100 Photos: This Is Rennsport
Tooling Around

Three-wheeling, fire-breathing, turbocharged, air-cooled goodness flying down The Corkscrew at full tilt: This is Rennsport.

If our previous coverage from Rennsport Reunion VI was any indication, Porsche seriously knocked the ball out of the park this year. The German automaker released a new car which actually isn’t; Naveed cruised around in a Porsche that’s rare as all hell; and I pretended to shoot with film. But beyond these galleries, there’s a lot more to be told from the Porsche-themed celebrations.

It always seems like these cars magically appear at the racetrack in ship-shape, but that, of course, is far from the case. When I stopped by Canepa before Rennsport kicked off you got a small peek at the insane amount of work that goes into pulling off a weekend like this. But once you arrive at the Laguna Seca paddock the real work begins.


Keeping race cars running over a five-day event requires constant vigilance, spare parts, and in some cases, long nights. An entire city materializes over the weekend and disappears again after Rennsport is finished.


With seven separate heats throughout the weekend it’s a lot to take in, and, Porsche fan or not, I really encourage you to make the pilgrimage for Rennsport VII if you’re able to.


Having made friends with the Tool NA crew, namely TJ, on a recent trip to Los Angeles, I followed the team around in their Carrera RSR here and there.


The pretty white-blue-yellow RSR is owned and raced by Erich Joiner, who I already properly introduced when I poked around his SoCal workshop (which reminds me that I owe you all a close up look at Keke Rosberg’s Formula 1 car…).


Even with a well-sorted and relatively reliable racer like the RSR, constant attention and tweaking is required to get the desired results.


Even though Erich was stacked up against some serious competition, many of which were running big Kremer-spec aero, he still managed to pull off a top five position after qualifying. From here, the team scraped a sixth place finish in a field of nearly 50 cars. More notably, Erich was the first 911 to cross the line, with 935s taking all the top spots. He was positively flying, lifting his inside front wheel just about every chance he got. Bonkers, I say.

Simply Awesome

Then, there are all the other race groups. And some F16s – because America.


While the races here at Rennsport don’t carry the weight of IMSA or even NASA-style events, there’s no shortage of intensity when several dozen flat sixes take to the course. These guys don’t hold back.


There were also a number of special sessions where some exceptional cars came out to dance down The Corkscrew, sometimes with 12 angry cylinders screaming into your ears rather than the bellow of a six.


I reiterate… exceptional cars.


Whether it was tractors, bathtubs, or the legendary 919, there was always something to take in on the course.


On the topic of the 919, I figured that Porsche would have some fun smashing the lap record at Laguna Seca. But while the car clocked over 190mph on the main straight — where you might normally see something in the neighborhood of 130mph from a Cup car — no lap times were immediately announced. Apparently Porsche just wanted the drivers to enjoy themselves…

If I know anything about the German automaker though, true enjoyment comes from breaking records and finishing first. Really, I half expected Porsche to stick around after Rennsport and become the fastest car to ever lap Laguna Seca, but the 1:05.8 set by Marc Gené in 2012 in the Ferrari F2003 still has the top spot.


For a bit more reference as to how fast these cars are, I clocked in 1:59 in a near-stock NB Miata my first time at the course. Knocking 10 seconds off that would be considered fast for a slightly built Miata, and another 10 or 15 off that would be fast for just about anything. Then there’s this prototype, which seems to have enjoyed surpassing even Formula 1 cars at F1 tracks and was capable of around a 1:10 here.

It’s nothing short of amazing, and exactly the caliber of awesome you’d expect to find at Rennsport.

Paddock Cruising

Then, there are the incredible sights and scenes off the race track.


We’ve already given you a look at some of the best displays, so I won’t take much time talking about what was here beyond a couple other favorites.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with a GT1, especially the Le Mans-winning 996. I’ve never been one for the runny-egg look, but these headlights just look so right on this thing. If you saw the cover photo of my first story from the event, you’ll already know that Porsche had it out hammering around the track and down The Corkscrew.


