Coming Soon: The All-New Focus RS

Whether it’s the off-road-ready Raptor pickup, track-focused versions of the Mustang, or the return of the GT, Ford has really been pushing its performance vehicles recently. Now there’s a new model about to join the lineup, and it’s looking to be quite impressive.

It’s the next generation Focus RS, and Ford of Europe just has released this teaser film ahead of the car’s official debut on February 3. Specs have yet to be revealed, but speculation and rumors say the new RS will use a variant of the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine from the Mustang and output well over 300 horsepower, and biggest of all, feature a torque vectoring AWD system.

Does the Subaru Impreza WRX STI have a new rival? I guess we’ll find out in just over a week. Until then, check out the video and see what you can decipher.

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Ok, so the new RS it will be AWD...but what about the ST commercial that I saw. The cars (hatchback and wagon) pretty much stayed oversteering all the time. And with FWD. It could be that the tuning be so great?


those slides suggest either that the real output will be north of the suggested 300 HP, 
or that the 4wd system is heavily rear-biased whilst some clever LSD/electr.aids system 
up front is taming the (not to be underestimated) 80-100 HP that remain for the front wheels...

torque characteristics seem to be very pronounced, or maybe it's the greasy(ish) tarmac that 
parts of this video have been shot at ?

anyway, if this is not so outrageously prices as the 2nd gen Focus RS, it's bound to be a huge success and probably a cult-following too (judging on how seriously good the stock Focus' chassis potential actually is...).

let's just hope they keep the un-performance-related parts of the car simple and therefore price it 15% above the ST, which would make perfect sense (just throw recaros and 2-3 subtle colour choices, and that's it thank you very much).


greenroadster all performance-Fords of late are actually oversteering cars, in spite of being FWD - and that's what basically makes them so great. 

seeing the video of the RS, it is really hard to tell whether the basic setup is naturally oversteering as on the ST (and the power-split F:R is roughly 50/50 under hard cornering), or they have made the car less oversteery in natural load conditions, and more power-oversteer-prone when you step on it.

actually, the dilemma is whether the RS will be 'wild' only when needed (for hooniganing or whatever the stupid big powerslides are called these days...), 
or it will be a tricky, delicate-handling car in hard cornering as well (eg.dangerous to drive hard, 'edgy' etc..).

if they manage to keep the wide "range of character" the other recent performance-Fords are known for (with at least a modicum of ride-comfort (I spot some meaty tires :), then this one will probably be all the daily-use sport car you'd ever need.

let's hope that it's also exciting.


why does the front end look like a r35


Of course, one week after I buy an ST.....


MrSOLOMON85 There's always one guy who says every new car looks like a GT-R.  Other cars exist besides the GT-R.  What you're seeing is the camouflage since they haven't done a full reveal.


MattBusby1 Well at least you got the same engine ;)  And RWD...but if you live in a snow belt then youd want the foci.  Personally id rather have RWD over AWD in my typical daily driver.


Rü$╫ MattBusby1 it's FWD


gundanium2002 Rü$╫ MattBusby1 Umm no...its AWD.  I used to work at FMCC which is the building next to WHQ "Ford World Headquarters"  Its AWD.


Rü$╫ gundanium2002 MattBusby1 The ST is FWD


gundanium2002 Rü$╫ MattBusby1 Correct the ST is FWD...THE RS which this article is about is AWD.  READ!


Rü$╫ gundanium2002 MattBusby1 You said the guy atleast had RWD. 

"Well at least you got the same engine ;)  And RWD...but if you live in a snow belt then youd want the foci.  Personally id rather have RWD over AWD in my typical daily driver."


gundanium2002 Rü$╫ MattBusby1 Maybe I should be the one reading...Thought he had got the mustang not the foci st.  im a retard.  I retreat.


