Two Completely Different Cars Built With The Same Ethos

As the saying goes, cars are meant to be a reflection of our personalities.

Taking that literally, it means that the majority of the population have very boring and practical ones – which might be true. However, every now and then you meet someone who has really tried to create a piece of automotive machinery that reflects who they are and what they’re passionate about.

Speedhunters_CharlieBrenninkmeijer_porsche 911 sc-40
Speedhunters_CharlieBrenninkmeijer_nissan silvia s14a-18

It’s not often you see an Outlaw-style Porsche 911 SC and Nissan Silvia S14 mentioned in the same sentence, but here we are.

While shooting for a Porsche specialist up in Retford, Nottinghamshire, I met Connor, the owner of a very clean Nissan S14 build. Following an impromptu photoshoot with some of his mates and their cars, I mentioned to him that I’d be shooting at Rennspeed again the next day, and that he should pop by for some daylight shots.

Speedhunters_CharlieBrenninkmeijer_nissan silvia s14a-71
Speedhunters_CharlieBrenninkmeijer_nissan silvia s14a-14
Speedhunters_CharlieBrenninkmeijer_nissan silvia s14a-36

When Connor came by the garage (and I heard him long before I saw him) we took some photos of his car, but it was when he was about to leave that things became interesting.

Speedhunters_CharlieBrenninkmeijer_porsche 911 sc-10
Speedhunters_CharlieBrenninkmeijer_Porsche 911 SC-45
Speedhunters_CharlieBrenninkmeijer_porsche 911 sc-30

Hugh, the owner of a brushed gold Outlaw build 911 SC showed up and immediately took an interest in Connor’s car, while Connor took an interest in Hugh’s. Clearly, these two are from completely different car circles, but there was a mutual respect born from the builds that each had created.

Speedhunters_CharlieBrenninkmeijer_porsche 911 sc nissan s14-2
Speedhunters_CharlieBrenninkmeijer_porsche 911 sc nissan silvia s14a-8

After a quick chat and a cup of tea, it was decided that alongside doing the planned shots of the 911 SC on the road we’d also get some of the S14, as well as the two cars together.

It was great seeing the joy of each owner when they were a passenger in the other’s car. Hugh, coming from a naturally aspirated flat-six, had a look of childish delight on his face from the force and sounds of the turbo-powered S14.

Speedhunters_CharlieBrenninkmeijer_porsche 911 sc nissan silvia s14a-14

Both drivers got to experience something that they never normally would have experienced, and to me that’s the beauty of car culture.

You may run a club called ‘Exclusive JDM’ but you still appreciate an Outlaw 911 SC. Being a petrolhead, car nut, whatever you want to call it, means you can easily strike up a conversation with someone you’ve never even met before, all because of a shared passion. Seeing these two owners of completely different cars, each reflective of who they are, is exactly what this car world is all about.

Charlie Brenninkmeijer


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WOW! but we want more pics of this ^_^


Not sure what makes that SC an 'outlaw', Momo and rusty pipes? Unfortunately, 'outlaw' is used far too often to encompass anything from a bog stock 356 missing its hubcaps to - in this case - a fat bumper 911 with its rims painted. Perhaps the full Rennspeed ad/feature will reveal its true 'outlaw' roots? Fingers crossed...


I would say today an outlaw porsche is an old one, which is not kept as factory delivered and shows that it is used . This one at least has gotten rid of some of the plastic from the fat back bumper, which also has some scars in the paintjob , the underside of it was cut or replaced as the exhaust looks like it´s from an RS, the black ´sideskirts´ have been removed, seems also that it was dropped a bit and the wheels don´t look like they have the original size (but that´s hard to tell from the av. pictures).
quite sure some Porsche Club members would that call already an outlaw


"outlaw" is that a Porsche that is actually driven as opposed to locked up in a garage?


A clean s14/240sx that isn't dropped on the ground with so much negative camber it can't drive properly.... WOW! NICE!

Charlie Brenninkmeijer

I know right? That's what struck me most about this car - and then the contrast of the bright engine bay was brilliant


great pics, boring cars
s14 is nowhere near feature worthy


Are you high????!!! S14 is clean, and nicely modded. (it wasn't actually a feature either)


I think we need to stop using trendy terms to label things and just look at them for what they are. A 911 that isn't restored to the way it left the show room isn't an "outlaw" Porsche. It's just a Porsche 911 that hasn't been restored.

It gets dicey when we start blending BS terms like these into the mainstream of car culture as it confuses younger enthusiasts who will think this is some kind of thing--and in turn sound like morons when they get around proper enthusiasts who aren't band wagoners.

Outlaw Porsches are terrible examples of how to build a 911 and it is very different from not restoring one. Seems to be a thing in the industry now though. There's always some new trendy word for how to modify a car like crap!


and for the record I am not saying this 911 is a POS. Far from it. I think it looks great and older Carreras are really enjoyable so calling this an outlaw build is pretty inaccurate.


Very interesting story... I have a similar combination of cars that you wouldn't exspect being owned by the same person: A 1980 Porsche 911 SC and a supercharged 2018 Toyota GT86 - and both are made to drive :-).
Greeting from Germany... Jessica