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What’s A Show Car?

Building a properly fast car is all well and good, but it’s what you do with it that counts. So it’s fitting that the final round of the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational (OUSCI) takes place straight after the annual aftermarket madness of the SEMA Show.

Acres upon acres of the world’s finest modified projects – from modern supercars to classic muscle – all sit patiently waiting for the weekend to come, and when it does, a select few get to let loose in style.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-3

I genuinely can’t think of another event where you can see such a diverse range of cars being pounded on the track in the name of good natured competition. Time attack certainly doesn’t have the variety, and when you throw in a mandatory cruise that takes in the Las Vegas Strip and visiting the Shelby Museum as part of the proceedings, it only gets better.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-4

Optima really stepped things up for 2014. Larry headed out to the one-day event last year when it was held at the Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch, roughly a 90-mile drive south west of Vegas. But for 2014 they moved the whole lot to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway complex, then added a second day for more chances to get in on the action. That way we’d be much closer to the city, with the added bonus of the event being more accessible for spectators.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-5

Quite frankly, after four days of trawling the halls at the Las Vegas Convention Center and being teased by the thought of screaming engines and functioning aero doing their thing, it was literally a breath of fresh air to turn up in the busy pits. Walking the fire-up lanes for the autocross track I could now get to hear and feel the cars I’d seen lined up in the Optima Batteries display areas at the show. Chris Porter came 55th overall in his ‘Porvette’, which would have placed the 944 one place from the bottom last year.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-52

But not in 2014 though. As well as doubling the days, Optima had also invited more cars to take part, with 91 machines competing for the top honours, plus an extra 12 exhibition cars. When it comes to American base metal, the ’69 Camaro is synonymous with the pro touring movement – mainly thanks to builds like ‘Big Red’. Mark Stielow, who owns this example, has worked his way through a large number of F-body coupes and now runs over 750hp thanks to a supercharged LS motor. 18th place was claimed when it was all over.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-7

There were a number of different disciplines the teams had to go through, including a stop-go challenge, the full autocross course pictured here, some hot laps on Sunday, and the Saturday night road rally in to downtown Vegas. Combine the best times and some points for the road rally, a little spice, some burnt rubber, and bingo – we’d have a winner.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-22

Without fail, everywhere I looked there was something that caught my attention. I’m an early Mustang fan and sold a ’65 project last year, which on reflection now might have been a bad decision…

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-12

The Volvo Amazon is pretty popular in classic rally circles and in its native Sweden where they get boosted and drag raced. But in America? Robert Jackson fitted his with an LS and came one place lower than the Porvette in 56th. Still nearly half way up the field though.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-21

But whoa, it’s not all V8s – the Japanese manufacturers were well represented with a pretty even spread across the marques. It’s always interesting to watch how different styles of car attack a course, and the autocross was the perfect place for this. I took this picture of Todd Earsley in his 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo from the public area, which was pretty sweet access if you didn’t have a media bib or a long lens. Todd ended up 7th overall, but the highest placed Japanese car – another Evo – was that of Brandon Ranvek who came in 2nd.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-30

Maybe it’s my European upbringing which has convinced me of the firepower you can get from a four cylinder engine, but I kind of expected the Japanese and European models to have been thicker nearer the top of the ranks. But it just wasn’t so, and only eight out of the top 20 cars weren’t American in origin. So maybe John Lazorack had the right idea – because this is a 1988 Chrysler Conquest. I know right – it looks like a Mitsubishi Starion to me! Badge engineering at its most comedic, huh? The fit and finish of this build meant we lined up a feature shoot there and then, but you’ll have to wait a little longer to find out more about this gorgeous build.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-43

As the sun started to go down the drivers were still lining up – a number of minor delays throughout the day had added up and limited their run time. Brandy Philips caught me off guard when I asked if she’d heard of Speedhunters and if she would be up for a feature on the newly-completed ’72 C10? She smiled as she told me she’d grown up with Linbergh and knew Larry too, so expect to see more of this brutal Chevy.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-58

