A Skyline GT-R. Bagged. On Dubs.

I’m gonna cut straight to the point here. What you are looking at is a BNR32 Skyline GT-R V-spec II built by Kenji Ariki of Team Bad Quality. While this car might not have been set up for smokey slides or late night touge sessions like those of his teammates, it’s every bit as memorable. That’s because Ariki-san has basically taken the GT-R rulebook and thrown it out the window. Internet haters you’ve been warned…

Bagged-R32-GTR-4 copy

Of all the vehicles I encountered during my visit to Hiroshima earlier in the year, Kenji’s R32 might have been the most unusual. Once you see that the hallowed GT-R emblem on the rear has been flipped upside down, you know that there’s something strange going on here.

Bagged-R32-GTR-9 copy

The contrast on this car is actually very interesting. On one hand this GT-R is in amazing condition for its age, and its body has been kept free of any add-ons that detract from those timeless factory lines.

Bagged-R32-GTR-5 copy

On the other, while GT-R purists might like the well-preserved nature Kenji’s R32, I’m not sure how they will feel about his suspension setup. Why? Because the car is running modified Bold World air suspension from a G50 President with sectioned shocks and 326Power springs up front and Swift springs in the rear.

Bagged-R32-GTR-11 copy

Tucked into the R32’s OEM fenders are set of factory R35 GT-R 20×10.5-inch wheels. You certainly won’t see many R32 Skylines on 20-inch wheels, but I like how this wheel choice keeps things in the GT-R family.

Bagged-R32-GTR-6 copy

Power modifications have been limited to basic exhaust tuning, but a stock RB26DETT is nothing to scoff at – even by today’s standards.

Bagged-R32-GTR-7 copy

Inside, the pair of Recaro SR2 seats and MOMO steering wheel are things you’d expect to find in a modified GT-R, but the Budweiser beer tap shift knob adds just a touch of crazy.

Bagged-R32-GTR copy

Many people would laugh at the idea of an R32 GT-R with air suspension and oversized wheels, but when you actually see the car you realise that it all comes together pretty well.

Bagged-R32-GTR-3 copy

Ariki-san’s GT-R might not be made for top speed Wangan runs or to set time attack records, but to me it’s a fine symbol of the slightly unusual but cool way they do things down in this part of Japan.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike



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That Budweiser tap is probably the most impractical interoir mod I've seen in a long time


pretty sure you would get 5-10 years in japan for doing this to a skyline.  They deserve to face the wrath of Godzilla himself.


The exterior looks really good. The black/white contrast and simplicity of it is just right. The interior is not my thing, but oh well, i'm not the one having to sit in it.


Im pretty open minded about these things, but i just cant get there with those wheels and the stance.  I have no reason or proof, i just dont care for it on this car.


Acc brilliant though, isnt it.?


I'm a little confused on the suspension under this. You mention air but then springs, is it actually on an Air Cup kit?

turbo BEAMS ae86

Not into it..but it is all well done work..


holy sh... that shifting knob is mad stuff!
I'd rather put some decent 16" wheels on that skyline, but just my personal opinion, great car!
Also a great location where you took the pics, I like the fact that this "not meant to be drwaing too much attention from non car enthusuiasts" car is in the middle of some full of color and unusal buildings stuff. Amazing work, keep the well chosen shots going!


was it a really sunny day? maybe it's just my monitor but I feel like a lot of the image is getting washed out in the blacks.


I love everything about it. Honestly, my favorite mod is the upside down GT-R badge.


@Peter You know it's in Japan though, right? :)


Same style different car. I'd be more impressed if this were factory fresh.


Build what you love!


Wow, looks great. I'm so glad that USDM style is popular in Japan right now. I was getting sick of all those Top Secret, HKS, Spoon, Amuse, Mine's, etc. demo cars and race cars. Yes, bagged performance cars with stickers and dildo shift knobs are so much cooler.


I can see lines between how this car has been done and the VW scene. Borowing from another car in the family, bags, clean and fresh, interior mods to make you smile.
Lovely to see it happen organically in another hemisphere, and with such a timeless classic such as a white r32.


theAught Acc if the driver likes half a meter of throw, well, not my cup.

Best shifter I've seen to date was made out of an artificial hip joint (100% titanium iirc)


It was bound to happen sooner or later. Kids put bags on anything these days, even the iconic GT-R. 
Sorry, I could never bring myself to killing a sports car in this fashion.


I can't wait until we can start seeing these fantastic R32s here in California. We can start importing the 1989 ones this year but, from what I hear, they are next to impossible to locate.


