Supra Sunday: Five Videos On The New A90

The time for hype is over, the time for proving its worth is here.

I’m not going to re-cover well trodden ground here, but I don’t think there has ever been a new performance car which has polarised so many of us. The new A90 Supra has been heralded as the second coming, while also being dismissed as not even being a Supra at the same time.

Thankfully, there’s no more guesswork or supposing as to how it will work or perform, as owners and tuners have taken delivery of their cars. Initial reactions are that it’s very good, but what we all really want to see is how it will live up to the legacy of the JZA80 MKIV Supra. Just how much potential is there in the new platform?

With this in mind, we’ve compiled some of the best new Supra videos for your viewing pleasure, along with a brief rationale as to why we think it’s worth watching. First up, Mr. Papadakis…

1. B58 Engine Teardown

We’re big fans of what Papadakis Racing does, and we’re even bigger fans of their new YouTube content.

Steph Papadakis has set himself the challenge of building his own 1000hp B58; the 3.0-litre straight six which can be found in the A90’s engine bay (along with several BMW models). His question of ‘is the B58 better than the 2JZ’ is one everyone has been asking and this teardown goes someway to answering this.

When you’re finished, make sure to catch the next videos in the series on the Papadakis Racing YouTube Channel. Subscribe while you’re there, they’re good people.

2. Big Turbo Installation with Adam LZ

Don’t worry, the moustache isn’t meant to be taken seriously.

I’m not normally a fan of vlog-style videos (save for my boys at Juicebox) but I’ve spent some time catching up with Adam LZ’s series as he modifies his own 2020 Supra. The ease of access to the hot side of the engine is impressive, with the new turbo install taking only around an hour and resulting in some pretty impressive gains on a relatively lightly modified B58.

Again, the follow up video where his tuner solves the ECU is enjoyable, too.

3. Want to know what the 58 stands for in B58?

If you’re still unsure about the B58, and want to know even more about it, then Engineering Explained has you covered. Be warned, though, this gets nerdy.

4. Level Headed Real World Review

Remember how I said how we were all so polarised about the A90? Well, this is as about a reasonable review as you’re likely to come across, which doesn’t skirt around the Supra’s BMW DNA. Its Z4 sibling even makes an appearance, just as a reminder, if you had somehow forgotten about it.

5. Obligatory Nürburgring Video

No new car is really ‘here’ until someone hustles one around the Nürburgring Nordschleife and posts the mandatory on-board footage to YouTube. Despite being stock, it’s impressive to see how composed and predictable the car seems to be on track.

While it might not ever be the Supra that some want, we should appreciate the fact that someone decided to build and bring to market a new inline-six, rear-wheel drive sports coupe. Heck, despite so many expressing their hate for it, they all still seem to be paying attention to it…

Did we miss any? Make sure to share your favourite A90 videos in the comments below.

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Nice videos but I still struggle with Toyota’s decision to create a new halo car, and to demonstrate the full potential of their engineering prowess; they chose to rebadge a bmw. I’m sure that must have been a punch to the gut of all Toyota R&D staff. Hopefully they channel their emotions into creating a spectacular 86 replacement and show what Toyota can really do (um with Subaru’s help).


You can't just say it's a rebadged BMW
This car is both developed by Toyota AND BMW while Toyota finished the rest for the GR Supra
Yes the GR Supra does have BMW parts but Toyota also incorporated their own parts and made the Supra their own car
The Z4 and GR Supra is built at the same factory in Austria but they are built differently as by BMW and Toyota
The GR Supra took what the Supra A80 was good at and made it better in this form of a sports car and it has inheritance from the A80
The GR Supra is an amazing sports car for what it is and I'm glad that Toyota made this car


Why was this downvoted, lmao?


with nearly 20% share in Subaru, Toyota is getting closer and closer to full ownership of it.


I've seen the Papadakis teardown vid before and hey, credit where credit's due.

Papadakis is a joy to watch because he's a pretty good narrator and the quality of his vids are evident not just in their production values, but in what they lack.

He's not trying to be cool, he doesn't start his videos with "HEY GUYS, WHAT'S UP!" or "HEY YOUTUBE, IT'S YOUR BOY STEPH!," he doesn't stumble his way through his narration and he doesn't pepper his presentation with Um, Y'Know, Like and Basically.

He just tells his story in a straightforward manner.

The B58's got some pretty stupid design features when viewed from a maintenance perspective, the most egregious of which are the rear-mounted cam drive and combined intake-intercooler.




"Five Videos on the new BMW Supra"


It's a BMW?! When did that happen?


Great video, agree with ice age comments. Don't want to be that guy but when he showed the valves he mixed up the the intake and exhaust valves.


I watched the Papadakis video before. Those tear downs are really interesting.


If it makes anyone feel any better its really a European engine INA, Pieirburg, Mann, Iwis, Bosch, etc all design the parts first then BMW PSA VW put the stuff together to their specs. You can trace the roots of these engines back to the first cars same as any Japanese effort. The Japanese parts support is a bit short changed by this and their metallurgy tradition is something special, I would love to see a real collaboration happen, that would be amazing. I think the high pressure casting from Europe has gotten a bit too fussy. OH PS. I would think those cam shafts are hallow they would need to be checked they bend super easy, usually there is a hold down set up to help the install, but ive done the same just 4 cylinder so much shorter. I love the beautiful newness of all the parts. I wish they had used the Porsche type variable dry sump oil pump but at least they intend these to get some gs. In the end its all about how it all comes together and I do see its Toyota roots




This just makes me love the GR Supra even more
I would love to have both the old and new Supra


The GR Supra is an amazing sports car
A manual transmission would be nice tho


No matter how much work goes into it, it is still a BMW tuned by Toyota. And yes while it is a very tuneable car, I can't in good conscience call this a Supra. I mean the good thing is all the stuff that is being done to this car can be done to the Z4.