Building The World’s Best Drift Car
Tell No One

In this day and age it’s pretty hard to keep a secret.

Forget rumours whispered by mouth, or even news leaked to journalistic outlets – the reality is that everybody is now a broadcaster and publisher all rolled into one. Smartphones facilitate us to reach a gigantic audience with the tap of an LCD screen. It’s that easy.


So when you’re building a car that you don’t want the world to know about, you have to be very careful who you tell and show during the process. Especially when you’re HGK Motorsport in Riga, Latvia.


If you don’t know much about HGK Motorsport (where have you been?) or haven’t read Paddy’s shop visit from last year, I suggest you head off and do so now. It sets the scene pretty well for the type of car that HGK likes to stamp its name on.

Up to speed? Good.


I’d heard tales of a car locked away from view at the HGK workshop, safe from prying eyes, but no-one could really tell me much about it. Chinese whispers, tentative glimpses and best guesses were in abundance. In truth, during my visit to HGK’s hometown for the Latvian Drift GP last month, I almost forgot about the gossip. That was until my phone rang.


The voice on the other end of the line belonged to HGK’s tame racing driver, Kristaps Blušs. He, together with race and design engineer and HGK co-founder Harijs, were in the US for Formula Drift at Evergreen Speedway, but there was a car at HGK that he thought I might be interested in. Colour me intrigued.

HGK’s shop manager Valdis couldn’t tell me much for fear of news getting out. It was a BMW, but that was about it. He couldn’t tell me who it was built for, where it was going or any specifications. Unfortunately, the car wasn’t quite completed, and wouldn’t be before I flew back to England.


Fast forward to a week later and I found myself on a last minute flight from Berlin, where I’d been shooting Drift Allstars Germany, to Riga, once again. I would be in the country for just four hours specifically for the shoot. HGK’s latest masterpiece was ready, and we only had that day to spare before it was loaded on the plane and delivered to its new owner, MK Racing in Qatar.

No pressure then.

Beneath The Skin

HGK is in the business of building BMW race cars. Its relationship with the E46 chassis is well documented, and, thanks to Kristap’s rapid success with HGK CrocoFD in Formula D, the whole world knows it. This, however, is HGK’s first time fettling with BMW’s 2 Series F22 chassis.


And boy, did they get it right.


The first thing that strikes you about the Kevlar-clad exterior is just how menacing and aggressive this F22 is wearing HGK’s new Eurofighter bodykit. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. I want to show you what’s under the lightweight skin of this beast before we settle on the aesthetics.


The aim was to build the ultimate 2 Series for drifting, so the brief was simple. It had to be lightweight, reliable, powerful and capable of carrying out physics-defying things whilst sideways on a racetrack.


As with all HGK builds, chassis prep is at its heart. The F22 was stripped back to bare metal and the full chassis was stitch welded. The front and rear slam panels were removed and replaced with custom, removable crash bars, painted in an eye-grabbing shade of orange. With the demands of competition drift layouts throughout the world now, solid rear clipping points have become the norm, so the ability to easily remove, repair or replace the front and rear crash structures make the continued maintenance of the car much easier.


Inside, HGK got to work fabricating a full roll-cage, built to Formula Drift specifications. I’m not sure if the car’s new owner is planning on campaigning in the series, but the car has been built with the rulebook in mind, if not for eligibility, then at least for the high safety standards FD demands. Wise move.

British suspension manufacturers Nitron supply the footwork on Kristap’s FD car, so it was called upon again to create custom-made 3-way adjustable coilovers for the F22. These are mated to the chassis via custom HGK’s own CNC-machined, camber-adjustable top mounts at the front. Every single component has had the highest possible level of care and attention poured into it. Wisefab supplied all the suspension arms, knuckles and components, allowing for complete control and adjustability of every conceivable alignment parameter.


Stopping is handled courtesy of Wilwood 6-piston calipers at the front wrapped around 11.75-inch Wilwood drilled rotors, and Wilwood 4-piston rear calipers with 12-inch discs. The brakes are mounted using CNC HGK aluminium centre bells and adaptors.


