There Is A New Show In Town: It’s Called Dumpd

After attending so many car shows in Holland over the years I had started feeling a bit jaded and found that the only reason I was visiting the shows was because of the friends I had made. The car shows became boring because there wasn’t really anything new to see – all shows started to look alike.

But then I got a call from a friend who told me a about a show called DUMPd. At first I didn’t think too much about it, but after I spoke to several people in the industry they persuaded me to come along and visit the show. In the end I was glad that I went because it proved to me that there are still people that are able to pull off a great event. I’m sure that this event has opened the eyes of many.

It all starts with the location. Instead of invading a circuit, like Zandvoort or the TT circuit in Assen, the organizer found an amazing place called the Enka factory. It is a vacant factory that is due to be demolished to make room for houses. It proved to be the perfect backdrop for an event.

The other part that was equally as important as the venue was the selection of cars. With a strict door policy and pre-selection, the organization was able to showcase the best of the best. It was also the diversity of cars that really surprised me – in a very good way. Just take a look at this Peugeot 207 RC on BBS wheels: it was one of the many surprises at DUMPd.

I know that the VW guys are the king of the ‘stance’ game in Holland, and probably in the rest of Europe. But the Japanese car owners are catching up – not in big steps, but they are getting there. This second-generation Mazda NB featured a supercharged 1.8-liter engine. Other items that attracted my attention were the fender extensions and the rollcage.

The majority of the cars inside were made in Germany. This Golf MkIII featured Vento headlights, a Nimbus grey paintjob and gold BBS wheels.

But the most interesting thing about this Golf was the R32 engine on custom mounts.

The owner of this grey Polo always travels together with the red one in the background. I have seen them at the recent MIVW event but this time I had the time to take a closer look. The exterior of both cars had been kept fairly simple.

It was under the hood where both these cars really shone. This grey one is owned by Jarno Aantjes and features a fully built 1.8 20v using a Garrett turbo.

This red one belongs to Jeroen Leenders. The exterior features all the familiar modifications.

But once again it’s under the hood where it gets real interesting. Using custom engine mounts Jeroen replaced the original engine with a 1.8 20v just like Jarno. Again he added a turbo and I’ve been told it was able to record some serious numbers – in the region of 500bhp.

BMW was also well represented at DUMPd. One of them was this matte silver E39 from Belgium.

VIP styling is still something you almost never see at events, as the cars that are best suited for these kind of builds are still very expensive even if they’re second-hand. But luckily there are still some pioneers that are able to build some fine examples. This 2GS had a nice selection of parts including a genuine TTE front lip.

This very green Golf has been featured on Speedhunters before. The owner keeps tweaking the car year after year, and it really shows.

The most striking part of the car besides the fresh green paintjob are the chrome BBS wheels and that perfect stance.

VAD brought their take on the 911 over from the UK. There is no denying that it borrows styling cues from RWB, but I have also seen some heated discussions about whether the kit was directly copied…

Thomas Visch brought out his blue MkIII.  It looked fairly simple in execution – but don’t let that fool you.

My absolute favorite car at the show was this Mercedes W115 230.4.

The simplicity of the exterior together with its gold paintjob and the golden BBS wheels is what won me over.

What’s not to like?

Dex Heine is a familiar face at Dutch events. He turns heads everywhere he goes.

This is probably one of the lowest cars in Holland that is not running airbags. And remember he always drives like this! That’s dedication right there.

I also found some very cool Minis, like this blue Cooper S on airbags.

The stance was really on point and it had some nice details like the shaved keyholes.

This Mazda RX7 came all the way from Germany to represent the JDM side of things. I liked the black and red theme but it’s a shame he didn’t go all the way and order red Samco hoses.

Another favorite was this cool first-generation MX5.

Simplicity goes a long way. It really shows on this car: just some simple black add-ons, a nice ride height and a few interior modifications are all that you need to stand out.

I have admired this Golf MkII built and owned by Chris Muller for a few years now. It has been put together with a very high attention to detail.

