A 1,000+hp Huracán: First To SEMA Wins
The Road To SEMA

Unless you’ve been living in a cupboard for the past few weeks, you’ll know that the coming few days will undoubtedly be some of the most hectic and tiring in any US-based car builder’s schedule.

Copious amounts of caffeine, unrepeatable expletives, hurried phone calls and emails, sleepless nights and grazed knuckles are just some of the key themes in the week leading up to the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas as the aftermarket world prepares to wow the industry with its most impressive builds.


These creations more often than not go down to the wire, with parts still being fitted as they roll into the Las Vegas Convention Centre. A fun time for many it is not.


However, before you lies an exception to this annual ritual. Not only is this very special Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 one of the first to the finish line when it comes to creating this year’s SEMA show cars, it’s also highly likely to be one of the first to any finish line out on the road or track.


When Southern Californian fabricators and builders Sheepey Built decided to build a Huracán for SEMA it wasn’t a decision taken lightly. Owner and founder of Sheepey, Alex Soto, puts it best: “The biggest mental barrier was the price of the car and what I was about to do to it.”


He continued, “Yes I bought it for this, but it’s been a long road travelled from building Honda Civics to buying a new Lamborghini and cutting into it. At the end of the day it’s still a car with a four-stroke engine, but the price tag and that niggling ‘what if’ is always in the back of your mind.”


Approaching from the front it takes a keen eye to spot any clues as to what’s been done – you might notice the RSC Tuning front lip and side skirt extensions. The carbon fibre additions complement the Italian’s angular lines, just adding a subtle hint of extra depth and aggression to the bodywork.


A set of Novitec coilovers made by KW bring the Lamborghini’s already low-slung silhouette even closer to asphalt, leaving just enough room for the aggressive set of Rotiform SFO 3-piece forged wheels.

Measuring in at a colossal 20×10-inch and 20×12.5-inch front and rear respectively, the matte anthracite spokes contrast with the Huracán’s bright yellow brake calipers.


But packing 380mm carbon ceramic discs and 6-pot calipers up front and 356mm ceramic discs with 4-pot stoppers in the rear, the OEM braking setup is more than up to the task of bringing the coupe to a halt in a hurry.


Having said that, as you move around the Huracán’s flanks towards the rear it becomes apparent that all is not as it first seems, and maybe those brakes won’t have such an easy time.

Hang It All Out

With flippant disregard for its own modestly, the Lamborghini proudly displays its ace card. Business in the front, party in the back indeed.


While the factory-spec 610hp V10 is definitely not lacking in the punch department, the crew at Sheepey Built took the bull by the horns and added a healthy kick of boost thanks to a whopping pair of turbochargers just casually hanging out of the back.


The conversion was carried out in house at Sheepey and is the first Huracán conversion kit that they’ve put together. The idea was to create a high specification production kit that would not only be able to produce big horsepower, but wouldn’t compromise everyday drivability on the street.


How do you drive a 1,000+whp Huracán on the street you ask? With a gigantic smile on your face, of course.


Boost is provided in generous quantities by two Xona Rotor XR 96-67 billet turbos complete with TiAL V-band inlet and outlet housings.

Ticon Industries titanium is used throughout, with the lightweight network of pipes fabricated at Sheepey snaking back and forth.


I’d imagine this is a sight that a lot of people will be seeing. The RSC Tuning carbon fibre lip spoiler adds a nice finishing touch to the rear deck.


A pair of 45mm Turbosmart Hyper-Gate45 wastegates and twin Turbosmart 50mm Race Port blow-off valves help moderate the boost pressure, and Vibrant HD clamps keep said boost where it belongs.


Cramming a pair of turbos and all the associated ancillaries in the back of Lamborghini’s smallest supercar sounds like a logistical headache at the very least, but Alex modestly plays this down. “Once you remove the OEM exhaust you have a lot of room to play with. There’s more space in the back of one of these than we have when working with Evos and the like.”


Managing thermal efficiency in a mid-engine supercar car like this is a key concern, especially when you start adding boost, turbos and the associated ancillaries into the mix. This is where the experts at CSF Radiators were brought in to help keep things cool.

Cool Runnings

The Huracán uses a CSF air-to-water system to keep intake temperatures down. Crucially, Sheepey Built positioned the three-gallon water tank in the trunk up front to keep the water away from the drivetrain and keep temperatures low, while a pair of CSF custom-designed heat exchangers are mounted in the corners of the front bumper.

