Ciao Bella: A Creatively-Built Ferrari 328 GTS

Social media can kill excitement for a new build just as easily as it can create it.

There is so much going on at your fingertips that it gets overwhelming, and there’s almost a daily DM of: ‘Have you seen what X has done to their build? That’s (awesome/awful); it will look (so good/so bad) when it’s done!’

TDC CM 24 328 SH-19

Much of it is the same old stuff, and it can be hard to be excited for many upcoming builds. One that’s managed to escape the usual rigamarole is Rich Colvill‘s Ferrari 328 GTS. Knowing it would be on show at The Drivers Collection‘s recent Cromford Mills event was the final push I needed to attend. Fortunately, it did not disappoint.

TDC CM 24 328 SH-16

Rich has been building notable cars for years, with at least one of almost every Porsche 911 model under his belt – from an early model to a 991. Plus a 968 for good measure.

His last air-cooled Porsche 911 build was a multiple-award winner with custom work everywhere, including a raised floor, custom front chassis and bespoke interior.

TDC CM 24 328 SH-17

“I bought the Ferrari as I’ve always had Porsches and needed to up the game,” Rich recalls. “I love restoring cars so I wanted a project too. This [328] was the perfect brief.”

TDC CM 24 328 SH-14

Looking at it now you wouldn’t realise, but many years of abuse, questionable ownership and abandonment had taken its toll on the Ferrari. One owner decided to try and give the 328 some 288 GTO-esque touches and cut vents into the rear quarters before stripping the car for parts and parking it in a barn.

TDC CM 24 328 SH-22

“I found it after searching for three years. It would have been scrapped if it didn’t have a yellow badge. It was badly crunched on the front and back corners,” Rich says. “The car was originally black, my favourite colour, plus they apparently only made 54 in this spec.”

TDC CM 24 328 SH-30

The exterior is now immaculate, with a mirror finish to the black paint and custom rear arch flares that look like they came on the car from factory.

Rich is a creative director, and a career in design has impacted his approach to builds. The mirrors are of his own design and the angle of the stays is the same as the slant of the front wings towards the ground. “I had the mirrors made in real carbon just because it was faster [to do] than in Kevlar, and they probably look better than yellow mirrors.”

TDC CM 24 328 SH-1

They’re the only carbon fibre touches on the Ferrari, the rest being carbon-Kevlar. The side air intakes are the first hint at the lightweight and strong composite material, and the further inside the car you look, the more yellow weave you’ll see.

TDC CM 24 328 SH-21

The wheels are my favourite feature: genuine magnesium BBS E19s from a Ferrari F40 LM painted in a satin white gold finish. You can still see the natural rough finish of the magnesium, a detail I love. This is one of four sets of wheels Rich has for the car.

TDC CM 24 328 SH-15
TDC CM 24 328 SH-7

Sticking to the car’s Italian heritage, Rich chose to use a Gucci palette to elevate the build and break up the black-on-black colour scheme. The seat belts, door pulls, and fire extinguisher strap are all in the house of Gucci’s signature green and red.

TDC CM 24 328 SH-23

The engine has remained standard, save for the bespoke intake, a refresh and a Larini exhaust system to let the 3.2-litre V8 sing.

TDC CM 24 328 SH-32

“The suspension is air, so I can use the car whilst having it as low as I like, which is never low enough,” says Rich. Behind the engine in the rear boot is the system’s air tank, trimmed in ribbed black leather to match the seats.

TDC CM 24 328 SH-11

Rich’s Ferrari is certainly not the most performance-oriented car I’ve featured, but as a four-wheeled object of desire, it is stunning. It’s rare to see full-on builds from ‘creatives’ these days, and the difference in the thought process behind the final result fascinates me.

TDC CM 24 328 SH-9
TDC CM 24 328 SH-27

“I love the car’s design, but it was hard to see the vision when I got it. I didn’t take many pictures as it was so ugly; now it belongs on a wall,” Rich finished with.

Given his 328 took home the ‘Best in Show’ award at Cromford Mills, I’m inclined to agree.

Mario Christou
Instagram: mcwpn



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Wow. The side profile on this car is beautiful. Normally don’t like air but for this build it works. Have been in a 355 and imagine this drives very similar. Stunning work. And I don’t even like road cars. This is really really nice.

Mario Christou

It's such a gorgeous piece of Italian design, especially with the roof off and lights up! Thanks for reading mate.


Awesome article & awesome pics

Mario Christou

Much appreciated Andrew, thanks for reading!


