The Ford GT Is Back

Ford has kicked off the North American International Auto Show in a big way, unveiling a car rumored to have been in development for a long time – the new Ford GT. Ever since production of the last GT stopped in 2006, people have been eagerly awaiting the return of Ford’s supercar and it seems like this machine will be worth the wait.

All-NewFordGT_01_HR (2)

At a glance the new GT looks more modern-supercar than retro-throwback, but as you focus closer you begin to notice that many of the classic elements are still there – the sloped nose, the headlight shape and the big round tail lamps out back. To me it’s a fine mix of aggressive, modern styling with plenty of old school influence.


There’s nothing retro about its powerplant though. Rather than going with a V8 as most might have expected, the new GT will be powered by a twin turbocharged 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 developing somewhere north of 600 horsepower. The transaxle will be a 7-speed dual-clutch unit.


Along with a carbon fiber passenger shell, the GT will also have aluminum front and rear subframes that Ford says will give it one of the best power to weight ratios in the supercar world. It also has upward-opening doors, active aerodynamics and many other exotic features to help put its European competition on notice.


Sales of the new GT are scheduled to begin next year – just in time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the GT40 placing first, second and third at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Not a bad anniversary gift if I do say so myself.

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It looks fantastic. Definitely the showstopper at Detroit this year


This looks amazing. It's got all the retro references if needs, but has a massive helping of modern supercar. It's very Ferrari with the rear styling and with the separated C pillar design. Absolutely can't wait to see these out and about, I hope they make a RHD version so there's more of a chance of seeing them out on the roads in the UK. Also, there's always something nice about a 'blue collar' manufacturer sticking the finger up at the exotic elite.


I don't know who designed this thing but it sure looks fantastic. A perfect balance between retro heritage and modern super car. Bravo Ford!


I did a cheesy gulf livery edit haha


This is what an american sports car should look like. It has lines in the bodywork that America just seems to constantly ignore. Ford is doing great things by actually making cars that look as good as MotorTrend makes them sound lol. So, for that reason, and the 6 cylinder, I like this car.

We'll see though, if that interior is made of creaky plastic, and those body panels end up looking/feeling cheap (like that corvette...) then it'll be just another expensive american thing that is only good on paper. I don't think that'll happen though ;]


Now, if only America could do something organic like the McLaren P1, or anything Mercedes has done lately, instead of constantly trying to re-imagine old cars. (mustang, camaro, challenger, charger, the last ford gt, thunderbird, dart, taurus, etc. )

just my opinion, not raging or anything. ;]


Still a Ford.... meh.


Also it won't come out looking like that bet $$


Ewottaja LOL!!!


I love that Ford didn't rehash the retro formula but there are subtle cues to the GT and GT40 (mostly the radiator vents and high, center-exit exhaust).


Awesome re-style! Proper power numbers! Interior...really?


Holy shit!!!


Lets hope they don't spoil it using cheap plastic and components for the interior.


This thing was built for a Le-mans win in 2016. 
They are using this engine configuration for a while, so they already have development work done.
And if you notice, even the rear lights work as high-pressure extractors from the wheel well.
Ford is all-in for le-mans 2016, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ford’s historic 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans victory with the original GT40.
The aerodynamics are so ahead of any other GTE car, it's not even funny.


Man. The NSX sure envied to have THIS MUCH ATTENTION.

But still, I'd rather have the NSX as a DD. Then if there's a car I want to win a race with, it's the Ford GT.


@Helder now that you've mentioned it...the aero is just amazing.  hope they transition well to racing (rules-wise, i mean) and see how they affect performance.


Strangely enough the re-imagination of one of Ford America's Icons was delivered by an Australian.


nugundam93 Given that they are on the GTE class, they can keep their street car(aero) advantages.


I can't wait to see it in person this weekend! In my eyes, this thing has stole the show.


@ChrisRacer1 how do u make that/what app?


everyone seems to be complaining about how theres no v8 and its a v6tt, but the rumor ive heard is that the weight of the v6 gives it a perfect power to weight ratio




mixed feelings. The front part of the car really reminds the FORD GT40
and the GT BUT that rear part is very disturbing...... WTF they were
thinking at FORD?
And of course what the hell happened with the V8??