Just a look inside the engine bay proves my point. At the bottom we see the air-filter housing that connects to the G-lader and then they both come as one into the intake manifold. The engine is fed through eight injectors in total, four inside the Jenvey throttle bodies and four inside the intake manifold.

The interior has been upgraded with Recaro seats and a very cool custom gear shifter.

During the show I also spotted some familiar faces like Si Gray of Performance VW fame in the white shirt. He will be showing his photos in an upcoming PVW magazine article.

I was all over this BMW E30 M3 and had to pry myself away to continue my show coverage.

This was a nice surprise. A camo-wrapped MX5 with lots and lots of cool details…

…like the yellow writing on the tyres, the rusted steelies and all the WWII references on the rest of the car.

The Wangan Warriors are a group of friends who, as their name suggests, drive in Japanese cars. One of those cars is this light blue Sil-eighty on deep-dish golden Work wheels

I’ll end my coverage with a shot of this very clean S14a on Panasport G7 wheels. You couldn’t find a cleaner example if you tried.

This is just part one, so keep an eye out for my next instalment with more old-school metal like air cooled VWs and even a Dutch Skyline C210.

Jeroen Willemsen

DUMPd 2012



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Great new show was well worth the trip. Some class acts and a lot of OE restarint on show. Superb.
(Is Dex a bathroom fitter? They're cutdown Wickes shower trays tacked on the sills I believe... )


more on the e30 m3!
do you guys have to use ext. flashes for these indoor/semi-indoor shows?


The golden merc 230, awesome. Hate Porsche d90 wheels in black only chrome allowed.


@Herman_AB mij gespot? had Jeroen daar al gesproken… :)


Can't wait to find a good w115 and give it the treatment !!


Wow, don't see a lot of s13 pig-nose front ends on Speedhunters, much less at car shows. 


the vw`s kinda all look the same...


@MartijnGizmo nope, maar wist dat je daar was. Vandaar korte linkdump


@Herman_AB ah, thx! :D


dido , its funny when things are so "subtle" that no one knows they are there besides the person who put it on....


I love this camo MX-5 ... And the red one too in fact. :)




The red Miata, the FB Porsche and the old Benz SHALL be featured.


Jarno runs 2 turbos ;) :p


Very impressive cars here. I'd love to see more shows like this that have a nice mix of everything:P


That merc is awesome, way ahead than its time , the stance of the car is Dope ! , just simply amazing , amazing cars and atmosphere (Y)


 @GeoffreyCaruana same here bro , i never saw a "Masterpiece" w115.. it caught my attention for sure.


Dex's white S13 looks like something that a kid here in Cali would own haha


VAD should be blacklisted from SH coverage. It's a blatant ripoff... yet still looks like trash.


Wow that VAD 911 looks like a terrible rip off of RWB's 911. It also doesn't pull off the look anywhere near as good as RWB


would you guys stop using the phrase custom ... a lot of it is off the shelf stuff, the shifter you called custom, is an off the shelf CAE shifter to begin with.


THAT 993!!!! !111 $#^ $%@&%$&@%$&


Your an idiot. Stitched on flares have been on 911's for decades.
Is flat black not allowed anymore? Rauh-Welt is a rip off in its self.


 @Harry Y Allstar Nope, but it wouldn't surprise me if it were bathroom parts.. dex is crazy as fuck!
He used to have a Del Sol that had around 1in ground clearance(no airbags, coilovers) running a(if i remember correctly) turbocharged B16b on NOS :o


i think I've had something fairly negative to say about pretty much every european based tuning show posted up here on SH but this looks like an amazing event...that 207, vento fronted vr swapped golf..., those lupo twins (which could use a feature imo, 500hp?!?!)
and i gotta say, that VAD 911 does look terrible


 @milkplus hahahaha no way man, that kit is obviously -- plain and simple, a straight RWB knockoff, yeah people have been bolting flares on to 911s since their shit... but if you take the time to go look at pictures of the RWB cars you will easily be able to see that the VAD kit it almost a carbon copy...
and rauh-welt a rip off? hahahahaha of what exactly? nakai-san has been building cars for for a long time (20+ years?) and his style is most definitely unique...
im out


SH readers have short memories...
"This is where Vogue Auto Design stepped in – meet Europe's first and only Rauh Welt Begriff officially sanctioned dealer and builder."
Do you feel a little stupid now RyanKuan?


