Overfender Magic: The Rocket Bunny RZ34

It’s a funny world we live in. Despite pretty much every automaker saying that EVs are our future and that we’ll soon all be living in a perfect, sustainable society where CO2 emissions from vehicles are a thing of the past, the good old internal combustion engine (ICE) continues to power the majority of new cars.

Especially the ones that are of special interest to us here at Speedhunters, like the new RZ34 Nissan Z.


There’s still no shortage of hype around EVs, but is the world ready for the electric vehicle revolution when the charging infrastructure in pretty much every country – Japan included – can right now only (just) support the early adopters? The ongoing war in Ukraine has increased the cost of energy five fold or more, and renewable energy sources are in their infancy at best. And that’s all before we even get into the debate on Lithium-ion battery production…


Then of course there is charging. Yes, it may look and seem ‘clean’ when you’re sitting in your EV waiting for a battery top-up, but that electricity has to be produced somewhere, and with that comes more emissions.

So where am I going with all of this? Well, I’m just trying to say that in this modern world filled with uncertainties and unrealistic visions of the near future, there is one thing you and I can depend on. Gasoline. Petrol. Whatever you want to call it.


Gas, when used in combination with a sweet motor like the VR30DETT that powers the Z, equals a whole lot of fun. Your senses will be tickled and you know exactly how much pollution is coming from your tailpipes. And in the case of the RZ34, your rear tires too.


Then there’s the tuning aspect. We can – quite easily these days – tweak, upgrade and perfect our ICE engines so that they respond with more urgency and produce greater power and torque output. Can you do that with an EV?

The RZ34 could well be the last real Nissan Z. Much like the next GT-R, which could come as a hybrid – like the brand new Lamborghini Revuelto – or even fully electric, the next Z will follow suit. Which really means we should embrace this generation while we’ve got it.


These were the thoughts going through my mine while shooting the Rocket Bunny Pandem-kitted, Trust-built Z that was unveiled in January at the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon.


This is by far my favorite aftermarket body kit for the new gen Z-car, and it also happens to be the wildest conversion on the market right now.


Kei Miura, the visionary behind Rocket Bunny, hasn’t just massaged a few of the Z’s lines here and there – he’s totally disrupted what the Nissan designers came up, resulting in an aesthetic transformation with attitude.


The design is on par with Miura-san’s popular Toyota 86 conversion, working more angular profiles into the wheel arches. But this is like ‘Overfenders 2.0′, a more refined treatment which looks contemporary but at the same time brings aggression through the extra width.


To tie it all together, the stock bumper and rectangular air dam have been ditched in favor of a far more elongated and pointy snout. It’s much more in keeping with the lines of the original S30 Z, smoothly tying in with the OEM hood.


For me, the real magic is at the rear, where Miura-san has designed a smooth fender transition that kicks up at a 45-degree angle along the door and wraps itself around the entire fender in one singular piece.


There are no visible bolts or screws which makes it look almost – dare I say it – OEM.


While soaking up all the details, I couldn’t help but think back to the original Scion FR-S that Miura-san built over 10 years ago to launch the Rocket Bunny line-up. Today, that kit almost looks crude in comparison to what has been done with this new style.


It just elevates the entire car and the custom-offset Work Meister wheels complete the look so well.

We can’t forget this signature Miura-touch either, the deck lid ducktail spoiler that wraps around the rear end.


As is the case with nearly all cars fitted with aftermarket overfenders, the effect is only truly realised when the suspension is dropped. In this case, it’s achieved through Air Lift Performance‘s new RZ34 air ride kit.


The white Z that I shot late last year at Trust continues to serve as their R&D vehicle. There are some interesting things coming from GReddy this year, and plenty of owners who want to realize all of the RZ34’s performance potential.


This blue (wrapped) show car is a collaboration between a few brands, built to showcase some of the initial aftermarket products on offer. For now, the VR30DETT remains stock, helped only by a cat-back Trust exhaust to allow the twin-turbo V6 to really sing.


The result is almost subtle in its extremeness.


The Z’s cabin feels fresh enough to make owners feel like they are indeed getting a totally new car, despite the fact that much of the chassis beneath is almost identical to that of the Z34.