With the sun going down the city was calling us from a distance – the day was far from done yet. We still had a small road rally, a petrolhead legend and some deep fried goods to deal with…

Time To Strip
Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-53

There is something about the descent into night that makes things all the more exciting – especially when there’s racing involved. Headlights become eyes and senses start to rise to new states of alert.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-56

As darkness fell the Las Vegas Motor Speedway pits started to buzz even more. Perhaps it was the cooler air that helped with the energy levels, but I genuinely think it was also to do with the fact that all of us had been ‘through’ SEMA. Often the race trailers bore signs of the week’s displays, now packed away and not needed.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-57

With many of the participants being industry people, some of the pit setups were pretty impressive. This roll chest is probably better equipped than a lot of our home garages!

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-61

With racing stopped for the day every team was given a simple two-page route map, with the plan to head out on a 25-mile road rally taking in downtown Vegas, then the Strip. So it was about time I found a lift…

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-64

I’d actually given this some prior thought and earlier on sounded out Joey and Betim from BBI Autosport to see if they had any spare seats. With a pair of 997 Porsche turbos and roughly 1200hp between the two of them, I was glad when the answer came back yes!

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-84

I rode with Betim on the way down in to Vegas. He’d had some tyre trouble earlier in the day, but had managed to sort out some new Falken rubber at the last minute – which seemed to be keeping him pretty happy. With a consistently good time on the autocross and stop-go, he didn’t know it at this time but third place overall and a place on the podium was going to be his.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-86

Having put together a couple of Liberty Walk kitted 911s for the SEMA Show I was keen to find out what the guys thought of the ‘all form and no function’ reaction the name tends to evoke? Joey said they’d discussed it and figured the only way to prove that the kit is functional was to race the rubber off it all weekend. Given that this customer car is destined for Hawaii eventually, Joey did well to rank 19th at the end of proceedings, whilst making sure no harm was done.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-76

As we picked our way through old town traffic down towards the Strip, you could hear the rumble and occasional explosive burst of V8s and turbo shreek all around us. Winged road warriors appeared and disappeared just as quickly.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-79

After a week of shiny lights and polished meetings, it was good to catch sight of the world and take it in. I really like Vegas, and for all the pomp and splendour of the shinier parts of the Strip, I’m just as fond of the older shops and neon that lights up the night.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-81

It turns out that Betim and Joey are kind of nostaligic too, getting in the ’80s road rally vibe with matching period Porsche caps and yellow lens aviators. These two items alone are probably worth an extra 10hp across the rev range.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-93

This wasn’t some cross country epic drive, just a quick 25-mile blast in to the city and down the Strip, showing that these are very much ‘real’ cars which can handle everyday life like the rest of the wheeled world.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-98

I can’t think of many places where you could lean out of the window of a modern Porsche and get a grin from a Ford driver like that. Dave Tucci was digging the scene as much as I was – except maybe his smile was a little more satisfied. After all, he was driving his badass ’70 Mustang.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-99

Our destination via a rolling check point was the Shelby factory and museum. There’s a few million dollars worth of cars on display here and we could see straight through to the assembly floor too. But I had to show you this twin Paxton supercharger equipped 427ci Cobra, all Goodyear bubblegum tyres and alloy curves. As if the standard 427 wasn’t already lethal enough, this one has even more added danger.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-102

And check this, another validation of the Liberty Walk kit – functioning aero and handy fried food resting spot! That’s my kind of fast food combo right there. Healthy and nutritious it wasn’t, but welcome it was.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-115

As the drivers started to disband and head off for a good night’s sleep we made our way back to the track where the guys would leave one of the Porsches and drop us to our rental car. After a quick roll along with a random Ferrari (well, it is Vegas…) we made for the interstate where the joys of boost and traction were ours for the taking. Grip and go, grip and go…

