The Rough World: Admix Skyline GT-R

Following the AutoBahn Soarer and the DLanguage STI R205, this GT-R built by Admix feels like the perfect car to share with you guys for my next Rev Speed Super Battle spotlight.

Like the Soarer, this is very much an evolution. It started off as a tuned track-going BNR32 Nissan Skyline GT-R that we’ve seen a couple of times at Tsukuba Circuit over the years.


But in more recent times the owner has really stepped up his game, doing away with all the stuff needed to keep the GT-R road legal and allowing him to really go out and hunt speed.


Most will probably remember it as that mysterious RWB GT-R, finished off in a custom mix of Nojima-special matte black paint and sporting the ‘Real Of The World’ tagline on its flanks.


The cool thing is, this car has stayed largely true to the way of the Rough World; its exterior and performance has evolved in a purely functional way rather than having time and budget wasted on anything else. For example, the big-ass custom wing is fixed onto stays that are directly connected to the chassis beneath.


The interior is fully stripped out and features a carbon dash adorned with only the most basic of gadgets, including a Stack meter panel, lap timer and boost controller.


The front aero has been developed through a process of trial and error. There is no budget for computer-designed and simulated aerodynamic additions, so it’s all been fabricated from a collection of ideas with refinements then made after real-world testing.


The fully-built RB engine has a stroked bottom end, a pair of wild cams and all the supporting modifications to achieve strong and reliable power.


And thanks to a Trust/GReddy T88 turbo, that equates to 800hp. We all know how lethal the combination of that much power is when unleashed through Nissan’s Attesa all-wheel drive system.


A 56.574-second lap was the best the owner/driver could manage on the day, and the Admix guys were very satisfied with that given Super Battle was the GT-R’s  first outing for new time attack season. Just like most of the cars we saw at the Rev Speed event, there’s more to come in the next couple of months.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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On a some what related note, someone who lives near me just got a r32 skyline and so it was the first ever r32 I have ever seen but I wasn't as excited as I thought I was going to be. Don't get me wrong they are nice cars but I was kinda like "eh that's nice" and then drove off.


@Tom Yup. All that hype, and they are still just another Japanese car. Even though the fanbois would have you believe they arrive on the wings of angels and beat supercars while sitting still.
They're great and all, but not necessarily "hunting down the one guy in your city that has one just to see it" good.


@Tom I kinda had the same experience. I came up on a plain-jane r32 in traffic, let off the throttle and coasted next to it for a second or two. I got a look at the "bored" driver who was RHD and I drove off. It didn't do much for me.
The second time I came across one was an r34 in highlight orange-yellow. That was another story. That thing was amazing.


Midora32R Epic car, awesome soundtrack!  Atessa has no equal. Selectable awd/rwd with rear bias torque split = nirvana. I need this drivetrain like a junkie needs a hit.


90nissanS13@my350z Ye butha but did da driver of the skizza dose it hard az fuk and au g? Was it on juddies? did it g8 hard as fuk? wuz it 20det nd did it have a str8 pipe?
(Yes, brethren... however, did the driver of the Skyline accelerate relentlessly, chum? Did it have adjustable suspension and did it vent its waste gate actuation system ruthlessly? Also, was it equipped with an RB20DET engine and a straight-pipe exhaust system?)


Why are Time Attack cars always lifted without wheels in the pits in Japan?


@Tom  I see them often and they excite me every time, you need to experience one squating under wide opened throttle and i believe it will change your perspective dramatically


Paulballz I think the r32 is kind of like the e36 m3 of skylines. It's actually my favorite generation of modern gtr, but definitely doesn't get the juices flowing in stock mode.. Kind of like how track prepped s2000's are the business, but a stock one.. not so much. It's the potential that makes them great... I'm sure if you saw this r32 cruising down the road, you would probably have a shit.


hcram39 this driver heating the tires before the session..



At 8.48  it says "remodel 4wd to FR"


Real of the world :))


ATTESA 4WD SYSTEM is abolished. Reorganize it for rear drive only.


hcram39 Given the set of stacked tires next to the car, I'd say they're swapping from street tires (or transport tires if its trailered) over to track tires.


I live surrounded by super cars and hyper cars. Not only do we have the highest living costs outside of London (and standards way above those in the city), but we are perfectly placed for the "City" worker who commutes to the Capitol.
Loads of money sloshing about.
Oh, and we also have: 1xF1 team and associated industries/storage requirements, 1X ex kimmi R. Owned (and, amongst others Bruno Senna training) F3 team, but we also have the oldest remains of a track in Europe with a large, very well packed expo schedule.
Sports, hyper and classics coming out of our ears round 'ere...
Sounds great, really isn't.
I'm more excited by the R32/R33/NSX and a decent clean civic at this point then I am an R8/Ferrari whatever/R35/and dare I say it.... The P1.
I'd throw everything out of my pram for a RS200 evo or a really tidy XR4x4i those are relatively affordable classics but don't carry the correct marque so I never see them (but I still loose my sh!t when I see a Mclaren F1).
It's not about how rare the car is to the globe, it's how rare it is to you that makes say a R32 spotting special. I pull over whenever I see an Austin allegro, not because it's a fast car (it isn't) or is aesthetically pleasing (it really REALLY isn't that either) or expensive (pffffffft!) but because most of them are dead, it's a rarity on my local roads, it's not what I'm used to seeing go down the road if you see what I mean. Famil...
That one, the better way of saying seeing things or doing things lots - it breeds complacently and boredom.


hcram39 also if they are running the cars, usually they are heating up the gearbox and differential oils before they go for their run.


Are you the owner of this R32?


He is a friend of mine. His nickname is called SEYAMAX.


Matt Khoun 90nissanS13@my350z  mangere taxi



Gianluca FairladyZ

Man that's crazy! Look at the wing!


If that wing was any bigger I think it'd be able to fly

Gianluca FairladyZ

@Mark Reverse it an it will!


D1RGE EXE Just as american cars are just american cars, german cars are just german cars. I think you may be more of a hater than other people are fanboys.


Matt Khoun 90nissanS13@my350z You forgot the welded diff and cans of Cody's.


Spoiler is amazing :D

It can fly with 800hp :)


What in the world you guys talking about?...


Now thats a monster to reckon...