Road-Tripping, RWB Style

On the sixth day of a recent Japan trip, I had the pleasure of meeting our friend Sid in Osaka, which wound up leading to one of the best opportunities on my journey.

Sid introduced me to a group of RAUH-Welt Begriff Porsche owners from the surrounding Kansai region, and together we embarked on a seven-hour road trip from Osaka to Tokyo for the 2023 RWB New Year Party.

The RWB Porsche community in Japan is renowned for their devotion to their cars, and I felt privileged to join them on this drive, which was also documented in the Checkpoint Japan video above.


As we hit the highway, I was immediately captivated by the picturesque landscape, encompassing rolling hills, dense forests, and bustling cities that we flew through while listening to a mixture of different Porsche engines.


The group comprised an eclectic mix of Porsche owners, driving vintage air-cooled 911s as well as more modern water-cooled models.


However, their shared enthusiasm for RWB Porsches was evident.


I had the opportunity to converse with each owner and learn about their cars, modifications, and passion for the brand. It was clear that each car was a product of countless hours and inspiration.


As we neared Tokyo, I was awestruck by the enormity of the city. The Porsche owners led us through the busy streets to our final destination hosted at the historic Kashiwa Shrine. The RWB New Year Party was the highlight of my trip, as I was about to witness one of the biggest gatherings of RWB Porsche enthusiasts in the world.


Upon arrival, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of impressive cars and people gathered in one place. The shrine grounds were adorned with an assortment of RWB Porsches, each unique and breathtaking. The atmosphere was electric, with owners showcasing their prized possessions, mingling with friends and posing for photos. To my surprise, our efforts at Checkpoint Japan were recognized at the event, which was mind-blowing to me.

RWB NY _43

I was amazed by the number of passionate and talented individuals I connected with at the event, including car builders, photographers, influencers, RWB owners, and fans. The event truly showcased the depth and breadth of the RWB Porsche community.

The road trip and the RWB New Year Party itself was an unforgettable experience that left a lasting impact on me. The gathering of so many remarkable cars and people in one place was inspiring, and I felt honored to be part of it.

Alexander Turnbull
Instagram: alexanderturnbull_

Additional Photos by Colton Blackmore
Instagram: sixspeedsoul

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How wide is too wide? Some of these just look comical. IDK if it's the bosozoku dribbling into some of these? Overcompensating for a small penis for the guys in the Dark Star and the King & Berry rides. Maybe it's just the color. I think the hugger blue one looks perfect though, can someone tell me that the rear on that is just as big or not? I guess I like the duck tail way better than the whale tail or that goofy bookshelf think on the back of some.


RWB owners can opt in for a “Heavenly Wide” kit, which does exactly what you think it does. As a RWB guy, I can say with relatively high confidence that Dark Star has that kit, it’s much wider than usual. I personally like the look but it’s definitely controversial, just as RWB always has been.


Nah, you're right. Those 2 look like clown cars. And to think RWB started out all those years ago by mimicking older race cars, back when most of their clients regularly tracked their porsches.


Totally agree on the "pacific" mate blue one. It is perfect



Watched the video. Freaking amazing! That ,ust've been a fantastic trip. Here in the U.S., there's a shop in Highland Park, NJ called "The Eternal Shop." They service JDM and GDM cars. Had these 2 cars there one day. Hope you get to the States. I'll take you to NGP Racing and Azevedo Motorsports in K
Linden, NJ. These 2 shops are increidble. Good job. Nice pics.


2nd pic.


That baby blue Porsche at the gas station is gorgeous. The stance on that is perfect.


One can do one better by slapping 2 fat tyres side-by-side to make a much wider stance. Petty much like heavy-duty pickup trucks are doing.

Lunar TheSpaceCat

i love how something as simple as running a coolant jacket is a capitalization piece..... :L


What an amazing set of pictures, I love the vibes! This is such a dream!


Man this would've been one fun convoy to be apart of especially with RWB Porsches