A Golf Cup Car For The Street
Reimagining A Race Car

In all my years spent shooting and writing about cars in Japan and throughout the world, I have come to appreciate that low doesn’t necessarily mean lots of compromise. With the right attention to detail, careful planning and exacting execution, you can look good when parked up at a meet or show and still have the functionality and performance and drivability to use daily.

Case-in-point, the Voomeran Volkswagen Golf Mk2 from Euro Magic in Osaka.


When envisioning their most extreme car yet, Euro Magic wanted little trade-off when it came to ride and comfort. After years in the VW tuning scene, they know a thing or two about making Vee-dubs sit nice and look good, but the base for this project was a little different to what they’ve started with in the past.


That’s because, before this Mk2 was road registered it was originally a Cup car raced in Japan’s one-make Golf series. Despite being much more raw than the late-model Volkswagens that Euro Magic has successfully built, it was the perfect platform to launch their new line-up of Voomeran-branded products.


The plan was to further emphasise the Golf’s roots – yet keep it as user-friendly as a race car for the street could possibly be. This meant tying it all in with a decent dose of stance without impacting on its ability to be fun and fast through the corners. To finish it off, the car needed those all-important JDM touches.


The first thing was to clean the car up and prep it for a few fresh coats of baby blue. Then the Voomeran additions followed, starting first with the kyusha-like bucktooth front lip spoiler to give the Mk2 a more ground-hugging appearance up front. Details like the grille were sprayed black, and yellow headlights and Hella fog lights added for further contrast.


The look achieved by the removal of the front bumper works perfectly with the pièce de résistance in the Voomerna ensemble of parts: the overfenders. The JDM Works look is sweeping through car culture on global scale, and as Hideo Hirooka of Euro Magic explained to me, it was always part of the plan here.


The one-piece front overfenders increase the Golf’s width by 35mm on each side and sport a satin black finish for added impact.

Push Those Wheels Out

No matter which angle you view at the car from, the first thing you notice is how far the wheels sit out from the original bodywork.


The Golf rides on a set of adjustable Euro Magic coilovers set as low as they go. Despite their firmness, however, they still offer a compliant ride for the street.


And then another JDM touch followed. It would have been far too predictable to fit the car with old reversed-rim mesh BBS or even Porsche wheels so popular in VW scenes in Europe. Hideo scourged wheel catalogues and came upon a recently-released wheel designed and manufactured in a collaboration between Tokyo-based Star Road and Work Wheels in Osaka. The 15-inch wheels, which were created for use on old Japanese classics like the Fairlady Z and Skyline that Star Road is famous for, were just what he was after.


They have that cool old school look about them, yet are produced to the highest modern standards for two-piece cast wheels, and of course were an unusual choice for a Golf. The wheels measure 15×10-inch at all corners, but to get the look just right the fronts run a zero offset and backs a -3 so they sit better with the +40mm rear overfenders.


The result is as aggressive as I’ve ever personally seen on a Mk2, especially given the static suspension setup we have here. The stretch on the tyres is pretty wild – and it has to be because running anything over 205/45R15s would have generated way too much grip and killed that wonderful liveliness this generation of Golf is known for.


Hideo spent a long time getting the details just right. Take the screws that hold the flares onto the metal stock fenders underneath for instance – these were special order, copper-plated items that cost as much as a couple of those Glow Star rims! But it’s the small things that always tend to make the biggest difference.


With its bumper-less look, the rear end has a raw appeal too. It’s different and fresh – something that’s pretty hard to achieve in a scene that is constantly evolving.

It’s Not All About Power

Lifting the stock bonnet reveals the 1.8L eight-valve four banger that powers the front wheels. To liven it up a little Hideo fitted a hotter cam while retaining the race ECU these Cup cars were fitted with.


Performance ignition leads and a complete overhaul guarantee reliability and a touch more power than the 112hp it would have generated from stock. It might not sound much in this day and age, but let’s not forget that the car weighs less than 900kg and its main purpose is to handle well and be a fun steer.