We had it all to look forward to again the following day…

Round & Random
Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-166

This might sound odd if you’re from Nevada – or any of the dry southern states for that matter – but waking up to this clear, almost crystal light and clean dry weather is such a blessing for somebody who was looking out his office window at pouring rain and pools of mud in a field as he wrote this story. I’m sure the novelty would wear off, but each morning I’d wake up and peak out of the curtain hoping it wouldn’t have changed for the worse. This line up with Wes Drelleshak’s ’59 Chevy Apache pickup shows the variety – but at the same time almost a similarity too. Big modern rims, lowered but not slammed and modern, muted tones – albeit with some creative patina on the truck.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-121

For a big, nigh on 55-year-old body it kicks ass though – Wes placing a very respectable 37th. That’s above all sorts of really good metal, but I guess it really helps when you build a project yourself from the ground up. The connection comes together in the corners when you know just where the limits are. Click Presentation Mode and you’ll see that the inside front wheel is almost off the ground here.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-172

I’ll apologise now for the slightly soft front-end focus of Mike Maier’s Mustang, but that front wheel is totally off the ground and 100 per cent shows his commitment to thrashing this thing on track. We recently ran a feature on the Mustang if you want to know more, but for now lucky 13th was Mike’s final position.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-123

I hung out trackside for most of the day, watching some epic impromptu battles. How about a ’70 Mustang going around the outside of an aero-equipped Integra? You got it!

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-144

Another fresh sight was Scott Sengpiel in his ’93 FD3S RX-7. The Rocket Bunny kit looked right at home here on the track, with another American V8 soundtrack to back it up.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-177

It wasn’t quite all #MaximumAttack on the track, although this Buick Super 8 of Tim Vest has some hidden secrets as it’s one of ICON’s ‘Derelicts’ cars. When Mike went down to see them earlier in 2014 it was still in the build stages, and you can take a look here at how at home the Cadillac-sourced supercharged LS9 looks. With a single roll hoop added for safety the Buick was hustling along.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-202

I can’t imagine how it must feel inside the cabin through the corners though. I guess the aged leather of the front bench gives extra grip to the seat of your pants?

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-162

It wouldn’t have been much use in a situation like this though. Some late braking meant a nose-heavy dive threw the back end of this Chevy off line, but it simply wagged its tail a couple of times before a seemingly effortless drift carried it out of the corner safely. Showboating? No, but it looked damn good!

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-189

Even though it felt as though we’d only just got started, once again the sun started heading south. As the final heats took place the entrants were ushered to a large open tarmac pad for a full line up picture. Chevy Nova side-by-side with Evo.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-187

It took some setting up, but the Optima team corralled the drivers and hardware in to neat lines.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-192

Which gave me one last chance to take them all in. As a perfect example of what I think OUSCI is all about, you might remember this Riviera from Mike’s story earlier on in our SEMA Show coverage. It won the Ridler Award early this year – one of the most prestigious accolades going – and after a week of being drooled over in the halls here it is covered in dust…

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014

Show or go? You decide, but I’ll take both if it’s on offer.

Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-210

The overall winner in the end was Danny Popp in his 2003 Chevy Corvette, which I’m ashamed to say I didn’t get a decent shot of! So I’ll apologise now for that. My failings aside, the Optima Batteries crew have a lot to take credit for. With a TV show and qualification rounds taking place in the run up to this grand finale, I wonder just how big this event is going to get? With more and more people wanting to prove themselves, the quality will only ever go up… Which means we’d better put it in the diary for next year. See you there!

Bryn Musselwhite
Instagram: Speedhunterbryn

Cutting Room Floor
Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-100
Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-191
Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-132
Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-139
Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-159
Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-163
Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-171
Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-197
Optima Batteries Challenge Las Vegas Nov 2014-204


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I love the photo of the 3 cars next to the truck over looking the city.


Is that the same Oldsmobile Cruiser 442 as on this video?