At the back of the car a Merin FIA-approved lightweight 40-litre fuel cell with internal lift pump system nestles in amongst the rear crash bar. An Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump does the work, and Aeromotive pre and post fuel filters and fuel regulator keep things in check. The explosive dinosaur juice is added via a custom filler neck in the boot opening, and carried forward via lightweight aluminium hard lines coupled with aluminium fittings throughout.


The cooling system has also been relocated to the rear of the chassis, with a twin-core, dual-pass radiator mounted beneath a custom opening in the rear window, providing optimum airflow through and out the rear of the car.


Of course, all of this leads to feeding the powerplant residing underneath the Kevlar bonnet. The bulge should tell you it’s concealing something really quite special…


The engine of choice was a Mast Motorsports crate motor. Specifically, a RHS446 – again, the same unit used in Kristap’s Formula Drift machine.

The aluminium race block is manufactured from heavy-duty A357-T6 aluminium by Racing Head Service in Memphis. Based on a GM LS unit, the race block is then hand-built by Mast to HGK’s exacting specifications, utilising a Callies Magnum crank, Billet rods, Diamond Racing pistons, Total Seal Advanced Profiling steel rings, titanium intake valves, retainers and valve locks and 305cc LS7 heads. The motor is mounted to the F22 chassis using HGK CNC engine mounts that again align with the Formula Drift rulebook.


The result? The engine dyno’d at 820hp at 7000rpm and peak torque of 920Nm. I can hear the drift ‘purists’ frantically smashing their keyboards in disgust from here, but this is the pinnacle of naturally aspirated race V8s. With 800Nm of torque available from just under 4000rpm, you can’t argue or dispute the amount of engineering brilliance that has gone into this motor, even if it’s not deemed to be ‘cool’.


Air is fed in via the BMW’s ‘nostrils’, through a large panel filter and channeled into the Holley EFI intake by a custom carbon/Kevlar intake system.


A Dailey dry sump with air separator is mounted inside/under the cabin, covered by a carbon panel. HGK wanted a way for the owner to be able to check the oil quickly and easily, so it engineered a dipstick system, easily accessible behind the passenger seat.

Gases are expelled through 48mm 4-to-1 stainless headers and out via a 89mm titanium exhaust .The sound is pure sensory assault. The F22 barks and growls with a breeze across the throttle and response is instantaneous. As Kristaps fired it up I couldn’t help but laugh – it’s ridiculous. The gargantuan dollops of power are delivered to the rear wheels thanks to a Samsonas 5-speed sequential transmission and Winters quick-change differential.

Mean Mug

Of course. in drifting aesthetics are crucial, and the F22’s exterior has received an equal amount of TLC.


HGK’s design engineer Harijs, alongside Edijs from D1 Design in Riga, designed and built this Kevlar bodykit in-house from scratch, comprising of front and rear bumpers, overfenders, lips and sideskirts and a rear wing. This particular build also features Kevlar fenders, doors, bonnet, boot and a carbon roof.


It’s called ‘HGK Eurofighter’ and boy is it aggressive. I like the way that HGK has resisted going down the traditional ‘drift’ styling route of low-slung bodywork with big lower lips.


From the front, the Eurofighter kit mixes the right level of aggression with an OEM-esque design that you could imagine BMW offering M2 owners as an optional extra.


The rear is more race car, with the half-height rear bumper showing a tentative up-skirt glance at the orange crash bar and bright red fuel cell.


The NASCAR-inspired rear wing is part carbon, part polycarbonate; I guess you need to be able to see the wall you’re about the scrape against, right?


As mentioned earlier, HGK didn’t want parts of the motor haphazardly protruding into the exterior, so a custom bonnet was made to accommodate that monster intake.

Forget zip-ties, the exterior panels are held on by heavy-duty sprung fasteners and pins, ensuring that the posh Kevlar bodywork isn’t unsettled by smaller knocks and bumps. These details are the result of HGK’s 10 years of experience in building drift cars. You’ll notice just how thin the bodywork is too – it’s positively transparent!