Nice! God that car is low.

Mario Christou

It is indeed but it raises up to be drivable!


What are the other 3 sets of wheels he keeps for it

Mario Christou

Hey Jeff! Rich has some BBS RS, BBS E88s and what I believe are a set of Compomotive F40-style split rims. Ridiculous selection!


…I don’t get it? When did changing some cosmetic bits, lowering the car, AND NOT EVEN TOUCHING THE ENGINE OR DRIVETRAIN constitute a BUILT car??? Answer: never

This is not a built car. This is a nicely warmed over original one. If all you do is slap on an intake, your car was not built, lol. Nice flares, those were done right. I like the color combo and all, but cosmetics are not what the game is all about…or what it’s about almost at all.

Mario Christou

I'd argue that a total strip down, repair and rebuild with custom parts on a forty year old Ferrari does constitute a build. Not every 'build' has to push big power or be created with the goal of breaking lap records on track.

There's no single recipe that constitutes a 'built' car, otherwise all of my articles would be a copy and paste format with the only differences being the make, model and owners' names.

This is a forty year old Ferrari which was sentenced to death in a barn after being crashed years ago and butchered. And in case you missed it, the engine may not be tuned or modified but it has been rebuilt from the ground up.

Thanks for reading anyway!


Sounds like the car was crashed and hacked up by a previous owner. It looks pretty rebuilt and modified to me, hence built.

Mario Christou

You're absolutely right there Nate, thanks for reading!


Rich, I'm a creative director too... Please tell me your secret to own a fleet of Porsches and Ferraris :)

Vincent Conker Auger

Not a Ferrari fan boy here but this 328 is stunning, really. Older 80s to early 90s Ferraris are growing on me recently, though.

Great jobs on the pictures friend !


Good lord, you really are an angry man. But one that seems exceptionally talented. Champion kart racer, race car engine builder, friend to the racing Illuminati and a champion do you find time to fit it all in! You're also giving strong Andrew Tate vibes with your 'I have women' comment - probably want to work on that.

What I especially like is that you took the time to make multiple (threatening) comments over the course of a weekend, it's almost like you've been triggered by someone pointing out where you could help yourself, maybe deal with the trauma and try to make things better for both yourself and those around you.

Maybe take some time away from the keyboard, go for a walk and take a deep breath. I'm sorry I wasn't here for you over the weekend (your loneliest time I'd imagine) as I was out walking my cockapoo with my life partner, but rest assured now I'm back to work I'm here to listen - vent if you need to x


Why are you so aggressive? Do you need a hug?

This constant reference to ‘casuals’ or ‘morons’ or whatever other derogatory term you use only paints you in a bad light. Your multiple posts, one after the other just gives the impression you’re not very well.

If you need to share, we’re here for you. If you need to vent, just come and have a virtual cuddle. Don’t be so angry all the time, it’ll just make you sad in the long run xx


Great - let it all out! Yet again pushing the masculinity traits as an avoidance of facing your true emotions head on. Also interesting that you've assumed I'm male, I'm sure your Alpha Male persona wouldn't allow you to hit a women so I'd imagine you're consumed with conflict on that front. Unless your family has a history of domestic violence which would answer a lot of questions - and don't be ashamed, that doesn't have to all be directed on the male side, women can be violent too!

This really is a cry for help - under that hard critical, threatening exterior I'm sure you're just a young man with some issues that need working out. It's not too far gone to turn this around, I have faith in you xx


I concur


Interesting. So you corelate having testicles with the ability to look down at people, to call our their faults? It gives you a sense of power over others in the same way that having a set of stones lets you look down at those that don't? Do you find it hard to have relationships with the other sex?

Maybe its a combination - Oedipus complex leading to latent homosexuality combined with a Napoleon complex where there is a need to seek dominance over other males (normally taller). Are you quite short in stature? This all makes for very interesting reading, you're definitely a complex specimen!


This is often a defensive line taken by someone that is dealing with trauma - a complete shut down of emotions, a contrary standpoint - I bet you have your arms folded a lot don't you?

Has something happened that you've not yet dealt with? Is the need to continually ascertain that you have significant experience in building 'race engines' and working with 'important people' from various F1 backgrounds, related to you feeling like you need to prove yourself to others, maybe more so to yourself?

I think you're great and you should know that you're amongst friends here - we don't judge you. Maybe use your knowledge and experience as a force for change - educate people but do it in a warm manner which I'm sure you're capable of - encourage rather than chastise. I believe in you xx