Bring Back The ’90s: Super Touring On The Street

Just last week I waxed poetically about how much I like race cars from the past, particularly those from the 1960s and ’70s. And while those fat-tired and carburetor-equipped beasts will forever hold a special place in my heart, I can say that 1990s era touring cars sit equally high on my personal list of history’s greatest racing cars. While most would say these cars probably aren’t quite old enough to be considered true historic racing cars, there are some out there who have dedicated themselves to keeping the spirit of these machines alive. One of those people is Sweden’s Daniel Reinhard, the owner and builder of this 1992 Volvo 854 GLT.


While Daniel’s Volvo looks like it could be a museum piece, the car didn’t always look like this. In fact, when he got hold of the car back in 2009, it was essentially bound for the scrap yard. Daniel however, saw potential in the boxy sedan and after picking up the Volvo for pocket change, he began studying the brand’s exploits in touring car racing during the 1990s. As time progressed, the interest became an obsession and soon he was doing everything he could to capture that touring car spirit with his own build. The result is the car you see here.


After starting with some modest body and suspension upgrades, the project quickly evolved into a full-on race car replica, albeit one that can still be used on the street. Most impressive is the fact that over the course of the build, Daniel acquired an incredible selection of genuine parts from BTCC Volvos which can be found throughout the car – both body and interior components alike.


Under the hood sits a naturally aspirated 2.4 liter making 180 horsepower at 7,800rpm. It’s not tire-destroying horsepower by any means, but that’s never what touring cars were about. As for footwork, the car’s equipped with a set of custom coilovers and the wheels are a set of 18″ Team Dynamics Monzas for that perfect ’90s look.


The interior likewise has also been done with lots of touring car inspiration, and that Momo steering wheel is a genuine piece from a 1996 850 BTCC car.


I say it’s due time for ’90s motorsport and car culture to make a proper comeback, and after seeing a car like Daniel’s, how can you not agree? While we wait for that to happen, you can go ahead and check out his website dedicated to Volvo’s great touring cars.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike

Photos by Larry Chen
Instagram: larry_chen_foto



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All I can say is my heart is is the same place. In 1997 I rocked a Super Touring replica of Rod Millen's Toyota Camry. That car brought me trophies, magazine , and video exposure. That car is still one of my favorite builds.


super tourers yea, mondeo's and escorts with fiberglass bodykits and half a ton of filler with chameleon paint and tsw venoms... no.


Ahhh i thought it was the real deal used on the road :(

turbo BEAMS ae86

that engine is hurt


"Under the hood sits a naturally aspirated 2.4 liter making 180
horsepower at 7,800rpm. It’s not tire-destroying horsepower by any
means, but that’s never what touring cars were about."
300bhp from a NA 2-litre isn't bad, though.


Bring back Super Tourers? try the HSCC Super Touring Car Trophy -
Real deal Super Tourers, with some original drivers (John Cleland, Tim Harvey, and others), racing on the same tracks they used to. They are even supporting the normal BTCC this year at Outlon Park, alongside their normal events.




oO Awesome car! I remember in France of some DTM replica cars during 90's also. I always loved those street cars version and I still do!


I got quite excited to see this article and think he did an AWESOME job with it. I will say though, as a owner of a boosted version of the same engine (2.4 LPT) I was really hoping to see a heavily built T5. I get why he did what he did, but what can I say; I love the T5 lol


Time to bust out the Mugen-Castrol Accord...


I don't mean to be picky but you guys really have to proof read your articles.


zuberbomb  I've been saying this for a long time.  Dino is perhaps the only writer to take the time and pay attention to detail.


Love the 90's BTC DTM era how about the IMSA Audi 90 or a project I contemplating DTM Alfa 155 awd V6 ?


Shots of the parts he managed to get his hands on? The people he would have met on the journey to scoring legit bits would be a story in itself.


Pinky1984  A homage, used on the road though. It's his daily!


BradHarvey  We didn't refer to it in the article because it might seem a little unfair, but Daniel is quite young, so he's building up to the big power stage!


Just don't call it rice.


Rickard Rydell banging heads together in his 850 estate… :)


@freaksandgeeksdesigns Hello, I am somewhat obsessed with the Generation 3 Toyota Camry sedans. If you have any photos of your Rod Millen replica build, could you send me some pictures at I sort of have a dream of someday building a Gen 3 replica of the Neil Bates/ Mark Adderton Toyota Camry with the really pretty red orange blue and white paint livery.


@freaksandgeeksdesigns Also, any videos or other media would be much appreciated! Sounds like a great project!