Far From Typical: The 2JZ S13 Built For Grip

When people think of a modified Nissan 240SX, many will picture an example set up for drifting, or stanced to appeal to the lowered car scene. This one is a little different.

Alex owns a 1991 240SX hatchback, commonly referred to in the automotive community as an S13. He’s had the car for 12 years, and over this period of time the Nissan has seen many phases and upgrades.

2019 180SX Victor Wang Speedhunters-02
2019 180SX Victor Wang Speedhunters-17

As with many cars, they usually start off as a daily and end up down the line being something far from it. Alex took this to another extreme by turning his car into a fully-fledged track monster.

All of the work has been done by Alex himself, and the 240 is currently built and set up for high grip on the track.

2019 180SX Victor Wang Speedhunters-03

The standard KA24 engine has been dropped in favor of the highly sought after and very well-respected 2JZ-GTE from the MkIV Toyota Supra, and further enhanced with Wiseco forged pistons, ARP hardware, a Garrett GT3582R turbo and much more.

2019 180SX Victor Wang Speedhunters-07

This 2JZ-swapped S13 has put down 613whp and 540lb-ft of torque, and is supported by a built Marlin Crawler R154 transmission and an LSD for supreme grip.

All of this power is great, but it would be worthless without a competent handling and stopping setup. In this respect, Alex has upgraded the car with Fortune Auto coilovers running Swift springs, an Energy Suspension polyurethane bushing kit, front and rear sway bars, and adjustable control arms. There’s also a Wilwood big brake kit in the mix, and some Enkei RPF1 wheels wrapped in sticky Nitto NT01 tires.

2019 180SX Victor Wang Speedhunters-11
2019 180SX Victor Wang Speedhunters-26
2019 180SX Victor Wang Speedhunters-13

To ensure that his car visually stood out from other 240s on the road, Alex has completed a right-hand drive conversion. The stripped-out interior also features a Corbeau seat, RaceQuip harness and a 4-point roll bar.

2019 180SX Victor Wang Speedhunters-22
2019 180SX Victor Wang Speedhunters-01

As far as exterior components go, the Nissan benefits from an Origin V3 wide-body kit, a Rocket Bunny front bumper, VIS carbon fiber hood, and late-model kouki tail lights. The paint is Toyota’s Quicksand Tan.

2019 180SX Victor Wang Speedhunters-19
2019 180SX Victor Wang Speedhunters-18

The world of modified cars has grown and changed over the years with many trends coming and going, but there is always one constant and it is found in almost every respectable build: Performance.

This is an ingredient that will always drive us forward, and it can be found easily in Alex’s 2JZ-swapped S13.

Victor Wang
Instagram: victorscottwang


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does he track it tho? Seems more than capable, probably a blast.


Call me a hater or whatever but tbh 2J swaps, especially in s-chassis have kind of gotten to a point of being pretty boring and overdone, a 400hp sr would have had me wayy more interested. With how easy it is to throw a JZ or an LS into something, motor swaps aren't special anymore I feel. The car is cool and well built and credit to him for putting this together but seeing the same thing over and over has me pretty bored.


So you say a JZ is boring but you want to see an SR? I own an s14 and am pretty active in the schassis community, there are wayyyy more SR schassis than JZ. LS and JZ swaps are a ton more work than an SR where you literally just have to put the engine in the car.


I feel you but it's because of the reliability* + power potential of the 2j and LS that make them such popular swaps.


Agree. 2jz and grip for what circuits? SIMPLY doesn’t work. Ordinary Silvias with lighter SRs will just leave it behind. Lol. So much for the time and effort. But hey? Maybe he just wants to be different, different but slower.


I think reliable power but i agree one the 2jz and ls swap comment
No lies i love the engines but I’m properly yearning to see something unique , that pushes the boundaries on engine swaps


I don't think having a well formed opinion makes you a hater, FWIW. I completely get where you're coming from, but there's a lot to said for the reliability of a 2JZ, too.


Except it's not an informed opinion. Horsepower and torque curves aren't about being "unique" they are about hitting numbers. LS swaps are not easy at all in many cars and it would actually produce more torque and hp for a smaller amount of money making it more economically viable.

Honestly--where the !@#$ are people getting this kind of information now? Let alone having the gal to spread it. Welcome to the internet: where everyone is a geniu....sorry I mean idiot.


A 'formed' opinion and an 'informed' opinion are two different things.


Correct--any idiot can form an opinion. Smart people create an opinion once they obtain knowledge. That's called being informed. Jfc *face palm* you actually felt a need to explain that. Stunning.

Your articles make a lot of sense now. lmao.


Especially considering this is an American build, you have to think about ease of sourcing parts. JZs were sold here in a few models, SRs weren't available at all.


Actually, I forgot about the SR20DE in the FWD Infiniti G20t. Still, not a DET.


Those panel gaps tho...


'You could get a truck through there' etc...


But a small truck nonetheless


Cool build nonetheless


Lol. Got 3 words for this. IT’S NOT GONNA WORK. 2jz amd grip for what circuits? Haha! So much for the time and effort. Coz basic Silvias will their SRs will always have the upper hand. Maybe he just want to be a handicapped racer who knows.


Go back to school. Firstly, "it's not gonna work" - 4 words. Secondly, so what if it's a 2j? It ain't about the engine or car all the time. Its all about the driver. Judging from your comments, you're a pure hater. Besides, I'm pretty sure you'd just crash on the first corner of a circuit in your SR20 240. Either that, or he'll just leave you in the dust while you're busy eating gravel at Road Atlanta.


Because six cylinders sound better than four? There's always going to be someone faster, so why not make the car fit your personality? To me, the noise a car makes counts for a lot in that regard.


Dude drops a ~750-horse engine in what looks like a well-done build.

“Meh, what a wanker!”

Only on the internet...


Welcome to the Speedhunters comment section....


Sick, JDM in pure form


its nice to see a S13 being built for Grip driving. it'll be nice to see some actual photos, videos and even lap times. we also have a S13 that we used to use for drifting, but we got old and start doing track / time attack events. check out @adamswan9 and @hrspwr_industries and see our S13 getting it done!


Chill build (RHD conversion + 2jz swap).
Too bad the text was a little over the top because that isn’t a “fully-fledged track monster”, lol. Also interesting this is running poly bushings not hard joints.


A 240SX with a 2JZ and a RB body kit sounds pretty typical to me regardless of the set up.


It's an Origin kit.


My bad, still, it appears to me it's impossible for a 240SX to be far from typical, although it appears to be well done.


Proper build s13 finally someone is different and not building for drifting.


great car and salute to the Builder.


No my personal taste because I would SR20 swap it for a lot of factors. Weigh distribution, can make enough power without being too crazy and keep it Nissan.

Nothing wrong with what the owner did! His money, his car and his idea. I really hope that he can enjoy the build and be really happy while creating good memories and good friends.


SR20DET reliable.... yeah with major major upgrades to the whole engine package. Oiling system needs major upgrades. Needs valve lockers on the top end to not throw stuff out of head. Now if you're talking puting a TOMEI completely overhauled SR20 in thats a diffrent story. But yeah whats the opening price for one of those like 10k-15k?