The FT-1 Returns

It’s been more than half a year since Toyota took the wraps off its stunning FT-1 Concept, and it’s still car that has the enthusiast network buzzing. After taking the concept to events like Cars & Coffee, Toyota decided to unveil a second version of the FT-1 Concept this week in Monterey.


It’s not significantly changed from the red concept we saw earlier this year, but it does help shine a different light on the futuristic supercar. The biggest change is the body color, with the red replaced by an elegant graphite color that really helps to accentuate the FT-1’s aggressive lines.


Other changes come in the cockpit, which is now finished with saddle tan leather upholstery combined with metal accents. I have to say that the traditional coloring works very well with the FT-1’s extremely modern cockpit layout.


Unfortunately Toyota has not yet given confirmation that the FT-1 Concept will become a reality, but the fact they’ve given it so much attention is certainly a good sign.


Whatever Toyota’s final plan is, the goal here was obviously to get us even more excited about seeing this car become a reality. To that I say, mission accomplished.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike



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wow this car is super cool


I really hope the actually call this a Supra if it does make production. At least with a car of this caliper, in the USA anyway, we shouldn't have to worry about it being under the Scion name.


inspector_exacto Honestly, I hope it doesn't take the Supra name. Some things should be left to be admired from a distance. I do want to see this in production, however, it just looks so expensive.


As much as I'd like to see it as a modern supra, this looks more like a sort of LFA II to me. Which would also be pretty cool, but automotive unobtainium. : <


MrSOLOMON85 Supra cool*

Gianluca FairladyZ

This car is from another Planet! I Love it!!!!!


I'd love if it went into production just the way it is. Looks amazing.


I just wanna say the FT-1 press photos by Nate Hassler are on point! 

I met Nate briefly I think when I ran into @seanklingelhoefer at a grocery store lol. They're both talented photographers! Speedhunters should consider having Nate do a guest photography post or something in the future


That cockpit! Although I love this current styling, I think it's a bit too aggressive for production. Really hope they retain  most of the styling cues if it makes production. That is one fine, fine concept!


What! TOO aggressive? You're the type of guy that ruins every concept car and want it to eventually be some boring cookie utter bullshit




What I'd like to know is which bits people think (realistically) will make it to any production Toyota or Scion. Personally I'd like to see the display on the steering wheel make it.


Only two pedals :(


Off-topic - did anyone else start getting these annoying "Do you want to leave this webpage?" pop-ups every time you try and exit a Speedhunters page or go back or navigate the site today?

On-topic - FT-1 looks nice but I agree with the other comments suggesting that it is perhaps too high-end.


Toyota needs to make this right now.


Off topic - The advertisement at the bottom of the page is supremely distracting. I know you need to advertise, but moving it to the side won't detract as much from the article, here I see amazing photos, succinct commentary and then suddenly a random woman in a van of some sort, it kind of detracts from the article, not only this one, but all of them I have read in fact.

On topic - I never new that just a slight change in color would make the car look so much more sensual. Still a little unsure on the whole nose cone thing, but dammit every other angle is gorgeous.

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

As per the 86, it will NOT look like this. Concepts are concepts for a reason. Yes looks great and the idea is there but it won't happen. Im thinking a grown up slightly fatter 86 in the end. Probably V8 too.


Is car still reminds me of an amalgamation of the Citroen GT, Mazda RX-8 and Corvette C7 and some SRT Viper. JMO


I am an unabashed Toyota fanatic. The front of this car is terrible. It's a mess. A more production ready front  quarter is all this car needs. And to those of you saying this shouldn't be the Supra are crazy. Look at pictures of the MKIV from similar angles and pictures of the 2000GT from similar angles. The cost of the cars that were once the Supra's competition are now $100k so yes, it will be expensive. GTR, Corvette, Mustang, Camaro, all the heavy hitters, top of the line cars are pushing $100k.


I never buy new cars.. but for this,Yep.


The front is horrific, everything else is awesome


The silhouette is very much MK4 Supra


Does the heads up display work?


Therealstig and you must be the type of guy who reads only a couple of words in every comment....


Dat Lighting doe. Never get sky reflections like that as far from the equator as I am. 

And lol at the armchair car designers. Always entertaining!


On the end note: I could not agree more :)


I really hope Toyota make this affordable and not the over pricey Lexus LFA


Holy @#$%.


Dat interior! When can I move in? @_@


wow I hope the car stays the same it looks amazing in graphite :O


Watch it be ridiculously expensive and they cancel it after just a year.


Gianluca FairladyZ It was great to meet you in Zurich, Gianluca! Thank-you for showing us around the city. Stay in touch!


Hi there QD. We haven't heard of anyone having this issue before, but we'll look into it. Cheers!


Thanks for your feedback seattlejester.


Brad_S its gonna be $70k


the VGT version looks 10X better!


Only bad thing is the engine they thinking of putting in. Ok hybrid... Hmm would prefer non, but being hybrid is ok. But 4cyl? That's completely against all supras.. A supra must be i6 or a v6 at the very least. Look at NSX and gtr they going v6, why can't toyota do the same!? 4cyl is against supra heritage irrespective of the power.


It will, look at gt86 concept was much more aggressive than it turned out. And the wrx concept, that's almost a 180 from the concept. I like you hope they keep all the good bits and unique styling traits. But some features do need to be a little toned down, namely the interior.


Speedhunters QD  I do have the same massage on the screen.


Build it and they will come! Looks amazing.

Gianluca FairladyZ

Speedhunters Gianluca FairladyZ  It was my pleasure! Everytime again! Have a good time guys and see you soon!


Looks worse than the jza80, so sorry,
The design department needs to hire a better chief.
Bits n pieces resembling a lot of other cars..
Rx8 hood and front wheel arches
Bulging roof like peugeot rcz
Softer version of enzo fronts
Gtr35 slanted side and rear windows
Bugatti wings
The side and back are trying to match all these mash ups..
Is like frankenstein wearing a suit
Please design a completely new one


BVSEDJESUS Yep not worth it.


Chris 'Haffy' Hafner  Hybrid actually




LuckyReza And where is your design, Mr. Knowitall?


LuckyReza Well, you know what they say about opinions...


Gary89 Why do you say they are putting in a 4 cylinder engine? The space between the front wheels and base of the windscreen is too big for a 4 cylinder.


Front end looks great to me, like the whole car.

Now only put a high revving v8 in it. Or at least make it available as an option.

That way you save money on ''sound engineers'' lol.


Stunning. I really think that Toyota, like Mercedes, is embracing a new heavily "futuristically" stylized design approach that actually works. 

I would take the the FT-1 as is. Sign me up for one with a black alcantara interior :)


I see some F1 in the front x)  It may look like a mash up to some but there is no way anyone could mistake it for something else on the street. Hopefully it has giant turbos so it can deliver the punishment the styling suggest it will... nothing like shit tons of boost.


The side profile reminds me of the Lexus LFA which is the car i would choose simply because of the NA engine, none of this turbo nonsense.


Awesome design! I do like the sharp cut front end on this one