All of this lovely carbon, Kevlar and weight saving means one thing – the F22 is seriously light for a chassis of its stature. It tips the scales at just 1200kg (2645lb)!

Work Wheels provided the rolling stock, the beautiful bronze CR-2Ps measuring 18×8.5-inch in the front and 18×10-inch in the rear, wrapped in 235 and 265 profile rubber, respectively.


Inside the cabin, two OMP seats keep the squishy organic matter in place, strapped down by TRS 6-point harnesses.


Strap into the driver’s seat and an OMP wheel (and HGK wheel cover, naturally) occupy your primary vision. Peer through and you’re greeted by an AIM digital dash. Close to hand is a HGK hydraulic handbrake mated to an AP Racing cylinder, alongside the Samsonas sequential shifter. There’s lashings of carbon on display too. Whilst half of the carbon dash is flocked for its anti-glare properties, the rest of the weave is exposed for all to admire. A control panel offers access to the vital buttons.

Unlike most race cars, the driving position is completely adjustable. The floor-mounted Tilton pedal assembly can be repositioned, as can the custom steering column thanks to a HGK CNC adjustable mount. If you’re a race car and/or engineering geek, this sort of stuff should be incredibly pleasing.


There are many nice finishing touches too, such as the carbon floor plate on both driver and passenger sides. My experience of drift cars is that they’re usually pretty uncomfortable and unpleasant places to spend any amount of time. I make an exception here.


The lightweight window system that HGK has engineered is very clever and effective too; both windows and their carbon frames can be removed completely in seconds with two small grub screws. Every little detail has been considered and Kristaps, Harijs and Valdis are visibly proud of what they’ve achieved.


With my return flight on my mind we bundled into the van and made our way to the track to shoot some quick action shots of the car.


Naturally, as part of the service, who better to test out HGK’s new builds than Kristaps himself. With the workshop situated in the grounds of the brilliant Bikernieki Circuit in Riga, HGK has the ideal playground right on its doorstep.


The F22 looked to move effortlessly under each blip of the throttle, changing direction quickly, but in a controlled manner.

Kristaps was beaming from ear to ear.

I guess it feels very familiar to him, with much of the build being based on the success of his Formula Drift car, CrocoFD. Even so, he seemed very impressed. HGK is confident that MK Racing will be over the moon with the results.


With F22 now safely despatched to Qatar, HGK has its eyes set on repeating the achievements of this build and pushing the envelope even further. The guys are working on an E92 ‘Eurofighter’ as Kristap’s next Formula D machine.


Looking at their humble workshop in Latvia, it’s crazy to think of the level of quality that the guys at HGK are capable of.

Even if you’re a die-hard anti-drift antagonist you should be able to appreciate this level of attention to detail and finish. Take a moment to enjoy this short video by talented Latvian filmmakers Robyworks.

It almost seems too good to drift?

Jordan Butters
Instagram: driftagram / jordanbutters
Jordan Butters Photography

HGK Motorsport BMW F22 2 Series Eurofighter

Max Power: 820hp, Max Torque: 920Nm, Rev Limit: 8000rpm, Weight: 1200kg/2645lb

BMW F22 (2 Series coupe), Formula Drift-spec cage, fully stitch-welded chassis, custom front/rear crash bars

Mast Motorsports V8 RHS466, 4.155-inch bore, 4.250-inch stroke, 11.6:1 compression ratio, Callies Magnum crankshaft, Billet 6.460-inch rods, HGK-spec Diamond pistons with Total Seal AP steel rings, H13 Tool steel wrist pins, Low Lash solid roller .757-inch lift, Crower solid roller lifters, PSI Max Life valve springs, Xceldyne titanium intake valves, valve spring retainers & valve locks, billet dual roller timing chain, Jesel rocker arms, 305cc LS7 heads, Dailey dry sump with air separator, 48mm 4-to-1 stainless headers, 89mm titanium exhaust, rear-mounted twin-core dual-pass radiator, electric water pump & auxiliary water pump, racing steering & engine oil radiators, Merin FIA-approved 40L fuel cell with internal lift pump system, Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump, pre & post fuel filter & fuel regulator, lightweight aluminium fuel hard lines with aluminium fittings, MoTeC M130 ECU, MoTeC PDM30 distribution module, WR-Tec mil-spec wiring harness

