Vintage Vibes At Indonesia’s Hot Rod Weekend Party

One of the coolest automotive gatherings in Indonesia is a little-known gem filled with the most interesting classic and custom cars you could ever find on this side of the peninsula.

I don’t blame people for overlooking the Hot Rod Weekend Party in Yogyakarta, as it’s squarely marketed to classic car enthusiasts. Adding to the fact is that the latest event coincided with the annual Jogja VW Festival, which is a major automotive attraction attended by a lot of people in Indonesia. In fact, it was while I was at the JVWF that I was told about the hot rod show, and that was enough reason for me to go and check it out.


Arriving at the HRWP I was greeted by a 1955 Bel Air gasser. Right then I knew that this was going to be a good event.


The atmosphere immediately grabbed me; with live music playing in the background and a number of people dressed in period clothing, it truly felt like I’d time-traveled back to the golden age of American hot rodding. Everyone was super-welcoming and friendly too, which only added to the good vibes.


A cool aspect of this event was that everyone displaying a car had a chance to be in the spotlight and share their passion. Presenters roamed the aisles with microphones in hand, and later on all vehicles were able to make a low-speed lap around the venue before stopping on a red carpet.


I never thought I’d ever get to see a Mercedes L319 driving around an event, so this one doing just that was a sight to behold.


There was a wide variety of cars on show at the HRWP, but one that really stood out to me was this Studebaker on knock-off wire wheels.


1950s American pickup trucks are very popular in this scene, and a few of the examples on show even carried a two-wheeled creation on their bed. What can I say… Indonesians really love custom bikes.


I left this event with a smile on my face having experienced something truly special. If anything, what I learnt is that you really don’t need to be a classic car enthusiast to enjoy an event like this for yourself. I really hope that local Indonesian enthusiasts are able to experience this side of car culture for themselves at least once.


Finally, I have to commend the organizers and presenters for putting on such a great show. Often events are let down in this respect, but the Hot Rod Weekend Party was truly captivating, thanks to the atmosphere created. It’s definitely an event I’m looking forward to attending again.

Rick Muda
Instagram: ardskellig


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Ah yes I know the owner of the Studebaker personally. It has a BMW M10 engine instead of V8. Because of issues on procuring parts, many shops in Indonesia has to be creative. That grille is made from scratch for example.

Another favorite is the Country Squire, it has an original factory installed 390 V8. I knew the previous owner, an elderly gentleman from Bandung. The car once left original unrestored until it was bought by one of Hotrodiningrat (Custom car club from Jogjakarta) and then it got transformed into the car you saw today. Personally I would left it original, considering Country Squire is a rare car in Indonesia.

Great to see stories from this part of the world got shared though.


oh, that's really cool! I never would have guessed. It's so well done! I shall look deeper into this!


You should mate, if you need any help for contacts feel free to contact me.


Wow, what a unique spot for a hot rod show. Amazing photos, some great cars in there. That truck in dark teal with orange scallops is quite the color combo, love it!


Got to love the classic culture in Indonesia!


All good but that Mk1 Transit wins. Shame its suffered a Scotch pad attack, it would be killer with a shiny top coat.


Interesting as most of the cars are the four-door versions of their respective lines. The shoebox Chevys, the Impalas, the Chryslers and Lincoln, all quad-holers. Is that a thing in Indonesia? Great pics by the way, helps ease this NYers mind.


Yes, we don't get many 2 doors as cars were a luxury item back then and people want the one that can carried most. Usually most of the American cars here are lower spec with 6 cylinder engine.


They absolutely love their 4 doors!


The rolling shot of the black Impala...oof! *bites fist*


in 2019 I missed BOTH kustomfest and this. hope I could attend both this year


The blue and red cars together with the funny face should be in the next Cars movie.