Night Of Legends: 7’s Day NYC

It’s hard to believe we are already past the halfway point of 2019.

It seems like just yesterday we were looking forward to Tokyo Auto Salon while most of our cars were in hibernation. That’s especially true for those of us who reside in the Northeast.

Our vehicles usually go back into storage while we sit and patiently wait for the warmer months. Each week, watching the forecast, hoping for warmer days. Once the spring hits, going for that first cruise is as refreshing as ice cold water on a hot and humid day.

Stress relief and excitement return for car enthusiasts all over the area.


In New York City and the Tri-state, summer has become synonymous with 7’s Day.

Four years ago, we, as, along with Ted of Regiment Zero, held the first ever 7’s Day in NYC. Forever inspired by the rotary forefathers in Japan, we wanted to create a night that is a tribute to the rotary engine and the platforms they reside in.

Also as a tribute to all in the Tri-state area who had been bitten by the rotary bug, decades prior to the moment I am writing this article.

2019 7s Day Preview Speedhunters Pravan-Kuntmala-03

In 2016, we saw many of the local legends join us for the inaugural event. As it was a first, we used the lessons learned in preparation for the following year, which we shared in our Speedhunters guest article, seen here.

2019 7s Day Preview Speedhunters Pravan-Kuntmala-08

The images and video we are sharing in this post were the scenes captured during our 2018 7’s Day session. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but there has likely never been a night of car culture of this magnitude in the metropolitan area.

2019 7s Day Preview Speedhunters BRANDON Ayende-02

Only those who attended will know of it, and agree this was one of the most unimaginable night’s of car life in NYC, period.

Now, I understand, you may think this is a farfetched statement and a bit of a stretch. I would feel the same if I heard that, so it’s a good thing I have the evidence to back up that claim.

For 2018, we knew the turnout was going to be bigger than what we’ve seen in previous years. 7/7 fell on a Saturday, with clear skies and summer heat, it was prime time for what was about to occur.


As you may have noticed from the images, we started at two locations: One faction in New Jersey, the other in Long Island. Attendees from all over the East Coast joined as well. As far as Florida, Boston, Maryland, Connecticut, Upstate NY and more.

2019 7s Day Preview Speedhunters Alex Trentch-05

As the day went on, the sun began to set, and the gathering commenced. The heightened atmosphere of what was occurring before our eyes continuing to increase. Everywhere you looked, you would catch a glimpse of a vehicle that you couldn’t help but take another look at.

2019 7s Day Preview Speedhunters EDWIN REYES-02

Prior to the cruise, witnessing the amount of Mazda rotary-powered machines converge to our unpublicized meeting locations was astonishing to say the least. Some of the cleanest FBs, FCs and FDs we had ever had the pleasure to lay our eyes on.

The classic ‘brap’ from these machines reminding us all, this was the day of the rotary engine.

2019 7s Day Preview Speedhunters Alex Trentch-02

The day of the rotary occurs with the full support from other makes and models of the same era. The ‘JDM dream cars’ as many have come to call them.

2019 7s Day Preview Speedhunters Alex Trentch-01

Our event begins at dusk and carries on through the evening hours. In order to ensure the cruise goes without a hitch, all of the instructions and locations are kept to word of mouth only. Once the sun goes down, it’s time to hit the city.

2019 7s Day Preview Speedhunters Pravan-Kuntmala-06

A celebration of rotaries and Japanese car life in New York City. With Manhattan being incredibly dynamic, seemingly random, there are always a few surprises lurking in the alleyways.

2019 7s Day Preview Speedhunters Brian Chin-01

It was a moment where we all were transported back to 1990s Japan. Legends were out in full force to share this occasion that was occurring in NYC history. A congregation at the magnitude and quality the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

2019 7s Day Preview Speedhunters BRANDON Ayende-04
2019 7s Day Preview Speedhunters Alex Trentch-06
2019 7s Day Preview Speedhunters Brian Chin-06

While we were all gathered at our somewhat secret location (using the term ‘secret’ lightly due to literally hundreds of cars in attendance), we suddenly heard the sound of a high-power inline six beast approaching.

Something I still can’t believe myself, but our very special guest had arrived…

2019 7s Day Preview Speedhunters Alex Trentch-07

As it likely did many times on the highways of Japan, the Signal Auto GT-R made a swift appearance before disappearing into the night.