I cannot believe I missed this. Spot on stuff there Bryn!


"Betim and Joey" looking more then a little bit 'Gonzo' there... "as your attorney I recommend that you take a taste of fifth gear..."


RacingPast Yes it is, great find, enjoyed watching that. Amazing car :)


SelwynLeonard Vegas is always in the back of your mind :)


speedhunters_dino Thanks man, that's exactly the same reaction I had when I saw Larry's story last year. That's why it had to happen this time round!


TarmacTerrorist We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold...


"Building a properly fast car is all well and good, but it’s what you do with it that counts. "

So... Where's the Speedhunters FRS? I was so hoping to see your track day weapon out there... Was it possible for you (the SH crew) to participate in this event?


I think I just decided that "Pro Touring" is my favourite style for street cars

soo much material for my background folder


@FunkyChild Trust me we all want to drive it! But it's actually owned by Scion, we can (and will be!) requesting it for some track/road time but in the meantime it needs final setting up on the dyno and suspension geometry etc sorted. Plus Keith has just had a new child and was only in Vegas for two days, and he needs to be the one that takes its track virginity :)


Acc ProTouring is easily one of my favourite styles, it combines all the elements I like in cars.


Speedhunters_Bryn Acc I still dream about building an Amazon in that style, well at least as much as the TÜV allows.


Was great seeing these all lined up outside the hall, really wanted to see them running, but we were on our way to Cali forn i a at the time... your coverage more than makes up for it though :D


Was great seeing these all lined up outside the hall, really wanted to see them running, but we were on our way to Cali forn i a at the time... your coverage more than makes up for it though :D


I saw that blue Camaro, the first photo in the story, this year at Road America. And wow, the tires were massive on that thing, and he could just whip it around anything. And that Rocket Bunny RX-7 was there too, you did know that car was the US debut of that kit? Debut during a NASCAR race in Wisconsin. who'd of guessed. 

But after seeing it myself, and this post, I'm starting to like the Optima Challenge. Seeing how the cars move and hustle around those tight courses is insane.


if it wasnt so yellow id hit that rivi from the back =P


EricSeanDelaney I really like how the series tours the states for different rounds. I didn't realise that was the first RB RX7! Nice. 

All of the cars were impressive, like I said such great variety!


Acc Speedhunters_Bryn Much like Mattius Vox Amazon then? One of my dream builds.


HoTWire Thanks man, I'd love to think this conveys how bad ass they are on track but next time you'll just have to reschedule. Did I mention the massive air show that was going on over head the same day? Or the shaking ground from the drag strip nearby? Or the scream of exotics at the other track a half mile away? ;)


SpeedHunters needs more truckhunting, love those Chevys!


Cadillac used the LSA, not the LS9. The Vette ZR1 was the only car to get the LS9.


Sooo there IS going to be a feature on that amazone ?? ;)


LavarBowers Haha, not sure if that's a good or a bad thing!


EvolveWRC At least one is coming :)


TylerHorne Thanks for the education, it showed you read the article :)


JustinOdijk We didn't shoot it, no, sorry!


Well dammit i have a thing for amazones but still great article !


JustinOdijk Me too, my grandmother had one from brand new in '64 until 1998. We need to find more!


Speedhunters_Bryn HoTWire Sorry I can't hear it over all the celeb spotting in Pacific Palisades (Ben Affleck and Ralph Lauren (yes he was driving something awesome)) ha! ... yeah next time longer in Vegas for the track shenanigans for sure, got to see some of the Red Bull Rallycross* thing from the monorail and I really wanted to see some more.  Yes, next time ... 

*surely it can't be Rallycross as there were no 6R4s with bits of body work hanging off.