Educate yourself before opening your mouth.


 @milkplus rauh-welt is a ripoff of factory flares wings and arches made in fiberglass.


 @Vittorio Jano 
Yeah I remember reading that feature. I stumbled upon this a while ago.
Only reason I'm leaning towards the copy is because that flat black 993 has no RWB logos on it.


 @Vittorio Jano 
And VAD themselves have said they and RWB have parted ways


Well, VAD is official dealer of RWB kits. So I would presume that they modified a genuine RWB kit and by doing that they made it their own. Hence no RWB logos. And anyway RWB kit is basically just a modified 993 GT2 kit.


Well, VAD is official dealer of RWB kits. So I would presume that they modified a genuine RWB kit and by doing that they made it their own. Hence no RWB logos. And anyway RWB kit is basically just a modified 993 GT2 kit.


And RWB is a copy of 993 GT2. I'm pretty sure VAD used left over RWB parts or used the same molds.
Anyway people should stop this ranting about copying this and copying that. Every form exists somewhere in nature. Stop using Apple as your lifestyle coach. 


Awesome array of cars, but couldn't they have gurnied the floor down before hosting the show? hahaha


 Everyone has their opinion on what they see but no need for the name calling


That white 240sx is fucking hideous, burn it.


Copied or not, the 993 right here is ugly as hell. Look a those shitty rims. Please,no.


low body kits do not equal a low car.


 @milkplus The RWB flares are inspired by the GT2 for sure... except for the part where they're twice as wide and twice as awsm. The VAD flares look like shady copies of "number one." I don't really care one way or another as long as no more Porsches are assaulted with Escalade spec wheels.


 @Max_Ryde  Ken Oath!


lol i can see soo many people going on about the 911!!
personally i think that they haved copied RWB...i meanthe had the 1st RWB in the UK, then they sold it recently and then they pooped this out?!
read between the lines...!
but hey thats my opinion!!


Im with you Ryan. if there was to be a bloody battle to the death over how sheisty VAD is id be right there with you brother. I feel even better about going off on them on that speedhunters feature about that automatic RWB. What motherFer's dont realize is that as an artist you try and try and try and cry and try to distinguish yourself from the rest. In the golden era of hip hop it was known as BITING AKA COPYING. As  an artist you know if you push yourself that little bit further spiritually , mentally, physically you will become aware and blessed with the illest design. VAD didnt try. What i see from VAD is a wingless RWB. I love the way it looks. It looks like a RWB. the wheels are a nice change from SSRs. But from what the internets say they are faking the funk. F VAD.   


 @Vittorio Jano
 i should really stop drinking and posting (Widmer brothers Nelson Imperial IPA 8.6% alcohol by volume BTW)... But you sir, are a clown. you cant tell how fat the RWB's ass is?!!  Thats like jennifer Lopes vs Serena Williams dude. yea they are both nice but one is PHAT!! the RWB has that ghetto but bespoke front lip that flexs so you can get up your drive way. RWBs have the mesh cutouts on the rear spoiler. RWBs have names. If anything RWBs are an evolution of the GT2. Again, youre a clown hahaha. I agree that no idea is original, but dont encourage blatant copying. clown


Stop hating on the LOOK of the VAD, if it had RWB stickers all over it you'll all be creaming your pants. It maybe a straight copy but it looks good. I also like the wheels.


The W115 is absoluetly stunning! what a nice car, I wish I could own one like that.


Gaaf Jeroen. Heb je de twee silvergrijze mini's ook gezien. Een R56 S en een Clubman. Stonden naast elkaar. Mega dikke stance met een cobra schroefset. En rete vlug haha. De R56 S zit ergens tegen de 280 pk. Echt een monster


Ja die heb ik zeker gezien, stonden wel in een donker hoekje, maar heb daar wel foto's van gemaakt.