Funny how you mention that but the p1 is a successor to the f1


Boy oh boy did Ford's gorgeous GT crap on Acura's parade...


One like this please!...


I hope they'll sell it with a manual trans.


CharlesChris15 Actually I think its to get them under 4.0 liters for GTE class. I believe that if the car is under 4 liters it can run boost


They can compete in more classes with a v6. Plus it's marketing to put their V6 ecoboost in it since they're using it on so many other vehicles.


That looks great! We can only hope Ford delivers on the build quality, inside and out, the last GT was so abysmal!

And with Honda back with the NSX, this truly feels like a golden age of modern supercars!


@Nate CharlesChris15 It's 4.0 for boosted applications and 5.5 N/A


the car looks agressive and ready to battle. a thing that i noticed - both driver and passenger seats are slightly moved towards the longitudinal centre. is it done on purpose or are the renders simply looking like that?


Someone please photoshop a version without the flying buttresses, I'm thinking there's potential for interesting design work.


@Helder Following a similar structure(suspension and transmission) and positioning of components as the BAC mono for example, allows them to package everything and reduce the drag.
The Ford GT is the most impressively engineered GTE car in history.


Too much Ferrari lookalike, anyway I like it, I've always been a fan of the GT. I'm more excited about the new F-150 Raptor, what a desert eating machine!


Wait for it...

I can already see Rocketbunny all over this lol...


Retro Schmetro! This thing is beautiful, and I think the whole retro thing is getting pretty tired. Acura really fumbled the NSX release when you compare it to how Ford handled the GT.


Ford man through and through... and this is a beauty of a machine


Love the car an the use of a V6 but I feel very very sorry for the guy/girl that has to wash and wax it. So many intricate features!


Welcome to the Nissan GT-R club.......the gtr been wooping their asses they dicide to go v6......loved it tho ford really step their game more appealing to the younger crowd also.


Hope the GT is at the Toronto Auto Show


This is beautiful.


Greatings from italy! Maserarri 308 GT-R Murciellardo. Where is the heartbeat of Ford?!


All the really fresh design and tech changes makes it very interresting. But the similarities in design to other super- and hypercars are just never ending....
did they ever even google "supercar" to avoid a damn copy. Jesus.


koko san i bet u my grandma they will do exatly that.


Looks like every other sports car coming out these days. Simplicity is design is a lost art. All dazzle with no soul. 

If you want timeless, here it is:


Seems like part of the transition to the extremely strict CAFE regs that are creeping down on us over the next several years. If you put a turbo v6 in your performance halo car, it's less difficult to transition people away from v8s in more traditional cars where people view v8s as the premium option. I imagine it's phase 1 of a transition process... Just speculating though, I dont really know anything. I just know that it's a good idea and just might work if that's what they're trying to do.
I also think the prestige of this halo car is going to be diminished because of the v6. Look at the XJ220 for an example of that.


The GT40, while gorgeous, is far from timeless. It is a magnificent example of its time. If it was released today we would all criticize it to no end.
The new GT looks good in pictures (probably looks amazing in person). Some things look unpolished. The high dual round exhausts centered on a plain squarish panel is the most glaring feature.
I like it. I like that it's not a V8, I'm surprised it doesn't have any type of hybrid power or KERS. But then again it sounds like it was designed to go racing in GTE, I'm not sure what there rules are.


BLKFLD Are those even pictures? They look like renderings?
I think the GT40 is an absolutely gorgeous car, but it's definitely not "timeless". I agree with you there. But honestly... what IS timeless when it comes to cars? I cant think of any.


Pictures from its release in Detroit. There was a live stream of it yesterday I think. It's a real car.