Positioning these components away from the engine and drivetrain makes sense, plus they’re perfectly placed to take in as much cool air as possible. You can’t see the heat exchangers unless you look closely, but they’re a vital for providing the cool liquid that the air-to-water intercooler system needs.


At the back, the cooled liquid is fed through a pair of CSF Ultimate-Boost air-to-water intercooler cores, each rated to 1,000hp, and finished in a custom olive green embossed with a rather sheepish-looking logo. The system is tied together with G&J Aircraft hoses and ends.


Intake temperatures sit comfortably at around the 90ºF (32ºC) mark driving around town, never creeping above 110ºF (43ºC) with spirited use. Given the potential for some serious heat to be made back there, that’s pretty impressive.


Alex turned to experienced tuner Boyen Radomirov to map the Syvecs engine management system. The Syvecs ECU has some neat built-in features, including launch and traction control that help with drivability too.


The gigantic Pirelli P Zero 255/30R20 front and 335/25R20 rear tyres also help with this somewhat, although lighting up all four isn’t an issue with this much power behind you.


The Syvecs system also boasts an awesome anti-lag feature that can be used when rolling too, allowing the V10 to reach full boost at any RPM and speed before launching at the push of a button. That sounds way too much fun to be legal.


For the time being, the car’s been mapped to a plentiful 844whp on 91 octane fuel, and over 1,000whp on VP Racing Motorsport 109. Alex has been putting some street miles on the Huracán to test the kit’s durability and is yet to find a weak link.


However that’s just the beginning. After SEMA, Alex and the team at Sheepy plan to pull the Lamborghini’s engine and transmission for a full rebuild and are aiming for 1,500whp.


Maybe in due time they’ll fit a rear bumper to the Huracán, too. Although when your hidden parts look this good, you can hardly blame them for not…

Jordan Butters
Instagram: jordanbutters

Photos by Larry Chen
Instagram: larry_chen_foto

Cutting Room Floor


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excuse me, but I can see your plumbing.


I think that some sort of carbon shroud could clean up the rough edges in the rear, but still let us see what's going on. A gstring for the lambo if you will.


Literally came here to comment something along these lines. I get it - flaunt it. But just removing the bumper so you can see the screw holes etc just looks unfinished. Having an elegant shrowd with licence plate recess would be sexy AF.


The bumper was removed just for the shoot.




anyone want to chime in on what would be better performance-wise? Sincerely curious.


Wonder how long they expect those filters to last since they're acting as mud flaps.


The rear fender liners and bumper wer only removed for this article. The fender liner keep the filters away from the tire on a normal day.


You sure? I feel like we see this type of thing with many other cars as well.
This also begs the question; what does it look like with fender liners?


He must be sure.. He's the owner lol


Have been in a few 1500whp machines in my life. 800+ to the wheels is some pretty serious fire power, but that's what it takes these days with how heavy these cars are. Super clean build. We've come a long way from Smokey Nagata and 600 horsepower Supras...


they were somehow cooler though huh?


It was actually pretty boring tbh. Lots of wheel spin.


Exceedingly tasteful. I'd keep going with it to tidy some of the rear edge as others have mentioned and incorporate the air filters into some sort of boxes. On the other hand I'll never be in such a position so those points are mute I guess.


The bumper was removed just for the shoot.


You guys need to check out Underground Racing sometime. they build 1500+whp lamborghinis all the time.


Of course they do. But a UGR turbo Lambo is like buying a Greddy turbo kit for your Civic. The staggering level of custom fabrication here and potential for more power on a built engine and trans, is unmatched by any UGR build. IMO


If you've ever been in a 1500hp car you would know the last thing your mind is thinking is "how bitchin is this because everything is bespoke." A kit is a more efficient way to go faster. Often they are calculated, easier to diagnose and proven to work correctly. Faster is faster. Bespoke and custom don't matter if you come in second. Interesting comment.


why's that? Sincerely curious. I don't know about UG lambos. The analogy to Civics is lost on me, but I'd like to learn.


Because anyone who owns a Huracan can buy a kit from UGR. It's a kit. Like Greddy makes for almost any car. I used a Civic as an example of it being cookie cutter and not bespoke. This build however, has nothing kit or spec about it. It's all custom.


And this is also meant to be a kit that anyone can buy. They wanna make more of these and sell them. To make money. Selling the kits. Like Greddy.