Samsonas 5-speed sequential transmission, Winters quick-change differential, The Driveshaft Shop driveshaft & pro-level axles

Nitron 3-way adjustable front & rear coilovers, HGK CNC top mounts, front & rear Wisefab knuckles & arms

Brakes:FWilwood 6-piston calipers with 11.75×1.25-inch Wilwood rotors (front), Wilwood 4-piston calipers with 12.0×0.35-inch drilled Wilwood rotors (rear), HGK CNC machined aluminum center bells & adapters, HGK hydrolic e-brake w/AP Racing cylinder

Work Wheels CR2P 18×8.5-inch (front) 18×10-inch (rear), 235/40R18 (front) 265/35R18 (rear) tyres

Complete carbon/Kevlar HGK Eurofighter bodykit, carbon roof, carbon/Kevlar doors, custom removeable front windows, Plastics 4 Performance polycarbonate anti-fog front & rear windows

OMP seats, TRS 6-point seat belts, OMP steering wheel, part-flocked carbon fibre dash, AIM 7-inch color display, floor-mounted Tilton adjustable pedal assembly, HGK CNC adjustable steering column

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Cutting Room Floor


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1200 kilos with all the weight loss? Damn todays cars are really heavy.


that thing is vicious, reminds me of an alligator or crocodile with that skin


call me crazy. THIS IS UUUUUUGLY!! That kit is bad... stock M2 FTW


6A13TTFelipe Looks like the front wheelarc is not centered either. Could be some mad offset and camber too mind you.


wow, as much as i hate ls v8s because thats what people always go to for cheap power, this one sounds amazing because it can scream, and damn can it scream well.

also, 820hp out of a car that weighs a little more than an NA miata? that's like  strapping a huge ass turbocharger on your dad's corolla and trying to hoon it.


It looks like it's rolling on 14" wheels ... something is wrong with the proportions isn't it? Technically brilliant though!


@Master Yoda i think 1200 kilos is heavy for drift car


The tyre has some sidewall. It throws the eye if you are not expecting it and makes the wheel look smaller then it actually is.


TarmacTerrorist actually it's because the actual fenders of the car are fuckhuge, making the car look like an SUV in comparison to the wheels


Superb car ! That Carbon / kevlar look, killing it ^^


Ah. That would be it. I was going off my own reaction to my own wheels....
"Huh. 18" my arse, That doesn't look righ..... Ah. Sidewall. Masses of sidewall" always has seemed to make the wheel smaller to my mind.


Fantastic, utterly built to the nth degree. Unfortunately, all I keep seeing is that mismatched top crease in the rear flare and the misaligned and wavy grain to the kevlar weave. I know it doesn't matter but it really is killing me.


Another LS swap... This is a great car overall, with much more effort into it that just "dropping an LS engine", but I'll still complain. One of the ideas I always (personally) considered to be important for drift cars is, IMHO, giving your car a touch of individuality, a touch of "I'm different"... I understand that running an LS engine (or any similar archaic, simplified V8 layout) comes with a long list of advantages, but, it's almost like in Formula D, where there's so many cars running LS swaps, you'd think Chevrolet should be providing all the teams with LS engines, cause "that's what they're all running anyway"... My $2c...  
And I did not mean to take away anything from the car, again. Great car, good (logical, but boring) engine choice...


Wouldve been cool to see a built M4 motor or something swapped in. Other than that, this car is perfect


Jordan, I think the "AEM" Dash is infact an AIM MXS, the AEM Dash Display has yet to reach the market (I've been looking hard at various dash options). The AIM is also offered and well documented to work well with MOTeC engine management system..


Urraco25 I agree,  it looks great. I think that BMW is the only car company that can pull off this look.  the Kevlar would look weird on anything else.