KylePearson BLKFLD GT40 is not timeless? Then what is? That has to be the most ridiculous comment ever.


shiftyXTI The mid 90s were when the technology allowed the manufacturers to truly exceed what was thought to be possible in the 70s and 80's after all the emissions and gas mileage regulations took hold. There truly was a horsepower Renaissance there, even if some of the cars were kind of ugly. I think this is a similar time. CAFE regs are going to be very, very draconian this round, and I think this may be the last hurrah for some of these truly insane hypercars from the big manufacturers. CAFE regs are pushing average fuel economy to be equivalent to a current Prius by 2022. Thats AVERAGE across all models in every line. It gets tougher every year. Maybe they'll work through it, maybe they wont, but I think this is why this car is getting a v6 instead of a v8 - to transition people's thinking away from v8's for premium vehicles in the Ford model line.


GregoryS I speculate it's a marketing venture to ease teh transition to v6's in performance cars across the model lines. I dont know for sure, just what Im thinking with CAFE regulations getting stricter every year.


johnbezt Many of the Mercedes 2 door cars have obvious homages in them to the old Gullwing Mercedes cars of bygone eras...


I really like that its V6 powered. The styling is kinda hard to swallow, but this is just the concept right? Theyll probably tone it down a little, and Im sure itll look great. The rear end has a little too much goin on for me. Either way Im super excited it exists and I cant wait to see it in person at the auto show saturday


KylePearson BLKFLD The GT40 evokes the same response from people today 50 years later. The new FGT and most other modern sports cars will just be a side note 50 years from now. Timeless? Ferraro 250 GTO. Merc Gullwin. Aston DB4. There are several. The GT40 is clearly timeless and 100 years from now it will still be view as an icon while this new FGT will have since long been eclipsed and forgotten.


WhyNot65 KylePearson BLKFLD
I've always interpreted timeless as looking as if it's not dated. It's beauty is irrelevant to the time period, but it definitely looks like a car from the 60's to me. Depends on your definition I guess.


KylePearson WhyNot65 BLKFLD GT40 looks dated? Beauty never goes out of style. A 1975 Chevy Caprice looks dated. A 63 split window Corvette looks as good today as it did in 63.


I've never elbowed my buddy after passing a really hot chick chick and said Wow she was timeless. There are so many better words to describe cars. Sorry but I can tell if a Maserati 8C is from last week or the thirties.
They are both awesome cars but the idea that if I sent one "back to the future" (it's 2015 everything needs a B2TF reference) it would seamlessly blend in with cars from the time is ridiculous. Cars are gorgeous, sexy, sleek, amazing. Timeless? No.


KylePearson GregoryS I agree with you but if we see it from the design choice, this car looks
like half a LaFerrari and a half Ford GT. I don't know why they really
have chosen that design. Especially for a model so special like the GT40 and GT.


Damn.. this makes the new NSX looks really tame


Looks very interesting indeed, but I can't be the only one bothered by those two bizarrely placed white strips in the headlights, they make no sense and are very distracting. Just having the strips on the outsides would've been fine.


MartinBrandan it's the headlights dude.. probably laser


Man those seals on the doors are huge! I guess it's special enough for anybody with this style of '60's supercar. Mine IS.


I'm not too keen on the corduroy seats, to say the least. 2016 supercar with 60's throwback styling and 80s Lincoln interior... 

Let's hope that gets changed for production!


MartinBrandan Those are likely LED arrays, not just little white strips.


KylePearson BLKFLD From the press release that I saw on XBox One the photos that you think are renderings are from Forza Motorsport 6. As the GT will be the cover car a long with that car in game it will have the new GT350 along a few others from Fords new line up.


Jame5 You deserve an award for posting this. Good show ole' chap. Good show!


koko san the last one was leather interior with custom aluminum parts and carbon fiber. It was very nice inside.


How the fuck are people saying they LIKE that it's a V6? The car world these days have lost its way.


What's wrong with a v6? Let's see how far it can be pushed (hp wise). For me that's the real question of whether or not it will be equivalent to the last generations powerplant.