To keep the front end doing its best work possible Hideo added a Voomeran tower bar to the struts tops, before cracking the five-speed gearbox open to switch the final drive, and fit an LSD to allow him to get on the loud pedal earlier when exiting corners.


Granted there’s no bumper, but sticking out a long way from the body work the Voomeran straight-through exhaust definitely has a touch of bosozoku about it. It sounds pretty buzzy, even at idle, not allowing you to forget that this is a race car after all.


Upon seeing that the Speedhunters #FeatureCar decals are exactly the same hue of blue as his Golf, Hideo didn’t waste a second applying one to the rear quarter glass.


The interior is pretty much as you would expect a Cup car to be, and that’s straight-out raw. There’s no carpeting, trim, or additional seating – only a bolt-in Okuyama rollcage to keep the 30-year-old chassis from twisting too much.


Everything is centred around the driver and the whole driving experience, which is as unspoiled as you can possibly get. So much so in fact, that it sort of makes a real enthusiast miss the old days where cars weighed nothing, engines didn’t have too much power, and you really had to work hard to extract speed and performance on your favourite stretch of road.


When he drives his Golf, Hideo gets to sit in a nice and supportive edirb seat, which despite sounding a bit European is actually more Japanese than you think. Here’s a hint – read the name backwards!


Aside from a modern CD headunit there is nothing to spoil the simplicity of the dashboard, everything being kept as it was during the car’s racing years.


It doesn’t really matter if you aren’t into the VW scene or the whole stance movement, it’s hard not to appreciate how Euro Magic have come up with a concept that succeeds on many levels.


The car looks as aggressive as hell on the street and stood out like a sore thumb as we went for a quick drive right by Osaka’s Itami Airport.


Despite the exterior being very looks-oriented, this Mk2 has lost none of its chuck-ability. In fact, it is much more throwable now given the increase in front and rear track, making it handle even better and allowing it to carry more speed through corners.


It doesn’t matter what the make or model is, where it comes from or what sort of tuning style we might be taking about – the Japanese continue to impress for the way they can take a car, and with simple modifications make it look its best. There are of course varying levels here, but seeing that Euro Magic wanted their Voomeran Golf to make a statement and stand out, I’d have to say that they’ve well and truly accomplished that goal. I’d love to hear what you think.

Do you like JDM’d Euros?

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Best Golf I've ever seen.


やばい!so sick. just a little bit more power would be nice tho.


wish i could find that shade of blue. its stunning


I'm not normally a fan of the VW scene, and the wheel setup is still a little too Stance Nation for me, but this...this I like. The fact it's based on an actual Cup car is cool, and the black/bronze/baby blue combo really works. Not a colour I would have picked at first, but it actually looks really nice here.

Keep the wheels themselves, but use a more sensible offset/width and I'd drive the hell out of this.


Bonk!  You Coulda Had A 4X!

87-89 Gemini with 1.6 liter 16 valve 4XE1 engine, 130 HP stock, under 890kg stripped with the USDM steel beam bumpers, less with the JDM stamped brackets or no bumpers at all as the Golf is equipped.

The Japanese did the Golf GTi, and they did it better than Volkswagen ever did.



Its pretty close to petty blue looking at the pics


I love the car and the thought of having a good combination of both world. This is the kind of builds I love. I really love the small touches like the golden bolts on the fender flares and that paint job. I bet it sounded great too. I really love these stance and functional type of builds.


A nice turbo setup would really add to this car


Ahhh true that. Thanks!


really great car to feature! Previously I've never really been interested in the dub/euro/Players classic type coverage here on SH, but this one drew me in (good photography Dino!) and gave me quite a few happy exclamations! Totally love it, the whole thing, but especially the quality throughout (those copper coated bolts are totally worth it). There's a comment below with a quote I quite like and agree with: "Japanese did the Golf, and they did it better than VW ever did"...and i would add, better than the Cup series as well! This is tuning at its best, and SH to bring it to the world


Very well balanced, everything fits perfectly, love those wheels!


