Dubshed: The Japanese Invasion
The Unexpected

Traditionally, before an event I like to run through in my head what I’m likely to expect. I try to think of any potential feature cars or car spotlights that might be in attendance, or if there’s any particular people that might be there that I need to catch up with.

Of course, the idea of what will happen and what generally transpires rarely overlap, but I never thought last week that I would be writing a dedicated piece of event coverage on non-German cars from Dubshed. The unexpected, indeed.

2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-1

For so many years, the VW scene here was typically miles ahead of the JDM scene when it came to fit and finish. The level of detail and dedication to getting something as close to perfection as possible went unrivalled for so many years. Not always, but typically.

2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-18

As the recession has eased here in Ireland though, there has been a dramatic rise in the quality of Japanese cars. In the last six months alone, the bar has been raised again and again.

2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-15

Curated by the good folks over at I Love Bass, this non-German tent, although small in size, packed quite a punch and featured some absolutely incredible builds.

2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-31

Think what would happen if you combined the execution of the VW scene with the ingenuity and character of the JDM scene and this would be the result…

A Different Class
2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-24

I’ve already highlighted this Aristo in the Random Snap previously, so it’s as good a place as any to start when talking about what I felt to be the best of the best at Dubshed.

2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath EXTRA-1

I actually shot the Toyota for Fast Car magazine last year, but it continues to evolve. The Kranze wheels, Kazama Auto kit et al. really impress, but the standout feature for me is the paintwork. You can’t even begin to imagine how flawless it is.

2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-16

The full Garson interior is a recent addition to the build, one that continues to improve. Next up is a big single turbo conversion with a manual gearbox swap to put the cherry on top of what’s already an immense project. This isn’t the last time you’ll see this car on Speedhunters.

2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-26

Some of you might recognise this Supra from my previous Auto Heroes coverage (and from the featured image at the top of this page). Black on black rarely works, in my opinion of course, but I can’t even imagine a more sinister scheme for this JZA80.

2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-4

One of the surprise showings was this Rocket Bunny-kitted S15 Silvia. It’s at an almost finished stage as the owner waits for some custom Work wheels to arrive.

2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-21

Although these SSRs looked pretty decent in fairness.

2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-19

The car is painted in what’s become the owner’s signature colour; his last project – a 1UZ-FE AE86 – was finished in the same hue. The best part of this car is that it isn’t a show pony, it has the power to back it up…

2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-3

That comes in the form of an ultra-tidy 550hp 2JZ swap. The car is a street car above all else, and knowing the owner, it’s going to live a good life.

2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-14

You’ve likely already seen this MX-5 that I spotlighted recently, but I feel that there’s no harm sharing it again. It’s a great looking car, and again is being driven regularly.

2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-5

A laid-out Jaguar MKII on polished multi-piece rims was certainly another unexpected presence at Dubshed.

What’s More
2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-6

I really enjoyed this Ford Escort MkI, purely for its simplicity.

2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-27

So many rush to create rally replicas with bubble arches and Cibie spotlights, that I don’t think they take a minute to realise that a standard narrow-bodied MkI is a thing of absolute beauty. Coupled with a nice 1600cc swap, it has plenty of pep too.

2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-12

Veering off topic slightly, another to tackle the drag strip in the previous post was this Escort Cosworth. Standing behind one of these launching is one of life’s great pleasures.

2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-30

One thing that I always enjoy at a show is when someone isn’t afraid to be a bit tongue-in-cheek about things. This static MX-5 is running probably the biggest wing with the largest end-plates I’ve ever seen. It brought a smile and a laugh out of quite a few people, and served as a reminder if ever one was needed that cars are meant to be fun.

2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-9

I’m convinced this BN Sports Blister-kitted S14 is following me. Not that I’m complaining, mind.

2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-32

What is sure to divide people is this DC5 Honda Integra Type R running air suspension and polished Work Equips. Personally, I think it’s cool to see someone doing something different with a DC5. There are more than enough track builds around, so one or two show cars won’t kill anyone. It’s not exactly a big deal to swap some lightweight rims on with sticky rubber to tackle a track day either.

2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-39

I’ve saved what I felt to be the best for last. What I enjoyed most about this ZC6 BRZ, is just how stock it looked from a distance. In fact, I didn’t even notice its party piece until the very end of the event…

2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-38

In my defence, it was at the back of the tent, but once the bonnet was opened, there was no mistaking that this is a very special car indeed.

2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-37

Built by Momentum Motorsport in Northern Ireland, they converted a brand new BRZ with around 200 miles on the odometer to Synergy V8 power. To those of you about to decry it as being just another V8 swap, you really need to read up on the Synergy motor.

2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-36

To give you the highlights: Kawasaki ZX12R heads mated to a completely bespoke block, an estimated 400hp and an 11,600rpm rev limit. There’s a big weight saving too over the factory flat-four and when its mated to a sequential gearbox with flat-shift, it becomes a whole new thing (a Chris Harris Registered TM).

