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Dumped To The Ground

It’s all a passing fad. It can’t last. It’s not real car culture. These are a few examples of comments that I’ve been hearing in a lot of places ever since the whole stance movement began taking over Japan. Granted, the Japanese have always been the global trendsetters when it comes to getting cars to sit just right, but it’s the slightly more exaggerated and extreme end of the movement that I’m getting at here. And it’s the fusion and adoption of USDM tricks and styles more akin to fashion trends than actual modifying and tuning that has helped shine a light on this ever-growing slice of Japanese car culture.


But as I walked through all the cars that had gathered for this year’s Offset Kings showcase held at Fuji Speedway alongside Formula Drift over the weekend, I couldn’t help but think that people generalize this styling genre way too much.


While stance and riding low is a general requisite to even be part of this group of enthusiasts, it certainly doesn’t mean it’s the only thing that people do to these cars. And that’s even more true in Japan where variety is what really sets this sub-genre apart from others.


It doesn’t matter what you start with – as long as it sits low, looks bad-ass and stops people in their tracks it qualifies. And to me there is something so right about all of this, because it allows anyone with any car to feel part of the group. There’s no judging or dissing – if you want to be respected you do your own thing and people take notice.


And that’s the main sentiment I got at this year’s event. Japanese owners are pushing the boundaries of style, tuning and innovation, and if you ask me it’s only helping the entire car scene grow. This is something I will be getting into more detail with through all the car spotlights I picked up during the day, but before we get to that let’s take a look at the Offset Kings Japan event in its entirety…


Has the whole over-fender craze ended yet I hear you ask? Not quite is the best answer I can provide… In fact, it’s probably still growing as more companies jump on the bandwagon – cue the Skipper Z33. There’s still no debating the fact that nothing will get your car noticed quite like widening treatment does. It might not be for everyone, but it sure is for a lot of owners out there.


It was finally cool to see Voomeran’s latest demo car that was unveiled earlier in the year at the Osaka Auto Messe. Sitting just right with deep-dish Rotiforms tucked under a set of fender flares, this is a superb follow-up to the company’s Mk2 Golf that I featured last year.


As you can see from this elevated viewpoint, there was no lack of entrants. This Fuji paddock has played host to Fatlace’s stance-oriented event ever since the first Hellaflush Japan show in 2011, and it certainly hasn’t lost any of its shine or coolness, thanks mostly to owners who are always evolving their cars.


I’m all for checking out vans and VIP rides with onikyan, and the latest and wildest styles that drifters are going for with their S-chassis machines, but nothing at these events stands out more than the older cars. Japan’s kyusha scene is growing faster than any other, and for the simple fact that owners are more likely to invest serious money into perfecting the way their cars look and run. Check out this Toyota Mark II for instance – simple, yet to the point with color-matched BBS centers mounted on reversed rims for that extra deep-dish look.


Then of course there’s the need to try to outdo everyone else with cool and at times innovative thinking. The triple-diamond inside this Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X’s exhaust was a rather unique styling touch I thought.


Presentation-wise, VIP never lets us down; the Japanese taking their sedan tuning to extremes when it comes to nailing the details. This Crown must have been subjected to a lot of fabrication work in order to lock down its spot-on stance. The custom fender extensions were really nicely done.


If that’s too sedate for you though, there’s always someone that’s taking a wilder approach. You can’t get more ‘out there’ than running this amount of negative camber on your custom Lexus GS.


In an attempt to get people moving through the various events of the ‘Motor Games’ day at Fuji Speedway, this year the booths and display areas were relocated to the Formula D side of things. Still, while the Speedhunters booth was on the opposite side of the venue from the Offset Kings showcase, there were still plenty of supporters rocking our t-shirts and stickers, as well as a surprisingly large number of camera straps. Minnasan, arigatou!

Wide Is Never Wide Enough

I don’t think Kato-san at Liberty Walk will ever be happy until he has over-fendered every high-end supercar out there, except now he’s also turned his attention to the Nissan Skyline coupe – aka Infiniti G37.