Not only has it been ruined, it's not even been ruined well. If you're going to do this, go all out. This thing just has airbags and wheels. And nothing else. It's a bone stock Skyline. I have no idea who considered this a feature worthy car. But, I guess that's where import tuning is right now. You no longer have to have creativity or talent to be recognized, you just have to slam a desirable car, and websites and magazines will start clamoring for the privilege to feature it. It's sad.


This car would have been even better if he somehow managed to fit a nissan president interior as well. That would be something I'd like to see.




Let's play a fun little game I like to call Speedhunters bingo.
- Is the car in question an iconic performance car? Yes.
- Does the article have the exact same "purists/haters/people with functioning eyeballs look away now" opening sentence as every other article on a shitty car? Yes.
- Does the car lack any functional mods whatsoever? Yes.
- Does it have a Liberty Walk kit? No.
- Does it have Airlift suspension? Not quite, but along the same lines.
- Does it have Rotiform/Vossen wheels? No, but they're still a stupid fitment and ride height.
- Does the article mention at least 14 partners in the space of three sentences? No.
- Does the car have stupid mods that are only there for attention's sake? Yes, please see gearstick.
Damn, not quite bingo. It's ok though, there's still plenty of time for you to feature the next Speedhunters x EA x TRA Kyoto x RWB x Fatlace x Vossen x Rotiform x Airlift x BECAUSE GATEBIL x #wittyhashtag demo car.


so, is it because it has air ride y its cool? up ur game SH..........lol@"dubs"


Hotcakes YoU MAd BrO? Yes.


Yes, I am "MAd Br0" (10/10 effort for capitalisation by the way). The overall quality of content has REALLY gone down hill over the last 6-12 months.

Austin Datsun McEwan

Why do you even visit this page if you're so narrow minded?


Oh god, please no....




Hotcakes Personally I think Speedhunters has been posting more content and reaching a broader audience in the last 6-12 months.  Inherently with a more broad range of content comes more hate.  Plus, hateful comments are still traffic and here in internet land traffic is good.


Narrow minded? I don't care of it's stanced or whatever. I can appreciate variety. The problem is there ISN'T variety. Every second article is a partner advertorial.
SH used to post stanced cars, drift cars, time attack cars, muscle cars, Japanese demo cars, race cars, supercars, stance shows, Super Lap Battles, FIA GT races and everything in between. Now it's all just Rocket Bunny and airbags. I'd actually be interested in doing the maths to see how much exactly.
I still come here because I miss the "old" SH. There are still flashes of that old brilliance from writers like Larry and Dino, but overall it's declining.


stock suspension is better than bags on a gtr. this car is wasted on this fool.


and to top it off its completely stock. if this is all it takes to get on your website come check out my s14. i promise i have more mods than this GTR


Mike, I couldn't agree more with you about how this car symbolises everything that is right with Japanese tuning culture. Yes, sometimes it might seem unusual or not as functional as it could be. But if there's one thing I've learned in the last month it's that Japanese car enthusiasts do whatever they want to whatever car they want, because they want to. Not because someone else told them to. There are no boundaries and no limits here. Everyone is constantly trying to be different and just do their own thing, which I love. This car has been spotlighted on Speedhunters because the owner has made his own rules, and built a controversial/rad-looking GT-R the way he wanted, and I bet he is having a lot of fun with it right now. Isn't that why we are all here is the first place, to have fun with cars? :)


Hotcakes  couldn't agree more, SpeedHunters in its bid to keep its content fresh and financially viable I think you have started to loose the soul of what made this site so loved...

I can appreciate this is an EA exercise in all things cars and marketing but you have lost the true variety and grassroots that made this site so connected to its market

just my 2c's

as for the skyline I think people need to relax and remember that we modify cars for the thrill and excitement and learning of building something of our own, not because the final product is the prettiest or most stanced or fastest car but because its ours.



If you do not like this car, then don't post. This website gets new posts on it everyday, just wait till you see something you like and say something nice, fuck all this hating bs. I don't like this car either, I also hate drifting and the whole "stance" movement, but you motherfuckers that take time to complain on a free website for cars are the worst part of any article. If you see something you like say so, if not just move on with your life.


Not my cup of tea, but its a very well done/executed setup.


MattAtDoyle lol you're really not trying hard then, they are still all over the place. If they can be landed in NZ after a $3000 ship ride for $7-9000, they are not hard to find.


Speedhunters_Bryn Acc theAught it cost him a leg to get that lol


RogerBent Nothing "dub" about stock Nissan wheels.


kphillips9936 RogerBent Except the 20 inch diameter which is the very definition of "dub".


Tinj Ameen for traffic


some luxo exotics come with an adjustable suspension to you can get through speedbumps without mowing over your chin spoiler..stock!  its a sports car that doesn't see track days so what? i'm all for it. you need to wear a damn flame suit before caught driving this car.