I never said every car looks like a GT-R and I was just asking a simple question, I didn't see the camouflage so I'M sorry


MrSOLOMON85 It happens, just seems like every new car that comes out there's always one person that says it look like a GT-R.  Just happened to be you today :)  No worries dude, sorry for taking it out on you!


no problem, I see where you are coming from, but everybody is entitled to there own opinion others may see a certain thing and say it looks like something else, and and I see frontend with the wrap on it It reminds me of a r35, but I get It some people get tired of hearing the same thing over and over


Mikes becoming the resident Ford guy :).  I cannot wait to place my order, my ST has been great and can only imagine how much more fun this will be.  fifteen52 project RS coming right up!!!


I like the fact tht it will probably have AWD but it just doesn't look that dissimilar from the Focus ST. The Focus RS MK2 just looks so much more special and sporty than this




My heart literally jumped when I saw those three little letters "AWD".
Ever since the Focus RS concept (I'm talking mk1) I've been hoping for an AWD version to live up to the reputation of its Escort RS Cosworth predecessor. It may not have the Cosworth badge but if it really is 300bhp+ and AWD then bravo to Ford. Finally an answer to the Evos and Imprezas that thought they ran the place for so long.
They could've made the mk2 AWD on the Volvo platform but said it would have been too heavy or expensive or whatever, I'm glad they've figured it out. And I might finally be in a position to get in on the action. Roll on February 3rd.


Ford have moved away from the Volvo based 5 to the 4 cylinder Ecoboosts. Shame, as regardless of anything else, the 5 sounded awesome!


Ken Block approves


Reminds of that famous video of the previous Focus RS where the chasing camera car was a Clio RS, keeping up with the Focus, lol


Stumc Nuuuuuu!


Still like the Subaru more. But at least they are going AWD.


Fmcc is ford credit located in Nebraska and the headquarters are in Dearborn. But saying you worked in the building next to the headquarters is weird since their is no product development there. And it has no neighbors since its on its own road. And I've been to product development in the 2012 ford pts technician challenge and its tighter than a 2 dollar pickle jar. You can't see anything.


You know what will be interesting? If it has a Cosworth engine in it ;)


LukeEVOVIII This is the test vehicle in a 2013 ST body.  They wont look like this.  The RS wouldnt have 2013-2014 headlights when the 2015 ST has new headlights.


greenroadster My Focus SVT would throttle off over steer like it was it's job. That suspension was great. Very close to neutral even without an LSD.


Hell yes i've always wanted them to do an AWD focus. I bet that it will be a direct competitor with the WRX, in the next few years.


AWD is all I needed to know.


milkplus greenroadster  I have as a daily driver a 2014 Focus Wagon Diesel and I had that impression a few times but I put it on the electronics stability program, not on the dynamics of the car. I guess I was wrong. The car is really neutral and really stable while drifting :)))


EU getting an AWD Focus? This is nothing new.

People in the comments are acting like it will be available in the US.


@Lou Haha!!I know right...


Stumc Same like i was feeling. 
I remember when i was at the Essen Motor show on the Wolf Racing stand. there was a MK2 RS jacked up on the rear, i thought it was only for presentation. in the last moment bevore i turned back i saw through the Mirrors on the floor a Differential! It turn out they offer a AWD Conversion for 15000€.


I remember seeing that somewhere, a white one with about 400bhp? Based on Kuga parts wasn't it?


I had my mind blown last week... so this "new" ecoboost 2.3 right? Its in the Mustang and the new focus right? Well remember when Ford owned Mazda? yea... cool well you know they owned the property rights on the motors in alot of those cars, kinda forcing Mazda to come up with these new motors they are running now... Well get this, back when ecotec was a "thing" Mazda was running this 2.3 motor in the mazdaspeed6... WITH awd.... althought it was fwd bias...... Those cars were AWESOME... so tell me why now, YEARS later the mustang is running a 2.3 ECOBOOST and the focus too?! HAHA you mean to tell me these motors been sitting around all this time?!!!!!!


Stumc It could be a white one, its long time ago. ;) i don't think the Kuga was out at that time.


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