The G37 might be getting on now, but this look is pretty sexy. I never even imagined that the Nissan’s dated shape could be given so much attitude with the Liberty touch, but what do you guys think? I guess this will have to do until Nissan finally gives us a successor.


Sticking on the subject of over-fenders, check this S2000 out. The Honda build from team Bad Quality in Hiroshima is far from finished, but its owner brought it along anyway.


Since Miura has actually never designed anything for the S2000, the owner took a Rocket Bunny FD3S kit and adapted it to fit the Honda’s exterior. The results are, well, unique to say the least. The aim is to get the car finished in time for next year’s Tokyo Auto Salon.


Since Japan is all about variety here’s a stanced Chevy truck!


The Honda guys are always a big part of this movement, but I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a distinct lack of H-badged machinery at this year’s Offset Kings event. However, what did show up was of the highest quality. And once again, by adopting a few USDM touches Japanese owners and builders are refining their execution.


Ever since I’ve been covering the Japanese tuning world, the one thing that’s always struck me is the sheer lack of presentation under the hood and within interiors. But it’s come a long way since then, and this Civic serves as a perfect example. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with a functional feel to things, but it doesn’t hurt to clean up things along the way, right?


Ever since shooting the Mercury Z33 this past winter I’ve been wondering what their aero package would look like fitted to a street car. Well, this drop-top 350Z was the answer I was looking for! I dig it, as it looks a little different to what we’re used to seeing these days.


And if you like different, Offset Kings Japan always delivers. There are plenty of people out there attempting to set new standards, and if last year’s norm was 12 degrees of negative camber, this year it had to be 15.


The owners of these two Silvias from the Kanto area obviously didn’t like the fact that Kansai and Hiroshima cars always steal the limelight when it comes to extreme street style. If you’re going to go wild, you might as well do it properly, right?


That goes for smaller cars too! There’s plenty of custom work here.


Revolution from Nagano always have impressive machines to show – be it their own demo cars or customer builds, like this 180SX. What I really like is how they manage to fit into this scene by taking the more functional approach. This is one car that was definitely all JDM!

Japan, Keeping It Fresh Since… Forever

It’s a similar approach taken by the guys at N-Style.


The N-Style crew represent Japanese car culture in such a natural way, that you could never manage to get close to their level of dedication even if you tried. These guys have a lot of cars between them, but they keep tuning them, perfecting them and doing new things with them – all the while driving the hell out of them on the track and street.


This KE70 that the boss-man has just put the finishing touches to is the latest creation to come out of the N-Style shop in Gunma. I’m told it will be thrashed to within an inch of its life at the Nikko soukoukai events planned for the end of summer. Yes, I’ll be there!


As you’ll see in the spotlights I have coming up, I can’t get enough of vintage Japanese rides at the moment. Incidentally, I couldn’t keep myself from comparing all the 510 Sunnys that were at the show…


…With the Rocket Bunny Boss conversion for the S14. After the feedback my story received last week, it’s not hard to see that this kit will be dividing opinions for a while yet. This particular BRE-inspired build was rocking the front lip spoiler that was missing from Miura’s own car.


However, it was the rear where things really got different. The lack of rear bumper really changed the overall appearance of the car, as did the use of much larger, slick-shod wheels.


It’s funny how it took me most of the day to actually spot this little Toyota MR-S right smack bang in the middle of the Offset Kings show. You constantly tell yourself to stick to one line of cars so that you systematically go through each one, but it never works. Your eyes wander and you just have to see one car, and then another one further up, and then another a little to one side! I’m glad I did eventually spot the Toyota, because it’s the first MR-S I’ve ever seen slammed like this.


With the VW scene continuing to grow in Japan there was lots to see from the Euro camp, including like this Mk2 Golf that was trading aggressive offset in order to get ‘the tuck’ just right.