I think its very interesting the change of opinion in the car community, namely the import car scene. 10 years ago, American V8s are considered to be low tech, heavy, inefficient, low revving, train engines only meant for straight line performance. NOW the American industry has adopted compact, lightweight and efficient power plants and the community laughs for the use of something other than a V8. Shameful
Lets break it down, the V6 makes PLENTY of power. It uses turbos so it can be easily tuned to make even more power. The addition of two turbos and the elimination of two cylinders offset in weight. The V6 sets the platform for the rest of the Ford lineup in terms of EcoBoost V6's in that the things learned from this project will make your V6 Ford Escape go 0-60 in 4.5s and get 30mpg. 
Additionally, the V6 makes it compatible to numerous racing series and helps to further develop the Daytona Prototype or whatever the class is called now or will be called in the future. Its a monumental shift in ideology for Ford and THAT is why it is a great power plant and decision by Ford.

Dont forget all the other wonderful machines powered by V6's...that thing the import car scene calls pretty sure its doing just fine without two extra cylinders.


There's more to engines than horsepower. Exotic doesn't mean horsepower either. Somewhere the makers have lost their way. The environmental impact seems to be the reason... but drive any of these turbo cars hard, and they eat fuel just like a big lazy NA.
If I had the money for a supercar, I personally would be pissed if the car I'd been waiting for didn't have at least 8 cylinders.


Trying my best to appreciate the new v6...Trying.


When the v8 twin turbo comes out I'll be fully on board.


Why be sad about the number of cylinders? There is more to an engine than size. Was this going to be a flat crank v8? Never. So the only drawback is user ego is harmed in that they have a v6. Considering a sr20det can get 250 hp per liter at a reasonable tune, a 4litre should be at 1000hp. This example will be in the area of 650hp and probably weight somewhere around 3200lbs. Do you get more TORQUE with a v6 at 4L as apprised to a flat crank V8 4L? Yes, more torque and lower cost as well as brand uniformity. Torque is what defines an American car, no? Look at the v6 ecoboost in the f150. Farmer johns were in a fit that all trucks should come with large displacement v8s of you want to tow anything or be called a man! But oh yea the ecoboost has tons more usable torque and at a much lower rpm compared to the 302ci V8.
If you don't like Fords very wise choice, don't buy the car. If you absolutely need cylinder count o make you feel more powerful, I hear thy make a v10 viper with an archaic engine that has tons of cylinders to talk about at your next coffee meet.
Open your mind and think outside the box. Don't limit yourself to one school of thought.


Popcorn22 Ive never heard a v6 that sounds good, and v6's are historically not good engines. It's only through modern technology taht we've been able to get them to run properly and smoothly at all. There's a reason inline 6's, flat 6's, inline 4's, boxer 4's, v8's ,and v12s have been more popular in racing series over the years. V6's just dont balance well without doing some really weird things to them. They have no historical legacy. And like I said, they sound horrible. Every one I've ever heard sounds horrible. All those other engines with long racing pedigrees sound amazing. Flat plane or crossplane v8s sound great, doesn't matter to me. V6's sound awful. This isnt a pony car or a hot hatch. This is a 6 figure hypercar with a v6. Why not do a turbo DOHC v8?
I personally think this entire car is meant to be a vehicle to help transition consumers into viewing the v6 as the "premium" engine as they attempt to transition away from v8s in passenger cars.


Popcorn22 Torque is not what usually defines an american car, it is usually a v8 engine that defines our muscle cars. Torque and hp is definitely apart of it, but I would immediately think muscle and pony cars and think that the top model would be a v8.