This X 1000


Much love to speedhunters......but IMO... I check this site to see crazy grassroots builds from all over the world, not to see 6 figure cars built with by people with endless budgets.

To each his own I guess.


This is closer to some YouTuber's lambo build than the typical 6fig builds you see all day every day.
I learned a thing or two though. Without this I wouldn't have known how much real estate is taken up by the stock exhaust. On an efficiency level it's certain that improvements could be made, or augments could be attached.


Guessing you didn't read the article properly 'it wasn’t a decision taken lightly. Owner and founder of Sheepey, Alex Soto, puts it best: “The biggest mental barrier was the price of the car and what I was about to do to it.'

Quite obvious that it was a risky decision and they do not have an 'endless budget'.

Content is content...just enjoy it for what it is.


Mental barrier It's just a car. cut the thing up and booost iiiit


absolutely unnecessary power but with the back end ripped off it looks like something straight out of khyzyl saleem's renders. i can dig it


that f1/streetrod thing is still burned into my memory. Too cool those renderings.


Geez, I wonder how these builds are funded sometimes.


When you see a Lambo without a rear bumper like one of these on the streets, never try to race with it...XD


haha. exactly.


Sheepey Built? Holy shit I remember reading about his builds in Honda Tuning!

I'll Have the Tuna

that's a spicy meatball


No one around here likes the meatballs


"The idea was to create a high specification production kit that would not only be able to produce big horsepower, but wouldn’t compromise everyday drivability on the street." - this wouldn't be a practical everyday drivable car with the rear exposed like that. Like you said... maybe they would think of coming up with a rear to cover the exposed parts specially the filters hanging behind the tires like that... they will just suck everything the rubber throws at them.


The bumper was removed just for the shoot.


I'm in love. Lamborghini's leave the factory mental but this one has been turned up to 11. Wow, absolutely love it! Great work on the photo's as well Larry.


Thanks for the support.


we need an article titled, "But, It Goes to Eleven"


Hi, Is there any way I can access the higher resolution pictures?

I remember being used to get a 1920+ resolution image and I like to use them as a wallpaper.


click the image. A high res version will be displayed in which you can save, etc. Only problem I have is getting back to the gallery (on chrome) XD.


Did they ditch the 4WD system? It would seem a good idea to keep it with that amount of power.

I agree with the rear end looking sort of unfinished, but if you look at the picture taken from the side, you can see how the exhaust, rear lights and bodywork lines up. That's pretty neat :-)


Seems like it retains the factory dual clutch gearbox, which is rather surprising. I mean, they are spec'ed out for potential hoonisms, but pumping an extra 400 hp... I don't expect the clutches to hold up for long


They’re replacing the clutch with an uprated item after SEMA.


It's built for racing, they want as much traction as possible.


Where will it race?


this thing looks just how id have mine just in black and with no bumper i love that

Googly Eye Huracán

oh god
that ducktail, turbos, and exhaust.. the biggest huracan fanboi in the world approves


they injected 'lambo' into the otherwise German gallardo. It all makes complete sense.


All that tease, and no soundbite?


Insane. Cover up the screw holes before SEMA and the rear view is perfect!


The bumper was removed just for the shoot.


Those rear tires say Michelin on them...


This is one of those cars that deities come to earth to see. Beautiful fabrication and pictures.

Jonathan Nicholls

Add a Performante aero kit and it would be perfect


I was fortunate enough to drive this car about 100 miles over the past week, and I can't believe how "Just like stock" this car drives in the normal strada mode (before boost / turbochargers kick in).. Sheepey Built did a great job with the tuning and refinement of this kit, and I was surprised how well it drove.. And then... smashing it - Holy mother of god.. Crazy boost and a sensation of rush / adrenaline that few will be able to experience.. That's some power!

Great shooting this car with you, as always - See you at SEMA!!


What's up with those complains about the lack of a bumper. I know it was removed for the shoot, but God it looks stunning without it. I would have a liner like mud flaps (custom), and drive the beast in anti-lag all the time, without the bumper of course.

Sean Klingelhoefer

What up Alex... time flies.


Always makes me wonder with builds like these if they have actually made a difference in terms of track performance. For example, just how much would the extra weight and aero changes make to lap times around a track? Would the extra cost really be worth it? I mean surely if Lamborghini could have made a quicker track car they would have just done this in the 1st place?


Doubling the horsepower will probably help somewhat.


Sheepy Built


The turbo's look like a pair of balls on this car