4 Videos We’ve Watched This Week

We’re about to kick off another new week of Speedhunting, but before we get into that, it’s time to take a quick look at some of the videos we’ve been checking out over the past seven days.

Let’s get things started with the first of two clips from down under…

One of Australia’s best known drifters, Jake ‘DriftSquid’ Jones, is very close to unleashing a new car in pro competition, and in this teaser clip you get an idea of what the Nissan-powered E92 BMW M3 is all about. Built from the ground up, Jake’s ‘RBM3′ features a Powertune-built RB28 engine (RB26 with Tomei stroker kit) and sequential transmission among many other high-end components. It sounds, well, we’ll let you hear it for yourselves…

A few months back, Paddy took a look at Steve Foxall’s turbocharged E30 while it was on display at Players Classic, the BMW standing out for its understated but super-clean build quality. As a nice follow up to that, I Love Bass has just released this short 4K video shot after the event, in which you can hear and see the boosted E30 move.

In a short space of time the Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day held at Angels Stadium in Anaheim has become a big event on the SoCal event calendar, and for good reason. According to Nitto, 20,000 enthusiasts made it along to this year’s event, and some of the atmosphere is captured in this quick highlights clip.

Finally this week, we’re back in Australia for a look at a very special Skyline GT-R. Andrew Hawkins of MotiveDVD has spent the last while building the ultimate roll-race BNR34 for Powercruise owner Michael ‘Gup’ Gilbert, and the result is ERUBISU. Packing a VR38 (R35 GT-R) engine with twin GTX turbos, a sequential gearbox and custom all-wheel drive, the Nissan boasts some serious speed hardware – but there’s a lot more still to come. The latest build clip from MotiveDVD is also worth a watch if you’re keen to see more.

That’s all for now, but as always, if you’ve caught a cool video online this week don’t forget to share it in the comments section below!

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Is that an R32 wheel on that R34? Bitza!


my friends uncle just got a new white Chevrolet City Express Minivan just by part time work from a macbook air... see it here=====report55­­.ℭomllllllll


I've been following that Erubisu VR38 build by MotiveDVD since it appeared on Face-tube end of last year. Man its nuts! Such a ridiculous spec especially with them going to Albins for a mega V8 Supercars developed transmission!! Cant wait to see the next stage of the build. Will Erubisu get a feature here???


Crazy stuff!


I made an automotive shortfilm this week, but it doesn't get as many views as my other vids because it isn't a well known car :/ Still has 140+hp though ;)


TurboHippie  Feature Feature Feature Feature Feature ..... pretty please !


RoughIdea TurboHippie Actually, I didnt like it. The fat guy is kind to the camera guy but the car sounds pretty bad on all revs and I dont see the point in it. Too bad


my Aunty Amelia recently got an awesome month old Mercedes GL-Class SUV this linksee it here=====net.pro70­­.ℭomllllllll


What in gods name is with the music in the bmw vid. Seriously! Just let us listen to the engine and not that shit. Pleeez!