Speedhunters_Bryn Acc Vöx-style may be a bit much, clean exterior, bit lowered and a B5252 swap may be nice (and doable). One can dream (and Amazons are cheap over here)


Speedhunters_Bryn Acc Vöx-style may be a bit much, clean exterior, bit lowered and a B5252 swap may be nice (and doable). One can dream (and Amazons are cheap over here)


The C10 R is currently one of my favourite C10s ever. Such a great looking truck, all the better that it performs great.
I was totally in the Dark about the fact that the Conquest was called anything else for the longest time. Blame Canada I suppose.


The C10 R is currently one of my favourite C10s ever. Such a great looking truck, all the better that it performs great.
I was totally in the Dark about the fact that the Conquest was called anything else for the longest time. Blame Canada I suppose.


Well i'm planning on building one with a 2jz but i need to figure some stuff out first ! Then you will have something to feature XD


Btw are you familiair with keith ross his amazone that thing is as good as they get


Be careful dealing wih Robert Jackson, hes a known thief in the vintage Volvo circles. Lots of promises, never delivering massively expensive components. Hate to stir the pot and call out someone in a single photo, but that man needs to be stopped. Google Robert Jackson, IAmTheOnlyReal1, you'll see.
Now that thats off my chest, great photos Bryn. I'm not surprised Danny Pop won. I'm waiting for that feature on the Conquest, love those cars


I read every article, every day.


That Guardsman Blue Twin-Supercharged 427 Cobra is one of a pair (assuming it's the real thing). They're called Super-Snakes.
The first one was given to Bill Cosby by Carroll himself (Bill is known to talk about that car scaring him to death, he later gave it back).
The second was Carroll's personal Cobra. Carroll's Super-Snake sold a auction a few years ago for $5.5M.

That's an extremely rare and nearly priceless car you were next to.


I had to work the air show, I'm actually stationed at Nellis, but I heard loads of amazing sounds coming from the track. I have been looking forward to this story ever since, and you most definitely didn't disappoint. Amazing photography, and wonderful writing.


WindsorShatzkin Wow, we didn't have much time there and to be completely honest I picked the image I found most interesting from that set and slotted it in. That's some history right there! 

Given that it was in the Shelby factory museum I can only assume it's back on loan maybe? Either that or they made a replica. Either way it's a massively impressive car.


Downright proper event coverage and photos. Excellent work Bryn!


vrod302 Wow, what an air show! The amount of times we were spoiled by sights in the air and on the ground, amazing stuff. Shame you couldn't make it over though, it sounds like a similar situation for us listening to the noise coming out of the drag strip! I appreciate the kind words :)


petertarach High praise Mr T, I'll happily take that :)


DaveT Yup, the trucks really stood out for me. It was only when I came to look at the entrants list I discovered it was a Conquest, funny.


Speedhunters_Bryn petertarach Can't wait to see how much has changed with the StarQuest since Modified Mag covered it a few years ago. It was damn impressive then and I can't imagine what 3 years of tinkering has done to make it even more amazeballs.


Have you got more pictures of Riviera? It looks incredibly surreal among the all other vehicles.


I meant more pictures from this event.


That 72 C10R yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes


That '72 C10 looks an awful lot like a '68


Haha a mustang going around a aero equipped integra? I have some sad news for you that fast mustang had a twit behind the wheel and refused to let me pass and almost put himself in the dirt along with amost colliding with me several times in the few laps we got that session. His super fast car couldn't even get away from a car on the strait aways with a failed fuel pump only able to use 30% throttle and 3k short of redline and was completely in the way through all of the corners. Is this really the accurate coverage we can expect from you speed hunters? I have always enjoyed your article but this is a HUGE disappointment.
Owner, builder, driver of that aero integra Rhett Panter


Haha a mustang going around a aero equipped integra? I have some sad news for you that fast mustang had a twit behind the wheel and refused to let me pass and almost put himself in the dirt along with amost colliding with me several times in the few laps we got that session. His super fast car couldn't even get away from a car on the strait aways with a failed fuel pump only able to use 30% throttle and 3k short of redline and was completely in the way through all of the corners. Is this really the accurate coverage we can expect from you speed hunters?
Owner, builder, driver of that aero integra Rhett Panter


@Rhett IDK, from what I heard that integra was pretty slow.


