The Evolution Of A Soarer

If the AutoBahn guys and the owner of this Toyota Soarer keep at it, we might be seeing another Under Suzuki in the making.

The evolution sure is there, and to refresh your memories of this Z30 that I was reacquainted with at the recent Rev Speed Super Battle held at Tsukuba Circuit, this is what it looked like around five years ago


In that first story I did on the car, I remember the AutoBahn team being so happy to have broken the 1-minute lap time barrier – quite an achievement. Five years on though, its owner/driver is now banging loudly on the 56-second door having just clocked a 57.001-second lap.


That, my friends, is the fruit of pure dedication, and to do it with such an unusual base for a time attack car makes it all the more cool if you ask me. But as Andrew Brilliant of AMB Aero once told me, don’t underestimate the Soarer, because it has a much more aerodynamic body than a Supra for example, and if you do your homework you can get amazing results in the downforce department.


And the aero package has certainly come a long way for this big Toyota coupé, starting off with the addition of this massive wing held in place with swan neck stays.


Most of the body work is now lightweight carbon fiber as it is on Suzuki’s S15, and AutoBahn has also gone for a rather large extension of the trunk lid to form this pointy lip spoiler.


It’s always important to flow air in the right amount to the right places, both for aerodynamic effect as well as cooling purposes.


And much cooling needs to be done here as there’s one seriously powerful 1.5JZ pushing power to the rear wheels. The AutoBahn guys conservatively rate the big-boosted straight six at “around” 800hp, but seeing this thing lays fat black marks in third gear as it powered out of the faster turns at Tsukuba, hints that power output is more likely well into the four-figure zone.


The engine previously used an HKS T51R turbocharger, but this was swapped out after it was discovered that better response and pick up could be achieved with a Garrett-based GCG unit.


Helping in the response department is a Turbosmart Race Port blow-off valve, and after having recently fitted a pair of Smartports to Project GT-R, I’ve come to truly understand the benefit this would bring in such a competitive environment where every hundredth of a second counts.


Inside, it’s a purposeful affair with a custom carbon dash featuring a MoTeC digital dash display and lap timer, plus a Momo steering wheel and a big chunky lever to actuate the sequential transmission.


I really do wish the AutoBahn guys the best of luck in the coming months as I know they’ll achieve the 56-second lap they’re shooting for. I just hope I’m there to witness it!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Turbo smart is nice but wouldn't change my HKS SSQV4's for them!


*Says nice thing about build*



The Z30/SC chassis has been one of my favorites for years. I enjoy seeing these cars slid around corners with reckless abandonment, but to see one engineered for grip is wonderful! I'm glad you caught up with this machine as I remember it from years before. Keep us up to speed on their progress as to when they break into the 56's. Thanks for the great write up.


godlike..and love RE30


"Soarer...because it has a much more aerodynamic body than a Supra for example"
Really? they seem very similar besides the Supra stock has a spoiler and curvy hatch.
But even at that level of customisation, does the Soarer really just have a 'much more aerodynamic body'? hmm...
Cool to see this Soarer and the Supra out there though, I'm rooting for both of 'em!


KennethHay They'll get there for sure! Pretty insane!


i23sonny When a pro aerodynamicist tells me that sort of stuff, I tend to believe it :)


Aweee yeah  :D


actually, aerodynamics is not just about downforce.
spoilers and wings, on a race car are used to stick the car on the ground, but the body itself creates the biggest amount of downforce.
plus, aerodynamics is penetration and drag cohefficient, which means that probably (and not surprisingly) the soarer tops the supra on both fields.
there'd be a lot to say on this matter but i'm via smartphone and it's a pain to write.


I love Tsukuba. Its my favorite race track and I cant wait to visit!!!! Please keep it coming!!!!!!!!


Hmm I wrote these off as being too heavy.. obviously Autobahn didn't let that stop them!  I wonder how many of these cars have smooth panels underneath


StormIlTenenteChoppah ah okay. But that's what I'm wondering. There must be something that stands out because you say "not surprisingly", but to me visually the Soarer isn't that different to the Supra. (besides underneath they are also similar/same with suspension hah).
I'm no aero guru though.
So I'm wondering what hints at this?


It's cars like this that need to be at WTAC!


Makes me proud to be a Soarer owner.


Tsukuba is so slow tho, pure grip outeeights power there (which is probably the reason so many Nürburgring tuned Euro cars did bad in Best Motoring shoot outs)


I'm guessing the Soarer has a larger frontal area. That is only a guess though.
What a cool build. I wonder how fast these extreme time attack builds are compared to something like a GT3 car. Tyre differences make a comparison a bit complicated.


ThelamusCeasar Me too


ThelamusCeasar Lucky you :D


I would have never chosen a Soarer to execute a build like this. And that's why I love coming in here :)


i23sonny StormIlTenenteChoppah I'm guessing that you never saw one in real life. They are as similar to each other like Mercedes S Class Coupe is to BMW 4 Series  :)))))


Dino, love to see another Soarer story. I have the feeling that they don't get the love they deserve it


Been getting a soft spot for this car, it's charming beach whale appearance growing on me over time. This build is just plain bonkers though, a great black shark with maw bared.


If possible, I would love to see the floor of this car or any time attack car. It's interesting to see how tuners come up with these extravagant aero pieces, in order to generate down force.

JMax Paint Garage LLC



I remember this from SuperStreet . Is it still running full Ikeya arms?


prob the only time to get my soarer on speed hunters so enjoy


the car was very good 
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