Ireland’s Finest At The Juicebox BBQ
10 Day Plan

‘What if nobody shows up?’

‘Sure, we’ll just have the craic ourselves. See if we can eat all those burgers ourselves, maybe?’

Eleven days before the Juicebox BBQ, there was no plan for a Juicebox BBQ. All it took was one notion the next day and a couple of Facebook messages to begin the process of what would become probably the best automotive happening I’ve ever experienced in Ireland. I’m not sure if it was so good because it was so unexpected, or if it was so good because it was finally the event that Irish car culture deserved.

2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-10

I’ve wrote about it previously, but Ireland is a peculiar country when it comes to car culture. For a small island on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, with a population of less than five million people, we have a huge car scene that encompasses such a wide variety of automotive sub cultures. Curiously though, being a car enthusiast in Ireland also guarantees that you’re considered an outcast by the rest of the society here.

I know that there are other countries where car enthusiasts have it much worse, but it’s a constant struggle and fight to have something interesting on Irish roads. Take something like a humble, stock S14 Silvia for example. Before you can even turn a wheel in the Nissan, you need to pay our government around US$800 for the privilege of using our roads. This is a recurring annual fee, which is paid once a year, every year for the first 30 years of a car’s life here.

Fuel is about US$5.50 a gallon, which by European standards is actually okay. If your car is over 10 years old, you need to have it inspected annually for road worthiness, which of course brings another fee. Insurance is extortionate here, anything under US$1,000 per year is actually considered reasonable. If your car is over 15 years old though – and God help you if it’s a Japanese import – then don’t expect to be offered any insurance coverage whatsoever.

Despite this, Ireland’s car scene is thriving once more. Having weathered the recession, quality cars and builds are beginning to emerge once again.

Come the morning of the BBQ, no one was quite sure what was going to happen. The event wasn’t advertised on social media or the likes, instead each owner was reached out to individually and asked to come along. It wasn’t an elitist invite-only affair though, it was just a case of the Juicebox crew inviting the best cars and owners in the country that they happened to know. The result, well, let’s talk about that…

Blaas & Burgers
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-40

It was probably at the point where the Juicebox crew had to start parking cars in other car parks, that I became aware that something special was happening. This wasn’t just a gathering of cars, but a gathering of Ireland’s finest with only a handful of noteworthy absentees.

There is a caveat to this, though. The Irish car scene isn’t driven by competition between tuning houses. There’s no company building demo cars so as to sell their wares to the masses, it’s very much a scene driven by individual passion.

2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-34

The JDM scene is absolutely at the fore, particularly amongst my age group and generation. Like other nations, the Irish have had their hearts stolen by the affordable performance and massive amounts of style that the Japanese have produced over the years.

2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-19

Whilst some have preserved icons of the Japanese tuning scene, others have created their own interpretations from scratch. Jason McInerney’s KE70 Corolla is a special car which we featured earlier this year. It’s most certainly worth a read if you happened to miss it the first time around.

2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-84

But what arguably stole the show was Ireland’s first Hakosuka casually arriving in the early afternoon. The car was driven a considerable distance to hang out, which was all the more impressive. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen one, and whilst I enjoyed them before, I adore them now. The hype is understandable.

2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-8

Second to the Hakosuka, and only marginally, were the rather splendid burgers on offer to everyone. The first 50 people were treated to the premium offerings; 100 per cent Irish beef prepared in a local butchers and sandwiched between a local delicacy, the blaa. These delicious soft floury bread rolls are unique to my hometown and were even awarded Protected Geographical Indication status by the European Commission a few years back. This means that the only place in the world you can get an authentic blaa is Waterford in Ireland.


2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-137

Back to the cars…

There were many standout cars in attendance, some of which I’ve seen before but keep coming back to appreciate when I can. This EP82 Starlet GT Turbo being one example.

2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-38

Another was this immaculate JZA80 Supra, wearing what looks like a Ridox kit. The Supra remains a rare enough sight here, so it’s always a pleasure to see one when you can.

2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-47

Paddy Finnegan’s Aristo is arguable Ireland’s best VIP car, and you might remember it from our Dubshed coverage earlier this year where it stole the show for a lot of people. It’s constantly evolving too, with subtle additions every time I see it. I think it could be time for a feature?

2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-72

Neil Thompson’s S14 is another car you will have seen on Speedhunters, but it too has evolved since. Style is subjective, but I think Neil’s absolutely nailed this.