Bags destroyed it.


Other than the huge R35 wheels this car is awesome, its been well looked after and has some nice subtle mods to it and that beer tap shift knob is awesome. Props to the owner for doing something different in regards to the wheels even if they aren't my cup of tea on an R32.


I have a clean r32 GTR and are a bit of purist but I would much rather see something like this than the frequently neglected versions being sold in New Zealand.   I like the use of R35 wheels - connection with the family but the wheel size changes everything.  Cool to see something different even if it isn't my bag!

I don't get the criticism passed EA's way when producing a site like this costs lots of coin and you get to enjoy it for free.  I think they do a great job of bridging the commercial model with consumer interest.   There is a heap of feature cars and event coverage that is about the wider car scene.   Shit I am sitting in New Zealand - how else would I get a view on Gatebill on the top of the world.  I don't understand the negative viewpoint being proffered on a free resource that you choose how you engage with it.


I want to see more mini-features on 'simpler' cars like this. I know a lot of people are saying this car isn't worthy of a feature, but Speedhunters isn't a magazine with limited space, this site has virtually unlimited real estate and they should use it.


All I can think is, those wheels look terrible. Love that he kept it so clean, but isn't there like, 8 million better looking wheels in Japan he could have chosen?


A brave guy! Bags and them size wheels are not for me! However if i saw this down the street I wouldn't really knock it - it looks decent.


Speedhunters_Bryn Acc theAught yeah that one :)


oz_eight6 Hotcakes You both couldn't be more right.
Hotcakes in particular hit the nail square on the head with 
"- Does the article mention at least 14 partners in the space of three sentences?" 
not quite bingo. It's ok though, there's still plenty of time for you
to feature the next Speedhunters x EA x TRA Kyoto x RWB x Fatlace x
Vossen x Rotiform x Airlift x BECAUSE GATEBIL x #wittyhashtag demo car."
It's turning into a bit of a joke, the partnership covereage. Standards are definitely slipping for the sake of traffic, and there just isn't the variety anymore. I know I've only relatively recently started commenting but I've been reading for years. 
Stanceworks is as bad too though  - all Rotiform all the time, and instant features for their mate's cars, just like on here; and the filter on the photos that will soon be as yellow as a French headlamp. Life isnt a Lana Del Ray video, but according to Stanceworks, it just might be.


@Jake Laird Couldn't be more right about it - symptomatic over here in the UK is this fabulous offer from Car Audio Security.

<iframe src="//instagram.com/p/oTeY_sk-dL/embed/" width="612" height="710" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

Stance In A Box. Couldn't make it up.


Bold Move on behalf of the builder....
Takes Balls to do that to an absolute Halo Car like this...
While a little part of me just died ^^ I certainly don't think it is all that terrible.

Tuning is all about variety, the stock body of a R32 is a sexy silouette, but in my opinion the builder could have chosen another set of wheels, for my taste they are to big. But whatever floats your boat is right in the Tuningworld in my opinion :)

So props for a nicely build car, even if it may not suit the tastes of others, but then again, is tuning not the pursiut to modifiy a car to express the style of the individual builder? and not care about what the masses think?


Oh man, why? Airbags really? :(




The exterior very subtle stock body.
the gtr wheels look awesome.
If this r32 has the bags over adjustable coil overs that would be good setup!
The only part that looks out of place the bud tap handle, I'm not feeling it.


Because the owner wanted to?


Something different, yeah?


Hmm, I like the look of factory R35 wheels - and quality wise I'm sure they are just as good as anything aftermarket. The only real "issue" is the size.


Thanks for noticing that this isn't a full feature but a quick look at an interesting car I found while traveling. Not saying tis is the end all, be all of cars.


Mike Garrett Hell Yeah that thing is different man ^^
How did it look in person, I mean you took the pics. Does it still have that mean R32 vibe?


Thanks. We try to bring as much balance as we possibly can, but obviously there's no pleasing everyone.


There ya go.


It's not as of they couldn't be easily removed.


Yeah it's a a total street car, Ariki certainly isn't fronting that it's anything different.


That's the spirit haha.


It's not only that, but they don't really bash the stuff they don't like. Everyone's got their own tastes but I've never seen or heard Japanese people talking bad about other pee


It's a unique take on a popular car. We don't always choose content based on the number of modifications each car has :)


Such feelings!


You raise some valid points, but I can assure that you partner obligations played no part in the production of this particular story. I've been part of Speedhunters since the beginning and one of the things I loved about the site was having the chance to share cool and/or unique cars we find while traveling around. To me that's exactly what this story is. I thought this was an unusual, yet tasteful take on a rather iconic car.


Hmm, never thought of that haha.