Every time I think I wanna complain about an LS swap, I think about how much I would really really love for my own car to sound like that

I'm not a fan of the look, but I assume its new owner is, so I'm happy for them. I don't doubt that it must be lots of fun to drive this, so if they got what they wanted, then that's all that matters innit


A well rounded point, but define a more interesting choice that offers equal performance and response? I can't think of one.


My understanding is that the car will be wrapped so the weave won't be seen.


Not heavy per se - the average weight of a car in the Drift Allstars here in Europe is 1300kg.


I make you right there - I think something got lost in the Latvian>English spec translation!


The problem with building something so ridiculously well is that people look for faults. Next to any other drift, nay race car this thing is built immaculately.


Only with zero lag. So much fun!


FragkiskosGile I agree with your take (logical,but boring) however lets give the General motors some love. Who else but america gives the horsepower to the people?


D1RGE EXE Doesn't matter, and wouldn't show up as much if it wasn't for the particular carbon/aramid weave used.  If it was a different weave or was just carbon or just aramid, it wouldn't be nearly as noticeable.

It looks like the parts are made using wet layup instead of pre-preg fabric.  Pre-preg is much easier to position and get the weave cosmetically perfect, and make very sharp edges because the somewhat stiff resin holds the fibers in place quite well.  By comparison, raw carbon fabric is difficult to re-position once it comes in contact with sticky gelcoat or wet resin, or to accurately hold in place when laying down multiple layers before resin infusion.  Usually doesn't end up looking cosmetically as nice.


Jordan_Butters radical macroblock v8? maybe some turbos? it seems a there was an unlimited budget the owner obviously wanted something more interesting that a mclaren for Qatar and that would have been the perfect insane engine to match the amazing but ludicrous build quality of this vehicle


FragkiskosGile Sad to say our powers that be limit us to 75 mph(sometimes 80) across this great country of ours.


D1RGE EXE As a side note, I really hope it actually is getting a wrap, and has a very good UV blocking clearcoat until then.  Aramid really doesn't like UV light, and will both fade in color and degrade in strength.


this beast is utterly beautiful, its almost a  shame to think that this will be damaged in its future. their attention to detail and build quality is out of this world. 
Its disappointing to see that so many people dislike the ls swap and are complaining about lack of engine diversity, there are only so many different kinds of engines that can supply reliable high hp without costing and arm and a leg(although i do think that the budget for this was very very large). and i bet if it was 2jz a lot of people wouldn't complain (even thought its also a very common engine) 

the car is already unique and very special and you're really complaining about an ls? really?

turbo BEAMS ae86

LS = i leave


Holy fuck


Something about that rear end makes the wheels look much smaller, like what often happens with Kenmeris. Other than that, I'm pretty impressed with all of this, despite my mild disinterest in BMWs.


I have the exact same idea on the transparent spoiler , unfortunately I don't have the skill & parts to put together .


F*kn unbelievable.  SH article of the year - setting, subject, framing, everything.  This won't be topped for a while.


RDS I was able to score some free Lexan scraps from an industrial plastic supply joint, hope that helps.


@turbo BEAMS ae86 Please drive a built one :D


Jordan_Butters From the looks of this car, if there was anything better existed they would have used it.


maxproof Might be lens distortion because in some pix it's ok.  Also black center w/ chrome rim wheels look smaller than they are, fyi if you're wheel shopping.


PavelLipski i meant the street going version! how much is that, 1500?


Holly crap, Latvians smoke some serious shit... Not the fan of BMW's in drifting , but just looking at this mighty Odin of car world gives me goosebumps. Need to go to Latvia.




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Very kind of you! Your cheque is in the mail…


Of course you're entitled to your own opinion, but I can never get my head around this mindset. Here you have an alloy race block that's tuned to capacity to put out a huge amount of power on pump gas, with instant response and it's immediately discounted just because of the engine code that this block is based on. Bonkers.


There's far less drift cars running the RHS466 that pretty much any other engine in drifting. Mostly because of the prohibitive cost i imagine. I can think of only 4/5 in the world.