A roof-chopped Honda Fit with blistered front and rear fenders – it took me a little while to figure out exactly what I was looking at here. I’m not sure what sort of style this fits into, but it’s definitely unique!


There was actually a little rotary get-together happening at the Fuji Short Course, so we were treated to the sound of buzzing Mazdas driving around all day. Thankfully, a bunch of FC3S RX-7s were entered in Offset Kings, which is just what I wanted to see after the 7’s Day celebrations earlier in the week.


A DeTomaso Pantera is just about the last car I expected to see at this event, but as I always say – Japan is all about diversity. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this particular car – I remember it from a previous Mooneyes Hot Rod & Custom Show in Yokohama. I have to say, it looks far better under the sun than beneath artificial lighting!


I’m glad more people are giving attention to the Z32. It remains one of my favorite cars from the early-’90s; still looks great and has a ton of potential when it comes to tuning.


Whenever I see a tuned VG30 I get flashbacks of taking a ride in Pentroof’s legendary orange demo car.


There were also a few other zee-san-ni‘s present, including this example which I guess is not exactly completed yet. Again, here we see someone trying to something that hasn’t been done before.


And speaking of which, I believe this was the first time I’ve seen a set of Volk Racing TE37Vs fitted to a BNR32. RAYS released the 17-inch version of these wheels earlier this year and it means they can be now fitted to cars like these. The combination of that unmistakable 6-spoke look with a meaty dish was nothing short of spectacular. Now RAYS, please do these in 18-inch!

Make sure you don’t miss the spotlights I have coming from Offset Kings Japan. I had to be greedy and save the coolest cars for the more in-depth posts!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

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I've got a name for the style that Honda fit is... Hotwheels! Please someone have more info on that yellow Jag!


JakWhite Ah so true, that's actually what I said when I saw it lol. Jag, screw the info, feature would be better!


too much show, not enough go for my tastes.


Man that V2 Rocket Bunny S14 looks sweet. With the livery and the lack of rear bumper I think I may even prefer it to the grey one!


The body work on that Honda Fit is incredible


Dino nice coverage again. However I've noticed that the skipper demo car was z33. I wanna see more of the silver porsche besides the voomeran car very nice!


Chopped Honda Fit looks killer! :)


Smiggins Well a lot of these cars have plenty of go! There's a time and a place for all things :)


Brett Allen Yeah it definitely looked more "right" like this


What's that first candy red sedan?


Nice coverage! I've seen that Chevy C10 pop up a couple of times in some other posts here on SH, perhaps a spotlight could be arranged?


I hope that blue s2000 is not the replacement of the blue rocket bunny 180sx :( thing looks hideous compared to it.


Hi Dino, that a Philippine Flag i see? Honda Fit shot. :-)


kokopuffs 2010ish Toyota Mark X


Those Rays TE37V's would look so right on my FC


I like the Lcreation front end on the MR-S. Had one on mine way back when. I loved that the car has California plates, interesting touch! Great coverage Dino!


That Fit looks like real interpretation of pre-production concept sketch... amazing piece of work.

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Speedhunters needs to stop showing this stuff from Japan.
My "must see while in Japan" list is now so big, I need a car trailer to tow it around!!


Had a great time! Going again next year!


Please tell me there are more pictures of the Jaguar.


That AE70 (1.5 badge gives away it's packing a 3A-U) has stolen my heart. Sorry for trainspotting, yours sincerely old Toyota nerd.


SnoozinRichy Coolest car there imo. The little Honda fit blew my mind though!


Good lord that jag is brilliant! It looks mean as hell - just like a big cat should.


Awesome! With the ruff roads we have in Portugal, either you apply air suspension on your ride, or you take the risk of damaging something underneath!


I'm pretty sure that Evo X's triple diamond will glow with a little spirited driving. an awesome sight at night if you can catch up, that is


It's sad I didn't see any vans like the Hiace though


Wow, this makes the OK meets at the US Formula D events look like child's play! It helps that the Fuji complex is massive, but good lord talk about variety! I want to see a feature on that old school Datsun with the ITBed SR20DE...