 If you look closely you'll notice there are major differences between cars


I'll prepare some more shots of the E30 in my next installment, and no I do not use any flashes for indoor shows.


nice range of cars - particularly liking that grey Miata, the 2 Polo's, and the Blue VW.  That red GTI is stunning as well.  Hopefully this doesnt come off wrong, but reminds me alot of the type I used to see in the original MaxPower magazine back in the early/mid 90's, before it got ultra cheesy.  Really well done, looks like it has lots of cool details.  RX7 is nice too..., I like the idea of the red trim around 2 spoke forks then carried over to the tow hook...nice unique touch


 @Curlytop Isn't VAD an official reseller of RWB?


 @Curlytop Isn't VAD an official reseller of RWB?


@SanderGeldman Yeh think someone has mentioned it.


 @Curlytop  @SanderGeldman Still looks awesome though :)


That merc is epic.......simple and beautifully done... very difficult finding a clean one to work on..


You forgot the sweetest s13 out there Jeroen (multicoloured on 12J). Hopefully in PII ;)


That poor Porsche...


Ok, I'll try to explain, in my opinion, the whole VAD vs RWB thing that is making everyone so annoying, as if VAD or RWB send 'em money to pump up their products.Wide Porsches are out since day one, so no one here can say he did something ORIGINAL, cause if you want I'll link you a massive amount of material about factory wide body conversions: so if you are trying to decide which one started the style well, Porsche Motorsport has the copyright right here,Then, Nakai San came out with a style which is, I would say, a reinterpretation of the classic, very track-oriented but with that JDM contamination that can be associated with the shakotan style: so wide motorsport arches but with a very very low body, just between racing and show.Remember that Nakai himself used to modify other bodykits before making his own molds.VAD is trying to take the widebody style out of the track, making it look more refined and "showcar" oriented, kinda DUB edition: this is the error in the whole thing, cause widebody Porsches are not meant to be dropped showcars, but they will be forever associated with their immense racing pedigree.The fact he used or not RWB parts doesn't mean they stole, cause they are using them to achieve a different image, which I don't like at all, but someone could. VAD Porsche couldn't be more different from RWB, so I don't see why everyone is bothered: they are doing their respective business, and in my opinion no car enthusiast could confuse the two.


oh cool. thanks!


Great photos, all the cars look great!


RWB's are ugly to begin with and soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo over-hyped, so who cares about this VAD thing. As if a wide body kit for a porky was invented by RWB, get over it and move on, blah blah blah wah wah wah, ugly and boring cars in standard form made uglier by silly people! /rant ;)


To much cool there


Yea I think he is talking about the Widebody red S13 with 12J Veilside Andrew Racing wheels.


 @milkplus Maybe they should ban RWB as well then for ripping of from the likes of Sunburst ;)


ok so everyones is saying VAD is  a copy are you people thick or something,if they have copied rwb and you are all saying its crap its a knock off and cheap looking surely this means that rwb is the crap looking???
your not making sense people a copy is a copy its doesnt mean its different from one another i think you are all just jumping on the band wagon of rwb,you will never see a rwb car in your life and you will never own one.
that vad car is lovely as rwb cars are its just a another wide body 911 get over it,rwb is a gt2 evo copy did you not realise this? has porsche kicked up a fuss over this copy no they havent have they see pic attached RWB=GT2 EVO COPY 
there are many companies out there doing widebody 911 one of the very first rwb cars was a sunburst car NATTY DREDD look at the pics
people do your home work its not rocket science to see who has copied who
 the internet is a powerfull tool.........,r:17,s:429,i:211


Personally I think the VAD car looks much better than rwb !!! More modern and more aggressive !! Haters need to stop hating !! I'm lucky enough to have seen both examples in the flesh and they are very different !! Everyone has the right to a opinion but unless you know your facts ... How can u judge ...


My "white" (its actually beige haha) s13! Was a job to get it back together for this, and im glad a sacrificed 2 nights of sleep for this! best show this whole year!


My "white" (its actually beige haha) s13! Was a job to get it back together for this, and im glad a sacrificed 2 nights of sleep for this! best show this whole year!


My "white" (its actually beige haha) s13! Was a job to get it back together for this, and im glad a sacrificed 2 nights of sleep for this! best show this whole year!