I think most people's hesitation is that the original gt40 was a v8, and the generation 2 was a 5.4L v8. With the Gt500s being 5.8Ls and the Ford GT being the flagship, many assumed it would be sporting the largest motor in the modular ford family. I don't understand the "flat crank v8" because it would always be a modular engine—ecoboost is still in the modular motor family. The cyclone (v6) motor is pretty much the same motor as the coyote motor (v8) motor, just with two missing cylinders. The architecture of the motor is amazing, in any form. The v6—non-ecoboost is an exceptional motor on its own. The 3.7L mustang puts out 305hp, and with a supercharger can put down 427rwhp on 5psi—I know this for fact, I just bought a v6 mustang with a procharger and that is the dyno number. So the v6 is capable, but being a multiple mustang owner with a much more powerful v8 cobra, and a member of world record race team that builds the fastest modular motors and has the record for the fastest modular motor ever at 5.92 seconds  (Accufab Racing), the real question will be whether this motor can be upgraded to the same performance level as the 2006 models? Can it be built to withstand 2000hp and set standing mile street records? Who knows... We will find out when we get our hands on one; however, I think for the people who will be in market for these cars, which are many of the owners who owned the previous model, that will be the big question (at least for the enthusiasts in that group). It would be a shame if the new model could not set the records that the modified GTs have set. However, if it does similar performance figures and is a capable motor, then it will be accepted. Once again, 600 hp is great, but how much can this motor be built to withstand in modified form. Also I've heard some people say that it has a v6 because of lemans racing, that seems like a weird explanation because many cars in race form use a different motor than the street offering. There was a 2006 GT in the American Lemans series that used a completely different motor than the street offering. I believe it was a 5.0L instead of the 5.4L engine that was in the street car. The Corvettes that were based off of the ZR1 were restricted or detuned at least a hundred hp, so I don't think that was the reason. I think the reason was that to achieve 600hp... Ford today has lots of engine choices in their stable that can easily achieve that number, and the ecoboost is easily up to that task. I am sad that this GT will share little with the mustang lineup whereas the previous model shared the same motor (albeit that the larger 5.4 made it to the mustang in the first gt500, but the 4.6 4v was the same thing just smaller.)

Also to agree with Kyle... I really hope that they get the exhaust perfect. A sound of a v8 is just amazing, the sound of a coyote motor with headers is... well lets just say it leaves a lot to be desired. Fast as hell car, but damn does it sound weird.


Popcorn22 It's not me being closed minded. I'm in my 8th year of owning a Mitsubishi Evo... I know full well the capabilities of any reasonably built/designed turbo engine with any sized turbo: xxxhp, or xxxxhp. In saying that, naturally aspirated engines are beautiful in driving feel and sound.
I feel you are too distracted by your own argument. I didn't say anything about torque from cylinders, and I made a point that exotic cars aren't about horsepower alone. Then you go telling me about 1000hp from a 4L, and fewer cyl vs. more cyl at same capacity = more torque. I understand that larger capacity engines with fewer cylinders makes more torque, but you can't deny that smaller cc/cylinder makes for wonderful revvy engines. You can make up for the lack of torque by adding cylinders/capacity.
My point... Ford has one of the greatest production V8 designs ever made in the Coyote 5.0, and yet they neglect to use it in their supercar, and opt for the "little brother" engine missing a few chromoso...cylinders. Missing a few cylinders. It's not a very "exotic" setup for their supercar, especially when the perfect candidate is sitting right there in their own production.
Extreme example of my point: Would a Pagani Zonda be just as desirable if it had 1000hp from a V6? Hell, I even find the Huayra (ignoring chassis and handling advancements) far less intersting or impressive for running the SOHC 32v twin turbo instead of the older MB designed DOHC 48v NA like the Zonda did.
To be fair though, I am guessing that the new GT's V6 may be there for packaging and weight distribution reasons.


Could a V6 be a good engine, with plenty of power?
Yes, but that goes for V8 as well, if anything, having 2 more cylinders on a V6 is never a crime, nor it's a lose of power, theoretically it should always be better. Remember, we are not discussing engine displacement, all the discussion focused on the number of cylinders, which is kindaawkward in a car community forum. I don't get nor understant comments which say "I like the fact that it's a V6", when the original GT has alway built it's charecter and personality in the last 50 years or something with a V8. When I first knew that this latest Ford GT is a V6, I thought why not make a small displacement V8 with forced induction, so that you keep the car charcter and sound, and you get better gas mileage, and improve emissions. The McLaren 3.8ltr V8, with it's two turbos is a great example, not to forget the new Mercedes AMG GT with it's dazzling 4.0ltr twin turbo V8.
Did I ever wish that Nissan GTR was a V8?
Never, the 6 cylinder has been bonded and bolted in our minds when ever we hear the word Skyline, the 6 pot makes it's personality and charecter that we know and liked for a long time now.
Finally, I like the new Ford GT, a lot more than the new NSX, but I don't like the fact it's a V6. (V6s are great engines)


That would be great! So many cool US cars get spoiled with cheap looking interiors.