I completely understand that air suspension on a GT-R isn't everyone's cup of tea. But I don't see how anything that can be removed in an afternoon is "ruining" or "destroying" a car. I've seen far worse and far more irreversible things done to cool cars. :)


Never thought of the VW relation, but that's a good point.


You should move over there and tell everyone the right and wrong way to own a car!


That's what he did haha


It was sunny yeah, but it looks on my monitor?




Yeah forgot to mention it's a Bold World cup kit.


That's a reasonable opinion.


People from overseas and the states in particular put the Skyline on a massive pedestal. R32s are a dime a dozen in Japan, and while this is a clean example of a GT-R it's certainly no rare exotic.


Yurisminator It's not bagged in the sense that you are thinking of. It's on coils the bags give it about an inch or 2 of temporarily lift to get over obstacles.


Mike Garrett For all of you claiming it is ruined have you a) ever driven on an air lift (or comparable) setup?
B) Aware that this is a cup kit...


Mike Garrett I thought so, mainly because it wasn't laid right out. Thanks for the clarification.


Sorry Mike, I should mention the partner comments weren't directed at this particular story. For whatever reason this morning, I felt like venting and this happened to be the story that was close by.
I'm still not a fan of this particular car, but for what it's worth the partner comments were borne out of general frustration and not this article specifically.


hypodermic MattAtDoyle I know they are all over the UK and AUS, but in LA-LA Land they are taboo. Apparently, even though the early ones are now legal to import to the US, California is still hard against them. If it's not the crash safety issue, it's the smog issue. If not the smog, then the bumper height. Any and all reasons to deny their registration are used.


No worries :)


DaveT Mike Garrett I have, as a matter of fact. I'm willing to try something once and it was a bagged VW R32. Normally, I would touch one with bags on it, but his was track ready. 
Meaning no over sized wheels, no stretched tires and no ridiculous camber!!!!
It took a couple of laps to adjust and set the bags as I wanted it and I will admit...it was an interesting ride. 
So if the bags are for track or performance use and not for looks, then it's ok in my book.


You just said, "if you don't like this car, then don't post." And,"I don't like this car," in the same post.
So, why are you posting?

Slappy Pistons

Not my bag at all!  Just a couple of hours work to put it right again though so no big; each to their own ways.  Stock RB26s are like unicorns, too so it's nice to see one of those for a change.


There is no right way, and there is no wrong way. Yes, I think this car sucks, but that's not my big issue. My issue is your horrible coverage of the Japanese scene in general. Hardly ever do you post cool demo cars, or visit tuning shops any more. That is, unless those cars were built by a company called Rocket Bunny, and those shops were called Liberty Walk. All I ever seem to see in the way of features coming from Japan is USDM style stuff. Like, who gives a shit? You're going to go all the way to Japan to take pictures of cars that look identical to cars you can see at every show here in the US? It's ridiculous. The blogs that cover the real Japanese tuning scene are few and far between, and SH used to be one of them. Now, I just don't know. You've turned into a bland corporate pawn covering whatever it is the kids find popular these days in an effort to make EA look cool and keep the latest NFS snooze fest flying off the shelves. I'm sorry, but this place has gone to shit.


DaveT Yurisminator From what I can find, the Bold World kit uses Roberuta Air Cups over a traditional adjustable coilover.

Here are some other cars that use Ruberuta cups for reference.


Mike Garrett I like the car because I don't think it was intentional. Some styles it seems work in all languages and transcend import duties.


Ruined a gtr and still not even as low as the drift tengoku r32....


kphillips9936 DaveT Mike Garrett Well really they could be used for both.
There is a 300C here that tracks on bags because I think it was actually the best option for him.
Big car to watch guy round a track I'll tell ya.


hurts my brain


matttdrewww then its working. the car made u look and its getting attention regardless


I personally wouldn't do a setup like this if I had the car, but I'm not going to lie, I love a car that attracts interest and divides opinion. It's awesome to see a car that makes the mainstream haters and purists roll in their graves. It's a very very clean, tidy build. And for its purpose of being a daily driver it's executed perfectly. Sure if he had intentions to track the car or something like that then flame on. But for what he wanted it for it awesome, and regarding airbags and the negative stigma surrounding them as "all show and no go" that is false. Some air suspensions when set up right are just as good as most coilovers, just a tad more weight. It's cool to see someone breaking the mould, and if he wanted to, all he's done could be easily reversed. Very cool car.


Regardless if the owner wanted to, fail, imho.


why cant he use a vw instead of ruining a gtr? Just my 2 cents


Each to their own, but i wish he had of done it not to a V-Spec II.. At lest the body is still mint!


eh bagged and stanced sports cars. not really into it but whatever