My "white" (its actually beige haha) s13! Was a job to get it back together for this, and im glad a sacrificed 2 nights of sleep for this! best show this whole year!


More about the light-blue Sil-eighty and Purple 180sx please? :)


 @JapanDriftMagic They are members of you can check out their rides on that website.


Please, don't show us Peugeot again!


@the riddler
Man I will say the same to you.
VAD became official RWB dealers for UK and Europe.
But to be an offcial dealer you have to have your own RWB Porche for demonstration.
VAD did that and Nakai San built the 993 Porche for VAD.
Then RWB stopped collaboration with VAD and VAD try to sold the car on Autosport 2012 for 80000GBP.
Because they didn't find a buyer they kept the car and painted matt black and add new front bumper and wheels.
And now what??They try to take the credits as it was their project?
The fenders are exactly the same Nakai San built himslef for this car.
I sent you the link of the build up process.
I live in UK and I have spoken with Nakai San personally to become RWB dealer here in UK and Europe.


@Original_Spartan @the riddler


@Original_Spartan @the riddler
Well it shows just how much u know ....... Nothing!! The original RWB is in Yorkshire !! As it was sold ! The VAD car is different to rwb and its wider !!! People need to realise rwb is not the only company that do wide arch conversions!!! Get over it people its getting boring !!!


@Willylumplump yes the car is in yorkshire sat in a showroom
And yes the vad car is complety different it takes much wider rims and a bigger wheel
Please stop going on about rwb vad got nakai to fit the kit thats it
Vad made the interior painted the car and done everything else all rhe rwb cars are buckets and are built for the track the only one that is of any good is number one and
The dubai car which is a turbo so as far as all the copying and other crap its all rubbish rwb copied sunburst from day one all the widebody porsches are from porsche motorsport
Do you really think that rwb care or vad care what people on this page say no not really they split and went there own ways look at the blog it says it all fair play to vad for not letting anyone walk all over them there is a side to every story people
The riddler


@Rob Meulenbroeks @milkplus
Very true


@Original_Spartan mate your clearly pretty thick
Vad built the first Rwb car in europe which is a L reg......and sold the car......the vad revenger car is a N reg what your saying is
That vad have special powers at the dvla what a very stupid person you are who knows nothing... ive seen this car at players show it was that good they put the car in front of the main stage they also had there cayenne on the wheel hores stand so they must be doing something right how did you get on speaking to nakai as he speaks very little english look at his documentrys really if your gonna tell lies at least tell ones that have facts
The riddler


@the riddler  @Original_Spartan  Toshiya Tom Ichiraku :International Director of RWB
You are right it was Toshiya Tom Ichiraku I spoke with the Green 993 RWB representative of Nakai San!!
Part of his e-mail :
'' Hello llias-san Thank you for the e-mail.We are happy to have partner of RWB in UK.first of all, we jast started UK partner ship with VAD UK, but they are not dealer or partner we are looking for new partner in UK.''
Who is the lier now?
And explain me this as well...
and especially about the fenders and the rear bumper...
They are copy of RWB of the current car...I never checked the plates of the old and current one..I am not a cop to do an investigation.But for sure Nakai San built the first RWB car in Europe and the car was onwed by VAD.
And for sure they are not anymore official dealers for RWB.
They started as official dealers but they are not anymore.
Are you happy guys?
Where is the uniqueness at the VAD car?
And if RWB is copy some styles as people say...Then VAD is even worst because they copy someone who copies..