Looks to me he was thrashing the field especially that slow integra with the mustang coming in at 86th place and myself at 28th. Don't believe me? Here go look for yourself


@Rhett Hi Rhett, thanks for taking the time to read the article. As for sad news? Why is that sad? Good for you man, I mean that sincerely too. For the record you placed 28th and the Mustang came in at 86th so I know you were doing something right ;)

I won't get involved in a discussion about circuit etiquette and how either of you conducted yourself, that's not my place and I didn't see specifically what happened with you guys. However I know it can be annoying when somebody hinders your progress. 

My comment was in direct reference to this one image which is part of three image sequence where the Mustang was clearly making better progress around the outside of your Integra. However if this was because you'd had to brake and 'give' the corner away then I apologise, it wasn't my intention to mislead. 

What I would say is the Integra looked bad ass and quite clearly you got a great result, good work! 

Have another image (with no Mustang in it) that shows off that aero as recompence :)


@rafal You're not wrong, I was amazed when I saw it being hammered around. Kudos to the owner! :)


Merc I'll add to that... yes yes yes yes yes yes!


SeanStott It was listed as a '72 on the official forms, maybe it had a front end swap? We'll find out more as it's going to be shot for a full feature :)


@Rhett SeanStott Like I said IDK, but others who were on that circuit complained about you being in the way quite a bit.


SeanStott  Your a troll please shut your trap. Go stuff your face with some more food. Do you see anything behind us in the picture? How about in this video?


You love the amazing capabilities  of the Evo!



Thank your for that beautiful picture. I was bummed a bit that the story was incorrect is all. I was one of the underdogs and got treated like a silly 4 cylinder that week end
by plenty of the muscle guys. Regardless we had a blast and really
wished the car was on full tilt instead of having to limp the car around
all weekend... As far as progress he was making was only because I was
backing off big time as he had about went completely off track and
showered me with rocks once already. I do appreciate the story for the
whole event as I'm sure the rest of the optima participants and optima batteries do.
Thanks Bryn


@Rhett Your DC2 is the most beautiful integra I've come across lately.


An ecclectic mix of machines!


@Rhett SeanStott Calm down bro you're full on rustled.  You don't have to be so defensive if you have a slower car than other competitors.


Viva Las Vegas!


@Rhett It's all good, we're all very passionate about what we do so when something. All I read then was 'I'll be back next year to kick some ass!' :)


James Cray Best comment ever, it's a motto for life. I have visions of you shouting that from the roller coaster at the top of the Stratosphere!


Any events like this going on this weekend? I'll be headed to sin city and it would be cool to catch something awesome as this. Is thIs even open to the public? You guys have all the fun!


d_rav Nothing that I know of, the event was open to the public yes, that's why they moved it closer to the city this year. Put it in the diary for 2015!


You guys should post stories for upcoming events before they come so you can meet some fans.


@Will Roegge It was pretty #bryntense...

Kaboomtish. I'm not here all week.


PhatRainbows Haha, I don't believe in fans. We're just people with common interests :)


A while back I went to a local autocross in a stock manual 2007 335i with nothing but pilot sports. After thrashing the car all day I missed out on the top time by 0.051 (I had a run that would have won the event but hit a cone resulting in a penalty). 

Anyway, as I was pulling up to the line this one guy was just starring daggers at me. Really giving me the stink eye. After the event a friend asked me if I noticed and I said I did. It turns out this guy competed in the Optima Challenge and placed 4th at some point in their competition. He was running 1.4 seconds slower on this autocross track than the 335. 

Since then I don't really know what I think about the Optima Challenge. I know they do track, autox, drag and other performance tests, but how are the points distributed across each event? I'm just a little confused how this guy placed 4th in an event and I was that much quicker than him on an AX course in a stock BMW. To see a guy like Mike Maier in 13th is a little confusing on how the challenges are ranked. 