The RPE-V8 is an amazing feat of engineering for sure (the Radical factory is a stones throw from here too, maybe a shop visit is in order?), it's super light and puts out good power. However for roughly the same money you're getting 300+bhp less and a whole mountain less torque, like a third of the torque the RHS466 puts out.
Sure you could bolt turbos onto that (although it's a pretty high compression motor), but then remember you could bolt turbos onto this too if you want to, and this motor laps up forced induction.
For this application this is the wiser choice of motor.


I don't think it's very sunny in Qatar so not to worry.


Yeah I'm guessing 1500-1600kg in stock trim. Losing 400kg whilst adding a full cage is not bad going.


Thats it. Im booking a ticket to Latvia. 
Where do i schedule a pickup?


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Like it all apart from the rear fenders. They just a bit to overdone for me, to many angles going on.


I got to say that this fills me with so much joy! A proper good looking and sounding drift car, ok I might not like the rear fenders that much but I'm splitting hairs here. Also, in the back of my mind, I can't help but feel jealous of your shoot Jordan. Top work!


Great article J.!
I must agree to Dave- this fills me with so much joy. Thanks for writing about our guys here.


There is no "best" in drifting. It's not a sport


At first I was thinking, kevlar coating adds weight not reduces it, then when I saw the photo from inside the boot with the light shining through, damn.... that's some work, bravo.


I only thought it was coated rather than reskinned because the door jams are still regular metal and you can see through on the bumpers where the pins go through the normal material. Still heroic work non-the-less.


Would love to see a tour of the Radical workshop their 3 liter v8 is the dream swap for my ap1 leaving a f20c available my ae86


I absolutely love this car. It looks aggressive in all the right ways and has the performance to back it up. For those complaining about "another LS swap": I agree with them, its kind of boring but i blame the sport. Its gotten to the point where 800hp+ is practically the minimum at pro events. Want something new? Introduce a horsepower cap. Make it like 450hp; I bet you'll see all kinds of different engines. Its also tougher to drift with less horsepower; thats what i want to see at a pro level.....


@havefunalongtheway Doing anything better than others makes you the best. Sport or not......


Obnoxiously cool. Every engineers dream wrapped in carbon/kevlar and polycarbonate.


Unfortunately I don't know anyone from that part of industrial , haha .
And yeah , I have never use/have Lexan , I usually get perspex (license plate base) , or known as Poly(methyl methacrylate) .


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That's been used a lot over the years for various cars and race series, including NASCAR as an extension for the aluminum spoiler. It doesn't take much spoiler height to make a serious rear vision problem, so polycarbonate is a good solution.




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**too busy picking up jaw from floor to type**


BUTTERS!!!!! Great article. You're grounded lol I can't help but think of South Park


What's the name of the song please ???


Jordan_Butters sweater weather year round in that place


Wait, there was a South Park character called Butters?! I have NEVER heard that joke before - brilliant!


I'm pretty sure everything past the door shuts has been cut away.


Latvia is brilliant - every time I leave I'm looking forward to returning.


@havefunalongtheway get off Speedhunters.


Right now


GOD FUCKING DAMN PIECE OF SHIT LS SWAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There I was reading along, slowly falling in love with this build and then it happened. These FUCKING IDIOTS swap in a LS motor!! WHAT A FUCKING WASTE OF A BUILD! I mean, did they not want to build a unique and beautiful car that would terrorize all or did they just want to throw a v8 in and call it a day because they got tired of building the car by the time it came to the motor. FUCKING GOD DAMN FUCKTARDS AND THEIR LS SWAPS!!!


Yes Butters! Lol there is a character named Butters on South Park. Lol he's my favorite and he's the most innocent one. His dad always gets mad at him for the dumbest things and send him to his room. He's the best, look him up Butters!!


@ihateyoutoo Calm the F down mate. They didn't build it for you so get over it.


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corzabell  SHUT THE FUCK UP MATE! I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oooh bloody ell!  Carbon kevlar is offensively sexy to look at, and can take a damn good thrashing on track. Love the attention to detail with this build. Wondering how many zero's are on the invoice for this build?!