2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-33

Pedey previously had the pleasure of driving one of the Synergy-powered cars in New Zealand (where the engines were designed and are built), which you can read about here, if you want to see what the fuss is all about and why I’m figuratively about to explode with excitement.

It was the perfect conclusion to a great event, one that was only improved by the organisers allowing this portion of the event to happen, so all credit to them. Whilst it may have been a small percentage of the cars present, the impact it had was pretty impressive. I’m sure a little bit of friendly competition between both sides does no harm either.

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
Twitter: pmcgphotos

Cutting Room Floor
2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-7
2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-8
2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-10
2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-11
2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-13
2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-17
2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-20
2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-22
2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-23
2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-25
2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-28
2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-29
2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-35
2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-34
2016 Dubshed JDM by Paddy McGrath-40


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WOW, I came here because of the cover shot. I don't regret it. I love the 240sx action here! So much gooood.


That Jaaaaaaag makes me happy in all the right places.


That old school Jag on Futuras is all kinds of win!


I want to see more of the jag!


I've never heard of the Synergy motor before...maybe it's an Ireland thing. Time to dig through old SH archives!


Jaguar MKII pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tell m eyou guys got more pics of that ? or a future article !!!!!


oldworldgoods its ridiculously awesome

Dimitry Mochkin

zemanski oldworldgoods insanely ridiculously awesome


That engine costs over twice the sticker price of that car though... My wallet and bank accounts just made a suicide pact.


zemanski Yes! Its a whole new thing too


It's ok to shoot subies, I promise. They aren't scary.


I like the Synergy V8 swap , although it cost so much that I'm not sure if it's justified for the performance ... although it probably justified for the epic revs it can achieve !


Jag mk2!!
Great coverage Paddy


the trademark blue you mentioned....pretty sure it was on my desktop recently?
(and so much want for that Synergy ZN6!


Any more on that S13? It's super tidy looking


Speedhunters Thank you for the kind words!
Great coverage and awesome photos pmcgphotos.


That airplane... Rocket bunny or RWB? The Burton-powered Mk1 is very special too...


A Nova Saloon!!! Or the mini Cavalier, which ever way you look at it :-)

What an awesome array of cars, Burton Mk1 Yes! RB S15, very nice. A couple of lovely civics in there too, love the Cossie and quite honestly am blown away by that Jag MK2, looks amazing. Great coverage Paddy


TurboHippie It's a coupe not a saloon. But caught my eye too. Such a hated car in the 90's but they look great now when done well! Love the boxy shape.


Ha! Curb feelers


Colouryum TurboHippie It's a two door saloon not a coupe


Vittorio Jano Colouryum Oh yeah, I didn't notice it only had 2 doors, though not sure if that makes it a coupe. But anyway, yes, hated car in the day but with some tasteful mods its actually quite likeable now. Wasnt it called the Nova Star or something like that originally?


feature on the Jag,  feature on the Jag,  feature on the Jag,  feature on the Jag,  feature on the Jag,


That Synergy V8 has an insane price tag if I recall


ROTFLMAO at that MX5 with the humungous spoiler :-) but man that black Supra is wicked, would love to see more pics on that one


Dig the Supra, Jag and the two-tone Silvia. Also, the Synergy V8 is one of the coolest engines I know


The Jag MK2 is seriously original, but that MX5 with the wing takes the cake!!

turbo BEAMS ae86

nice, men
aristo is godlike


That Mk1 Escort looks awesome, same as the EsCos. Quite a lot of people nowadays are keeping the non-bubble arch escort look and it's a nice change


No 240SX here U0001f609


It's a New Zealand built engine U0001f44dU0001f3fb


Totally worth it.


I might have one lined up shortly U0001f44dU0001f3fb


The very same guy!


I'll grab some shots of it at the next Auto Heroes if it makes an appearance, such a simple and clean car.


*cough* 2JZ S15 *cough*


Glad I'm not the only one excited by them!


I've to try find the owner, never anyone around when I looked.


I'll see what I can do on the Supra U0001f44dU0001f3fb


These are not the s13 silvia, s15 silvia and s14 you are looking for... ~waves hand~ ☝️


Nov 2015


pushbikerider Agree, that S13 is very mint. Nice photos Paddy.


Paddy McGrath GREAT!! thanks a million


DeWeberis mikum absolutely wicked!


Still not sure if those are tennis balls or cookies with faces in the trumpets, but I had a good laugh seeing that.


Paddy McGrath i believe the owner is Graham Moore


that black on black on black on black on black Supra - good lawd

and that MKII Jag - daaayyyum - that's something you'll never see in the states

that Synergy V8 - love em - wish the BRZ/FRS/86 had a baby motorcycle V8 stock - long term maintenance though - yikes


DeWeberis mikum Have had this as my wallpaper since it was posted haha. Incredible Supra


That Supra does strange things to me. I wants it.

Would like to echo the comments for a feature on the Jag please... looks awesome!


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