Coke Adds Life To This Fairlady Z

I love antique advertising. There’s something comforting about how products were marketed in the good old days, the illustrations, type fonts, and slogans give them a charming character.

So when I saw this Coca-Cola-themed Nissan Fairlady Z, I had to contact its owner, Hajime Noto, and schedule a shoot.


This is one of five cars in Hajime-san’s collection, another being a feature-worthy R32 Skyline GT-R. But this Fairlady seems to be the car he is most proud of.

Hajime-san has been restoring it over the past five years at home. He assembled body parts and panels, built the engine, and added a splash of Coke style for good measure.


The interior is all Hajime-san’s work, too. There’s a screwdriver gear shift and a BMX grip handbrake, and if you look closely, you might spot the ChoroQ BNR32, in the same silver as Hajime-san’s Skyline. I love all the other little details around the cabin, like the pineapple door locks and the DIY door handles.


Despite the Coca-Cola theme, it seems like Dr Pepper is also acceptable.


The exterior has also been personalised and reminds me of a 1950s American diner or a Coke vending machine from back in the day. Of course, it’s red – Crystal Red with extra added metal flake to be precise.


At the rear, Hajime-san built his own ducktail spoiler and retrofitted early model tail lights, but not before converting them to LED. Then there’s the custom carbon fibre garnish – talk about a mash-up of styles and eras.


The wheels? Volk Racing GT-Cs by RAYS, measuring 17×9-inch at the front and 17×10-inch out back. I’ve always loved these wheels, but whether or not they work with a classic car is a personal preference. They certainly give the Z a unique look.


The Coke theme continues under the bonnet, with a – yep, you guessed it – hand-painted rocker cover sporting the classic Coca-Cola script.


The original L28 inline-six has been overhauled and fitted with oversized Kameari high-compression pistons, and breathes easily through three 44mm Solex side-draught carburettors and a custom exhaust.

The factory driveline remains too, but Hajime-san has upgraded it with an OS Giken twin-plate clutch and ultra-lightweight flywheel combo.


This is such a fun project car and an exercise in self-expression. Some people knit quirky jumpers, while others, like Hajime-san, build Coke-themed classic cars. Who wants to see the other vehicles in his collection?

Toby Thyer
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This! This is a car with a personality


Picture #10 - Choro Q !!!


Man this is such a nice Fairlady Z build the red color absolutely pops
And the engine cover pops even more


This is so Japanese it hurts my balls


I’d walk a mile for a camel.


Toby, these shots are beautiful! The car looks fantastic in this scenery and lighting, great job