JSequoia  It is great to read your comments and enthusiasm for our feature - especially knowing how the topic was not one you would normally be interested in.  #PureAutomotiveEnjoyment - no matter the style - is what we continue to strive to bring every day to our readers!!


Reminds me of my old mk2.  It had a vr6 swap w/cams though ;)


Hotcakes Agreed. Plus, those tires aren't going to give you that much grip to begin with anyway.


Mr Carbonare, can you tell me what colour this golf is painted in?  Thank you :)


Bah! Plastic overfenders, what happened to grafting on Vauxhall Nova GTE box arches!


A little too much stretch for me on the wheels but I love the look of the car. Nicely done!


thats cool that the car was road registered. this looks like a great car to zip around the mountain passes or run the local tracks. no picking up chicks or space for passengers, although there is plenty of room for spare tires n parts on race day! nice mono sound system by the way lol. im really digging these race cars that have been modified for personal use rather than race!


I don't get the seat, is it a knock off? or a limited edition bride did?


robzor They're made by Bride, a new line from them. From what I can gather, they're a bit fancier than traditional Bride seats, using mainly Leather with a bit of suede.


Other Will I was hoping for some sweet Berg cup overfenders.


I kinda wanted to know what was on the roof of the car.


15x10 with a 205? haha...wow. another "built" car with no sidewall. Smh.


And mine came with over fenders from the factory too...


Copper screws, x-head: £5.66 for 10. Brasso: £3.45 for .35 ltr. B&Q/Home Depot...


Mattblackhatchback That's what I thought! Even special order they're some pricey screws.


Didnt read the story yet but, something about this golf I like a lot.


Can anybody enlighten me on what that "ISMart" logo is?


sonic2896 It's a company in Suzuka that has collaborated on the project :)


this.guy.said Please read it LOL


Pancakes Mattblackhatchback #becausejapan


donkyyyyyy On the roof?


JockThatCamel robzor Yep precisely


d_rav You can zip tie passengers to the roll cage hihi


James_Turbo I'll have to find out but it's some kind of custom mix


JSequoia thanks man!


austintpeterson Or a W12 swap lol


Mattblackhatchback Ooo, yours is a four door!  Looks good.  I'm hella jelly :)


Love the car, tip my hat to the builder. But I just have to know...why stretched tires? Does it handle better or is it just for looks? Seriously, the car is amazing, just not feeling the stretched rubber.


@Schlitz  I did a VR6 on mine too.


I miss it soo badly.


It looks SO COOL except for that stance camber in the back.


itswhitenoise JSequoia by the way, very jealous of the machinery you've been sampling recently! Especially a certain yellow Dino Berlinetta Competizione


This car deserves the Olympic Gold medal!!


Hi Dino, 
this car is a great find, awesome pics.
Could you try track down the Tommy Kaira ZZII? there is so little i can find on this car.... 4wd rear engine RB26??..



great build, love the wheel choice


8EZ Tommy Kaira ZZII. What has this got to do with the Golf? :)


8EZ Ah sorry I saw the pic above first before reading your first message :)  It was only a mock up as far as I know, don't think it was a functioning car but definitely worth tracking it down


AlanChrisK LOL


KillerRaccoon There isn't that much camber. Definitely not the sort we are used to seeing in the world of stance


kphillips9936 Looks


speedhunters_dino 8EZ "Hi there Ben,
Thanks for your words of support, and thank-you for reading Speedhunters.com! Personally, I'm unsure of this, but Dino Dalle Carbonare who is our Japan specialist would probably know. He knows almost everything about Japanese car culture! The best way to communicate with our team like this is to get involved in the comments sections in their articles, so perhaps look out for Dino's next story
Best wishes & happy Speedhunting,
Taryn Croucher
Community Manager // Speedhunters.com"


I'm loving the naked crash beam look!