Omg that r32 please do a feature on it, it supremely beautiful.


Love that R32 and love the Mitsubishi logo in the Evos exhaust


Mfabs I think there's a few more pics of it from TAS but for the most part (last I googled) it seems a tad camera shy.


See that's the thing though, Dino. Most things Japan are an exception to the rule, and this is no different. Most of the rides here seem to exude balance, something the Japanese have always been great at. So while I typically dislike stance, I have to respect the all around effort here and even appreciate the form and function together.
Here in the states though, the majority of cars I see (I also judge at many events) are all show and no go; it's form overall and function is thrown to the wind. The balance is nowhere to be found, so that's at least why I believe it gets a bad rep here.
Great article as always though!

turbo BEAMS ae86

most was not my taste..but white R32 is villanous..same with all toyota/lexus sedan


@researchisyourfriend Absolutely, which is why I did try to make sure that I specified this is the Japanese scene countless times. Japan does it right for sure


LukeEVOVIII Wonder if it restricts flow or makes funny whistling noises LOL


Gary89 Well I'd have to see if there was anything interesting under the bonnet. Cool wheels don't warrant a feature ...or do they?


AirLift_Lucas Yes I've been meaning to shoot it for a while! It's owned by a Nostalgic Hero photographer


@MyLifeAsLouis I didn't spot any


@bombimbs yeah could be cool


DaveT Mfabs I'll be shooting it soon :)


Chris 'Haffy' Hafner LOL


@Ken Thank you!


c22tch Do it!


c22tch Do it!


c22tch Do it!


c22tch Do it!


TatsuoShidayo It's not quite finished yet...


Dill Pickle Yes why not! I see it around often


icobird Well spotted!


Great! I'll be looking forward to seeing it!


This that golf rocking wheel trims?

Robin Weichenthal

I think the Honda Fit looks really cool, kinda like a concept car with those big wheels und the sporty roof line, although I'm not a fan of these cars I think this one looks really good!


speedhunters_dino I think there is a fundamental slight misunderstanding to the "scene" here, in that, it's not a scene, but many scenes. That particular "scene" is a micro-culture within the greater car culture. Many, probably most, don't associate, nor like, most of what is at that meet. The whole "show car only" thing is more recent in Japan, where function has always been the driving factor for the majority. My point though, there are so many scenes/groups in the car culture in Japan, and each one is very specific and completely separate from each other. They tend not to even know anything about each others different "scenes" because they don't care, and it's not their thing. That is actually how all of Japanese culture is. (i've lived in Japan since 1999)


RB's Boss is brutal, even more with that cool paint job


I'm really digging the boss kit with that livery, damn!


It might be a fad but I hope it lasts! This is a different mindset than performance oriented builds but hey they're all cars.


Datsun 510 are Bluebirds, not a Sunnys;) Other than that, great coverage!


Fairlady Z32 represent!! Three-thumb salute!


koko san Pretty tight Fit, eh? (ba-dum TISSSSHHHHH)


Ke70 offset kings, only in Japan tank you Dino you never fail to impress


Robin Weichenthal As a Fit owner, I completely agree. Although you should take a spin in a Fit if you have the chance. They are surprisingly fun car, especially with some tweaks.


@speedhunters_dino Holy Snap, I took literally the exact same photo of the RWB Trio, framing and everything. Do I get a prize?U0001f606


Great article, as always. I always enjoy reading your write ups on all things Japanese.

My only complaint is the Skipper Z is a Z34, not a Z33 as you refer to it. Seeing as how you are vastly more knowledgeable on all things automotive, I assume it was simply a typo. I just wanted to bring it to your attention.

Again, great work. Keep it coming.


Such an awesome post Dino! Thanks!
Heres the official vid below if you havent seen it.


the car was very good 
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