Can someone provide a link or some insight?


This has become one of my favorite motorsport events as of late. I love that its not an outright battle of "hey imports/domestics suck......". The more i watch, the more i marvel at how awesome both the comradery and competitiveness can go hand in hand without all the "what i like is better" attitude. In my opinion, that type of perspective, level of craftsmanship and competitive driving really display what I like to think of when I relate to being a car guy.


I'm said Danny is in the 03 and not in his old C3 anymore. His old blue vette was ridiculously awesome.


SeanStott and YOU sir didn't need to be a.....well, lets just say from your comment that you've probably been embarrassed by a Honda before.


Great story with great coverage Bryn! Optima has something special with this event, especially with cars being featured at SEMA and the event happening right after.. 
Props to Betim from BBI!


@Chris Danny Popp winning isn't strange at all; I think he has more Nationals wins than Meier does.


@Getwell Nail on head. Wish I'd said it like that now!


majik16106 Everybody has to move on, imagine how amazing this one will be with continued development!


CSFrace Hey Ravi, sorry I missed you at SEMA. The days fly huh? Thanks for the kind words! Betim and Joey are both ace, I can see why you like working with them :)


Speedhunters_Bryn cheers!


@SeanStott Integra placed 28th and the mustang placed nearly last. So your full of sh*t


@Rhett I was just wondering what's under the hood of that integra? With such a good result I was just curious what kind of power youre making


"What is this?!"
"Pure Nitros my Friend, you don't nee much, just a tiny taste"


Great story Speedhunters_Bryn !  I was there on Saturday watching this finale event in the series in for the first time. I have been fortunate to compete in an Optima qualifying event in Michigan several times, running against many of these guys.  Some are fast...some, not so much, but just want to point out that the event is technically limited to "amateur drivers".  And many of these guys know that they have no chance of an overall win, but come out for the fun of it.

What really makes this style of event so much fun is the great variation in vehicles and getting to see these incredible machines get their necks wrung!  Your photos are awesome but still can't paint the entire picture of how well built, and high dollar so many of these rides truly are (although having the Riddler winner there should at least give people some idea..).

One thing that has been left out of the description of the event is the "style and engineering" competition.  Each car is judged by a panel of industry experts that rank styling, engineering expertise and overall visual effect.  The points gained here are added to the totals from the other events.  So its also part car show!
In any case, if an event comes through your neck of the woods next year you owe it to yourself to go check out the sights, sounds and smells.  And if you think you can hang with them, bring your car out for a chance to make it to the big show next year!


And who said that big wings weren't functional? :)


TokyoCarGuy You know it!


Speedhunters_Bryn JustinOdijk

It's best that you didn't.  That car was built with money stolen from other members of the Volvo and classic car community.  Robert Jackson has scammed numerous people out of thousands of dollars.


Robert Jackson is a scam artist and thief. His Volvo was built with money taken from people who thought they were going to receive product in exchange. His name is known all over the Volvo community for failing to deliver after thousands of dollars were paid, and he is known to the Mustang crowd too. There are quite a few who paid for LS swap cross members for their Volvos and to date I am not aware of a single unit being shipped. 

Everyone BEWARE, he will take your money and never deliver on his promises. He has been reported to the AG and legal action is being taken against him.


For some reason the blue Camaro on the top reminds me of a car I saw on the Speed channel on TV.


SeanStott It is indeed a 1972 C10.... with a 67-68 front end swap.


SeanStott So if the Integra was slow for placing 28th, how slow was that mustang for placing 86th?


Cool. Saw my friend in one of the pics.


nice write-up, but where are the pictures of the podium finishers?


Nice write-up man, thanks for the great coverage! Had a blast for it being our first event, can't wait until Thunderhill in 2015. And Bryn you say your a Mustang guy...want one of ours for under your Christmas tree next year?