I also noticed Canepa’s completed 959SC display which the team was building when I stopped by. The end result is quite impressive.


And on the topic of spirited racing, Bruce Canepa himself had an incredible battle in his 917K against the 908/3 of Cameron Healy. Canepa ended up the better of the two this time around finishing second overall with Healy rounding off the podium in the Werks Trophy race.


On the opposite side of the paddock was Porsche Classic, bragging about how fantastic their new old stock parts are. With a pair of golden Porsches glistening in the sun, I think I’m sold on it. At least, I would be if anything and everything with the name Porsche on it wasn’t so astronomically expensive right now.


But I digress, as I honestly could drone on forever about this long, epic weekend at the racetrack. Out of everything I shoot I always find myself enjoying these historic race events the most. I took over 5,000 shots in two days, so it’s only fitting I share one big, final slice of them here.

‘Til next time, Rennsport!

Trevor Yale Ryan
Instagram: tyrphoto

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Again! Trevor, you have absolutely KILLED it with this last Rennsport post!!! Thank you for making me lust for a trip to a future Rennsport event!!!!


Thank you! Do it, you wont regret it. The vantage points around the track are great for spectators


As a certified Porsche nerd, I am grateful for this post of unadulterated badassness. Thanks bro!


I have an idea, at the end of 2018 lets do a count up of articles on SH by automotive brand. Who's betting that over 50% of the stories on here are porsche related? I didn't even bother to read this one.


I'm loving what Porsche content we do get. So much heritage, it makes me want to get my own and be a part of it.


Out of the last 120 stories, less than 10 are about Porsche. Do you know what 50% means?


Aaaand ther's always this guy who complains about something we still don't have to pay for, instead of being greatful.
Get a life man, if SH doesn't suit you, go back to google Images.


But if you're on the internet and aren't talking trash, are you really on the internet?


Then skip these,
Many of us love to read these, learn about Porsches and appreciate them.
The fact that the manufacturer encourages this is even better!
If you're not here for this content, leave or wait for other content. Don't try to speak/spoil the fun for others that enjoy these.


Thank you thank you thank you !!
It's like i was there.
Again, thank you Speedhunters for alowing us nobodies to enjoy all that worldwide automotive greatness.
Wallpapers for days too....


Anytime, my friend.


Man, what's with your flat photo editing style? These pics all look like renders outta gran turismo or something similiar..no life to it, just soulless, harsh, contrasting colors..


I specifically try to edit my photos in a way that will upset you.

Ivor The Engine Driver

Don't be so snippy, Trevor. You're not so good at it that you can lip off about valid criticism. Try not to blah out your colors next time. If you do any processing work -- and it isn't clear that you do -- go for a little pop. And for god's sake do some cropping.


Hi Ivor, thanks for your feedback. Here's a good IG account for you to follow: https://www.instagram.com/p/BpAljrlgbqU/?taken-by=kewlguyfotos


Is Pat T serious?!!!!!! There are/were SO MANY different Porsches from different eras and this guy sys "it's boring?!". What would he consider exciting? Delerious! I am a Porsche " fanatic" for life! Really miss being in California! Weather, women and Porsches! Heaven on Earth! Great photos Trevor!


*Looks below in bewilderment* Bickering about pretty photos of stuff most of us can't afford. Yeah. Great!.

Thank you for the article and pretty pictures. Rennsport is definitely on the to-do list (as if that will ever happen).


Haha welcome to the internet! You're welcome, you should definitely make an effort to come out.


Thanks for the incredible photos Trevor. I was there and you were able to capture the essence of the event. It was magical, overwhelming, and heavenly. What a weekend! If you are a Porsche nut, you MUST attend Rennsport. I will most certainly be at the next one.


Love the shots on the corkscrew. Such an interesting perspective looking up at the cars from so low down.


The Gunnar Porsche photo is absolutely stellar. Simple, yet phenomenal in it's own kind.

Matthew Everingham

Wow. I feel another event bring added to my global bucket list.