@the riddler I saw some mouths closed.
I want to add also that the most important things for me- as an old school Greek with orientation from Sparta- is integrity,loyalty and honesty .
When someone flies all over the way from Japan to comes to your country to build the car for you that shows me the dedication of his work and there is the real art.
For sure is not about big profits if you consider the costs.
And I am very sensitive when people try to take advantage of it.
Because for me the worst thing VAD did was used Nakai-san to build the car for them and then they dumped him.
And try to show to people that they are the creators.
And this fact doesn't align with my ethics.
And I am sure that they are not a lot of car builders-tuners out there to show so much dedication for each individual-client.
It is like a bespoke suit from Savile Row...
Nakai -san is not a Mechanic or Engineer.He is very good with the body and paint job.
For me is an artist.
That is something that a lot of people will not understand.
Passion and dedication.
It is not always about money.
That's it from me.
I will not bother to comment anything more.And especially to deal with kids that they have never build a proper project car from bare shell to full custom.
It is sad  to see as well that people they can't understand the difference between monkeys and creators and for sure Europe is not ready as a market for bespoke Porches from RWB..
I am sorry if I offended anyone.
Kind Regards,
Original Greek Spartan


@Original_Spartan please mate bore off and get a life i was stating facts thats all in a debate you are talking like you are this nakais wife and no in not a kid who cares about rwb and vad really no 1 vad do loads of different supercars rwb do porsches so this debate is pointless and you are the only 1 on here on an old post still going on anyway ive wasted more than enough time with you like i said i was stating facts something you never


@Original_Spartan by the way my mouths always open


Fuck rwb


@Original_spraytan mate it was there car they can do with what ever they please with it so really these comments mean nothing as you or i dont know what happened between the 2 partys and if your gonna be rwb uk or europe like you say then why aint you whats up have you not enough pocket money saved up to buy a car and make 1 really no1 cares at all about something that went on last year both parties are building different cars all the time.please get over it you will make yourself ill .......sorry i cant help it but in one of your other comments you have said about its not about big profits fibre glass body kits cost very little hence why there in fibre glass cheap and easy to replace and you dont think that there is no profit in rwb pricing......i have just found on the net that there bodykit is $20.000 so like i said before making comments that you dont really know anything about a quick search on the net proves you wrong BORING!!!!


@the riddler
First of all you really pissed me off becasue you made me reply...Just to show you that I know what I am talking about at least for RWB and VAD.
Part of e-mail with RWB representative:
''llias-san, to start RWB UK is we want you to make Demo car for your have to buy our body kit  and we will visit your shop to build for  Demo car price. RWB is very nice car, but you have to see real car! Real RWB is something you have not seen. also, to make RWB body kit is not profitable business, so we want partner, like RWB and not for big profit.''
Because in the bodykit price included the flight tickets, hotels, and all the expenses it will need for Nakai-San to come and build your car.
If i have money or not let me know better....
I have some cars already you would have dream off..and at my company we have build already some very quality JDM & USDM cars...
But when you make an investement you have to see if it will give you some of your money back at least even after a long period.
And if people in Europe and UK have this opinion about RWB I will think twice before I become dealer...and definitely I wouldn't want to deal with people like you...
I am not like VAD to make Nakai-San build my car for the cost of fraction and then make molds, sell the car make profit and then represent another car with the same style as mine creation.
And if I am Nakai-san's wife then you are definitely VAD's prostitute!!!
And it is obvious why you like to have your mouth ALWAYS open!!!!
VAD you are right have build many supercars..I am sorry!!!
More in photoshop and some in 3ds Max...
Maybe you are VAD representative or the owner of VAD and you insist so much!!!
Anyway bye -bye!!!!


@the riddler And if you are VAD owner please don't connect your company's phone to your mobile and you answer when you are sleeping at 09:30 am....
I called you about one product to give me a price and you didn't even remember the product you were selling...


@Original_Spartan dude you really need to calm down i was merely telling the facts from whats on the net.... no im not a hooker.... and nothing to do with vad but you are annoying me now DO YOUR HOMEWORK LITTLE MAN TAPPING ON THE KEYBOARD BEFORE YOU SAY THINGS ON A POST THAT HAS DIFFERENT OPINIONS this is getting boring talking about rwb and vad WHO CARES. no1 cares about your jdm usdm cars .I WAS CORRECTING YOU ON WHAT GARBAGE YOU HAD WRITTEN ..and you wouldnt want to deal with people like me ..whatever mate your making yourself look stupid putting up an email from an rwb person...really mate what next live interview are we going to see you on the oprah winfrey show.VAD owner what are you on about ?????? Please do your self a favour go see a doctor or lay off the drugs.