What kind of 'professional' shop fits tyres that are obviously dangerously undersized? Bad workmanship.


@ITB and the author has the nerve to call this a "race car." To argue is futile though, it's like trying to convince a 15 year old girl that Margaret Tatcher did more for the world than the Kardashians. 

Levels in the game ITB....levels.


@ITB  and the author has the nerve to call this a "race car." To argue is futile though, it's like trying to convince a 15 year old girl that Margaret Thatcher did more for the world than the Kardashians.

Levels in the game ITB....levels.


Love it.And the steering wheel is on the right side!!!!!!!


Love it apart from the wheels .. Should have used a sensible width / offset IMHO


@ITB I'm still trying to work out what kind of professional shop fits an understeer inducing wheel setup on a front wheel drive car. I don't entirely understand the concept of fitting performance parts, then fitting un-performance parts.


speedhunters_dino kphillips9936 Ugh, kids today.


Other Will I'm thinking the same thing. The handling can not be that great with that setup...for any car for that matter.


Great looking car.
Dino, great photos. The lighting looked to be perfect for this car's color.



I agree with you. I wouldn't want to take this near a track with that wheel/tire setup let alone take an off-ramp aggressively.

If this golf had some proper race tires and alignment there wold be little to be negative about!


Surely stretched tyres can't be safe? I hear of local lads starting to do this to their cars


This thing is the bees knees. Such a cleanly modified and executed car. The rear bumper delete combined with the fresh paint job and the attention to details like the specialty fenders screws makes this gorgeous. Wheel choice definitely worth the researching the owner undertook as well.


Awesome car! I love those wheels. Thanks for the share!


Very damn sexy. wish it was V6 though =)


@ITB The Japanese just love this look! This stance is definitely tame in comparison to so many other Japanese builds out there… it's not for everyone though :)


kphillips9936 Other Will Maybe he has an extra set of wheels for when he hits the track?


Taryn Croucher Which makes me question where Japanese tuning on the whole is going. I remember when names like Top Secret, JUN, ABflug, Cyber, Tsuchiya, Oriido are who people modeled their style off of.


Merc Yeah agree, wheels are spot on for this build:)


mk4 lew They've been stretching tyres in Japan for three decades, it's only when you go silly that bad stuff happens


Afroneck Thank you!


@Guest Taryn Croucher Those shops are still very much there, but other styles have obviously come into play in recent years. We bring you all of that :)


speedhunters_dino Taryn Croucher I guess the thing for me Dino is that I've been following the culture for over 2 decades now and all the sudden we're seeing more and more stance. 

Is this a reflection of their scene or is it just what you've been covering lately? It's kind of hard to tell since I'm not in Japan. 

Liberty Walk, RWB and now this build just don't really seem like the "real" tuners to me if that makes sense. Any chance we will get a feature on Mr. Nagata sometime soon?


Looks nice!


Mr_Eullinx muchas gracias


What would this have been with the G60 engine (1.8 16v Volumetric compressor, 160ch)? The one mounted seems the first GTI version 1.8 8v 112 ch)


Incredible ar, reat article.
Love seeing these old racers kept alive.
...And on the street no less!
Love JDM'D Euros.
Love Osaka!
A city with the best FWD's.




what brand are the lug nuts?


speedhunters_dino James_Turbo  Thanks Mr Carbonare, I am working on a heavily modified  Celica GT4 (sprint style and around 450hp with an F1 turbo) and this colour would POP :D


Would anyone happen to know what size or the part number of those HELLA lamp covers?


VERY cool car. Love the styling and wheel choice. Well done and great photos.


mk4 lew If you're only going to car shows it's safe. However, if they really drive the car hard (like the race inspired look would suggest) then it not only becomes unsafe but, will not handle anywhere near what a proper tire or suspension setup would.




@EFNK They might be stickers and not covers, but not sure.