2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-114

Don’t you just hate it when you bump into an ex and she’s looking great? I’ll forever have a soft spot for my old E90, but it’s great to see it still being maintained well and with its new owner adding his own personal touches. You just need to lower it, Cian. The KW toolkit was in the boot, in case you forgot.

2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-45

In case you were wondering, this entire industrial area was behind a locked gate, with only the invited cars being allowed in. On a sunny Sunday afternoon, it was the perfect location for such a chilled out affair. Park up, walk around, check out some cars and chat with likeminded folks. With no surplus spectators or undesirables, you could tell that so many owners were able to relax knowing that they were in the right company. No need to worry about door dings when the guy or girl beside you cares as much as about their car as yours.

2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-107

This turbocharged EK Civic caught a lot of attention. Although I didn’t get a chance to catch up with the owner, someone else filled me in on its history as an ex-demo car which was brought to Ireland and kept exactly how it was in Japan. I love that some choose to preserve cars like that, whilst still using them.

2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-68

The kevlar bonnet works so well against the white too.

On the subject of Civics, there were a couple of cars that really broke the mould when it comes to how Ireland typically does Hondas. The looks will be divisive but I’ve huge respect for someone who’s willing to break away from the norm.

A console game character and kanjo-themed EF is a brave route to take in Ireland, but it’s so refreshing. There’s nothing wrong with a more traditional route either, but it’s great to have that balance between wild and safe to drive a community forward. A little bit of Speedhunters representation never goes astray either. Just saying.

Winding Down
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-64

There were less than 100 cars present, but I felt obliged to try and shoot and look at every one of them. Yet another previous feature car was Evan’s boxy Starlet, now with slightly brighter front wheels.

2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-33

No matter what day of the year you pick, it’s bound to clash with something. In this case, a local group of Lancer Evolution owners were also having a get-together elsewhere. After going for their own run, they decided to come and join the BBQ and were more than welcome to. There’s no silly politics involved, as Neil – Juicebox’s founder – told me, “If someone wasn’t invited, it’s because we didn’t know who they were or how to reach them.”

2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-21

A car that gets a bit of an unfair rap in Ireland is the SXE10 Toyota Altezza; they have a reputation of being driven by less than desirable kinds of folk who generally drive like idiots and give the other owners a bad name. This blue example with overfenders, cut rear bumper and a wild rear diffuser is probably the best street-style SXE10 I’ve seen here. It’s good to see a car in such good hands.

2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-85

The Hakosuka was joined by an R34 GT-R later in the day. Again, a rare sight in Ireland.

2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-83

Another Honda breaking the mould was Jamie Rohan’s ings-kitted DC2 Integra Type R. It’s a huge departure from your typical Irish DC2, the subtle wide front fenders masking the increased front track.

2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-92

There was never really a plan for how long this would go on for. There wasn’t really much of a plan beyond inviting cars and their owners to come hang out for a few hours and have some burgers. It’s probably why the event was so successful. It wasn’t trying hard, it was what it was.

2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-128

With seemingly every man and his dog arranging a hip new car show these days, it was pretty refreshing to just have a no obligations meet.

What the Juicebox crew have done is perfectly demonstrated how to celebrate car culture. I’m so sick of people who think of cars as life and death, who are constantly looking for reasons to be angry or to hate on others because they have the gaul to like different things. These two R32s are worlds apart in terms of approach and execution, yet they were both perfectly suited to this meet. Because they’re both owned by owners who just love their cars and couldn’t give a f**k about politics or what others tell them that they should do with their cars.

2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-125

Ultimately, it’s not really about the cars. It’s about the people.

2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-135

And there’s not a better bunch of humans that I’d rather hang out with than good car people.

To prevent further rambling, I’ve included a plus-sized bonus images chapter below for your viewing pleasure.

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
Twitter: pmcgphotos

Cutting Room Floor
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-13
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-16
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-18
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-20
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-23
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-24
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-25
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-27
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-28
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-31
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-32
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-35
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-36
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-37
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-39
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-41
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-43
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-44
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-46
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-48
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-49
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-50
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-51
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-52
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-54
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-55
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-56
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-57
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-58
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-59
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-60
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-62
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-65
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-69
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-71
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-73
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-74
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-75
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-76
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-77
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-78
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-79
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-80
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-81
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-82
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-86
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-87
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-88
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-89
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-90
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-91
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-93
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-94
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-95
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-96
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-97
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-98
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-99
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-101
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-102
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-104
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-105
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-106
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-108
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-109
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-110
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-111
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-112
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-113
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-115
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-116
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-117
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-118
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-119
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-120
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-121
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-122
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-123
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-124
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-126
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-129
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-130
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-132
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-133
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-136
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-138
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-139
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-140
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-141
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-142
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-143
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-146
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-53
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-147
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-148
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-149
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-150
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-151
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-152
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-153
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-154
2016 Juicebox BBQ by Paddy McGrath-155


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If you think owning cars in Ireland is bad, you should do a feature about Dutch car culture. Oh wait, we don't have that..