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People who complain about LS 'swaps' don't know anything about engines. Along with 2JZ the LS is the only suitable engine in the long run. Mast Motorsports builds more race engines than Porsche AG or Ferrari.
If you spend €200.000 of your own money on a car, you want fire and forget power, simplicity and part compatibilty. Where can you buy an 800+ engine off the shelf with warranty???
Its easy to scream and shout with your loud mouth LS bashing whilst you have a never-ending S13 rustbucket project in your stepmoms garage and no dollar to spend.
Move to Japan and start wacking off at Ebisu whilst you duck for cover as the RB conrods fly past


what John answered I am shocked that a stay at home mom can make $8836 in a few weeks on the internet .


@Tom Whooshhh. Did you see that?


Jordan_Butters Go to your room, Butters.


Reallllly don't get the best in world thing, best in Latvia sure but Japan and the U.S. are light years ahead of anything coming out of Europe from anyone anymore. Sorry but Europe has been passed by the best long long ago. And anything BMW interpreted as best at anything??? Lmao don't make me spit out my coffee


Great work none the less but seriously don't throw around best in the world lightly. Ford and gittin jr might hear you


@Wout  YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!! Putting an LS in everything has done nothing to improve the automotive scene as a whole. In fact, it has brought it to a complete halt. Why continue to develop any other engine when people are only going to swap it out for an LS? Anyone who thinks that an LS is the answer has no real love for the industry and flat out disrespects the entire drift industry as well as the history of drifting itself.


Whats wrong with BMW? It dominates the drift world in Europe and currently fastest FD cars are 19 year old BMW chassis.
Build quality of HGK is unparallelled, forget about Japan, cages out there are a joke.


You are not a very intelligent person . I wish you luck in coping with this burden, since I only encounter it on a website whilst you have to live with it on a daily basis.


Therealstig I was taking your comment seriously until you belittled the car simply because of the badge it wears, then you lost me. 

I've never seen a more complete build, finished to such a high level in Japan or the U.S. Being 'light years' ahead is a complete fabrication. Speaking of fabrication – have a look at some examples of HGK's work (in particular their welding) here and see why they build the 'best' drift cars in the world -


@ihateyoutoo Calm it down please. You're entitled to your opinion but don't insult people.


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Its great professional work, but to say it's better than everyone else... Sorry that's false. There are many just as complete builds here in the US. Fabrication, welds, complete builds. All that. To talk up one builder as if all the others don't compare is laughable.
And sorry for the BMW hate but well I do hate them lol. And to be serious there are much better more proven drift chassis.


Yea well this "BMW" has a Chevy LS motor. So even if this thing is dominating its a lot of chevy at the same time lol. I'm just saying, there's a reason a BMW power plant isn't in those pics of the engine bay


@Wout  FUCK YOU!


I'm wondering if they plan to paint it at a moment...Honestly, I love the look of the kevlar-carbon fiber, I have used it for kayak construction, but the color of the kevlar changes when aging, specially with the UV (and the resin too). It looks like gold when new but becomes brown after a few years, and it's not looking good...

Anyway, I love this car !


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Therealstig I'll agree with you on the second point – it's pretty hard for it to be a proven chassis when you're building one of the first.


Son of a...   This car is so rad.  Damn impressive work.


This is too beautiful to drift! I feel that the owner wont go as hard as he should be just for not tapping a wall! haha

But I got a little dissapointed at the engine bay, I know LS are as bulletproof as it gets, But if it had an v8 of the m3 would have a 
lot of more character. Probably it wouldnt have as much power and reliabitity tho, Because I feel that sounds like every other Ls

swaped drift car..
Still I jaw dropped pretty hard haha (sorry for my english)


Even the stance is really nice for a drift car, since everyone goes for angle, they have the front tires poking out really bad...


Folly dares will be defeated cleverness hesitation.

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This car is f**king goals omg its so sick! I would really want to do something like this but with the Dodge Viper ACR 2017. That's my dream.


wonderful build, but seeing every one complain about the ls motor swap is kiddish at best to me. Same thing has happened with the RB and JZ motors, so whats the big deal?