RichieTipsyKariuki Agreed! Love the styling, but it doesn't seem like a "proper" GT without a V8!


Love the flying buttress sail panels.

And remember - the GNX and R-35 both have turbo V6s, so there's nothing wrong with three holes per bank.

Besides, I'd rather have six cylinders of pure internal combustion than hybrid anything.


Wildcardfox Why, thankyou!


SRT FTW That looks mean!


Mahfoodh I can see your point and it seems like Ford is missing the mark by not powering it with a V8, but think about it his way: this is the halo car for the Ford brand. Ford is wanting people to see the EcoBoost V6 in their Taurus, Flex, F150 and draw the link to the one in the Ford GT in the showroom. I think it is Ford's way of helping Americans down from the V8 pedestal and see that smaller engines, better fuel economy and lower emissions are not only ok, but great. And I completely agree with you, at least it isn't a hybrid.


Is it Just me, or this one looks just right?


V6 noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Icon american cars forever V8 and V10 !!!


i like it! wouldve been nice if they modernized the retro looking interior!
cant see why people are soo upset about losing 2 cylinders! even when its making like 600hp!
still sounds pretty cool to me!


A corvette  destroyer!


Mahfoodh The number of cylinders is not only about marketing and sound. It's a compromise of internal friction, bearing loads, weight and packaging. Small displacement v8 and v12 engines were used in the past to make them stand high revs better without the engine disassembling itself due to poorer materials and manufacturing techniques.


Grand Mighty Smaller package, less weight, less internal friction... what's the downside?


So the gt350 gets the flat-plane v8? That would've been sweet.. :(


Bridges Mahfoodh  At least it isn't a hybrid? But the Porsche 918 and Maclaren P1 seem to push that concept and have A LOT of fun with it...


Yeah the cool seats from the first gt would go great... And most people don't like change, or can't think outside the box when it comes to technological advancement.


Some comments here drive my nutts. losing two cylinders is nothing to celebrate about even if the damn thing makes 1000 horsepower, supercars are not just horsepower boxes, they are more than that, the V8 in a Ford GT is more of an indentity, and charisma, in the same exact way a 6 cylinder is for the Nissan GTR, adding two cylinders to the GTR would ruin it even if it manages 1000 horsepower in stock form.
Now, calling a V6 "more advanced" than a V8 is even dumber, because whatever high tech that may be fitted on 6 cylinder combustion engine, it can be added to aV8 as well. Porsche 918 Spyder, and the McLaren P1 host the worlds highest technologies may be applied to vehicle, and both are V8s, one infact is force induced V8. The Ferrari LaFerrari is V12 shredder machine with spaceship technology. So for those who comment a "V6 is more advanced", you guys don't seem like real car guys with understanding.
If I was Ford, I would have the new 5.2-liter dual-overhead-cam flat-plane crankshaft V8 engine, rebuilt to be 4.0 liter (for the sake of environment and gas/mileage), and then add two turbos attached to it, and Eco-Boost setup of 21 psi all over it. 600 hp would be piece of cake then, think of the new Mercedes AMG GT.


Really nice car, don't mind the V6. But no shifter? Boooooo.


To everyone complaining about the v6, this motor has proven itself in endurance racing and is basically lifted out of ford's tudor series race cars. it has the speed record at daytona. this is a full race motor built to fit class rules.


They even said, the v8 they would use would make it the same thing as the gt350r just small differences so they made this model spectacularly different.


Look beast.U0001f636U0001f636U0001f636U0001f636U0001f636U0001f636


BLKFLD ""The GT40, while gorgeous, is far from timeless. It is a magnificent
example of its time. If it was released today we would all criticize it
to no end."" What are you talking about? The Ford GT is virtually the same as the GT40 and there was no criticism.  The GT40 is just about as timeless as any car out there but of course anything shows it's age after a certain amount of time.


This car looks very impressive. Good job Ford!


Great! I wanna its


This part does looks like a Mustang cameo for me. If it's a real idea — it's really awesome.