A Grassroots Drift MX-5 From Finland

When Miska Kähkönen isn’t working as a young electrician in Espoo, Finland, you’ll likely find him in his garage, or out having fun on two and four wheels. Miska is into motorcycles – from street to motocross – and recently started overlanding in his Jeep Cherokee XJ. The real star of his garage, however, is a 1991 Mazda MX-5.

Miska purchased the MX-5 back in 2013 with the intention of daily driving it. But – surprise, surprise – that all changed during its first winter in his possession, when Miska decided it would make a great project car.


The first iteration of the project debuted at a local car show in 2014, but it wasn’t until 2019 that the little Mazda started to resemble the machine we see now. It was a trip to Poland for a Next Level Drift event that inspired its transformation.


On his return to Finland, Miska wasted little time ordering a full Duce bodykit from Firefly Speed Shop in the UK, and everything else he needed to set the MX-5 up for drifting.


With all Miska had going on in his life it took several years for the Mazda to hit the road again, but when it did, it was a different car. This was largely thanks to the DIY turbo conversion, which is centered around a Garrett T3 (scavenged from a Ford Sierra RS Cosworth) fitted to the Mazda’s original 1.6L engine, which remains internally stock. The setup is reputedly good for around 230hp and 300Nm – plenty for the lightweight MX-5.

We all know how much fun Daigo Saito is having with his Roadsters, and they don’t have any meaningful engine upgrades.

Miska still shifts through the Mazda’s original 5-speed gearbox, but the diff has been locked.


What drastically helps with drifting is the suspension setup, and Miska uses BC Racing BR coilovers, plus front knuckles, lower control arms and steering spacers from Destroy or Die. The wheels are 16-inch Riverside tri-spokes sourced from Japan.


The interior features a full roll cage, Recaro SPG race seats, carbon door panels, and a quirky addition – a 15-year-old pink iPod Nano loaded with all the best bangers from the early ’00s.


Miska describes the MX-5 as uncomfortable on the street, but “entertaining” nonetheless.


While the Mazda was his first project car – and something he completed himself – it’s not going to be his last. Right now, Miska is working on a C5 Corvette that he inherited from his father. Since the MX-5 has been relegated to track and street use, the Chevy will replace it on the show front, with air suspension and large wheels at the top of the list.

The dream is to build Finland’s best modified C5, so I look forward to seeing what Miska comes up with. In the meantime though, there’s plenty of fun to be had in his little roadster.

Vladimir Ljadov
Instagram: wheelsbywovka



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I must say he definitely nailed the next level drift themed style with the wrap, wheels and bodykit! Love the Ipod Nano <3
Great Article and Pics as always too


Big thanks




Oh how wonderful that you decided to come out of the closet in public! Wanna have some fun babe?



Waste of a Miata imo, but just one more example of how the drift community are essentially locusts. Guess he doesn't have the balls or the skills to go road race with it.

If the best modified C5 in Finland is sitting on bags that tells me everything I need to know about their tuning "scene." lol.


Lets see your project cars then Mr Bigshot.


I love when we drop our pants and mine is bigger. lmfao. Waiting on that reply dog. Any time.


I used to race this. 440whp. 1700lbs. 335mm slicks with a custom 5 speed transmission. Now...what were you saying? guh guh guh....cat got ur tuh tuh tongue?


Cat hasn't got my tongue at all. To be honest I think your car is cool and I respect what you built but your attitude on the other hand, it stinks.
Just because you like one side of Motorsport doesn't mean that another side is wrong or you're better than them. Have you ever tried drifting? I mean proper drifting not some 1st gear donuts or a quick wiggle on track, proper drifting at speed, linking corners? If you have then you'll know that drifting also takes balls and skill. Different balls and skill to grip racing but still balls and skill. The same as drag racing, it's not just driving in a straight line.
I don't understand how you think that drifting is full of locusts just because a car is modified differently to how you would do it but the car scene is unfortunately full of egotistical keyboard warriors who feel the need to thrust their opinions on what they believe is right or wrong where it wasn't asked for. Instead of trying to think you're better than everyone else because you did it one day and that's the "right way", try expanding your mind, seeing why other people so things, compliment each others cars, be supportive and be nice. Or don't say anything at all. Not everything in life is about seeing who has the bigger one.

That's all I have to say. Have a good one.


I coached drifting with a former world champion and I was able to out reverse entry him in an AWD car within 5 runs. He was so pissed he wouldn't talk to me after. That's when I learned how easy / overrated this sport was.

Conversely I have mentors in their 60s that I can't out lap on a road racing course. There is no comparison between outright lap time and drifting. Drifting is for fun and amateurs. Road racing is for big dong swangin mfers.

This car lapped about 8 seconds faster than a GT3 RS at any given track. Had 4 pedals as well with an adjustable brake pedal on the far left (further left than the clutch) that could be adjusted with 3 different pivots to change braking force at the rear only to assist with high speed turn in.

I've done a lot in the few decades Ive been in the sport. Motorsport is about seeing who is faster at the end of the day. Drifting is not any real metric of ability to build a car or ability to drive. I love how upset people get when I say this. Yeah...I have some major credentials in drifting dude. Could tell you stories all day.


You need to calm a bit


I wrote many times long story but this don't publish those..
But long story short.
I wanna know how u can say anything like that if u don't know that person who sits behind the wheel???
That Miata is mine and it is made for grassroots drifting, track and road use. I don't even wanna use my energy to start conversation of corvette.. Sometimes is better close that big mouth :)
Best Regret from Finland perkele


Well bruhh


Come close it for me. I'm in USA. Willing to bet you wouldn't put that money where your mouth is any day of the week lmao.


I love grip racers. Most arrogant group on the planet and it's always fun listening to someone complain about chasing .001 of a second.

Thanks for hating drifting! Wouldn't want to see you in the community anyway. (And if you gotta talk that much about money, you ain't got money, Miata boy.)