Was a super day, was there in my FB RX-7. When Juicebox are involved, you just know its going to be class. 
Just on Ireland's first Hako...may not be true, if what I was told on Friday night is true! Genuine GT-R, S20 and all, sitting in a lock up in Dublin as part of a collection for the past few years! Was an absolute privilege to see the Hako last Sunday, first one I've seen in the metal! Owner is an absolute gentleman as well!


Awesome words and photos as always Paddy! Was a great event, perfect showcase of what we do best


Thanks for including the extra photos.  Sometimes I really enjoy the story but the photos fall short.  Always great following!


Mitchellol The Netherlands has great car culture! Most of the very, very best VAG cars are Dutch. I'd love to get back out for a show in the near future.


Jason Marah That's interesting, Jason. I must try and follow up on that.


Paddy McGrath trying myself...I won't fully believe it til I see it :-p


mikeyjmoynihan Cheers, Mikey. I certainly agree with that sentiment.


gilbertsonkurt You're welcome. The updated layout allows us to include double the amount of images for the same amount of scrolling.


Jason Marah Paddy McGrath Same. In saying that it wouldn't surprise me!


just as Ruth said I cannot believe that a stay at home mom can earn $4216 in one month on the computer . read here---------->>


All the Evos look absolutely gorgeous. And that imperial blue Cossie U0001f60d


nice ae86 men! and toyotas


@turbo BEAMS ae86 You're going to like an upcoming car I have...


Great feature paddy, was a serious day! Even a couple cheeky snaps of the ef9 in there aswell! U0001f609


Awesome coverage, thanks Paddy! Is Ireland one of the countries that charges/taxes more for vehicle use based on engine displacement?



daveym_sir Car looks great, Davey.


370 Hemi There's a three tier motor tax system in Ireland:

Cars that are 30 years or older can avail of a fixed vintage low tax rate of €52 per year. 

Cars registered up until the end of 2007 are taxed based on their cubic capacity.

Cars registered from 2008 onwards are taxed based on their CO2 levels,


Paddy McGrath Ah okay, thanks for clarifying Paddy!


Brilliant Coverage as per usual Paddy, you really captured the heart of the day in text and pictures. Credit to Juicebox too it's a name that always goes hand in hand with quality in my eyes. Thanks again for the snaps of my B-Swopped Kanjo Inspired Ef2 U0001f604U0001f44d


You have mentioned Ireland's prohibitive attitude to cars before paddy, it's still strange to hear though.
I used to work in Lurgan and across the boarder every so often years back and through my - admittedly non car person - eyes at the time Ireland seemed to be an import haven of sorts. It definitely seemed that way when it came to grey import motorcycles.
Then again, maybe I just worked with some really dodgy guys.
Culture always seems to flourish when put under the most pressure so it's no surprise the Irish are so passionate about their culture and cars. Outcasts are usually what everyone wants to be but won't admit anyway. Outcasts always oddly seem to have the best fun and comardery.


Paddy McGrath Mitchellol If you're into Volkswagens yes, which I'm not. Also around 90% of the cars you linked are not Dutch lol.


Paddy McGrath Thanks for bringing us this coverage. Choice cars and I found the "ownership info" quite eye-opening, especially the fuel costs, insurance and road tax. Well done


Excellent write up Paddy, always nice to see people showing that Ireland's car scene isn't just full of yobos doing rings at the local crossroads.


Mitchellol Paddy McGrath You're choosing not to appreciate what you have, I know there's a great JDM scene too. You're also sharing a land mass with Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, France with some of the best race circuits and driving roads in the world. What more do you want?


370 Hemi Paddy McGrath No problem!


Ireland's collection of early 2000 jdm cars is phenomenal. That ridox supra though.. daaaamn. I have a soft spot for the chasers and evo's. Thanks paddy!


Paddy McGrath Mitchellol although the car culture isnt exactly huge there japfest held at zandvoort makes you think twice. and that's just the jpn car culture. you just need to look closer. there are meets and groups all over the place.


Seems like no matter what you can't kill passion, the irish do seem like some of the most proud car owners in europe. such a small country yet always popular  

#bakeryhunter -so when will the stickers go on sale?


have u guys notice the picture no 132? LOL!