2019 7s Day Preview Speedhunters Alex Trentch-08

The same car that competed in countless competitions both in Japan and the US, including Formula Drift. It’s currently owned, driven and preserved to its original Formula D spec by Redline Restorations in Connecticut. This car was on the streets of NYC for one night only.

A special thank you must be said to Colton.

2019 7s Day Preview Speedhunters Brian Chin-05

This Signal R34 wasn’t the only machine in attendance from the motherland. As time progresses, it has become almost commonplace to see classic ’90s right-hand drive builds from Japan roaming the streets of NYC.

RE Amemiya-spec FDs are now not so uncommon. The years pass, and the days that we get to bring our JDM dreams to the US have almost all come to pass. They are here to stay, with their younger relatives on the horizon.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Despite being homegrown New Yorkers, we love Times Square. Most natives avoid this area like the plague due to tourists and the utter chaos that occurs.

The global standard multimedia-focused district, putting the spotlight on the biggest melting pot in the world. For 7’s Day, the spotlight is on the rotary machines. Full support from their JDM comrades giving the locals, tourists and enthusiasts something special to capture.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
2019 7s Day Preview Speedhunters EDWIN REYES-04
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Cruise through, pose for some photos, have a good time.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
2019 7s Day Preview Speedhunters Brian Chin-10

Old school rotary was in full force that night. Respect the originals. There are rotary enthusiasts in the Tri-state area that have been focused on this lifestyle long before many were born.

While there tends to be a focus on FDs and FCs on 7’s Day, the classic rotary machines deserve just as much, if not more, praise. Maintaining these classics to such a pristine spec over decades is no easy task. Salute to the OGs.


What would NYC be without the NYPD?

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

They keep us safe on a daily basis, while somehow managing to be aware of all of the endless activity in Times Square. We understand they are here doing their jobs and we don’t want to disrupt that.

Respect NYC, the NYPD, your peers and yourself. This is our top priority, and is one of the reasons these cruises are not an open invite.


After Times Square, the night wrapped up at our final meeting location. Here we took a moment to let it all sink in and catch up with everyone we may have lost in the shuffle with countless stories of what each of us saw while we were out there.

A chance to say our final goodbyes and thank yous to all who participated in this memorable night.

2019 7s Day Preview Speedhunters EDWIN REYES-07

As we prepare for 7/7/19, last year and the years prior have remained nights that are permanently ingrained into our memories.

This year will be no different.

Wherever you are in the world, 7’s Day is meant to be a celebration and a symbol of unity. We are here to celebrate the legendary rotary engine and those who have been dedicated to it for decades. To recall that moment where we all first realized such a thing like it exists.

With the concrete jungle as the environment and the car culture legends by their side, this is how we do it in NYC. Community vibes. Spread love and positivity through car culture.

Enjoy 7’s Day 2019 wherever you are.

Edwin Reyes / PrimeNYC


Photography by Alex Trentch, Brandon Ayende, Brian Chin, Edwin Reyes, Pravan Kuntmala, Saliou Omar Khoule & Siva Somya



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Hi, what time and wherr is going to be?

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

So the Signal Auto R34 is now registered for street use?


Holy heck, I had no idea the Signal Auto R34 was still even around.. I had thought it met the same fate that far too many ex-demo cars and ex-competition cars meet - being abandoned somewhere to rot/deteriorate away, I.E. the NAC West N2 Silvia S13.
There are so many iconic ex-D1GP cars, time-attack machines (I.E. the old N2 AE86's, Apexi RX-7 or D1GP Kei Office S15), etc, that just seem to have disappeared from the planet.

Glad to see the Signal Auto car is still around, beautiful Maziora paint and all!


This is brilliant! Wish I was there.


Happy 7s Day everyone. I'm hunting for rotary machines at Goodwood


Cool Cool COOOOOL ^__^ Great article


Last year was my very first 7s day in Times Square and it has been one of my most favorite experiences/memories thus far! So many beautiful builds and not to mention all of the humble people we met along the way. I’ve been looking forward to this day once again and here it is, today’s the day and I cannot wait! See ya soon!


Makes me wish my fd still ran -_-. Can I get a go fund me to help get it back on the road? (kidding)


7's day is always a reason to visit speedhunters every year. If I ever book a holiday to NYC or Japan, I think I may even have it over the holiday so I can witness this first hand