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It just never ends, does it? Just when you begin to think that over the years every conceivable engine swap and configuration has been attempted, Nagata-san at Top Secret comes along and stuns everyone. This is precisely what he did two years ago, building possibly the craziest Supra ever created. Behold the Top Secret V12 JZA80.

I’m pretty sure the reason Nagata-san decided to create this car was out of shear boredom. Back in 2006, months before the V12 Supra made its debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon, things were a little sedate in the Japanese sports car market. The R35 GT-R was more than a year away from being unveiled at the Tokyo Motorshow, meaning there was nothing really tantalizing on offer. Smoky had already tuned or created parts for most JDM models around, like with the Z33. So custom one-off projects like this were the only way to satisfy his appetite for power and innovation.

The idea with the TS8012V project was to create one of the most extreme cars ever made by Top Secret, and it all began with the body. Called “Final Evolution” the ¥600,000 wide-body kit was fashioned to salute the JZA80 with an extreme futuristic take on a possible future evolution of the Supra. The design is very angular…

…especially at the front where the biggest changes are. Taking center stage are the custom headlights, which along with the front snout of the new bumper, drastically change the look of the Supra.

The very flowing and pointy profile is there for a reason, because underneath the aggressive exterior lurks an even more menacing presence…

Opening the carbon hood reveals probably the most extreme engine Top Secret has ever built, the 943PS and 103 kgm twin-turbo 1GZ. This 5L V12 has been lifted from the Japan-only Toyota Century, dropped into the Supra and mated to two HKS GT2835 turbochargers. As you can imagine a transplant of this nature required a lot of work…

…starting off with all the piping! The two turbos are fitted on custom manifolds, sucking air through one-off intake pipes while the compressed air is taken to the bespoke V-mount intercooler by aluminum piping before ending with the hand built intake plenums.

Check out this shot of one of the N15 Pulsar mechanical throttle bodies. Just look at that attention to detail and show-car finish!

Need I say more?

The engine work includes custom engine mounts, a dry-sump conversion with an upgraded ORC oil pump, V-mounted oil coolers, custom fuel system and twin HKS F-Con V Pro ECU’s to keep everything under control. The stock 6-speed Getrag JZA80 transmission remains but is mated to an ORC clutch and LSD.

Due to the intercooler taking up most of the space up front, the radiator has been fitted in the rear of the car, cooled by the air sucked in from a custom side intake.

With a theoretical top speed of well over 400 km/h it’s a good thing Nagata-san upgraded the brakes with massive GReddy 8-pot calipers at the front and 4-pots at the rear.  The large discs have no problem fitting inside the Volk Racing GT-F wheels thanks to their generous size, 9.5Jx19″ up front and 10.5Jx19″ at the rear.  These are fitted with Bridgestone RE-01R tires, 255/35/19 front and 285/30/19 rear.

Nagata-san took the Supra to the Nardó proving ground in the south of Italy where he attempted to max the car out. He managed to hit 358.22 km/h, slightly off his initial predictions. No doubt he will attempt to go faster, maybe on the wangan or Aqua Line!

The interior is a far more comfortable place than you would expect seeing the extreme nature of the project. All the gadgets you would ever require are all present like a navigation and audio system, Bride leather bucket seats…

…even the very special Defi Super Sport Cluster, one of the coolest dash units/data loggers on the market today.

The passenger side air-bag compartment has been converted to house the two HKS ECU’s, as well as the two Neko Corporation A/F 700 displays.

The air outlets in the rear of the car are functional, expelling hot air from the radiator.

Top Secret wouldn’t be Top Secret without projects like this, pushing the JDM tuning scene to extremes in every way. This is the first of a few Top Secret features I have planned, so check back soon to see other crazy creations from Smoky. The above picture may hint at what’s coming next…

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Top Secret = JDM Gods!!!!


nice coverage ! can´t wait 4 more


oh my god the white one in the fist pic is simply geourgeous! more shots of the white one Dino! Please???


Supra + Smokey = FTW


"Top Secret will challenge to the world"

"All your base are belong to us"


wallpaper!!!! all of em :)esp the black n white and the sideways one :)


jeje..."Top Secret will challenge to the world"...u damn right they will

honestly Top Secret has always been my favorite tuning company along side with VeilSide

oh n smokey's Skyline V35 in the last pic is CRAZY FAST (V8 Twin Turbo)

there is a video on youtube of smokey racing it in the wangan with chiba kun

also another one of him racing it in the autobahn

Smokey is BADASS :)


I love the car but damn, it's so ugly!


943PS and no roll cage!?! ...unless they've got it so well integrated you can't see it.


I think the white one is a customer's car....any spec on that white one? (a V12 or "just" a 2jz?)


mMMmm VK45DETT Skyline V35. That thing sounds BEAST in Smokey's 'best of' Option video. Lets see the details English! lol


best supra ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this car is overrated imo (not that i wouldnt drive it).

it doesnt look that good and the power isnt a record.

BMW guys are swapping V12s for years with some reaching over 1000 HP.

awesome car but no god imo.


Man, what CAN'T Top Secret develop?

Hey Dino, speaking of extreme Toyotas, any chance you've covered Shorin and their "Crystalia" MR-S?


i keep peeking at it but is the car caged? that's pretty ballsy going that fast without extra safety precautions


ahh the G35 with the v8 twin turbo will be next. I guess that was built while he was bored waiting for the R35 GTR as well. Top Secret!!!!


If you look at the left side of the rear radiator picture there is what may be the start of a cage covered in interior materials to be subtle.


sorry make that V35 not g35


wallpaper for last phone plz?


I love everything Top Secret creates. My favorite tuner ever since his RB Supra came outt. But this body kit I do not like. I just can't get into it for some reason. I rather have his previous widebody. The Defi gauge is jdm tight yo!


that wheel name is gt-f ..


awesome write up dude
PLEEAASSE feature the V8 Skyline & PLEEAASSE wallpaper last pic PLEEAASSE!!!!!!!


Beautiful kit! You might want to offer editing services for their engrish


yeah his theoretical speed was over 400km/h but did it actually do that already? i believe it's max was 360km/h on nardo right?! 360km/h can also be don with a modded M6 or a modded audi RS




This Supra now is somewhere in europe.


Best Car In The World PERIOD


Gotta be devils advocate, love the technology that went into this car, but 25 yrs ago Benz bored out a V8 to 6liters, NA with only 360hp and put it in a brick, the 300E, then went out and did got a v12, two huge snails, more electronics than the space shuttle, a slippery ass body with 60,000 grand worth of body work...........960ps, .........what was my point again,..oh yeah.can we get some european missles on this site? ....its "SPEEDHUNTERS"........not "JAPANESE SPEEDHUNTERS"..........


oh shit V12!!muscle supra..


nice supra, i agree with roger bent, give us some euro cars....

desktop last pic


There's plenty of Eurolove on here. To suggest otherwise shows your own bias I think.

The headlights are loco on those Supras.


My dad got buzzed by the top secret supra on a business trip at two in the morning. He was on the highway on the way to the hotel, and he heard a deep roar coming up from behind him. He said the Supra blew past so fast he thought it was going to rip the doors off ;)


dat iz power i wonder wat iz declockin tim maby 7 seconds


The day after Tokyo Auto Salon ended, John Leigh and I headed to Top Secret. Smoky Nagata told us to


This is a shape that needs no introduction in the automotive world. It's the sister show car of the