I love how the Air Lift Performance digital controller perfectly color co-ordinates with the interior trim.


Trust have fitted a pair of edrib (Bride) seats with GReddy harness belts to elevate the look and feel of the interior.


While most new Z owners will not even toy with the idea of cutting their car’s stock fenders, it’s still nice to see that Miura-san offers the option. And if you are going to do something so drastic, you might as well go all the way and do it properly, something this Pandem conversion does rather well.

Now that the aesthetics are on point, I think it’s time to get excited about what’s coming on the engine tuning side of things. Am I the only one keen to try out a 650hp RZ34?

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: dino_dalle_carbonare



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Love it from the rear, hate it from the front.....


Rear is acceptable, but the front... Well it looks a lot worse than stock


Agreed, the front looks... I don't know, like a badly put together flying saucer?


As much as the new Z is a hit and a miss, you have to admit the amount of aftermarket and tuning support there is for this car is quite something


I think it all looks great. I think the front overhang is a good throw back to the s30 or g-nose s30. I wouldn't do it to my car but I think it looks good.


Really, really do not like these squared off openings on the new kits.


Love the kit. Definitely adds to the old school 240Z feel. But I appreciate your opening thoughts on EVs even more. Well worded.


The entire EV movement is a scam to con people into accepting machines that the government will be allowed to control...provided we don't all die in the next year or two from the very real prospect of a war with Russia which are are already in (in the United States).

Look up the Ted Talk "The Future is Eclectic" as well as study the history of electric engines and oil companies. We are all being scammed and lied to about what they are. It's just more top down control from the giant command and control system that is the new world order...or rather more accurately Fabian Socialists if you want to cite accredited scholar's and historians.

F*** EVs and this entire battery movement. We need more gas and affordable energy. The planet is not dying. It is not over heating because of us. This is all nonsense. My father is a planetary geologist of 60 years fyi with two Ph.Ds.

More over fenders. More gas. Less control. Less autonomous driving and government control in our lives.


Finally someone with the right approach as per EV cars. The last 3 years have been a fun exercise of social engineering, and people still refuse to see it.


Wow, didn't know you types still exist, or are you a bot for certain dying political manipulators? Lol


Not a bot. Just a very well informed citizen who understands world history. You're a fool if you don't know who the Fabian Socialists are and you are living in fantasy land if you think this stuff isn't going on.

Look up Jay Dyer Writings of the Elite Part 1 and start educating yourself. My "type" is that of someone who knows where the world is going and what is being done. Your "type" is typically the one who marches into the gas chamber and thanks your captors for giving you a nice new government funded hotel room.

My grandmother lived through Nazi occupation of Italy under Moussolini. Your type of brain is how we end up in the gas chambers again:

"WhAT is ThIs CrAzY gUIy SaYing Lolulz DerP hyuck hyuck hyuck."


You really think "socialists" are the current ruling class :D

Also, no, your gran didn't live under "nazi occupation" because Italy was never occupied. Italians happily and willingly put fascists in power in the 30s and tbh a lot of them still want that to this day.


Shush, Desmond.


Why bring far right nuttery to SH comment section? Ugh..


Amazing you think this is "far right" when people on the right and left are part of Fabian Socialism. Another person who has no idea what history is and has been programmed to think this is about politics.

You're thinking at level 1 and there are about 100 levels to this. Why bring this into Speed Hunters? Let me explain because you don't seem to have two brain cells to rub together.

These are the people pushing for cars to be outright banned in 15 minute cities. Ok? That means no more Speed Hunting genius. It means no more cars. These are the people who want to put tracking devices into vehicles right now to shut your car down if you post something online they don't like.

This is real and the idea that EV and Gas is something to save the environment is nonsense. It is about control. Again...assuming we aren't all dead in a couple of years.

The average person is so stupid, weak minded, and subject to being programmed you will reject what is historical fact. Everything I am saying has been said in texts you can find from the people I am talking about. These are not my words, they are theirs.

But look at you all...rejecting it like good little programmed robots. Meanwhile my original comment has more likes than any of you--a sign that the majority of people do understand what is going on or at least open to listening.

