Trueno Unlimited

I’m going to preface this entire spotlight with a simple statement. This is the best Trueno I’ve ever seen.

At the recent 86 Fest in Mondello, this was the first car that I happened upon. I had never seen it before, never knew it was being built and didn’t know it even existed right up until I set eyes upon it. When I recognised the familiar smile of the man behind it, it all started to make sense…

2016 AE86 Black Limited 16V by Paddy McGrath-2

The Trueno is the latest project from Paul Reene, the very same man responsible for that epic Vauxhall-powered MkI Escort we featured last year. Turns out that he’s not just a Ford man.

Paul has some very admirable traits when it comes to building cars. First of all, he doesn’t do social media in any form, so nobody ever knows what he’s building unless you happen to know him. How refreshing is it for a car to turn up completely out of the blue? It just never happens anymore. Secondly, he’s very much a man who builds his cars for himself. He’s not afraid of upsetting purists and whatever faux rules they’ve invented for themselves. He plays very much by his own rules.

The ‘Black Limited’ AE86 before you? Well, truth be told it’s not actually an ultra-rare Black Limited. Paul owned the car for 10 years, before he took it apart and rebuilt it into something even better.

Why build it into something it isn’t? Consider it a homage of sorts. Of the 400 Black Limiteds that were built, it’s estimated that considerably less than half remain in existence. I know of just one original example in Ireland for instance, a country rich with AE86s. As such, the Black Limited is considered the Holy Grail of the Hachiroku world along with being some of the last AE86s ever produced. Paul’s Trueno overlapped with the Black Limiteds, his own car being a late production example. It was only after he bought the Trueno, itself a Japanese import, that he began to learn about the Black Limited models.

The Black Limiteds are really only special because of their rarity, rather than because of any mechanical differences or special parts. In fact, what separates a Black Limited from a similar era Sprinter Trueno is purely cosmetics.

2016 AE86 Black Limited 16V by Paddy McGrath-4

As such, I think that this makes Paul’s Trueno even more special than an original Black Limited.

2016 AE86 Black Limited 16V by Paddy McGrath-6

I genuinely think the term ‘immaculate’ completely undersells this car. It’s as close to AE86 perfection as I think possible. The engine bay alone is worthy of a full story and has probably had more love and effort put into it than some people have put into their entire car. The paint found within the smoothed bay is better than what I’ve seen on the outside of other examples.

The 16-valve 4A-GE is currently in a fairly mild state of tune with just cams, ITBs and an exhaust.

Every inch of the car has been restored lovingly to the highest standards, with literally no area left untouched. It’s not a show queen either; as I gathered my things to hit the road home after shooting this, Paul was queuing up for a track session which would be the car’s very first since being rebuilt. He’s not shy.

2016 AE86 Black Limited 16V by Paddy McGrath-18

It might not be the real deal so to speak – Paul would never claim otherwise either – but that’s irrelevant on a car like this. There might have been 400 Black Limiteds produced, but none of them in their original state could possibly hold a candle to this.

This is one of one.

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
Twitter: pmcgphotos



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That engine bay, wow.


Some car , some lad ! Saw some of his other builds put class! Must cbe one of the best car builders in the country !# clean


Nice car, but it looks like the 5672 other Hachies.


Is anyone else seeing a wrench sticking out of the subframe area in the sway bar pic?


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**spits out morning tea**


lovely lovely car!
But what is up with that front screen?


Elonexx A side effect of using a circular polarizer to cut down on reflections in the paint is that at some angles it'll pick up a rainbow in the windows of the car. I've only had it happen on the windshield and rear window.



This is seriously impressive, I actually said "wow" out loud when I saw the engine bay.


It is weird that the thing that most impresses me is the no rear speaker option rear hatch covers? Super rare and non existent in the USA.


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Anybody know what wheels/ size on that ? Look 15/16 in h in pic?