Think ireland has it hard for car guys/girls?? I welcome you to Singapore... The laws we have here makes you wonder why we even have cars.


guess blaa doesn't taste blah?  Those evo 6's sure are tasty.


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American muscle, and lifted trucks....part of "car culture", seem to be missing. But then I guess the price of gas makes both prohibitive there. Beautiful imports however!


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Why do I never see any AW11s on any meets you guys cover? Are they really that nonexistent or people simply don´t like them?


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JakubVenhuda They're just rare, I can't even remember the last one I seen.


Gorgeousblue_eyedman You've pretty much answered your own question! There is a small muscle car scene here, but it's very small. Asides from fuel cost, they were never sold new here so every one of them has to be imported. Add to that they're LHD in a RHD country and it makes owning one a more difficult prospect. Not impossible, just more difficult.


bluestreaksti They definitely don't taste blah, they're one of the things I miss most about my home place!


Difflocked_Mees I think it's because it's so difficult here, that the scene has thrived. Also, we're a very stubborn people.


Pretty similar situation in Belgium, except we only have the first two. The third criteria is used for another tax that you have to pay once when you buy the car.
What about motor swap in Ireland (regarding annual inspection )?


Paddy McGrath JakubVenhuda Oh well, I would love to see what other people do with them for some inspiration. Thanks for responding though.


JakubVenhuda Paddy McGrath It would seem that the last time I shot one was over four years ago at Ace Cafe. Yikes.


@sam That's Mark. He doesn't get out much.

Also, not the only photobombing going on here ;-)


@Sadperson Singapore was one of the countries I was thinking about when I wrote about other countries having it worse.


What are you on about Paddy, that your old car needs to be lowered?! I think it looks brilliant at the ride height shown!
This looks like it was a really cool event, thanks for the coverage!


May I add on.. the fact that one can only have the car for 10 years then having to pay again to drive for another 10 years.. or else the car has to be scrapped.. "just keep the car as a collection then and not drive it on the road but on the track maybe?" No... cars that ended their "life cycle" has to be documented.. with proof that the vehicle has been either cut and sold as parts/raw material or ship overseas as an export. If you want to keep the car you have to let and pay the ***h*les to keep it.. and moving it anywhere at all they(a**h0) has to be informed. "What about shipping cars to Singapore then?" Yes you can provided the cars are no more than 3 years old from date of production. So~ no supras no skyline gtrs or any nice cars can be imported. So you are left with whatever cars that others have paid again and again to keep them on the roads.
Ps:pissed off mode.


This is perfect!
I'd love to try and get to something/arrange something like this, in the NE of England


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Elonexx I'm moving up from the Midlands soon. I'd love to bring up the K24 Turbo swapped Civic I've been building ^_^


JonathanW Pfffft.... 

(I'm only playing with its current owner)


I see a Mitsu Airtrek Turbo R over there, now that's badass


EvolveWRC 10/10 for observation!


Paddy McGrath Jason Marah Nothing in Ireland would suprise


All the Evos look absolutely gorgeous. And that imperial blue Cossie U0001f60d


This looked bloody awesome. Whereabouts was it? Waaaay down south as per usual? Would love to go to the next one in the Diseasal.


Tomo Pattison Waterford, which is only about three hours from yours, if that.


Paddy McGrath Tomo Pattison "only"
Add an extra two to that with how slow the diesel is... Maybe I'll pass. :P


In love with the black EF Civic


Tomo Pattison Paddy McGrath I done Dubshed to Waterford in exactly three hours including a pit stop. Ireland is tiny!


Good stuff Paddy!


I live about an hour further from Lisburn and drive a 40BHP Mk2. Ireland may be tiny but that is still a hefty oul trip!


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Brilliant article, Paddy. Wish car culture in Germany was like that, but over here it's a lot of groups hating on each other and playing silly politics...


Paddy McGrath JakubVenhuda more and more are showing up around Ireland now, will generally see one at most C&Cs. I'd love one, and they're cheap for what they are. There is an awesome supercharged one down in Cork, white over silver, mint!


Gods, both of those Starlets to go, please.


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That E90 tugs at my heart-strings too, Paddy; I had an '08 4-door 335i with the exact same Style-95 7-series wheels on it, and the blackline tail-lights as well. I almost thought I was looking at my old car for a second. I had to let it go 3 years ago and got a BRZ, which I love to pieces, but I miss the E90 sometimes, and that picture didn't help. LOL


Is that one of those Origin Wave bonnets on the red S14? Does any one know if it's the real deal? I read somewhere only 2 or 3 exist!