Miata Reunion: Celebrating Mazda’s Iconic Roadster At Sonoma Raceway

Very few enthusiast cars have remained true to their original design brief over several generations of updates and modernizations as the Mazda Miata (AKA Eunos Roadster and MX-5). And that is indeed how enduring icons are created – when the formula is right, there is little need to change or dilute it over time.

This very formula of the Miata has created legions of fans for the model around the world, setting benchmarks for driving fun, and forging affordable grassroots motorsports series. In the US, the annual Miata Reunion exists to celebrate this legacy, bringing together its creators, the owners and the fans, while looking forward to the future of the purest affordable sports car.


Miata Reunion returned to Northern California in late October, bringing together the heart of the original NA Miata design team. Tom Matano, Bob Hall, Norman Garrett, Mark Jordan and Ken Saward were all in attendance at Sonoma Raceway, recounting the history of the Miata.


Starting with the Moss Miata competitive car show on Friday, the weekend featured track days and autocross challenges on Saturday and Sunday, complete with interactive sessions with the creators of the car.


Panel discussions and keynote sessions delved deep into topics spanning from the design stages of the car to the future of the product.


Witnessing hundreds of Miatas take over the 2.5-mile stretch of Sonoma Raceway on the Saturday parade lap was memorable, and so were the limitless customizations made to each and every car present.


The Miata is truly a blank canvas for the enthusiast driver. It can be anything from a track build to an off-road Baja racer, a canyon carver to a road trip machine, as exemplified by all the different examples on display.


Here are some statistics from the eventful weekend: a total of 1,007 Miatas registered for the reunion, with 502 cars taking part in the parade laps at Sonoma Raceway. A record 228 entrants made it to the Moss Miata car show, with 97 cars participating in the rally through Marin County. 121 drivers competed in the Flyin Miata AutoX Challenge, and the event saw a total of 1,281 registered attendees.

Vijay Sankar
Instagram: pink_helmet

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Tom Matano is a class act for sure, i DM'd him on insta a little while ago with a short message appreciating his contribution to the Miata and he actually replied back and was very humble.


Curiously one of the cars in the first photo appears to have coffin strapped to it. Any explanation for that?


Miata owners are weird.


Also, these cars seem to get derided as much as loved. I never wanted one, I’ve had various hot hatches, V8s etc and lately a GR Yaris, Miatas/MX5s just weren’t my thing….so I thought. Then my neighbour brought a ’91 of his garage that had been sat for years that I didn’t know he had so he could sell it. It wouldn’t start when the buyer turned up and he was left with it. I got it started for him (waxed up injectors) and he offered it to me really cheap. 9 years on and I love it, it’s modified to hell and I get huge satisfaction from tracking it, racing it and generally arsing about in it. Yea there’s no internet grabbing power figures but I’ve driven and tracked all sorts, and these little things are far more capable than most realise. There have been many days when I could have chosen a much more powerful car to go out in I’d end up taking the Mazda for the fun and engagement.