Star Road’s Tangy Wide-body Z

Resto-mod specialist Inoue-san at Star Road has pretty much done everything that can be done to the Hakosuka, Kenmeri and Fairlady Z.

His style is appreciated the world over; Inoue-san modernizes without losing any of the tangible character that old engines give to these sort of cars, which is why you won’t see any of his builds running modern powerplants.


The trusty L-series stroked to over 3.0-liters is Inoue-san’s signature engine, an inline-six that’s able to provide well over 300hp to his cars. It’s precisely what he’s running in his recently completed Z project, one that had been a work in progress for close to two years.


Fuelling the engine is a trio of side-draught Solex carburetors, meticulously tuned to give the sort of throttle response that these highly-tuned motors are so famous for.

Presentation is a very important aspect of Star Road builds, and since this S30 was a ground up restoration it sports a meticulously finished engine bay, color matched to the metallic orange of the exterior and finished off with the usual array of chrome detailing, braided fuel lines, chunky ignition leads and a multi-core race radiator.


While Inoue-san was showing the interior of the car to an attendee at Old Timer magazine’s Kyusha Tengoku meet on Sunday, I took the chance to grab some pictures too. The attention to detail is outstanding, from the OEM trim to the more modern additions like Bride Low Max bucket seats, it strikes a great balance between new and old.


Star Road’s usual style is 240ZG-style works fender flares, but this car took so long to create because it served as an R&D tool for a new wide-body fender conversion kit. For those that want to go more extreme with their classic Z, this one’s for you.


The rear fenders are pretty wide and therefore required the redesign of the rear bumper section. Old school chrome bumpers have no place here.


A ducktail spoiler finishes things off at the base of the hatch.


The widening to the front arches follows the rounded profile of the rears and is designed to merge into the ZG-like front bumper which has been re-profiled with an integrated lip spoiler.


Finally, the car sits on Star Road Glow Star wheels shod in Pirelli P7 Corsa tyres for the ultimate modernized vintage feel.

This is about as wild as we’ve seen aero conversions for the S30 go in Japan, and we’d love to hear what you think of it.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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The color reflects quite nicely on the engine


Wowowowowowow..Star Road hit it out of the park with this one. I never get tired of seeing pictues of this build. I give it an 11/10.


Interested in the r3000gt on the riser, anything coming up on that?


I'm not a fan of body kits on S30s on general, and this one reminds me of the Brinkmann kit.
I just hope Larry Chen and Paddy don't get upset at me for thinking that way.


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Dem tyres, real fitment :D


Why aren't you a fan of them?


Nickgenerazio32 I love the original lines of the S30. ZG flares if anything, or IMSA because it is period, but the whole "body kit" thing on the S30: I have not seen one that I like. ie the rocketbunny kit just looks weird to me. But that's just me. Speedhunters wants you to like it, and like it you will!


Oh I see.. well, I can totally respect that sort of opinion. Nothing wrong with preferring to use period aero parts for vintage cars, sometimes that's the best way to go when it comes to exterior modifications.


Great article as always. :)
We do like the Star Road S30 a lot and visited it too this year:
Keep up the good work, Dino.


That is a beautiful engine! Just right imo, shiny shiny shiny, with a hint of blue. Just like the engine in my RS ;-)


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All that beautiful engine work just to be tainted by a cheap braided radiator hose sleeve


This picture tells the whole story. The point where the fender meets the bumper is flawless, and ridiculously difficult to accomplish. Even the Nakai-san has a tough time getting his Rauh-Welt cars this good. Bravo!


Great finish, impeccable build, but just not my cup of tea. 
i enjoy period S30s, give me a G-nose and some fat wats any day, 
but props to the builder for building something they wanted.


TylerHorne Come on, don't be too drastic, you could swap that out in 5 min flat lol


nielssan Thanks man!


niZmO_Man So right, nailed it big time. Needs more offset up front though


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It's a shame but I really don't like that bodykit. To me the lines don't flow and it looks quite cheap.. 

The more I see the built L-series the more it makes me want to do mine though :O


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Great looking S30!! Just about the right about of modern to still keep the retro lines , love those Pirelli P7's to even though they probably cost more than my Z :-)


atomman Yeah I couldn't stop looking at them! Talk about nailing the sizing perfectly. I hope more people go for these chunky sidewalls on vintage cars like these. Looks like a new vintage tire from Pirelli


rekewuvur11111 Thanks!


S30_N It's an either you love it or hate it affair. It might be too much for some, but spot on for those that really need to stand out


StreetStatik Thanks for an honest opinion!


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speedhunters_dino Me to, no need to over stretch those 15's anymore with the new sizes, Have you got the rear sizes please ? I can see the 235/45/15's on the front, which is pretty big for fronts, I'm only running 225/50/15's R888's on 10's on the back of my Z, Car must have a shed load of grip with those sticky Corsa's


Star Road and Rocky Auto, keeping the S30 Z at an all time high. Just amazing.


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speedhunters_dino TylerHorne The fuel lines are sleeved aswell. Still looks alright but I would have
figured there they would have atleast used actual braided lines. Still
an absolutely beautiful car and they did a wonderful job with everything
else. I've always been a fan of this chassis and the L series engine so its really good to see it still getting some love!


Waaaaaaaaaaaaa...I love the Fairlady...they're really sexy and with these "setup" even more if possible....and I'd love to hear the engine sound! Thanks for this article too Dino!!! :)