Welcome To Japan Month

It’s January 1, which means our annual Japan Month theme has began.

While it’s true that a lot of Speedhunters’ content comes via our team on the ground in Japan – Dino, Ron and Toby – any time we can celebrate Japanese car culture in a special way, we will. And January is definitely the time to do it.


Tokyo Auto Salon may have fallen victim to Covid restrictions in 2021, but we’re hoping it will be back bigger and better in just a couple of weeks’ time. If the main event on Japan’s tuning calendar can’t go ahead though, don’t worry – we already have a good amount of themed content lined up for you.


How does a track-spec EG Civic street car sound? What about an R32 Skyline GT-R restomod by Midori Seibi Center, a Z32 Fairlady pairing, the iconic Sun Line Racing R34 GT-R, or a sneak peek at HKS’s latest demo machine? And who remembers Project 33? Of course, Dino will be checking out the famous New Year meet at Daikoku PA too, so stay tuned for these features and many more in the coming weeks.

We won’t only be celebrating Japanese car culture in the motherland either; you can expect a number of Japan-related stories from around the world in between all of our other global coverage. We promise that there’s something for everyone, just like Japan’s amazing automotive scene itself.

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I love all (almost) kinds of cars and different cultures and diversities
But I'm always a JDM fanboy at heart can't wait to see what's in store for this one


Cool, looking forward to TAS coverage. Will you test drive and feature the Pan Speed RX-8 "complete" car Komoriya-san spoke of in your SH interview with him? :) Happy new year to all SH peeps.


I am literally SO tired of japanese cars on this site, I think I'm not coming back. I swear the weebism is too much to handle at this point, enough! There's so much car culture all over the world that's being ignored for one stupid island!


#IAmTheSpeedhunter sounds like your cup of tea, why not submit what you think is missing? I personally think SH has a solid mix of all sorts of car culture globally but each to their own


I agree, it's either JDM cars in other countries, or overseas cars in Japan.
What is lacking? American muscles in America? Euro cars in Europe? Aussie cars in Australia?


Name another site that carries so much worldwide car culture? From individuals builds to motorsport events? We'll wait...

Or, you could do what any proper car enthusiast would do who isn't satisfied with the status quo - make your own site! Show Speedhunters how it can be done better.


Looking at the SH front page, like half of the current articles are about Euro cars. Also you'd think with a name like Mr.JDM you'd love Japanese cars lol. I think they do well to cover what people want or what is accessible to cover at the time. If you think they're missing the mark, as in not covering some aspect of car culture, then comment on what specifically you think needs covering instead of just complaining.


He wants more Stance.


I know Japan shut things down again due to the new variant of human malware. So Dino, I hope you get great shots of TAS 2022.


If it's anything like SH's 2021 articles I'm sure it'll be fantastic!
Happy New Year!


Any love for the VIP movement this month?


I'm so glad my birthday is shared with this incredible month of car culture especially with the japan theme, its amazing to see in my opinion

Matija Tkalcec-Maturanec

Yes! Looking forward to that! Any chance of an NSX feature anytime soon? Love your work guys!