One hell of a sweet car, but god ye have to get someone stateside to check out Billy Edmonds AE86. Seeing as he's from Cork we can claim it as the best Irish Twincam!! Doesn't have a 90 page build thread on Ae86IRL for nothing


Seen that car at modello show , 90 page only a warm up .... This is a world mag ... Car thing , Cork not a republic yet ...... I've a feeling there holding back on somthing .... As I saw some gear on that yoke , I'd say the list be as long as he'll!


Look at the bonnet catch!!! OCD or what!!
Quality build!! U0001f1eeU0001f1eaU0001f1eeU0001f1eaU0001f1eeU0001f1ea

Shadie motorsport

Heated screen


I seen a lot of the work that went into this car and I can say the pictures are very well taken but the detail in the car when you walk around it is unreal. Every nut and bolt is original sent off to be zinc coated. The paint job is just anal done to prefection. You could look in the engine bay all day long just class and the hidden loom in the bay savage. Every possible adjustable arm bc coilovers ap brakes the best of the best in this yoke.

Shadie motorsport

Best car at ae86 day n cork Toyota day by far, should have won both days, was miles ahead of the rest, paint work unreal,even the brand new fog lamps genuine one can't be got for love r money, hi spec ap breaks, interiour mint, all wiring n pipes hidden unreal


That is the original one sent of dipped and zinked

Shadie motorsport



do you know the tiresize?

Shadie motorsport

This has to be the best build ive seen!
To say the car is finished to perfection is an understatement!
The finish,the little touches here and there and the overall final product,second to none!
Unreal build,PERFECT finish
"If Carlsberg did car builds,they'd probably not come close to this"
Lookin forward to seein more in future from this lad.


nice one Paul
i will always love 4aage


Nice car, but those fake Japanese plates just look stoopid...


I have only seen 1 black limited ever and I am born in Japan. That stock steering wheel has got to go! Gotta have a black nardi. Those gold Watanabes have to go as well. Should have put on the gun metal like Watanabe's with the black and red caps.


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The car looks stunning. One of the most beautiful i've ever seen and it is 'excellent tuned' at the points!


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ryukyustriker That's an original Black Limited steering wheel, infinitely rarer than a Nardi!


That man is right ! You living in japan .. And you said the wheel was stock .... Shows how much you know about hachi's
Just to let you know , sushi is raw fish with sticky rice and see weed ! Not a kebabab !


Elonexx Old front screens can exhibit what you see in the photo. Oddly, I have only seen older Japanese cars have this 'problem.'


About ten years ago there used to be a genuine Black Limited kicking around the UK that had a 4AGZE fitted. I remember taking photos of it in the carpark at GT battle, I wonder what happened to that one??


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Paddy McGrath ryukyustriker Lets not split hairs on what is original black limited cause there is alot of modifications on that car that isn't stock. So the hideous stock steering wheel doesn't merit a must stay. It doesn't look any different from the stock steering wheel on my old Hachi that soon became a Frisbee soon as I could get it off. Not rare at all


Rb26 what are you mumbling about? oh you just got a japanese car and are a expert. Yeah ok


ryukyustriker Paddy McGrath bro its not your car


Nicely done!  Again, I laugh at the narrow minded comments below.  Same folks that have so much negative $hit to say, and yet still have never furnished one good car to show they know some $hit or know how to build some $hit.


Let me just say..
What am I even doing with my car!? This is the epitome of what I am trying to do. Albeit, a world apart litteraly and figuratively. But, still, hats off to this!


Rb26 i particularly enjoyed the "kebabab"


The sun comes up in the east and sets in the west, a clown gets up in the morning a clown ......and goes to bed at night still a clown !
That be it a stock clown !



That was mine. Owned it way back about 11 years ago. Sold to a chap it Ireland (Peter something if I remember). Never saw it again, although did here it was in a crash at a track day or something.



tetsujin That would be the one! I recognise your username off Driftworks, didn't you have the awesome brown KE corolla too??


What is the tire size on those 14s?