seen such a consistently high standard of show car before. Even the ‘tamest’ of builds ride on immaculate split rims with fantastic fitment and feature choice modifications to stand out from the crowd.

Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-43

The diversity of cars on display was mind-blowing, with something for everybody regardless of taste.

Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-27

I’m an open-minded car enthusiast – I have my time at Speedhunters to thank for that. But no matter what kind of wild builds I’ve featured over the years, it’s a simple European car on pretty split rims that has my heart.

Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-221

Especially if it’s a big saloon like these black 740s parked together. One BMW, one Volvo, both gangster.

Or on the other end of the spectrum, I love a little sports car with a long bonnet and a short tail. This pretty BMW Z4 M Coupé on AC Schnitzer Type 3 Racing wheels was very cool, but just across from it was a Mercedes-Benz SL ‘Pagoda’ on BBS RS wheels which I struggled to pull myself away from.

Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-5
Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-39

Are JDM cars more your thing? How about this R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R on Work Meister S1 wheels, or one of what felt like a thousand Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions on display. Both of these cars won a coveted ‘Top 16′ award.

Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-66

Though on JDM cars, the drifting at Ultrace adds much of the weekend’s excitement for spectators.

Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-83

Organised by a mysterious man called ‘Fiji’ and his team at Next Level Drift, the main car park is turned into a drift track for the event. Drivers cram in as much sideways action as can be fit into the show weekend, leaving the Tarczynski Stadium partially engulfed in a cloud of smoke.

Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-146

The typical Ultrace drift setup is as follows: JDM wheels (three-piece ideally), a BN sports kit (or similar), and a cool livery for maximum style points when drifting.

Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-68

The drift layout is fairly small and the heavily-cambered cars don’t always perform the smokiest drifts. But they make for some great panning shots if you can find a good angle.

Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-55
Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-54

The drift paddock vibe was phenomenal. People helping one another out; smiling, waving and generally just appearing to let all their stresses go at once.

Wrong Crew were fantastic, pulling off some seriously close tandem drift trains all weekend. I jumped from car to car with them for some tracking shots of the team…

Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-122

…but Jake Crouch’s fast and aggressive runs in his RB26-powered Nissan Silvia were the most exciting. Brought from the UK, Jake’s purple S15 was often seen out with Becky Evans’ S15 hitting some of the fastest runs of the weekend.

Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-230
Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-239

There was only so much 30°C+ weather I could take around the heat-soaked drift cars, so some trips to our friends at CSF and their air-conditioned booth were certainly in order. Ravi Dolwani’s CSF Porsche 911 was displayed on a podium, accompanied by Pit+Paddock’s BMW M3 GTS Touring homage on another stop of their European tour.

Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-4
Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-51

The American pair were joined by some even further afield cars such as the Liberty Walk Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari Testarossa, and the Peaches Hyundai Pony which found itself in Poland from South Korea.

Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-194

Speaking of travelling, 2024 was the year I finally met in person fellow Speedhunters Alen and Vladimir. Keep an eye peeled for their spotlights shortly.

Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-172

With such an incredible selection of cars, Ultrace’s status as a show in 2024, and three Speedhunters present – Alen had the idea that we should do something special. Why not use our years of car show experience, time around the best-modified cars in the world and our taste to choose a Speedhunters ‘Car of the Show?’

Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-174

After some back-and-forth text exchanges between ourselves and the Ultrace crew, the plan was set – we would choose our favourite car of the 2024 show and present an award on stage.

Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-46

You’ll have to wait for my feature for some proper info on our champion, but Martin Szombierski’s 1969 Mercedes-Benz W108 was stunning and we all agreed it deserved to be recognised at the event. I can’t wait for you guys to see this…

Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-168

Our prize? A piece of billet steel, engraved by the incredibly talented Mica Dori, who won a Top 16 award in her own Mercedes 190 E.

Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-191
Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-193

Peaches’ Hyundai Pony took the top spot, beating Liberty Walk’s Lamborghini Countach for the Ultrace 2024 crown. All of the Top 16 won awards, and it’s safe to say they were all gorgeous cars.

That being said, Ultrace had one last surprise in store this year. I think the ultimate winner was the chap who proposed to his girlfriend on stage. She said yes!

Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-145
Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-195
Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-28

Why did I start this article discussing pilgrimages? Because I’ve never seen a fan base so excited for and dedicated to making it to an event. Ultrace is in a league of its own. I can’t wait to make the journey here in my car too.

Ultrace 24 MC SH Edits-143

The vibe at Ultrace is simply unmatched. I’m already excited for 2025!

Mario Christou



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Justin Jadunath

There will be a year, hopefully before I hit 60 (I'm 52), where I will come to Europe and stay for a few months so that I can attend Le Mans, Concorso d'Eleganza at Villa d'Este, Ultrace, and Good FoS. This, to me, seems like the perfect summer vacation! Thank you for the beautiful and inspiring photos Mario!


Okay that red Civic is absolutely crazy not what I had expected as a stance AND a lowrider build
Like damn both came together so well too it's hard not to like


taken on a 2005 era cellphone camera? sensor problem? iso settings screwed? ancient camera?


Perhaps more of that Peaches Hyundai?


Don't you have professional photographers? Last year photos were on point.