You will be the person who marches into the gas chambers with a smile on your face thanking your captors. What a world we live in...how dumb the average person has become.


I can't help it: is there ever a time where Dino will NOT endorse something Rocket Bunny or Liberty Walk does? At what point will everyone realize these are the most telephoned-in, creatively bankrupt types of stories written on SpeedHunters? I really don't know what's more dated: the whole 'Oh new car? Bigger fenders' thing or the perpetual endorsement of if from this site. God forbid anyone in automotive journalism bites the hand that feeds, I guess.


Haha, this publication has been like this for years. Just look at what they did with the air lift performance stuff a few years back. They are journalists who don't understand anything they are promoting and can be bought and sold just like other forms of media.

A lot of comments get deleted that go against their narrative and I have openly caught them in the past doing this. Specifically that Paddy guy. Another post I made was recently deleted. They are journalists. Schills for whoever will throw them a buck.

But new forms of media are coming that will change this. And the game will change once again...hopefully...


Going off this load of rubbish, I think your comments were banned because they're nothing short of utter nonsense, boarding on hysterical. Not to mention the waft of QAnon about the whole thing. Go for a walk and calm down a bit yeah?


"From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Fabian Society
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Abbreviation FS
Formation 4 January 1884; 139 years ago
Legal status Unincorporated membership association
Purpose "To promote greater equality of power, wealth and opportunity; the value of collective action and public service; an accountable, tolerant and active democracy; citizenship, liberty and human rights; sustainable development; and multilateral international cooperation"
Headquarters London, England
61 Petty France, London, SW1H 9EU
Membership 8,000
Official language English
General Secretary Andrew Harrop
Chair Martin Edobor
Vice-Chairs Wes Streeting, Catriona Munro
Hon. Treasurer Baron Kennedy of Southwark
Main organ Executive Committee
Subsidiaries Young Fabians, Fabian Women's Network, Scottish Fabians, around 60 local Fabian Societies
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The Fabian Society is a British socialist organisation whose purpose is to advance the principles of social democracy and democratic socialism via gradualist and reformist effort in democracies, rather than by revolutionary overthrow.[1][2] The Fabian Society was also historically related to radicalism, a left-wing liberal tradition.[3][4][5]

As one of the founding organisations of the Labour Representation Committee in 1900, and as an important influence upon the Labour Party which grew from it, the Fabian Society has had a powerful influence on British politics. Members of the Fabian Society have included political leaders from other countries, such as Jawaharlal Nehru, who adopted Fabian principles as part of their own political ideologies. The Fabian Society founded the London School of Economics in 1895.

Today, the society functions primarily as a think tank and is one of twenty socialist societies affiliated with the Labour Party. Similar societies exist in Australia, in Canada, in New Zealand, and in Sicily."


Dino strikes again with stirring imaginary, manufactured "controversy" instead of just writing about a car. I get it though: those tacked-on wide body kits from RB or LB are so old and boring at this point that you really have to grasp at straws to generate engagement.


Rare and beautiful collection. only front is not acceptable


Nissan left me cold on this when they published the curb weight and chassis "design"/recycling for the otherwise elegant OEM design as an economy sports coupe option. Apart from too much going on on the inside, buttons and plastics and chunky, the oem car really has all one really needs.

This kit has terribly resolved details and busy forms but overall the main features just somehow work when you take it in as a whole. Love the countach fender shape, the fender balance, and the line created on intersecting the oem body.


Rocket Bunny: please, stop.

Freddy Truthler

Despite pretty much every automaker saying that EVs are our future and that we’ll soon all be living in a perfect, sustainable society where CO2 emissions from vehicles are a thing of the past, the good old internal combustion engine (ICE) continues to power the majority of new cars.

Follow the money.

OPEC’s got them by the cojones.
The industry will always be a junkie to whatever gets them the easiest buck.

If lithium grew on trees, they’d be slaves to whatever nation grew them…and EVs would be all over the place.

EVs aren’t the solution either, in truth, but asking manufacturers to support public transportation is like asking the pharaohs to stop building pyramids.


The industry has absolutely ambushed the new Z and you just love to see it. Looking forward to the setups with two turbos poking out of the hood and all that jazz